Review by Berrlett

Reviewed: 06/22/18

Victim of gaming progress in the last decade and MS Funds

The Horror Game Industry

Gaming have come along way in the last decade maybe even a bit more. There was time when the entire industry looked upon as nothing more than a child's play, colorful and simple platformers dominated leading to a perception of immaturity of the entire industry. Games with stories, developed dialogues, sophisticated, twisted and adult themed such as real horror started to appear in big numbers and changed all of that. In the survival horror genre we gamers were spoiled and privileged at the same time to get an excellent lineup of game play in the middle of grand story telling and ever progressing graphical powers and capabilities. We're used to see games such as Telltale the Walking Dead Series, Resident Evil Series, The Last Of Us, The Evil Within two entries and many more as leading titles not only in the genre but the industry altogether.

State Of Decay 2 in the middle of the horror Game Industry

State Of Decay 2 Fails to achieve any of that, victim of the progress mentioned above nothing to it to add to what we had previously played and enjoyed in this genre even for a small budget title to make it any appealing to gamers. Like in any other entertainment industry, revolutionized, blown out of proportions, millions spent on development, story writing, music and the likes, millions on marketing and advertisement Microsoft is more positioning themselves on the small budget, games as service and an on line community type of games distancing themselves from competition and the industry altogether.

State of Decay 2 Features

the game feels absolutely plain, missions ? if you ask, well, there are no targeted missions that if you combine them together you could make sense of the game goal or direction. Driving, searching, looting, kill a few zombies along the way, back to base, construct and solidify your defenses and repeat, the game cries for a major input of a professional story writer to add a purpose to playing it, to get gamers attached to a character or two such as Seb Castellanos, Clementine and Lee, Joel and Eli etc to feel these emotions of saving someone in a nightmare environment but of course, one keep arguing why would Microsoft pay for any of that. There is a time in the game I thought, why even create it, potential is there but the execution falls flat on its face.

MS Game Recent Decisions

How can you blame MS? I still see this as the result of the calamity that was the launch of the Xbox One, catastrophic decisions, not enough sales vs competition, not profitable division for Microsoft as the era of Xbox 360 resulted in the fact of finding different methods to keep the Xbox floating without pouring any funds on it or the developers under Microsoft's umbrella. Playing State of Decay 2 makes gamers feel all of that, I personally do not look at harmless glitches and bugs as a major criteria as convinced this will be remedied in a few patches over the next few weeks, however, the Game its self leaves a lot of loose ends.

Rating: 4

Product Release: State of Decay 2 (EU, 05/22/18)

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