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by oldschool312

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Guide and Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/04/2011


Welcome to this Batman: Arkham City guide. The guide was written based on the normal difficulty as played on the PS3. The information should also be compatible with the Xbox 360 version of the game. In this guide you will find a walkthrough

Version History

  • Version 0.35
    • Walkthrough complete with Catwoman integrated in to story
    • Other sections in progress
  • Version 0.50
    • Riddles for Park Row, Subway, Steel Mill, Museum, the Bowery Complete
    • Riddles for Amusement Mile, Wonder City, Industrial District added
    • Waynetech section almost complete
    • FAQs added
    • Gameplay Section added
    • Riddler's Revenge section added outlining Challenges and Campaigns
    • Trophy Section added
  • Version 1.0
    • Submitted 11-3-2011
    • WayneTech Completed
    • Side Missions Completed
    • Riddles for all areas complete
    • All Catwoman Riddler Trophies listed
    • Trophy section complete (may add tips later)
    • Bios completed
    • Riddler Revenge section complete (may add tips later)
    • Character Trophies listed with way to unlock coming soon
    • DLC Section added
    • Arkham City Stories Section Planned


Arkham City, at its base, uses the same stealth-free flow combat system used in Arkham Asylum. The combat is both simple and complex. The simplicity is that there is only one primary attack button. The complexity comes to play in the variety each battle can have.

The best way to approach a fight is to strategically view where the enemies are located. Now ask yourself is there a way to eliminate anyone without being seen? Once you thin out a room full of thugs the actual confrontation can be much easier. There are several ways to perform Silent Takedowns. The one absolute requirement is that the enemy does not see Batman. Look for vantage points, vents, floor trap doors, weak walls, ledges... Any of these (plus more) can be used to approach an enemy and take him out without alerting the others nearby.

When you are unable to eliminate all or any of the thugs in an area, Batman will have to fight. The key to winning a fight is to stay aware of your surroundings. Knowing where and how to attack is key to chaining long combos together.

Detective Mode

Access Detective mode with a simple tap of L2. The view on screen changes. Batman can now investigate a crime scene, more easily identify environmental points of interest, and see nearby enemies. Scanning a room with Detective Mode is a good idea before jumping into battle. Doing so will allow you to get a feel for exit/entry points, potential locations for attacks, and provide information about the enemies in the room. Detective mode will allow Batman to know the quantity of enemies, which ones are armed, which have armor, and more.


There is no mini-map in Arkham City. Instead travel direction is dictated by a compass on the top of the screen. Objective markers (in game or player set) will appear on this compass. If the marker is centered Batman is heading for the desired location.


There is a variety of non-boss enemies in the game. Whether they are Joker, Riddler, Two-Face, or Penguin thugs they can be broken down into these primary categories.

