• Achievements

    All Hands on DeckBuild the boat and escape the fifth land before day 30.30
    Birth of a ReignWin your first game.30
    By The Seventh Day…By the seventh day you cleared an acre of land.40
    By The Sixth Day…By the sixth day you had more gold than you could carry.40
    CrownedEscape the final land and earn the crown.40
    Day CSurvive Day 100.20
    Day LSurvive Day 50.20
    Day LXSurvive Day 60.20
    Day LXXSurvive Day 70.20
    Day LXXXSurvive Day 80.20
    Day VSurvive Day 5.20
    Day XSurvive Day 10.20
    Day XCSurvive Day 90.20
    Day XLSurvive Day 40.20
    Day XLVSurvive Day 45.20
    Day XVSurvive Day 15.20
    Day XXSurvive Day 20.20
    Day XXVSurvive Day 25.20
    Day XXXSurvive Day 30.20
    Day XXXVSurvive Day 35.20
    For Five Days...For five days you didn't kill anything.40
    Heraldic AchievementHave a reign that spans five lands.40
    Interior DecorationEarn some antlers to decorate your coat of arms.40
    Maiden VoyageBuild the boat and escape the first land before day 10.30
    On The Eighth Day…Until the eighth day you never dropped a coin on the ground.40
    On The First Day…On the first day you recruited eight archers.40
    On The Fourth Day…By the fourth day you hunted 20 or more deer.40
    On The Ninth Day…Until the ninth day you never galloped.40
    On The Second Day…On the second day you got free walls.40
    On The Tenth Day…By the tenth day you destroyed a portal.40
    On The Third Day…On the third day you started your camp.40
    Reef The MainBuild the boat and escape the fourth land before day 25.30
    Smooth SailingBuild the boat and escape the second land before day 15.30
    Stormy WatersBuild the boat and escape the third land before day 20.30

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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