Can I delete dead by daylight without losing my progress?

  1. I'm having issues I've been having for two days now..I was playing just fine until the 2.0.0 update and when it finished I bought Curtain Call dlc. Everytime I get into a match the loading screen freezes and stays that w ay for like over 10 mins..I've messaged the other survivors to see if their game froze and mostly it's only me. I've checked my internet and multiplayer connectionsays it's fine. I've got into one game in the past day since the update started and it's getting really frustrating that I paid for content that I can't use and can't even play the game period. It's the screen with the tally marks everything is still moving except the progress load line at the bottom it stops before the second tally mark.

    User Info: Seveno_0

    Seveno_0 - 1 year ago

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