  • Thug
    • This is the normal run of the mill enemy. He attacks with his fists and has no other means of protection.
  • Armed Thug
    • An armed thug will be carrying a gun. They will light up yellow when in Detective mode. An enemy with the gun is a high priority target. Gun shots will take Batman out very quickly. When possible eliminate any thug with a gun as quickly as possible. Care will need to be taken when fighting an armed thug in a large group. Attacking the gun wielder will cause him to drop his weapon. This is good but the weapon can be picked up and used by any other enemy in the room.
  • Blades
    • Once a thug with a blade attacks he will do so at twice more in quick succession. Batman can evade these blade attacks (Left stick away + Triangle (Hold). It is very possible to get a quick hit in when the blade carrying enemy is about to attack. If Batman connects it stops the attack and will likely cause the weapon to be dropped.
  • Shields
    • Enemies with shields do not rely on their offense but instead take a primarily defensive stance. The trouble with shielded enemies is they tend to disrupt combos more so than cause damage. The can attack with their shield but I tend to have more trouble mistakenly targeting them with a normal attack than receiving damage. The only way to remove the shield from their hands is with an aerial attack (circle -> X, X).
  • Body Armor
    • Armored thugs require a Beat Down. These enemies will not receive any damage from normal punches and counters. Instead we have to perform a cape stun then parlay that into a serious of precise attacks (Circle then repeatedly tap Square).
  • Stun Sticks
    • Possibly the most annoying enemy may be those wielding the stun stick. Any direct forward attack will result in Batman receiving a shock. The goal is to move behind the thug. This is performed with a redirect. Redirects are basically an evade move towards an enemy (left stick + X, X). This will vault Batman behind an enemy carrying a stun stick and allow for attacks without the voltage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Where are all the balloons, penguins, Joker teeth...?
    • A: They are not listed in the guide because if you do the Riddler side mission Batman will obtain the ability to locate Riddler informants that reveal the location of these breakable items on the map. The informants are mainly inside the area you need to find something or outside a landmark.
  • Q: I see Riddler trophy "X" but can not reach it. How do I get it?
    • A: Most likely there is a gadget you need before getting the trophy. Check out the Riddles section for more details.
  • Q: Why have you not listed the location of TYGER Cameras?
  • A: They will show up on the map once you acquire an upgrade to the Cryptographic Sequencer that allows Batman to hack TYGER devices. Once this upgrade is obtained use it to hack a TYGER CCTV Relay Hub to reveal the location of the cameras. The relay hub locations are listed in the Riddles section.
  • Q: I have more exploring to do in the Iceberg Lounge inside the Museum, but once I get back to the door its locked and Batman says there must be another way in, where is the other way in?
  • A: Exit the Museum and move to the north side of the building to find the alternate entrance. This should allow you to complete the tasks you need to finish.


The walkthrough is provided with the Catwoman DLC integrated into the guide and not in a separate section. If you did not download the DLC and do not want to learn of the Catwoman levels do not read the information involving her episodes.

This walkthrough will not describe how to attack each enemy encountered. Inside rooms there will usually be a description of the type of enemy, but the how to defeat will be up to your imagination. If special circumstances require a more in depth description of the fight then that will be provided. Additionally, while traveling in the city itself Batman will regularly encounter enemies patrolling the streets. These groups will not be identified or detailed on their defeat. Using the tools available the targets in the streets should be no real trouble for Batman.

The Master Thief (Catwoman Episode 1)

This Batman begins unlike other Batman games, by allowing you to control Catwoman. The thugs in the room are fearful of The Bat but should not be relieved by The Cat's appearance. The fight begins immediately. Use Square to attack and Triangle to counter. A counter is warranted when white lightning symbols appear over an enemy's head. This is the sign that they are about to attack. A well timed press of Triangle will block the attack and provide a counter without receiving any damage. With the enemies defeated move to the safe and crack it. Two-Face appearance and we get a cutscene setting up the story.

The Arrest

After the cinematic, move the left stick back and forth to break free from the restraints. Upon doing so a guard enters the room. Counter his attack only to have a cinematic capture you again. Move forward and get in the left line. Wayne's status allows him to skip two other inmates all the way to the front of the line. We see Jack Ryder and have a conversation with him. Wayne warns him of the troubles ahead but Ryder scoffs at the billionaire. Once the gate opens counter the attacks and help Ryder by striking his attacker. Unfortunately, a cinematic ends Wayne's assistance.

The Penguin is behind the cease and desist of helping Ryder. Wayne appears to be in a vulnerable situation. As Penguin finishes talking watch for a counter opportunity. If successful we have to fight several of the Penguin's thugs. Strike and counter until each is defeated. Wayne will break his shackles. We can walk over to Penguin and knock him out now. At this point hold X to run and move the right stick toward the dumpster with the ladder hanging over it. Climb the ladder. Now jump over to the ventilation duct and find the next ladder to arrive at the top of the building.

Once on the roof, Wayne calls Alfred for a drop on the roof of ACE chemicals. Use the right stick to look around and find the ACE sign. Jump to it and grab the ledge. Move to the right and work around the building by shimmy, crouch, climb, and jump as needed. At the top suit up and the story as Batman begins. Batman will use one of his devices to hack into the communications of the enemy. Highlight the blinking area at the top right and hold X to listen in. Catwoman is being held by Harvey Dent and could use a hand.

