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by codebreak1337

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Guide and Walkthrough by codebreak1337

Version: 666 | Updated: 02/02/2017

Written By: Codebreak

Story Mode:

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for viewing my previous guide on Final Fantasy XV. It received a good amount of hits and some nice comments from viewers around the web. I would like to do more guides like that in the future. For this game which is Resident Evil 7,I may take a more laid back approach. I will be going through the game off memory mainly because I am writing it during college. As a matter of fact, I am at my college right now. I will still try and keep it as detailed as I can and try and get artwork for you all as well.


The Guest House:

You will start off the game driving your car in search of your finance Mia. Mia has been gone for three years and was presumed dead. Ethan who seems to be the main protagonist of the game has received a video email from Mia. She has given him a short message that points him in the right direction to find her. Ecstatic at the new news Ethan sets off in his car to find his fiance. File 1/32: Be sure to open up your inventory and inspect and rotate the email from Mia. This will trigger the game's first collectible file. Check your stats section then go under files to make sure you have acquired it.

Get out of the car and get a feel for the game controls. Unlike previous Resident Evil titles, we are in the first-person perspective for the first time in the series. You can press the table button to bring up the map. This will also show you your mission objectives. The game gives clues through items and files hidden throughout the world. You will have to use these clues or this guide to advance. It is not as cut and dry as just following the marker like in many newer titles in gaming today.

At this point, however, I feel it is pretty simple, follow the linear path all the way to the back or side entrance of the house. You should find Mia's license along the way. This will get you the "a ha" trophy or achievement. Make your way to the side door and enter the house. Some people may remember this scene from the demo in the game. There will be a chain around one of the cabinets but we can not get to that at the moment.

What you should do to progress further is to enter the room with the television. There will be a video or VHS deck right near it.VHS #1/4 is located upstairs on a table to the right. It is called "Derelict House Footage". Put the tape in and watch it. This will reveal clues on what to do next.Antique Coin #1/18 can be found if you watch the first VHS tape. When you start the tape look down immediately and you should find a lockpick. Now we can unlock the blue cabinet drawer in the guest house kitchen. Do this and when you stop watching the tape access the drawer with Ethan. This will let us acquire the first of eighteen Antique Coins.

Guest House Basement:

Eventually, you will learn that there is a hidden lever underneath the fireplace. This hidden lever must be pulled and then you can progress down the ladder into the basement. Head down the ladder and eventually, it will break and you will fall down a bit. Progress through the only possible path and you should run into Mia. From Mia's cell inspect the table outside for File #2 and #3. It is a piece of paper that must be flipped and inspected twice to get both files. Mia seems different but we will follow her regardless to progress onward. Follow Mia until we can acquire the bolt cutter.

Main House:

We will be back at the Main House from the basement. Mia will go berserk at this point and attack Ethan. Eventually, Ethan will lose his right hand! Be sure to resist Mia enough to stay alive and the cut-scene will end. When we are able to take control again use the bolt cutters to open the green cabinet and pick up the fuse. Place the fuse in the fuse box to open up the way to the attic. Be sure to hit the red button to open the stairway to the attic. Once inside be sure to loot everything you can especially the handgun and the healing items. Use the first-aid healing item to stop bleeding and hold the handgun to get ready for a bit of a fight!

Once you try and head up the ladder to exit the house Mia will come crashing down on Ethan. Make sure to use your handgun with shots focused on her head. If you happen to die you will restart right in the attic previously to gaining the handgun so don't worry too much about death. If you're going for a no-death or speed run this might be tougher. I am not sure what happens if you run out of ammo in this battle because you must at least knockdown Mia to have Jack appear and continue the game. The bottom line is to aim for her head and if you run out of bullets you are probably dead. Once she goes down if you're successful make your way out of the attic. Jack will appear and beat you down and this will start the next segment of the game.

On the first floor of the main house when you awake in the dining room where the family was eating. Go straight from your chair to the wall and you should see a white piece of paper. This is File #4 called Niko's Hardware. File #5 can be found in the living room area it is the stack of newspapers on the table.

Jack's Pursuit:

Know that at this point in the game you cannot kill Jack. It is best to try and block his attacks and then do a quick turn to get away from him. Other options are also to hide in the shadows or to run away. To do a quick turn just press the circle button and the left joystick at the same time. The main objective here is to escape into the hatch below. The problem is the hatch is locked and we have a huge maniac chasing after us with a deadly weapon.

Keep your cool and look for the hatch key which is right outside of the hatch room. Make a right from the hatch door and it is sitting on the small table with a lamp. Take the hatch key then quickly open up the hatch and crouch to get inside fast. From that point your pretty safe so let's move on to the next segment. Antique Coin #2 can be found on the red mobile lawn mower in this area. Just be sure to save your game once you enter the laundry room and also loot the area for healing items and especially the lock pick. The lock pick can be found on the orange box by rotating it a little bit.

The amazing car scene:

I think they did a great job on this segment of the game. It really felt like a horror movie and I was panicking myself trying to start and drive the car. With that being said first head to the window after picking up the telephone and talking to the police officer. He will tell you to head to the garage and open up the door. Before doing so he will also give you the most trust item in the entire Resident Evil series the pocket knife. You can use this as a last resort weapon and will also gain the up close and personal achievement if you defeat an enemy with it.You can also get the first Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #1 after acquiring the Survival knife. Head back into the laundry room with the knife and attack the bobble head below the phone. Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #2 can be found if you exit the laundry room and go all the way down to the other end of the hall. You should see it sitting on a table, smash it with the knife to add the statistic.

Undo the tape with the pocket knife and press the red button to open the garage door. You will let the officer in but unfortunately for you and him, Jack will kill him. At this point, you're going to want to run over Jack with the car and see if this crazy maniac can actually die. The car key is located on the table right behind the car. Be sure to pick it up open the car door and quickly start the car. Once its started drive it straight into Jack as many times as you can. Eventually, Jack will try taking the wheel from Ethan only to be crushed himself by one of the pieces of debris coming out of the wall. Even still Jack will come back again until finally, the car blows up on Jack.

Inspect the rest of the area for loot and be sure to get everything. Next head up the ladder move the blockade and drop back down out of the garage. Open the box for some procurement items with the pocket knife. Most importantly do not forget to take the Oxen statuette. This item will enable us to get to the next area of the game which is the main hall.

Main Hall:

There are a few things I would like to note in the main hall. The First is that don't even bother trying to get the shotgun until you get the Scorpion Key. Also, do not bother using the clock piece or any other items on the projector until you get the statuette of the bird. Knowing this will save us plenty of time if you listen.File #6 is located past the table with the potato chips and to the right of the clock. Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #3 is located in this area as well on the table near a herb.Antique Coin #3 is located right of the 3rd bobblehead. Afterward, you can explore the area and you should mainly head upstairs and watch the next video of Mia. For this segment, you want to try to hide from Magurette and it can be a little tough. Best advice is to do what the game states and hide behind objects and the like.The main objective as Mia in this part of the game is to use the spider on the projector. The spider is lying right near the projector so finding it is not hard. You want to do this after you have avoided Magritte long enough so you have time to access the puzzle. When you do line up the spider with the spider in the picture and that will open up a pathway. From that pathway keep going until the game makes Magritte get Mia and you will earn the Can't Catch Me Trophy.

