How do I use the silver bars to pay for weapons?

  1. Geez I bought the recommended silver bars to buy better guns and other things that I don't have. Tried to buy the sniper rifle said not enough money. So then I bought the big big pack of silver bars still not enough money??????

    User Info: Massillonman37

    Massillonman37 - 8 months ago


  1. Would some one please answer this question??? It is mime and i buy and pay for silver bars but it always says i don't have enough. I bought a $29 pack and twice bought the twice the XXXL large they don't show up any where and when i try to use them they say I don't have enough?????

    User Info: Massillonman37

    Massillonman37 - 7 months ago 0   0
  2. Is it possible you could tell me the exact thing you're trying to purchase?


    WESKERALBERT - 7 months ago

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