What do I Bring the Self-important Revenant when he asks to purify Mistle?

  1. He's been standing at the Poisonus buterfly nest ever since I searched the depths for him. I'm now up to the Crypt Spire Upper Level and whenever I go back to talk to him he just says
    "With activated Mistle we could keep going"
    What the hek do I do with this buffoon I've basically activated every Mistle there is so far

    User Info: GreekosSp4rkos

    GreekosSp4rkos - 2 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Nevermind I figured out you have to go back into your memories and bring back a Mistle Agent from the Research Facility

    User Info: GreekosSp4rkos

    GreekosSp4rkos - 2 weeks ago 1   0


  1. as greekos said you go back to your memory of queenslay first mistle of the area an head back to the camp an will have the item waiting for you

    User Info: AddictedGamer

    AddictedGamer - 2 weeks ago 1   1

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