Afterward, you can explore the area and you should mainly head upstairs and watch the next video or VHS #2 of Mia.This is the recreation room you can find File #7 in the drawer here to the left of the TV. Antique Coin #4 is located right near the basket with the Mr.Everywhere Bobblehead #4. To the left of those is File #8 sitting on the table. For this segment, you want to try to hide from Magurette and it can be a little tough. Best advice is to do what the game states and hide behind objects and the like.The main objective as Mia in this part of the game is to use the spider on the projector. The spider is lying right near the projector so finding it is not hard. You want to do this after you have avoided Magritte long enough so you have time to access the puzzle. When you do line up the spider with the spider in the picture and that will open up a pathway. From that pathway keep going until the game makes Magritte get Mia and you will earn the Can't Catch Me Trophy.

After getting some clues for later by watching the video and earning the achievement head back to the main hall. We need to get the three dog head statues to open our way to the courtyard. To do this first head upstairs to the bathroom and near the bathtub, you can interact with it. Interact with the bathtub to make the water sink and pick up the wooden bird statuette. Antique Coin #5 is located inside the toilet bowl be sure to collect it. When you leave the room Jack will appear again! The only option is to escape back downstairs through the hatch and head back to the laundry room and save your game.If Jack comes and pursues you again try taking him out with the handgun and then be quick to the main hall. When at the main hall quickly use the projector and then use and line up the bird statuette on it. This will open up a pathway behind the wall.

Behind the wall leads us to another room with some lootable items and also allows us to escape Jack's Pursuit for a while. Be sure to search the entire area than exit and Jack will not be on your back.Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #5 is located right near the crow door on the lower right. Inside the room with the toolbox that needs a lockpick is an ashtray. Search the ashtray for Antique Coin #6. Head to the save room via the main hall after acquiring all the items mentioned above. In this, save room, there is a drawer you can open with Files #9 and #10. Be sure to flip file to get both then check your statistics to make confirmation.

The Scorpion Key:

We will need the Scorpion key to acquire the shotgun. From the save room via the main hall head down the stairs. There will be some strange entangled enemies here. If you kill one of them with the knife which is rather difficult. You will receive an achievement mentioned earlier. Also if you read an important note above the sink you will get File #11. You can avoid these enemies totally for the moment and grab the Scorpion Key in the middle of the processing area on a rack of what seems to be body meat. Once you have the Scorpion key head back upstairs and look on the map for Grandma's room. Use the Scorpion key to enter the room. Get File #12 on the desk near the lamp in Grandma's Room. File #13 is also located to the left of File #12 in the drawer.

Inside Grandma's room, there will be some lootable items be sure to thoroughly scan the area. Most importantly will be the broken shotgun. Be sure to have enough room in your inventory and take the broken shotgun. You can then exit grandma's room and go for the shotgun. Place the broken shotgun and exchange it for the real deal shotgun. When you do Jack should return and you're going to have to slow him down with either the shotty or the handgun again.

Three Dog Heads:

The first dog head is easy to find and is located inside an inspectable book near where you find Mia's VHS tape. To the left of the television is a yellow or orange book open it and rotate until you find the dog head. Right near the door where the dog motif is there should be an old grandfather clock to the right. Inspect the clock and take out the swinging clock piece. Be careful of Jack's Pursuit and head back to the living room on your map from earlier in the game. Place the swinging clock piece into the grandfather clock and the 2nd dog head will appear.

Finally and this was a difficult puzzle for me is the dissection room dog head. Head to the incinerator room in the processing area on the map. This is the room with a note and five names that hold no dead bodies. The note states to remember 3 A's and a handprint. What you want to do is make sure all the coffins are closed than open the most right coffin that reveals the name Tamara first. Next, you can open the coffin that has a hand print on it and this will open the Travis coffin automatically. Inside Travis coffin will be the dissection room key. Also, note in the processing area hallway there is a brown palette with a crack or hole in the wall that has Antique Coin #7. Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #6 is located right near the snake door that is inaccessible at this point in the game. Be sure to break it to get #6.

Now if you head to the dissection room be sure to loot everything you can and be prepared with at least three first aid healing items. This is pretty much a boss battle and can be tough. You may also want to make some enhanced handgun ammo to slow Jack down. When you are ready to go grab the dog head hanging on the chains and Jack will knock you down to an arena. There will be three dead bodies in bags that you can kick to stun Jack. Attempt to stun him then follow up with a few enhanced handgun shots. After the first round of attacks, Jack will open up the gate to grab a nasty weapon. Please remember to be fast and grab the chainsaw as quickly as possible at this point! Also, note that there is another first aid item in the corner right area of this arena.

Use your first-aid's wisely and it would be best to use them when your health is in the red or danger zone. This can be a tough battle but once you do have the chain-saw it is really fun! Keep using the body bags to stun Jack then follow up with some chainsaw swipes. I wouldn't bother with the quick turn around function just yet as I don't like the button mapping for it in this game. Just be quick and actually try because if you're caught sleeping he will probably kill you several times. Also, know that you can thrust with the chainsaw and when the disgusting thing comes out of Jack's body that would be the best time to use it.

The Courtyard:

This is pretty much a safe zone at this point. I wasn't expecting it to be but for now, it's safe! Feel free to explore and pick up the items in the area. Definitely, check out the trailer because you can save your game here and much more! You can use the Antique coins that we have found along the way to buy three awesome items. One of which is the 44 Magnum. You can also acquire the stabilizer as well as the steroids. There are also plenty of lootable items in this area and be sure to collect everything. Don't forget your storage box and save your game. Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #7 is located right underneath the stairs of the trailer. Antique Coin #8 is located in a plant pot right upon entering the courtyard. Antique Coin #9 is located inside the trailer near the Magnum Cage. File #14 is to the left of the 9th Antique Coin.

The Old House:

This area is going to be tough because you have to be pretty fast in looting. The swarm of bugs will not only slow down Ethan but do damage as well. Try to conserve your healing items slightly here. Also, know that running and being quick is your friend here. This is where we will acquire the flame thrower which is why we encountered some burner fuel earlier. If you remember the video from Mia it showed the weapon strangely fully intact. For now, just avoid the bugs and head all the way to the save room. Once you are inside you should acquire the rest of the Flame-Thrower. Be sure to save your game here and heal if you can. Remember to also, combine the two pieces of the burner together or it won't work. Finally, break Mr. Everywhere bobblehead #8 right near the save point.

Be wary of the signs that read she's upstairs. We will be going up the stairs but first, we have to find the crank. We will need to find the Spider Statue in order to get the crank. To find the spider statue that you may remember from the video with mia look on the first floor of the old house. Be sure to destroy all of the bugs and their nests with the burner. This will allow us to look around and find the spider statue much easier.

