Does clearing my local save-game delete my Fortnite skins and other items?

  1. Xbox has given me an option to clear my local save-game so I have more space on my Xbox so that GTA V will update quicker but if I press this, will my Fortnite skins be deleted?

    User Info: mumbojumbo58

    mumbojumbo58 - 3 months ago


  1. The Xbox tends to sync up saves with cloud servers as well, so there is a decent chance you'll retain most of the server data - but not having fortnite I can't say if doing so will remove skins or not.

    There are a couple of other options to free up space or to obtain more. You can remove games that you don't play any more - or you can buy an external hard drive.

    User Info: Gunbladelad

    Gunbladelad - 3 months ago 0   0

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