what does"clear local saved games" do and will it delete the game savesfrom the other account on the Xbox?

  1. My Xbox 1 deleted my RDR2 Save! It told me to clear local saved games, and I'm frightened to because I don't know what it does. also I tried following some steps to check the cloud saves but I couldn't find it anywhere so could someone help me with the that too?
    I'm new to all this stuff and I really don't want to delete any of my brothers progress as well, if it does that. So can someone help me please?

    User Info: MoonlightMeadow

    MoonlightMeadow - 2 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. By clearing local saved games it deletes all saves for all games on your console. when you uninstall a game from your console it keeps the saved games on your hard drive in case you reinstall the game so most people forget about this and end up filling up their storage with saved game files that they don't need any more. By clearing local saved games you delete all save files on your console so that you can save space.

    User Info: kuolema

    kuolema - 2 years ago 15   9

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