Once the area is cleared go to the only unexplored room in the guest house and you should run into Mia again.This area is the cellar. In the hallway before entering the cellar if you turn around you should see a brown palette. Right on the floor near the palette will be Mr.Everywhere Bobblehead #9. Mia will be captured this time by Travis. The Spider Statue can be found on the desk in this area be sure to pick it up then bring it to the projector. On your way out pick up Antique Coin #10 to the right and the bobblehead if you forgot. Solve the puzzle by lining up the spider statue with the picture on the wall. At this point,

Once the area is cleared go to the only unexplored room in the guest house. Which can be found after burning a bug hive on the floor. Crouch down and you should run into Mia again. She will be captured this time by Travis. The Spider Statue can be found on the desk in this area be sure to pick it up then bring it to the projector. Solve the puzzle by lining up the spider statue with the picture on the wall. At this point, Magurette will start annoying you so be sure to avoid her by sneaking or stun her for a short while. Once you solve the projector puzzle head through the new area.

This new area will lead us over the water that was previously impassable. At this point, you should see the crow locked door. File #15 is located pinned to this door. Instead of going to the door be sure to loot the area for procurement items. Next, head into the hole in the floor and take it all the way down until you receive the crank.Upon exiting this area hit the Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #10. Use the crank on the wheel mechanism when you exit the floor area. Now we can cross the water from the bridge anytime we would like. However, Marguerite will be on our tail again. Quickly make your way to the next crank that we found near the save room earlier. Destroy the bugs with the burner and their hives. Use the crank on the mechanism and cross the platform. Pick up the much needed first aid in the slop sink and use it. Go inside the door and loot the area. Most importantly take the Crow key with you or you can not progress further. Before you leave, pick up Antique Coin #11 on the toilet bowl as well.

At this point, you should head back to the Main House and the courtyard. First, save your game and get tons of burner fuel. If you have to combine items for this do so. You should have at least 400 fuel for your burner. Also, have a nice amount of shotgun shells just to be on the safe side. You should also leave room in your inventory because there will be several items you may not want to backtrack for. Most of these are procurement items and combine items.Finally be sure to use the Crow key to get into the supply room at the Main House. This area will grant you the grenade launcher which is homemade and awesome! I would put it in storage for now at the trailer.

The player should then rest at the trailer and save the game. Use all the Antique coins that you have found so far and get the Magnum if you can the choice is yours you may want to go with the steroids or stabilizer. I took the magnum and since we have no ammunition at the moment put it inside more storage container. When you are ready you can head back to the Old House and get ready to do battle with Magurette.

Magurette can be as tough as Jack so be careful. I think if you have enough burner fuel with around 350 you should be ok. If your losing make sure to save your game before hand. First Marguerite will pop out at you when you near the crow door. She will drop you into a pit and you must keep firing at her from the pit. The best weapon here is the burner to stop the bugs. Once she falls below into the pit with you immediately use the ladder to climb out. Open the crow key door and search the entire area. Finally, when ready open the box at the altar this is the serum but we will need to create it first to use it. Unfortunately, the next door is locked with Marguerite's Lamp so we must go head to head with Marguerite and kill her for good.

Head back down into the pit and follow it until you reach the next area which should lead to the Greenhouse. There are tons of lootable items here and statues that you can break as well. Be sure to give the area a good search and when ready enter in the only unexplored section on the map. Go inside and take the herb then drop down the hole in the floor and your game will save. Continue to loot everything you can but remember "she's upstairs". The second you walk up those stairs Marguerite will pop out of the window. Shoot her a few times with the shotgun then she will be walking around the upper floor of the house.

This battle can be tough if you waste all your ammunition early. For starters, once you reach red health or life use the First-Aid. You should only need to use one of these the entire battle but if you have more the better. Burn Magurette and when her weak point is revealed then you can switch to the shotgun and blast it. You may also use the burner on her weak spot but this way we can conserve ammunition types. Be quick and try and find her fast as if you do not more bugs will spawn. It is not that tough once you get the hang of it and it is still a pretty fun battle.

When you're finally done you will get the lantern to use back near the altar room. Acquire File #16 by opening the serum box at the altar. File #17 is in the room with the Voodoo doll next to the piano. Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #11 is located near the first lantern and the locked door. In the same room near the dresser will be Antique Coin # 12. Be sure to backtrack collect everything in the greenhouse and then finally save your game near the trailer area. Once you have saved head back to the old house and go to the altar room. Use the lantern we acquired from Marguerite to open the door puzzle. Once inside there is one more puzzle until we can get the D-series arm for the serum. This puzzle is simple just inspect the note near the doll house and look at its mini-map. There is a secret passage right behind the bed to the left of the doll house. Crouch and hit the action button to enter. Inside will be the D-Series Arm.

Back to the Courtyard:

Once you are done in the Altar room you will get a phone call from Zoe. She will tell you to meet her at the trailer in the courtyard. When you get there she is nowhere to be found and the phone will ring. This time it is that maniac Travis and he wants you to play a game with him. He will instruct you to open up the fridge to start the game. When you do you will find File#18 if you rotate the police officer's head a little. The note will instruct us to find the officer in the dissection room of the main house.

Back to the Main House:

Once we are back at the main house it will have some of those strange enemies from earlier. We can avoid them to conserve ammunition for now. However, there will also be the classic return of the crawler type enemies. These enemies are harder to dodge and take more to kill so be extra careful. I also suggest avoiding them if you're having trouble you should shoot them with anything you have to stun and then escape for now. Once you get to the dissection room you will find the headless police officer. Stick your hand in like you are instructed to do and acquire the Snake Key. Once you have the snake key head back to the main hall then up the right side stairwell.

In the master bedroom will be File #19 on the globe. It tells you that the clock to the right must be set as the same time as all other clocks to access the hidden passage below the bed. To find out the time for yourself look at the clock outside of the room across the upper hallway. For me, that time was 10:15 It may be different in your game I apologize for uncertainty at the moment. When you enter the correct time on the clock the bed will move and reveal a passage. Take this passage which leads us to the Workshop of the processing area that has been locked for a long time now. Inside this area will be the Red Cardkey. Take the card key then head out the workshop door which will now be unlocked and make your way back up the stairs to the Kid's Room.

On the left side of the kid's room upon entering will be File #20 be sure to pick it up as well as File #21 on the opposite side of the kid's room. If you inspect the lamp in the kid's room you should find a switch with a button. Hit that button to make a ladder drop down that leads into the attic of the kid's room. Go up the ladder and collect Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #12 which should be shot with the handgun. It is located directly behind VHS #3 Happy Birthday. From that point also pick up the toy axe as well as the model shotgun in this area. Solve the puzzle with the man holding the axe on the projector. This will open up the spot where the Blue Card Key is located.

VHS #3: Happy Birthday!

Finally, you can use the VHS tape "Happy Birthday" to enhance the story or perhaps more. You must solve some puzzles in this video but you may stop it at anytime by pressing the start button and selecting stop. If you wish to go through the hardest part for me was finding the 3 characters to open the ribbon decorated compartment. If you go to the toilet bowl and stick your hand in you can find the telescope. Pick it up then use it over the showerhead while the water is coming down on you. Now that it is clean, aim it at the TV screen from a good distance and you should see the three characters. Enter them in when you can and the rest of the puzzle is easy from that point. I don't want to spoil your present for you!