Saving One of the Nine

Run off the edge of the building and glide toward the marker indicating Catwoman's location. Holding X will allow Batman to glide. Tap R1 when necessary to grapple to another point. Arrive at some thugs and take them out. Enter the building. Go up the stairs and find the balcony overlooking the site where Two-Face is holding Catwoman. A cinematic takes over. Once Two-Face declares court in session move to the right and climb the ladder. At the top perform a silent takedown (triangle) to eliminate the thug with the gun. Walk across the wire positioning Batman above the enemies around Catwoman. Drop attack and be prepared for a fight. During the fight we learn a new maneuver, Evade. Move the right stick in a direction and tap X twice to evade an attack. Fight off the Thugs to trigger the next cinematic.

Sniping at Church

Tap L2 to enter Detective Mode. Highlight the bullet hole in the window and tap X to examine it. We found the entry point, now we need to find the bullets stopping point. This is on the ground near the center of the room next to a poster. Scan this point to locate the bullets point of origin. Before leaving the room stand on the platform next to Two-Face and talk with him.

Glide to the point of origin for the bullet and defeat the three enemies at the ground. Enter the building to find Harley. She will approach and attack. Simply counter the attack and listen to the ensuing dialogue. Batman is now looking down the barrel of several guns. Drop a Smoke Pellet (triangle) and grapple to the ceiling. Batman will have four targets inside the room. Two of the targets are on the sides of the room holding hostages. The other two will walk to the front of the room and stand together. The thug with the hostage on the right side can be taken out by gliding to the scaffolding and using a silent takedown. Move directly across the room and glide behind the thug in the confessional. Batman can break through the boards and free the 2nd hostage. Now back to the ceiling. Grapple to the gargoyle behind the grouped enemies and drop down. Walk up behind them and smash their heads together with Triangle. With the room clear talk to all the people in the church you like. The door to the bell tower is near the entrance. Grapple to the top and climb a ladder to find a serious amount of explosives and the sniper rifle. Enter Detective Mode and highlight the gun. Scan the rifle and listen to Joker. As Joker ends his portion of the conversation evade out of the building to avoid the blast.

Sionis Steel Mill

We still need to locate the Joker. Follow his signal to the Sionis Steel Mill and enter through the main chimney. The Steel Mill is on the south eastern portion of the map. It can be found by moving in a direction that decreases the onscreen number. When the number turns red Batman is getting further from his destination.

From the wire leap to the nearby ledge and begin to traverse the chimney. Learn to slide by running and tapping R2, then climb over a duo of pipes. Batman will come to an impasse. Use the Bat Claw on the distant shutoff valve to release some water to cool the steam. Drop below and hang from the ledge. Shimmy to the left and climb up. Now move across the broken rail and jump to the next. Just ahead we learn how to set explosive gel. Destroy the breakable piece of floor and drop through the opening. The steam ahead blocks the path. Use a Batarang to hit the switch on the upper right side of the wall. Climb over the wall and move to the scene with Harley tossing the doctor off the platform. Continue to the right and avoid the flames from the pipes. After theflames take the first right and end up with the doctor right in front of you. Harley puts an end to the craziness and most of the thugs leave. Continue forward and walk under the remaining thugs. On the other side we find the path to the exit is blocked by steam. Use Detective mode to locate the appropriate pipe and follow it to its source. Quickly tap R1 to toss Batarangs at the steam controls. Return to the blocked exit. Move under an enemy then perform a takedown. Defeat the remaining thugs and Harley exits to talk.

After the fight head through the Death Ride door to look for the doctor. Through the door we learn an important skill. We can Scan Riddler Trophies that are currently unattainable so they are easier to find later. Scan both trophies and exit through the next door. A trio of Joker thugs have the next door well guarded. Open it and they will blast Batman with their guns. Instead look for the conveyor belt. Climb on to it and look for a control box that opens a gate on the belt. Move through it and grapple above the stove. Now Batman can swing behind the thugs and take the solo enemy out then the duo behind the car.

