Why does the game keeps lagging out after the patch? lol

  1. I enjoy playing the game a lot. However, after the patch it's been just unbearable to play. I hate lagging out. Every time I try to find a lobby it kicks me out or when I've joined a lobby and the game is loading in I get kicked out. My rank has gone done dramatically. I'm just keeping my patience because I at least want to accomplish a get the donkey jacket but that's even a challenge all of its own. I'm sure my feedback wouldn't matter but seriously I'm going to uninstall the game after the lunar event. Killers are no fun to play against with because all they do is camp and tunnel you. You're lucky if you even get a decent killer player and that's rare: Anyways, it would be great if this gets fixed or something.

    User Info: Jcoco

    Jcoco - 1 year ago

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