Testing Area:

Once you have both the red and blue key cards you can enter the testing area from the courtyard near the trailer. Once inside watch the recording on the television. It will blow up and reveal a passageway. Go through the passage and beware of the traps in the area. Some of them can be noticed due to the wires. Shoot the traps from a distance to detonate them with the handgun. Also, take note that some item boxes have traps inside so you should always shoot them from a distance. The handgun is a great weapon to have equipped in this area and save some enhanced handgun ammo for later. When you come to the end of the long hallway there will be a room with several traps. Inside the green desk is Antique Coin #13 there are also some steroids in this area.

When you first enter the barn area with the stacks of hey there will be a Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #13 sitting on top of a piece of wood. Turn left and look up then shoot it from the hey stack. Continue in this area and search until you find the battery all the way at the end of the room. Place the battery in the machine and Lucas will release a nasty abomination at Ethan. These guys can throw up and control the throw up to reach Ethan at a nice distance. This is probably where you should use your enhanced handgun shots on the abomination. Aim for its head and if you do run out of ammunition switch over to the shotgun and rely on headshots. When you have killed the monster go ahead and take the elevator up to the next area. When you reach the Testing Area 2nd Floor you should see a burnt dead body with a note on it that stays " You're Next". This is File #22 right on the shelf in the next room is Antique Coin #14 it is a little dark but it is sitting on the lower of the two shelves.

Next, you will have to use the code number that we found on the dead body which is 1408 and also File#22. If you forgot the number be sure to check your files. Enter the code in near the locked door from earlier. This is also the same area we watched the "Happy Birthday" video. Also be sure to drop all your gear in the storage box or you can not enter the puzzle. If you remember what happened previously then that should be a big hint as to how to complete this puzzle without dying. Since we already know the password is LOSER things are pretty simple.

First take the candle from the robot it should already be lit at this point. Head over to the bathroom and let the showerhead extinguish the flames. This will turn the power on in the area and then once Lucas is finished talking you can relight the candle on the stove. With the lit candle take it to the rope and burn it on the door. Enter the password LOSER and then take the water valve. Put the water valve in to stop the showerhead from automatically going on. Relight the candle and then put it on the happy birthday cake.

What we changed up from the puzzle in the video was not releasing the oil from the barrel. This means that you do not need the winding key. You also don't need the straw doll because we already know the password. Finally, you do not need to get shot by the balloon because that gives us the quill pen and once again the password is LOSER.

When you are done the cake will explode and the room will not go on fire. Lucas will be pissed you solved the puzzle correctly. Lucas will then throw some dynamite through the hole in the wall to the left of the oil barrel. We will have around 15 seconds to throw it back. Throw it back from where it came and you will open up a pathway. This will bring us to the monitoring room and we can acquire the rest of the serum component which is the D-Series Head. Be sure to take it then exit the area. Upon exiting and going down the hallway turn around and look up. Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #14 will be sitting on top the door. Shoot it to add it to your statistics collection.

The Boathouse:

This area is rather linear but there are a few things to pick up along the way. The first is Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #15 which is located in the little shack on the first right side path you can take. Look for it under some fishing rope and cut it with the knife to collect it. Afterward, there will be some enemies along the path to our destination. You should take the shotgun to slow them down yet try and ration your ammunition by running past them as well. Eventually, you will reach Mia and Zoe and there will be a save point and storage box right before you get to them. You can cut loose Mia at this point and talk to her but you will need both serum components in your inventory to cut Zoe loose. Once you have them you can cut Zoe's hand ropes loose and she will create the Serum. She will only create two doses and for some reason, Ethan takes both of them. When he does, a huge monstrosity appears and this is none other than Jack.

Jack returns as a huge hideous creature with several eyes all over its body. The objective of the battle is to take down all of the eyes on Jack to defeat him. This isn't too difficult at this point in the game mainly because we have so many firearms and healing items stacked up. I suggest trying to limit things to two First-Aid's. I also suggest not using the grenade launcher just yet. This is because you need a direct shot on his eyes and the grenades arc and then drop making it harder to hit the eyes. You could use the .44 Magnum here but I don't think it is worth wasting the little ammunition we have for it especially because you must be accurate to hit Jack's eyes. The burner is also pretty useless due to its lack of range. This leaves only two weapons that will work nicely and one far superior to the other. The first would be the handgun specifically with enhanced ammunition. The best choice is the shotgun though and be sure to have stocked plenty of ammunition for this battle in particular. If you don't have the shotgun revert to the handgun and then lastly the grenade launcher. Also, make sure to know that Jack's eyes are all over his body. Some are on his stomach so you will have to wait until he is on the 2nd floor and look up to shoot them down. Overall it seems like plenty of information and quite dangerous but this is one of the easier battles to figure out and complete in the game.

Wrecked Ship:

Whatever choice you make you will end up at the wrecked ship eventually and I will not spoil the story here. Antique Coin #15 can be hard to get so listen up. This is right after the flashback sequence. There will be a ladder you can go down and it is on floor S1. If you take the right path it leads to a dead-end with the coin on the left side of the floor. Shortly after, if you head up the ladder you should see a dead skeleton or body in the doorway. Drop down and you will be in some water. On the floor in this area is Antique Coin #16 grab both of these before using the save point. This one is located on the first floor if you look at the map.

When you are able to access the bunk room there will be two files. File #23 is located right next to the yellow crate. File #24 is located in the bunk room on the lower bed. When you reach the 3rd floor and meet Eveline there will be another VHS #4 called the old tape. This is mandatory to pick up and watch. If you acquired all four other videotapes you will receive the be kind please rewind achievement. While watching the tape in the starting area look for the desk to the left of Alan. On the desk is File #25 be sure to pick it up and check your statistics.

On the 3rd floor of the wrecked ship, there will be what looks like a serum box in the corner of the area on the floor. This is File #26 if you're read the top note. Be sure to pick this up before opening the elevator door with your hands. Once you reach the Captain's Quarters and acquire the Lug Wrench inside you may be a bit confused. What you want to do is drop down back into the elevator shaft and on the floor will be a nut you can open with the lug wrench. This will allow us to get some corrosive as well as the Captain's key which leads to the machine gun and some more remote bombs. Use the remote bombs on packs of enemies that come toward you. However, you want to be quick when doing so unless you will be caught in the blast yourself. Inside the elevator shaft near the fuse box and wire box is File #27 on the wall be sure to read it.

From the elevator shaft after using the lug wrench, climb up to the 2nd floor. Head left immediately and go down the hall and turn right. Go up the ladder and turn around then shoot Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #16. In that same area walk a bit to the left and look down on the floor. There will be an orange box that you must rotate to open and it contains a lockpick that we will need shortly. If you head to the 4th Floor and make your way to the blocked off stairway that leads to the 3rd floor. There will be a bobble head to the left of the stairway banister be sure to shoot it for Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #17. Now it is time to use the lockpick on the 3rd floor where the orange tool box is located. Use the lockpick on the toolbox and open it for Antique Coin #17.

