What's been happening and what is the current good gear to use?

  1. I’ve been playing since not long after the game came out but when black armoury launched I took a break for a while. I’m trying to get back into it but I still don’t really understand the current meta and I don’t know what’s been happening with some of the older quests that I remember starting in black armoury eg. What was niobe labs. Also I’m wondering what the best weapons were right now. Just unlocked bad juju so I’m wondering if I should stick with that or if there is something better.

    User Info: Shtuffisgood

    Shtuffisgood - 3 months ago
  2. Sorry to be of no help, but I'm also quite intruiged to find out. I seem to see quite a bit of Truth used in the crucible, but it depends on what you want to find out about, PVE or PVP

    User Info: Poseidon7

    Poseidon7 - 2 months ago

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