How do I get my maps back?

  1. So I am trying to get 100 percent and to do that you have to complete all of the challenges. I need to get treasure maps for the “Explorer” category. When I click left on the d-pad, it says I have the High Stakes treasure hunt, Poisonous Trail treasure hunt and the Jack Hall Gang treasure hunt. I saw this and when I checked my satchel, I didn’t have the maps for them. I’m pretty sure I got the Jack Hall Gang map with Arthur and never did it with him. I’m unsure on how I got the other treasure hunts. I checked the fences and they didn’t have the maps. I’m kind of worried that I won’t be able to get 100% because of this. If you have any solutions I would appreciate it, thanks!

    User Info: gettingto100

    gettingto100 - 4 months ago

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