Are there any Xbox mods that can delete static objects?

  1. I have some out-of-place static objects like wall sconces and other light sources that are stuck in Hjerim due to a mod I had installed that I later uninstalled (TNF Hjerim). I wanted to be able to delete the objects because some of them are glitching through other furniture. I tried using the Placeable Statics mod, but the objects I’m trying to delete happen to be some of the only static objects in the game that Placeable Statics is not able to move or delete. I’ve also tried Cheat Menu and Multi-Utility, but they also don’t seem to have any function that works like the “markfordelete” or “disable” console commands that PC users can use, which I think is the kind of thing I need. Any help would be appreciated :)

    User Info: shamefulgamer

    shamefulgamer - 6 months ago

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