268 gear. Toughness + DPS Setup. How to build a tank?

  1. Ok. Im using 268 firecrest 6 peices.
    Im at 650,000 toughness
    360000 DPS
    17000 skill
    Yet im still getting wasted in the Dark Zone
    Mowed down like liquid.
    Toughness counts for s... so is it the game
    And yes at 75%

    User Info: nzsearchengine

    nzsearchengine - 3 years ago


  1. I run what I call a "garage sale" its good stuff but nothing killer,
    180k DPS
    440k Tough
    34k Skill
    3 Firecrest + 2 Final Measure + Savage Gloves
    and I run with with only one person in the DZ and 3 person HVT/Challenging UG. all it took was a little tweaking of everything and giving up gear score for true abilities

    User Info: nobodybrian

    nobodybrian - 3 years ago 0   0

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