The next door will not open so leap through the window. Pass through the next door and wait for a second guard to walk to the end of the path. Move forward for a double takedown. There are four more guards inside the room. Each of them can be taken out silently. After the doctor is safe, you can look around for some nearby Riddler Trophies. Otherwise find the door that is being welded shut. To the left of that door is a gate that can be opened by firing an electric current to its controls.

Grapple to the ledge and pass through the vent. Batman should now be behind the thugs sealing off the door. Defeat them then proceed. We arrive back at Joker's office only to find Harley closing the door again with no access point. Well that is no access point for anyone but Batman. Use an electric discharge on the electromagnet in front of the entry point. This will cause the hook hanging from the ceiling to sway. The hook will crash into the door and stay. Zap the device again to get the hook to pull the door out and grapple up. At the top Batman is knocked down and encounters another fight. Eliminate all of the smaller thugs then focus on the One-Armed Bandit. Zap him with an quick electric charge then move in for some offense. Be ready to evade at moment's notice though. Batman does not want to be hit by the hammer counter. Grapple to Harley and Joker's location for a cinematic.

Planting a Seed (Catwoman Episode 2)

Head north east to locate Catwoman's apartment. Try to stay on the rooftops to be safe. Once there we find a group of enemies at ground level. Find a hatch on the roof above them and uses R2 and X to open the hatch. Once its open Catwoman can climb above the thugs and drop down for a quick attack. With the enemies defeated move to the apartment and press X to enter. Catwoman retrieves a new gadgets Caltrops are an anti-personnel device that leaves a trap for enemies. She also grabs Bolas, a ranged weapon that will knock down enemies (think Batarang). Now that we have the necessary equipment we need to find Ivy. Head north of Amusement Mile to find Ivy's lair.

The site should be easy to recognize due to the large amount of plant overgrowth bursting from the building. Defeat three nearby patrolmen, then move to the underside of the locked entrance. Catwoman can crawl on the underside of the platform and find a trap door to bypass the locked gate. Enter Ivy's lair.

Ivy does not want to assist us in our venture. Instead we have to face a gauntlet of her enchanted thugs. The goal is to defeat the enemies then leap to the ceiling and climb up to the next level. At the top we fight the largest wave and can see Ivy at the back of the area. She will occasionally fire a ranged attack with the flowers that are near here. Ignore Ivy and focus on defeating the attacking thugs. Once the enemies are down we get a cinematic.

Lookin' to Chill

Joker has infected Batman (and maybe most of Gotham) with his illness. Batman now is looking for an antidote that will cure the Joker. Mr. Freeze was working on the problem for Joker but now has gone into hiding. Batman now must find Freeze. Use the Climate Analyzer to head towards the coldest part of Arkham City. This should lead Batman to the old GCPD building.

A trio of thugs are trying to enter via a gate on the south side of the building. Examine the area to get a count on the number of enemies most of which are armed. With the thugs knocked out move to the gate they were trying to enter. Fire a remote electrical charge on the control panel above the door. The door only opens slightly but Batman can Slide under. Make a right and examine the fallen foe. This should allow Batman to hack into Penguin's radio signal.

Once in the building, grapple above the hall straight ahead. Stay on the ceiling and jump to the end of the hall. There is a vent that Batman can enter to arrive in a room with 5 enemies without being noticed. Grapple to a perch near the ceiling and watch the enemy movement. Two guards on either side of the room will patrol while the remainder are stationary. Eliminate them how you see fit. After the first thug is down, Batman will figure out the Penguin has heart monitors on these criminals so that he knows when one is knocked out. After the first one is down the rest will be aware of an unwanted presence. When there is just one thug left, he surrenders to interrogation. After the questioning, Batman learns that Freeze is being held by Penguin at the Museum. Its time to leave.