Once you acquire the fuse and the wires put them into the elevator shaft and then we can continue onward. Near the No.2 Engine room which is towards the very end of this segment you will find a box that needs corrosive to open. Remember you must acquire all collectibles in one playthrough to get the achievements. If you missed something and would like the achievement head back now and make sure to get that corrosive. There is a box with at least three corrosives in this level if you have not run into it already explore the area thoroughly. When you have the corrosive use it near No.2 Engine Room and open the box for the final Antique Coin #18.


When you are finished with the wrecked ship you will have to make your way through the swamp. Be sure to get the bobble head outside of the save point area shack. Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #18 is sitting right outside the shack window shoot it for the collection rate. There will be some enemies near the elevator before you enter the salt mine. Be sure to take them out as they may cause unwanted damage if you have any remote bombs left use at least one so you can make your way to the elevator safely.

The Salt mine:

The salt mine will have a few enemies but since we are pretty stacked with firearms and ammunition they don't pose a great threat. The minecart is a small obstacle that must be pushed to break open a pathway to continue further into the salt mine. Shortly after using the mine cart take the left path and follow it to another mine cart and a dead end. On the left side of the dead end near the two barrels is Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #19 look up and shoot it with the handgun. Head up the stairs and enter the room with the laptop. Inspect the laptop for File #28. Next, you want to open the door to the new room and directly ahead of you will be File #29. Right before the save room, you should see another serum box. Read the note on the box for File #30. Right next to the serum box is a seven-page file that you must inspect to acquire this is File #31. File #32 is located in this very same room on the desk with the lamp. When you are done be sure to save your game. Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #20 is the final bobble head and located when we enter back into the guest house. It is to the right of the red chair on a bunch of shelves shoot it for the collection rate.

This segment of the game will have you walking back through the guest house and there will be some flashback sequences. Keep going through the guest house until you get back up to the attic and meet Eveline. To inject Eveline with the serum we must guard her screaming attack that knocks or pushes Ethan back. It is pretty simple and you should be able to inject her on your 2nd or 3rd attempt. Once you do inject Eveline her true nature and form and even character will be revealed. At this point use the best ammunition that you have. Personally I blasted the boss in the face with all my flame grenades that I saved from earlier. When the boss goes down there will be another sequence outside the house. Continue to blast at the boss with any weapon until the Albert gun appears. Finally, use the Albert on the boss and this will complete the game.



The G17 Handgun will be the second handgun you acquire in the game. However, this time you will be able to keep this for the rest of your playthrough. It is a trusty Glock that has been around since the earliest days of the Resident Evil series. In Resident Evil 7 you can even upgrade your handgun ammo to enhanced handgun ammo that packs more punch. I really was hoping for a different looking animation on the enhanced handgun ammo but it is unseen. Maybe later in the game, there will be something more original. Some may argue that too much ammo diversity is not very Resident Evil Esque and for that, I agree.

The gun also holds 10 bullets in its magazine compared to the 3 bullets of the Albert handgun or the 7 bullets of the M19. I also personally feel it fires rounds off faster then both guns including the M19. This is good for large targets or if you have really good aim. If you are speed running you may want to consider using this one for tougher enemies like Jack with enhanced ammunition. Although since enhanced ammunition is harder to come by this is not always the best option.


The M19 handgun can be found at the start of the game in the attic of the guest house. You will have to use it against Mia to defeat her. Later in the game, you can find the broken handgun which can only be explained to be this handgun from earlier in the game. To repair the broken handgun you will need one of the two repair kits in the game. The first repair kit can be found right outside the trailer. If you crouch below the house towards the center you can enter a hole and inside will be a repair kit. The 2nd repair kit is located when you move the head found in the testing room later in the game. If you repair the broken handgun it becomes the M19 again. It looks different cosmetically and may be more powerful than the Glock.

This is probably the worst handgun in my opinion. Reload speed is a factor that is not important due to stabilizers. Accuracy, on the other hand, may be the best with this gun however that is TBD ( to be determined ) as I need to do some more playtime testing. The real downside is the fact that the Glock or the G17 holds more bullets and fires faster even with enhanced handgun bullets. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Albert or S.T.A.R.S. handgun holds only three bullets but packs more of a punch and may feel just as accurate to me.

The player may want to save or use the first repair kit on the shotgun in this case. This way you can have both shotguns over the three handguns. If you're going to collect everything even at madhouse setting feel free to get this one as well. Remember the first repair kit is right outside the courtyard in madhouse mode near some foliage. However, the M19 broken gun is in a new location.


This weapon can be acquired after completing the main story on normal difficulty. If you start a new file or even an old one it will appear in your storage container. The gun is very nice looking and takes upon series classic villain Albert Wesker. It has the S.T.A.R.S. embroidery on the side of the gun and is very nice looking. The handgun uses handgun bullets and can fire enhanced bullets as well. It holds three rounds in the magazine at a time and is the most powerful of all the handguns. It has a slow reload and good accuracy. If you're going to use enhanced bullets this is probably the gun you should save them for especially in madhouse difficulty.

The gun has a little story behind it and is even used at the very end of the game. I found it strange that such a little weapon was capable of such power at least in the Resident Evil 7 storyline. It also leaves this strange light blue smoke effect when fired. I used this weapon on Jack Baker with enhanced bullets at the dissection room boss battle. It made the battle very easy and fast. I suggest using it for that fight in particular. It can also one shot 4 legged molded if you hit them in the head. Basic molded enemies may take 2-3 headshots with regular ammo from this weapon. Of all the handgun's this is the best in my opinion. The only downside is that you have 3 rounds in the magazine which is the lowest size of all the handgun types. It has power, accuracy and a nice lore around it as well as great cosmetic appeal.


The Shotgun returns for another awesome tale in the Resident Evil series. Note that you will see the shotgun once you enter the main hall. However, the player will need the broken shotgun to actually acquire it. With this being said try not to waste your precious time trying to get this one without the broken shotgun. This weapon packs a big punch and uses shotgun shells. Shotgun shells like most ammo are not very common so use them wisely. Always aim for the head with the shotgun to get massive damage. Alternatively, you can aim for legs or limbs on certain enemies to cripple them. This can at times on the opposing enemy be more effective.

In madhouse difficulty acquiring the shotgun is a little different as there are multiple ways to do so. You can get the scorpion key but the player must pay three Antique Coins in the main hall first. This is a good idea because you would be able to get both shotguns if you're a completionist. If you're doing a speed run you may just want to do the alternative. The alternative is avoiding the scorpion key all-together and just getting the Model Shotgun. In madhouse difficulty, the Model Shotgun has been moved to an earlier location in the game. The model shotgun can be found in or near the dissection room. Once you have acquired it the player should backtrack when you have time to freely explore. Exchange the shotgun for the model shotgun and you well have the first shotgun which is the M-37.

