Can I Have More Than One Arabian White Coat?

  1. Once I take and make one my main horse, can I go back and get another one as a backup in my collection/stall?

    User Info: gm_jyoo

    gm_jyoo - 11 months ago


  1. Edit: I tried mounting an average horse I found outside Saint Denis, bareback, but I got a 'horse thief' alert. I think that also would've meant the stables wouldn't allow me to own it and say it was stolen. So, you'll have to remove your first horse's saddle and saddle up the new one and put up with the renaming glitch - it's no real hardship as it remembers its bonding level, you just have to re-enter the name (if a patch hasn't fixed this already).

    User Info: goatlps

    goatlps - 10 months ago 0   0
  2. ...They PATCHED the best horses spawning outside of Saint Denis. Yet the respawning gold bar in the Sheriff's hut is still apparent.
    What's the point in locking the best horse in the game till the end...(and soon after you lose it?)?
    So, no, the answer to having more than one white coat Arabian is no.

    User Info: goatlps

    goatlps - 10 months ago 0   0
  3. Yeah there are a few unique horses (and more may be coming in future dlc) where there is only one in the entire game. Arabian White is one. If you break it then you have the only one and if it dies it's gone forever.

    User Info: kuolema

    kuolema - 10 months ago 0   0
  4. I've been back to that snowy area several times and have not found another - whilst still owning the original wild one.
    However - if you go to Saint Denis, as you're leaving the north east of town, heading north, and it becomes rural, you'll notice 3 buildings on the right (the last 3 buildings on the right before it's just fields, and before you reach the horse-filled paddock on the left). Behind these 3 buildings, on clear/non-rainy days, in the morning (7am-2pm) you'll often find 1 or 2 randomly spawning horses. These 2 horses can be any from the game, including the Arabian White Coat, the fastest - the Missouri Fox Trotter, the Turkoman, and the best all-rounder - Arabian Rose Grey Bay.
    Go past the paddock, with 5 or 6 average horses within, to the far north of Saint Denis and past its big red barn, set up your tent in the country and sleep till morning - save your game around 7am. Then ride to the small stables with the respawning horses and see what you find. If they're poor, ride back to the red barn, north, to make others spawn (greeting the people you pass if you want your honour upped in the process) and back again. If you find a good horse hop on and take it to your Saint Denis stable in the south (whistle your other horse to follow - you can remove your first horse's saddle and saddle it up to guarantee acquisition, but there's a slight glitch which means your first horse's name has to be re-entered after your bring it bare-backed into the stable).

    User Info: goatlps

    goatlps - 10 months ago 0   1

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