Is the Lock Breaker tool limited only to certain locks?

  1. I have yet to really use the lock breaker in my possession (satchel kit), less any missions that automatically make it accessible.

    My question revolves around the lock breaker and it's limitations. I've discovered through my gameplay that this tool initially gives off promising results, when in fact, it's more of a false hope tool that only works on certain locks/doors. Any padlocked door that I've come across in Story Mode, that clearly looks like it's there for the only purpose of picking/shooting off, has held tough from bullets/dynamite and never gives option to break and/or kick in.

    Does anyone have a clear and valid answer as to why the lock breaker hasn't lived up to its name or a possible solution for me if in fact I'm doing something wrong? I'm looking for closure so that I can quit wasting time on these mystery locks.

    User Info: BreakingBunch

    BreakingBunch - 8 months ago

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