The biggest difference between the M-37 and the M-21 is that the latter shotgun holds more bullets in the magazine at the same time. I will talk about how to get the M-21 a bit later in this weapons section. To counter, however, you would be saving more ammunition and time just using the M-37 as well as more inventory space. Also, you would not need to get the 2nd repair kit which could save a bit of time.


This weapon is located in grandma's room in both madhouse difficulty and normal difficulty. It will appear as the broken shotgun but once you have a repair kit you can repair it to create the M-21 shotgun. The first repair kit is located in the courtyard in both madhouse and normal difficulty settings. In normal mode, you must break pry open the wood to reveal a small tunnel or hatch in the courtyard. Crouch down and go inside and you will find the repair kit. In madhouse it has been moved to the left of that area and is found simply by looking near the foliage in that area. The 2nd repair kit is also found in normal mode near the manikin head which is located in the testing area of the game. I honestly suggest repairing the shotgun over the broken handgun which becomes the M-19.

The M-21 shotgun can hold only 2 rounds in the magazine at a time but there is a huge difference. The spread of the shot is very narrow and it packs a nice damage increased compared to the pump-action M-37 shotgun. This would make great if you can line up Marguerite in her boss battle on the floor and blast her underbelly at close range with this. It should take only two shots, in that case, to have her underbelly explode. It also can one shot basic walking molded enemies if they are hit directly in the head at close range and possibly due to better accuracy conserve much-needed ammunition.

In conclusion and comparison to the M-37 I overall like the M-21. I honestly enjoy playing with it more and like the overall design and feel of the weapon. I love the look of the narrow spread of fire and I love the touch of difference that Capcom did with both shotguns. The pump-action shotgun or the M-37 should still be kept in your inventory as I also don't think getting them both would effect a speed-run too greatly. Finally, don't forget the model shotgun in the kid's room to acquire this in normal mode.


This is the last resort weapon and has been a staple in many Resident Evil games if not all of them. I do remember it being a bit more powerful in the previous games. In this game, you can get an achievement for achieving a kill on an enemy with this weapon alone. You will acquire it from the police officer right before you enter the garage. Sometimes you can "jimmy" a lock with this weapon or even cut tape. You can use this if you're confident vs certain enemies to conserve ammunition.


This is the knife you will acquire when you actually start playing as Mia on the wrecked ship. It is more powerful by far than the basic knife that Ethan uses. It is the traditional knife that has been seen in many resident evil games. It greatly resembles Leon's combat knife of Resident Evil 4 in my opinion. The combat knife is not very safe to use even though it has more power than the basic knife. It should be used as an ultimate last resort or if you have absolutely no ammunition. Finally, if you are planning on breaking boxes for items this is much better suited than wasting precious handgun ammunition at higher levels of game difficulty like madhouse.


The Flame-Thrower is also known as the burner can be found once you reach the Guest House area of the game shortly after the courtyard. All those annoying bugs can be defeated with the burner. It runs on burner fuel and it seems pretty abundant at the time you first acquire the weapon. Remember you must combine the weapon parts to get the weapon to be usable. I am still testing all the weapons as I have not finished the game yet. This section will be updated more as we delve deeper into Resident Evil 7. Stay tuned for updates!

The burner is actually quite short ranged. It does set most enemies on fire though and that fire damage may tick over time for D.O.T. ( damage over time ). It is really useful for the obvious reasons such as killing hives of bugs and the insects that Marguerite spawns from her underbelly. It may be a good idea in the Marguerite boss battle to have this on hot swap from the Directional pad selection screen. First, blast and set Marguerite on fire with the burner, then the player can quickly switch to another more powerful weapon. This should deal extra damage in a shorter amount of time. The location of both pieces of this item is pretty linear in both madhouse and normal difficulty. In modes like Ethan Must Die, it may spawn randomly.

The grenade launcher is probably my favorite and most powerful weapon pound for pound in the game. It is a great way to kill two enemies at once with one shot which would gain the player an achievement. The achievement is called less is more just for reference. You can find the grenade launcher in the supply room once you have acquired the crow key from the old house in normal mode. I suggest picking it up by backtracking before the big battle with Marguerite at the greenhouse. In madhouse difficulty, the grenade launcher is acquired just by entering the trailer be sure to get it here as well.

If you are doing a speed-run I still suggest picking this weapon up. In madhouse mode this weapon is crucial because you will need as much ammunition as possible especially for the battles with Marguerite and afterward. It fires two types of ammunition which are really sweet. The first are the flame rounds which deal base damage then explode dealing fire damage as well over time. The next is the neuro-rounds which the game states to effect the enemies nervous system when exploded. These also deal a base attack and then can stop enemies from moving. It is very useful for the end of the game near the salt mines where you will have a ton of enemies chasing after Ethan.

In the battle with Marguerite the flame rounds are the absolute highest damaging weapon to use in madhouse difficulty. There will be two fat molded to fight in the testing area in madhouse mode. In normal mode there is only one. You should save at the bare minimum two flame rounds for the fat molded. I really suggest having four flame rounds but two plus the M-21 shotgun will work as well. This is just a side note as I may have not mentioned it in the madhouse section of this guide.

Madhouse Mode: [ Boss Section ]

Madhouse mode can be unlocked once you complete the game. In madhouse, difficulty enemies are harder and some item placement is different. There are also 33 Antique Coins to collect in madhouse mode.Since the game is virtually the same with the above changes stated this will be a shorter walk through. I will list the Antique Coin locations as well as the boss fights here starting with Mia at the guest house. There is also some item placement changes that are pretty intense I should mention them here for those that are planning to run through this difficulty level.

Getting to Mia is almost identical to the normal version of the game. There may be one or two things you should do to prepare for the next battle with Jack, however. One thing to know is that the Scorpion Key will be in an antique coin cage. This changes things a bit in a madhouse run. The scorpion key must be purchased with antique coins and is the fastest way to get the shotgun at the moment. Also, if you want both shotguns you will need the scorpion key. It cost 3 antique coins once you reach the main hall. With that being said you're probably going to not want to collect antique coins but need to collect them in order to get through this mode at least on your first try.

With that, I suggest using the Madhouse Difficulty Antique coins section below. I will also make note of very important coins that you should not miss. Since this is right before the Mia battle I suggest getting the same antique coin from the main game which is #1. From the VHS derelict house footage video tape look down on the ground at the start and pick up the lockpick. Use the lockpick in the kitchen area of the guest house and open the drawer. When you have done so you can stop the video and return to this area as Ethan. This will unlock the first Antique Coin and it should help you along the way.

The player should know that once you reach the main hall you can also buy three items. The first is the scorpion key. This key is not required to get the shotgun but it is required to repair the broken shotgun in Madhouse Difficulty. So if you want both the shotguns be sure to grab this with one major note. There is an attack coin that costs seven Antique Coins. This attack coin takes up one slot in your inventory but it allows the player to deal more damage. I am the more offensive type in video games so I went with this first. You can acquire all 7 coins before reaching the boss fight with Jack which I will explain after Mia's Madhouse boss battle.

