• Faster Healing/Reloading.

    If you Guard (Left Bumper) while using First Aid or reloading your weapon, it will cancel the animation yet your health will still be restored and your weapon reloaded. NOTE: When reloading your weapon, make sure that the HUD icon shows that the weapon has been successfully reloaded before you Guard, otherwise it will cancel out the reloading sequence as well.

    Contributed By: Blk_Mage_Ctype.

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  • Bonus Unlocks

    All unlocked items will appear in the Item Box when you reload a save or start a new game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Albert-01R HandgunComplete the game
    Circular SawComplete In Four Hours Or Less
    Infinite AmmoComplete the game on Madhouse difficulty
    Madhouse DifficultyComplete the game on any difficulty.
    The Essence of DefenseDestroy All 20 Mr. Everywhere Statues
    The Secrets of DefenseComplete the game on Normal or above
    Walking ShoesDestroy All 20 Mr. Everywhere Statues
    X-Ray GlassesComplete In Four Hours Or Less

    Contributed By: Similac.

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Secret Items

  • Antique Coin Locations.

    Antique Coins which can be redeemed for various exclusive items are scattered throughout the game. Collect all 18 of them to unlock the Pelican in your Pocket Achievement. Here is a list of their locations. (Note: Psychostimulants make Antique Coins easier to locate due to their ability to highlight the location of nearby items.)

    Antique Coin #01Old House 1F - Kitchen. Inside a locked drawer. (Lockpick required, must be unlocked by Clancy. On the ground behind him at the beginning of Tape #1.)
    Antique Coin #02Main House 1F - Floor Hatch Passage. On the the red mower.
    Antique Coin #03Main House 1F - Main Hall. Inside the top drawer in the north west corner.
    Antique Coin #04Main House 2F - Recreation Room. Atop the turntable beside a basket in the north east corner of the room.
    Antique Coin #05Main House 2F - Bathroom. Inside the toilet.
    Antique Coin #06Main House 1F - Drawing Room. On a table, inside an ash tray beside a lantern.
    Antique Coin #07Main House B1 - Processing Area. Along the left side of the wall, resting behind a wooden pallet.
    Antique Coin #08Yard. On the right as you exit the Main House, inside a flower pot.
    Antique Coin #09Yard - Zoe's Trailer: On the table by the bird cage.
    Antique Coin #10Old House 1F - Cellar. Just outside the Cellar door, on the tray table.
    Antique Coin #11Old House 1F - Outside. Inside the north east outhouse, on the toilet tank.
    Antique Coin #12Old House 1F - Altar Room. Inside a drawer in the corner.
    Antique Coin #13Testing Area 1F - Barn. Inside the booby-trapped storage room on the green desk.
    Antique Coin #14Testing Area 2F - Stairway to Party Room. On a shelf, to the right of the button used to lower the stairs.
    Antique Coin #15Wrecked Ship S1 - Duct. Down the first junction on the right, in the corner at the end. (Mia only, missable.)
    Antique Coin #16Wrecked Ship S1. Hidden in a pool of murky water on the left of the room. (Mia only, missable. Comb the water and wait for the on-screen prompt.)
    Antique Coin #17Wrecked Ship 3F - Control Room. Inside a locked case. (Lockpick required.)
    Antique Coin #18Wrecked Ship S2. Inside a sealed container on the wall between the two Engine Rooms. (Corrosive required.)

    Contributed By: Blk_Mage_Ctype.

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  • Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead Locations.

    Bobblehead statues of the mascot of the local High School Football Team Mr. Everywhere are hidden throughout the game, destroy all 20 to unlock the Mr. Nowhere Achievement as well as a pair of Walking Shoes and The Essence of Defense. Here is a list of locations were they can be found. (Note: Listen for the distinct sound of it moving. Psychostimulants make Bobbleheads easier to locate due to their ability to highlight the locations of nearby items.)

    Mr. Everywhere #01Main House 1F - West Corridor. On a desk at the south end of the corridor, past the entrance to the Main Hall.
    Mr. Everywhere #02Main House 1F - Laundry Room. On a shelf beneath the table with the Tape Recorder.
    Mr. Everywhere #03Main House 1F - Main Hall. On a table with a piece of paper that reads; "SHOOT ME" you can't miss it.
    Mr. Everywhere #04Main House 2F - Recreation Room. Sitting inside a basket in the northeast corner of the room.
    Mr. Everywhere #05Main House 1F - Drawing Room. Beside the door with the two-headed crow attached to it, directly beside the knob.
    Mr. Everywhere #06Main House B1 - Processing Area. On the floor besides the buckets leading to the door with a snake on it.
    Mr. Everywhere #07Yard. Beneath the stairs at the entrance to Zoe's Trailer.
    Mr. Everywhere #08Old House 1F - Safe Room. On a shelf, beside a painting to the left of the Item Box.
    Mr. Everywhere #09Old House 1F - Cellar. On the floor behind the wooden palette at the top of the stairs.
    Mr. Everywhere #10Old House 1F - Basement Crawlspace. On a shelf to the left.
    Mr. Everywhere #11Old House 2F - Alter Room. On a table beside a candlestick near the scales.
    Mr. Everywhere #12Main House 3F - Attic. On a beam at the top of the entrance ladder.
    Mr. Everywhere #13Testing Area - Barn. Sitting on a stable fence post on the upper walkway.
    Mr. Everywhere #14Testing Area 1F - Monitoring Room. Above the Safe Room doorway on the ledge of the transom.
    Mr. Everywhere #15Boat House 1F - Docks. Inside a storage hut, on the floor beneath a net on the left.
    Mr. Everywhere #16Wrecked Ship 4F. On the banister leading down the 3F staircase by the barricade.
    Mr. Everywhere #17Wrecked Ship 2F - 3F Shaft. Atop the ladder leading up from the northeast room in Wrecked Ship 2F, facing away from you.
    Mr. Everywhere #18Salt Mines 1F - Swamp Shack. On a windowsill at the entrance to the Safe Room.
    Mr. Everywhere #19Salt Mines S1 - Lab Area. On the upper walkway across from the stairs beside some barrels.
    Mr. Everywhere #20Guesthouse B1 - Storeroom. On a shelf in side the room opposite the sofa.

    Contributed By: Blk_Mage_Ctype.

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