Oh no, Penguin has trapped Batman. The game is over. Not really, simply enter the trap door below and go into the adjacent room. Find the control box and use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the box. Move the left and right analog sticks until the passcode is deciphered, Dissect. Now exit the building. The Penguin destroys some bridges but don't let that stop Batman from heading toward the museum.

The Museum

The Museum is located in the Bowery on the south west portion of the map. The front door is guarded by some thugs of course. Take them out then use the Cryptographic Sequencer to unlock the door. The passcode is FOSSIL. Inside we encounter the first enemy carrying a blade. To counter this new foe an ability is learned, blade dodge. Use blade dodge (left stick away + hold Triangle) to avoid a stabbing. Practice on the two enemies then defeat them. There is a set of lasers that when crossed will cause the gate leading farther into the Museum to close. They can only be seen in Detective Mode. To bypass the lasers look to the right (the left has a trophy) to find a Security Console to hack. The hack is unsuccessful, Penguin is using higher tech to block Batman's communication to the Batcomputer. Go back outside and locate Penguin's Jammer.

The disruptor signal is coming from the roof of the Museum. Grapple to the top and fight of the thugs protecting the Jammer. These thugs have a set of crates nearby that if opened will provide a gun to the bad guys. Try to prevent this if possible. Once the enemies are defeated punch all three screens of the jammer and located the next one. Follow the signal to the second disruptor. Be warned though the thugs protecting this one are armed. It may be wise to move to the northern portion of the roof and perform a ledge takedown on the patrolling guard to initiate the fight. From there its simply a matter of watching the thugs and being smart. Destroy this disruptor leaving one remaining. This one is underground.

Move to the area in front of the Museum but recessed into the ground. There are a few armed thugs patrolling the subway entrance. Take them out and head below. Perform a silent double takedown on the two guards on the left. Continue down the stairs. Take a left at the bottom of the stairs and grapple to the top of the stationary car. Move through the hole in the wall and slide under the pipes. At the end of the path bust through the boards. Move to the left and fight off the three enemies ahead. One of these guys will have a blade. Once they are defeated use the Remote Electric Charge to open the gate.

This next room has five armed thugs and the disruptor. Take out the enemies and destroy the disruptor. Now Batman can use the Cryptographic Sequencer. Exit the Subway and head back to the Museum. The main entrance is again guarded so take them out and enter.

Once inside hack the security console in the room to the right. Now pass through the door and find the first enemy encountered wearing body armor. These enemies must be stunned the repeatedly punched. So start the process by taking out the guy with the knife then the unarmed thug. Finally tap circle then repeatedly tap Square to take out the enemy wearing the armor. Once the thugs are downed, talk to GCPD Officer Jones and agree to look for the rest of his team.

Pass through the next door and get out the Remote Controlled Batarang. Batman must through the Batarang over the wall to the right and guide it down to the button on the other side. The keys are to let go of L1 after the toss so it can be used to brake and to realize the red dot on the screen acts as a sight to guide where you are directing the Batarang. Once the button is hit move forward and take the first left to enter the Gladiator Pit.

Penguin makes another appearance and releases the numerous criminals wanting a spot on his team. Defeat them all only to have Penguin release some sort of mutant Titan. Use the Ultra Stun (Circle, Circle, Circle) to temporarily incapacitate the Titan. Once he is dazed attack by regularly tapping Square. Batman will then climb the beast and can guide him into walls or to attack the thugs that enter. Repeat the process until all enemies are down. Now throw a Remote Controlled Batarang over the gate to the left side of the room and direct it into the button on the other side. Move through the open gate.

Use the electromagnet to raise the elevator and exit at the top. This leads Batman to the site Penguin was during the cinematic. Move through the next door to enter the Torture Chamber. Use Explosive Gel on the ice wall at the end of the corridor and enjoy another cinematic. Drop onto the ice and walk forward in a crouched position so as to not shatter the ice below Batman. Move to officer Forrester and rescue him from his frozen prison. The other police officers Whitman and Strickland are on the right side of the room. Slowly walk toward this side only to have a surprise appear. Once the surprise is gone, throw a Batarang at the rope holding the raft. Fire the Batclaw at it and pull the raft close. Now Batman can use the Batclaw on the rings to pull himself and the raft to each of the officers. Once they are both safe leap onto the platform behind Officer Strickland.