In normal mode Mia is easily taken out with a few headshots and body shots. In madhouse difficulty, it took me around 10 attempts to beat Mia. I wasn't quite sure if I had the right tactic by shooting her in the head. However, that is exactly what you have to do. There are 27 bullets you can find the M19 handgun in the attic and make sure at least twenty bullets go directly to her head on a near estimate.

First, the handgun location is where it was in normal mode. Right next to the handgun is the first aid medicine do not use it now. Next to both of them are some bullets. Going straight into the room where mia will spawn is some more handgun ammo on the left this should give us around 12 bullets total. Next, in the room to the right will be some first-aid behind the door giving us two in total. There will also be some handgun ammo in the back of this room on a table. Finally, on the television right before you encounter mia is the last of the bullets giving us 27 total.

Go to the ladder and interact with it but quickly make your way back down and give yourself room to fight Mia. Always aim for her head and always keep your distance. Mia is most dangerous when she charges at you with the chainsaw so be sure to use the quick turnaround or be fast enough to run away and get distance again. It might also be wise to go from room to room to make Mia cut open the doors and walls with the chainsaw. Doing so will slow her down and give you a few more precious moments to hit her with headshots from the M19 handgun. After about 20 shots to the head, Mia will go down and you know what happens afterward. It is a tough battle but very fun and madhouse mode may be just the extra bang for the buck of players and longtime resident evil fans.

I have watched my own video and counted the amount of headshots it takes to bring down Mia in madhouse. Note, I did not hit her with anything other than headshots. The player can also have up to 27 bullets in their clip at this time with no attack coin using the M19 handgun. The M19 holds 7 rounds in the magazine just for extra reference. Ethan or the player in this case, must land at least 15 total shots to the head on Mia at this point in the game. If am wrong it should not be by too much and once again it is pretty tough if you're aim isn't the steadiest. Luckily the save point is right near the battle so practice makes perfect and the reward of winning is quite nice.

Jack Baker's boss fights consist of ultimately three major encounters. The first encounter will be combined with the battle encounter near the dissection room. Before you can actually fight Jack you must first escape into the hatch with the hatch key. Remember the hatch key is right outside the living room and if you turn right where Jack appears and begins holding the wall it will be right on that table. Be sure to pick it up and quickly escape to the hatch.

This is rumored to be able to happen in normal mode but happened to me only in my madhouse difficulty run. Jack will cut off your leg with the shovel when trying to escape to the hatch. If this happens to you quickly pick up your leg or foot. At that point, jack will drop a first-aid on the ground and be fast once again to pick it up and use it on your wounded leg. This will put your leg back together in a very well done graphical sequence. Afterward, the player should once again escape for the hatch. Remember blocking vs Jack can be your friend but it also takes away valuable time that you be using to escape from Jack. The choice is yours and I honestly put the secrets of defense item away after the garage scene.

In the garage, Jack does not have to be shot at all! In this case, you can conserve more ammunition. You also do not even need to use ammo to get the lockpick. However, in madhouse difficulty, you will need to pick the lock to get the car key from the toolbox. This can cost more time than it did in normal mode and could result in your death. The best advice I can give in this situation is to be fast! If you're sleeping of playing lackadaisically you're probably going to die. The player may also want to circle around the car even after getting the lockpick. Be sure to check Jack's distance from you at all times and go for the car key. Once you have it put it in the car and the rest is the same as normal mode.

For the battle with Jack Baker near the dissection room I have come up with an excellent and easy strategy that blows away using the chainsaw. If you click the video playlist you can watch a live tutorial on it! You're going to need some enhanced handgun ammunition and of course the Albert or stars handgun that you can get from completing the main game on normal mode. The Albert holds three shots in its magazine at a time and this is enough. I personally did not use any enhanced handgun ammunition at this point and had 17 bullets. You may want to craft some with the Strong Chem Fluid that you may find right before the boss battle. If you are at or near 17 bullets then save the chem fluid.

What you want to do is immediately switch over to the enhanced handgun ammunition. If you shoot Jack in even in the chest it will stun him with the Albert's fire. This means you really don't even need to waste time kicking the body bags. If you're real good you can take him out in a minute or even less! Headshots are obviously going to do more damage but I also noticed how effective a shot to the chest is against Jack. It buys tons of time to land in a headshot or grant you more space to keep a distance from the psychopath. One headshot should reveal the core, possibly two. When the gross core appears blast it! You may be able to get up to three shots on the core if I remember correctly.

Even when Jack grabs the crazy scissors weapon and note to crouch when he swings it at you for the achievement. I don't suggest bothering at all with the chainsaw until Jack is dead and you have no choice but to cut the metal to advance with it. When Jack has the scissor weapon do what I stated above just hit him in the head. If you miss the headshot the chest shot will stun him then follow up with quick reloads and positioning. Finally, blast the core all doing this with the Albert handgun and enhanced ammunition. If you're good you may only need 10-12 enhanced bullets.

One final note and this is huge. I mentioned above before the Mia boss fight of this section to grab the attack coin by spending 7 Antique Coins. This is huge because that is where my strategy worked greatly. I prefer the attack any day over the defense in this game at least for this boss fight. Kill it before it kills you. This will once again give you an extra slot in your inventory which you will need for the coin. Put the secrets of defense item in your storage box for this battle you shouldn't need it.

In order to get to Marguerite in madhouse difficulty is very similar to getting to her in normal so I urge you to refer to the normal mode guide for that. There are some precautions that I suggest you do take before this absolutely hellacious battle with Jack's wife. It is a very tough battle and I died about fifteen times in a row on a most embarrassing live stream. There will also be three methods I will talk about on how to take Marguerite down. First, remember the fight in the pit this is still very simple. All the player must do is spray Marguerite with whatever burner fuel that is in your inventory. Once she falls quickly climb up the ladder. From that point, you can search almost the entire game for anything you might have missed without enemies. You want or should stock up on as much ammunition as possible! This is very serious unless you have the circular saw. However, since many people at this point may have or have not completed the speed-run segment just yet the saw is not an option.

The first tactic is to do as I mentioned in the latter. Stock up on the maximum amount of ammunition that you can find and bring it all into the battle. This includes the grenade launcher. The player may run out of room in his/her inventory while collecting a few items before the boss fight. What I suggest is just managing to have maximum ammunition in your arsenal. I also suggest having the assault coin. Even regular bullets do damage and this fight relies on patience as well as skill. I was trying to beat Marguerite fast and I am sure it is possible but I died often because of this. If the player is patient and runs away as well as keeps a distance from Marguerite she should go down.

Know that you can run away from Marguerite when she tries to grab you at the start of the battle. Where she appears seems to be almost completely random. The object is to hit her core underbelly for maximum damage. Know that if you knock her off the ceiling she will be wide open to attacks. This is useful if you're planning on beating her quickly. Also, another short tip on speed is to load all ammunition before the battle. Also, make sure your guns magazines are full or reload while on the move from Marguerite. IF you go the speed route remember to knock her from the ceiling first then quick swap your weapons as fast as you possibly can and unload all ammunition on Marguerite.

