Load order for player homes?

  1. So I have based my load order off of the Xbox: 138 mod load order on Reddit and everything works great except for one thing: every time I go into my player home (I happen to have Breezehome Underground Base) I get kicked out of the game to the home screen. It also happens sometimes while I am crafting in there. This has happened to me with multiple player homes, including: Castle Gonduin, Frostvale Estate and Elysium Estate. It almost seems like it cannot handle all of the extras I have put in the home, even though it is built to house them.

    Is this happening because of my load order? Is there anything that can be done with this? Or am I just going to have to go through this every time because I want a nice place to keep my Dragon Claws and Dragon Priest Masks?

    User Info: Squiggrock

    Squiggrock - 2 years ago

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