The next room houses several enemies including some wearing thermal imaging goggles. This makes it much more difficult for Batman to hide in the rafters. These enemies can be taken out one by one fairly easily. There is a trap door in the floor, several ceiling platforms, and wall vents that Batman can use to traverse the area. Batman can also create a diversion by pushing a button on some of the displays to draw in a thug then attack from behind. Once the room is clear the three officers in the center are safe. Look around for some Riddler Trophies and examine Mr. Freeze's suit then head back.

Cross the frozen pond to the other side and grapple up to this platform. At the end of the hall will be a trio of smart mouth Penguin thugs (one in body armor). Hack the security console to the left then take out the enemies. Move into the War Room and take note of the man behind the glass. Its Mr. Freeze. Move to the breakable wall on the right and ready the Explosive Gel. Didn't have time to set it did ya? Defeat the thugs and the big guy with the blade. The big guy can be stunned like the Clown Harley unleashed earlier by firing at him with a Remote Electrical Charge. Once he's stunned move in for some quick offense. With all the enemies down move through the now open path and hack the console to release Mr. Freeze.

Return to the main chamber to find the ice is beginning to thaw. Return to Mr. Freeze's suit and watch the cinematic. Batman just made a new toy. The Disruptor: Freeze Override. It is used remotely to disable custom designed Freeze Gun weaponry. Must be activated in close proximity of target. Now we can return to Freeze for some unnecessary dialogue or head right for the Penguin.

Walk around the room avoiding the freeze ray shots that Penguin fires. Once at the walk way leading to Penguin make sure the Disruptor is equipped. Target Penguin and use it. He will tinker with the weapon providing Batman the time to approach and attack. This was just a set up. The Penguin drops Batman into a pit with Solomon Grundy.

Use the quick fire explosive gel (L1 + Square) to destroy the three nodes on the floor. Constant movement and evade is a must to avoid Grundy's chain attacks and leap charge. Destroying the three nodes brings Grundy to his knees. Move around to the front of his body to punch him repeatedly in the head. Penguin doesn't allow the fight to end he juices up the big guy again. Grundy will continue to attack during this phase. The strategy remains the same. Move to each node and destroy it with the quick fire Electric Gel. The difficulty is increased due to the opening and closing of barriers on each node. So the timing must be right to destroy each one. To complicate matters slightly, a few little slug like creatures will swarm around too. They can be easily destroyed with quick Batarang tosses. After all three nodes are destroyed the second time move over to Grundy to finish him...

Not so fast he gets up and is even more angry. Grundy carries Batman to the back of the room and puts his fist into the electric equipment to power up. At this time rapidly tap X to struggle from his grasp. Once free the goal is the same destroy the three nodes with electric gel. Grundy will only be able to attack from a distance. He will hit the ground and send a shockwave out. The best way to avoid the attack is to be near a node and use the Electric Gel quick fire. This accomplishes two goals. One it puts the gel on the node for destruction and two it works as an evade move to avoid damage. Once all three nodes are destroyed Grundy is vulnerable again. Move to him and attack repeatedly. Batman takes him out and Penguin reenters the fight. He will be firing small missiles at Batman (but really isn't a missile a missile). Make your way to Penguin by evading. Once close beat the crap out of the little nuisance. Enjoy the dialogue between Freeze and Batman.

League of Assassins

The assassin escapes. Scan the pool of blood she leaves to create a forensic trail Batman can follow. The blood trail leads to a roof top in Park Row near ACE Chemicals. Once there tap L2 to enter detective mode and scan the blood stained cloth. The assassin attacks. Batman must place a tracking device on her in order to find Ra's. The tracker can only be placed if Batman gets close to his prey. Chase the assassin across the roof tops. She is unlikely to get too far away but still do your best. Once she stops running be ready to counter her attack. The counter gives Batman the opening to place the tracker. Enjoy the cinematic and receive another gadget, the Line Launcher.