I feel this goes hand in hand with the main tactic mentioned above and that is to unleash all your attacks on her as fast as possible. Remember there is an abundance healing items in this area. Specifically a strong first-aid medicine upstairs on the counter near some handgun ammunition. Don't forget once again to keep your distance as well as your guard. Marguerite loves to leap off the ceiling at you and it does good damage to Ethan. Even when she is on the floor swinging her arms in a vulnerable state she can slap you away. This will slow Ethan down and cause damage. Most importantly it cost valuable time to shoot her with your arsenal of weaponry.

I mentioned three tactics that I had above so here is the second tactic and many of you won't like it. The reason I say this is because it consist of starting a new game and doing the speed-run on easy mode. I say to do this because If you can complete the speed-run which consist of beating the game on any difficulty in less then 4 hours. The prize rewarded will be one of if not the best weapon in the game which is the Circular Saw. Now, I have seen several youtube videos vs Marguerite and almost all of these players have used the circular saw. She is really tough if you don't have the patience and the ammunition. With the circular saw I have seen a video where Marguerite was defeated in about 3 minutes even on madhouse. Once again this is an option. I have beaten her with the first method and so have others. The problem is actually getting yourself to do the speed-run as it is the same game practically the 3rd time if you already started madhouse.

The final tactic is a camping tactic that I was informed of by a user on reddit. What you want to do is drop down the hole from the window that Marguerite pops out of. If you go up the stairs and drop down the nearest hole you should be in the room with the white locked door. Do not unlock the door! Stay in this room and just keep an eye on all open locations. If you stay in the corner she practically can't hit you with anything and you can continuously fire even with handgun shots. When she runs away you can attempt to pick up some ammunition and healing items. You always want to be back at the camping location before she reappears. This could take a while but I do think it is the second best method. This is especially useful if you use the first tactic I mentioned earlier and combine it with this one. If you are looking for a faster kill then stick to method one. If you're looking to conserve ammunition stick strictly to this method and make use of you're handgun ammunition.

In normal difficulty this battle can be tough and it is obviously more tough in madhouse difficulty. First let's talk about normal mode and what you actually have to do to beat Jack in his final form. The first thing to know is to be patient and try and stay on the bottom floor for the entire battle. You must destroy all the eyes to kill Jack there is no exception. If you die you will start from the previous checkpoint. Good thing for us it starts us right before the boss fight literally. For the basics conserve as much ammunition as you can for this battle. I really don't suggest using the grenade launcher as the one exception here. Use the M-21 shotgun, The Albert 01-R, and the burner or flamethrower. Do not forget your guard especially at the end of this boss fight. At the end of the battle you must inject the serum for the quick-time prompt event. Make sure to inject it because it may be possible to die here and you don't want to have to redo the entire battle over again.

In madhouse difficulty this battle is tough however I did find Marguerite to be even harder. Once again stay on the bottom floor. This makes us able to hit any part of his body especially the tough eye that is near his belly. For the tail if you just keep circling around the tail you may even want to just use the handgun for it to conserve shotgun ammunition. I have noticed some players using the Glock or the G-17 for this fight. I really don't see the point of not using the Albert -01R. I mentioned to take it out of your storage as primary weapon for this battle mentioned above. The Albert is more powerful and may require more accuracy but you always have that previous checkpoint. If there is a better reason to use the G17 or the M19 please let me know it is appreciated.

If you stay at the bottom floor and stay patient you may notice Jack's attacks are not very powerful and you might be guarding often. Have the assault coin if possible and the secrets of defense. This should make you use less first-aid medicine items or at least not have to worry as much about your health as you normally would. As for first-aids try to save at least three for this battle. Two would suffice but honestly the more the better. However, just remember that there is still plenty more game to go so you may want to still conserve slightly.

Finally, when the barn is burning down you will have one more final eye to take down on Jack's face. Keep a distance as far as you possibly can and now use your enhanced handgun ammunition at the last eyeball. Remember Jack still has huge range here and your guard + secrets of defense will be a huge help here. If you have exhausted or used all of your enhanced handgun ammunition you may have to get in a bit closer and use the burner to finish Jack off. This is a good weapon for this segment of the boss battle as it will literally burn Jack and his final eye overtime which can lead to victory. Importantly again once you have finished off the boss be sure to not put the controller down in victory. You must inject the serum or you will die.

Before the final boss:

Before the final boss you might remember from normal mode that long trek through all the molded. There will be two fat-molded at the end. If you die you have to start the whole thing over this is the same except harder in madhouse difficulty. Now, my tactic is a little cheesy but it should work. What I want you to do first is definitely have neuro-rounds for the grenade launcher. You shouldn't have been using them this entire walkthrough until now for this part of the game specifically. Neuro-rounds can freeze the enemy by affecting their nervous system. What this means is that when frozen you can either attack them or run away. With that being said keep one loaded in your grenade launcher at all times. Secondly equip the pump-action shotgun because it holds 4 rounds over the 2 of the M-21.

What I did was just run straight through all the enemies. It sounds dumb but that is what I did with a slight twist. If any enemy is blocking your path you still want to conserve ammunition and pick up everything you can along the way. In this case, use the shotgun to make a path and keep running. Guard attacks when necessary and remember once you reach the stairs go over them and you have infinite amount of time to heal up and organize gear and even reload all your weapons. Know that this may take several reloads and attempts. However in this case, you will conserve enough ammunition for the two Fat-molded that must be cleared out after the broken stairway.

Now that we have saved our Neuro-Rounds and if you have some flame rounds even better! Start off shooting whatever flame rounds you have at the two fat-molded. Next just get some distance and load the neuro-rounds. Pop a neuro-round and this will freeze the fat-molded then very quickly switch to the M-21 or the M-37 and blast at their heads. It should work even on madhouse and finally be sure to take out the traps before going up the ladder!

Final Boss:

Compared to all the other hard stuff in this game this battle is just as easy in madhouse as it was in normal mode. The one other trick I learned was that the eyes do in fact take more damage. Be sure to shoot the eyes of the final boss and just unleash all the powerful attacks you have left with all your ammunition. This is the end of the game so there is no reason to conserve anything. For the second segment of the boss battle continue firing at the eyes when possible and don't forget to finish her off with the Albert-01R.



Do not read if you want my analysis on the story and it's ending explained to you. I have warned you and now that you have received the warning it is you're choice to proceed!

Apparently, Eveline is a bio-weapon that was created in a lab to do whatever it is that Eveline does to other human beings or any other living creature. The one major twist that I don't seem to understand at the moment is how Eveline turns into or is actually the freaky grandmother that appears through-out the entire game. I also question what happened to Lucas Baker? Furthermore, I love the part with Jack Baker confessing to Ethan and I almost or actually did feel really sorry for Jack and his family. Eveline the bio-weapon was controlling them all to do these horrible things.

If you saved Zoe the player will still get the same wrecked ship sequence as Mia. However at the end of the game Mia will not be in the chopper and she is presumed to be dead. This is considered the bad ending I am at least guessing. If you did save Mia everything still remains the same for the ship and final boss scene. However, Mia will appear safe in the chopper and Zoe apparently no where to be found and presumed dead.