How to throw grenades or any weapons?

  1. Can’t seem to throw anything but rocks. Help!

    User Info: SillyAssistant6

    SillyAssistant6 - 9 months ago


  1. Well, make sure you have grenades and press RB

    User Info: neb519

    neb519 - 9 months ago 0   0
  2. You click on Q and the page comes up with weapons and throwables. click on the one you want knifes hand grenades or any other device. Then when you want to throw it click the middle wheel on the mouse between the left and right button it will send it flying and then explode. Rocks to distract is the T button. Have fun and you should try FarCry 5 they claim if you finish it you might be able to bring some really powerfull weapons FC6. I for one can't find the Lt who is suppose to fail and then unlock the 50 Cal sniper rifle.

    User Info: Massillonman37

    Massillonman37 - 7 months ago 0   0
  3. This is for Xbox One though.


    WESKERALBERT - 7 months ago

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