Follow the tracking signal to a site near the Steel Mill. Enter the hole in the ground to enter the Subway Maintenance Access. Move forward and jump across the gap. Take the first left and encounter a group of thugs below. One of the thugs will be wearing body armor. Take the three of them out and continue forward. The Line Launcher is required to move across the large gap in the path. But Batman has to turn the corner. To do this start the Line Launcher then press L1 again. This will slow Batman down and allow you to aim a second shot to get to the next ledge around the corner to the left. Continue forward toward the voices. At the dead end look for a boarded hole in the ground. Stand on the boards and press Triangle to perform a takedown. Defeat the other thugs then hack the device on the wall.

The next room should look familiar, its the same one where we found the third Penguin Disruptor earlier. Look for a door to the right to continue the chase for the assassin. Use the Line Launcher to cross the gap and exit through the door. Batman has arrived at the Collapsed Streets. There is a group of 6 thugs in a room just ahead. Two are armed and 1 has body armor. Drop down to a lower platform then use the Line Launcher to cross over. Zip up to the top floor and take cover at the entrance. Use the disruptor to jam both of the weapons in the room then attack. The order should be the guys with guns then the unarmed and save the body armor for last. Exit into Wonder Tower Foundations

If you try to scan the room with Detective Mode Batman will find that someone nearby is jamming his signal preventing this strategy. This guys should be taken out first so that we can easily keep track of the remaining enemies. Swing over to one of the high platforms and wait for the thug to walk under it. Perform an inverted takedown then swing away to another high point. Pick off the thugs one by one. As there numbers dwindle one of them will take a hostage. Batman needs to take this guy out without being seen. If you are seen the bad guy shoots the hostage and its restart from checkpoint. The best way to work this situation out is to prevent it. Wait for an opportunity in which the thug closest to the hostage is isolated and perform a glide kick and ground takedown to take him out. After this the rest of the enemies are sitting ducks. Grab the nurse and Batman will help her out.

Find the door to Wonder City on the ground floor and enter. Open a couple of gates by providing a Remote Electric Charge. After the second gate be prepared to take out some blade wielding assassins. Use Explosive Gel to destroy a small strip of floor to reveal a magnet that will open the wall ahead. The next cinematic shows a sealed door. Batman thinks he can scan some of the nearby guardians to reveal an alternate method of entry. Enter Detective mode to find the bots to scan. As you scan more guardians more assassins will attack. Fight them off then when at 100% of scans Batman recreates a video of an alternate entrance. Move to that location just to the left of the main gate. It appears a sword is required as a key. Counter the assassin's attack to take care of entry. Proceed forward and climb the ladder at the dead end.

As Oracle speaks, slowly move forward through the open door and into the Chamber of the Demon. Proceed until the cinematic takes over. Follow Talia down the stairs. Take a drink from the cup to continue the trial. You may want to attempt Detective Mode just to hear Batman chastised by Ra's. Jump off the edge and fly to the blueish crystal ahead. Follow the misty path left by the apparition of Ra's. As it goes down dive bomb by holding R2 while gliding. When it comes up let go of R2 and pull up on the left stick. This should give Batman enough of a burst to make it close to the next plateau. When close be ready to grapple (R1) toward the ledge. Defeat the blade wielding attackers then jump into the yellow vortex.

This flight pattern gets a little trickier but the same principles apply. Follow the trail and try to avoid hitting the metal beams while flying through. Fly to one more easier to get to plateau and fight off the blade carrying attackers. This time there are more but the fight is still easily won. Glide into the next vortex. Exit through the door and go up the stairs to talk to Talia. She shows the way to the final challenge. This challenge is explained and responded to in the cinematic.

After the scene, Batman is transported to the sight of his flight in chase of Ra's. This time we are on the ground and have a fight on our hands. Defeat the minions of Ra's while trying to avoid his dash attacks. Once the enemies are defeated a giant sand Ra's appears. Blades and shurikens will come Batman's way. The blades will be from the ground while the shuriken will be thrown from the sand Ra's. Evade these attacks while regularly quick firing an electric charge by press L1 + O. Ra's can only be hit when there is an opening in the men that surround him. Hit Ra's enough and he will disappear. He returns and Batman must counter his attacks. Continually press Triangle to counter just as the on screen prompts indicate. The next phase consists of numerous of Ra's assassins jumping into the air and crashing down onto Batman. Be sure to counter these attacks then defeat the enemies while avoiding Ra's dashes. This will happen several times. At the end we face the sand Ra's again. The only difference this time is a sword smash attack (evade) and more men blocking the electric attack are added. Ra's once again disappears into the ground only to reappear for an attack. Repeatedly tap Triangle to counter. At the end of the counter be ready to tap Square for an old fashion beatdown. Ra's takes Talia hostage and threatens her life. Follow the onscreen text directing us how to use the remote control Batarang to hit Ra's in the back of the head.

Cold Cure

Head back to Freeze in the Museum to work on a cure. Batman will encounter a room full of enemies with one having a signal blocker deactivating Detective Mode. Next we find that some of the goons are carrying shields. To counter the added protection perform a combo of Circle, X, X to knock the shield away. Continue for one more fight before exiting the subway into the Bowery. As you are to exit we get word that Mayor Sharp (formerly Warden) has been arrested and is in Arkham City. Finding and interrogating Sharp is the new primary objective. Move toward the marker to find Sharp being held by several armed thugs. Take them out and watch the cinematic.

As Oracle requests, head to the GCPD to find Mr. Freeze. Thugs are trying yet again to get in the GCPD. Take out the group, which includes 1 in body armor and two shields. Enter the GCPD and talk with your unlikely, temporary partner. The temporary portion of this should be underlined after view the cinematic. Freeze is after Batman. There is no way for us to fight Freeze one on one. Instead we need to use stealth and surprise. Oracle is in the process uploading Freeze's weakness after an analysis. The key is to stay out of Freeze's line of sight and avoid being seen by his scanner bots. If you haven't already figured it out the Batcomputer comes up with several weaknesses. Some of which will not work multiple times.

Mister Freeze's Vulnerabilities
  • Structural Weakness- While providing substantial protection, Freeze's suit cannot withstand multiple high velocity impacts simultaneously. Luring Freeze into an exploding structural weakness will immediately immobilize him.
  • Industrial Electromagnet - can be powered up using a Remote Electrical Charge, warping and overwhelming any metallic objects within their magnetic field.
  • Electrification - While Freeze's suit provides protection against most forms of liquid, if that liquid is electrified this will temporarily leave him stunned.
  • Jammer Gadget - Freeze's weapons use a constantly changing encryption key. However, it is believed he has a personal override which would instantly disrupt their usage. Warning: Once used, his weapons can be remodulated so the jammer would become ineffective.
  • Line Launcher - The Line Launcher gadget allows for rapid attacks from behind or the side to immobilize him. Warning: once used, Freeze will identify and track the Line Launcher's distinctive firing sound therefore rendering repeat attacks impossible.
  • Silent Takedown - Freeze's slow movement and single minded determination to track down his target make him susceptible to a close ranged, surprise takedown from behind.
  • Ledge Grab - Freeze's restricted field of view leaves him vulnerable to surprise ledge grab attacks
  • Reverse Ledge Grab - If lured beneath a raised platform, Freeze is vulnerable to a surprise attack from above.
  • Glide Kick - Freeze's slow movement speed make him powerless to protect against a surprise glide kick attack from behind
  • Floor Grate - The tracking devices used by Freeze do not scan below ground level. An attack from directly underneath would be impossible for him to block.
  • Windows - Analysis of Freeze's scanning systems reveals he is unable to track low targets crouched behind windows or walls. These provide an ideal way to get close enough to Freeze for a surprise attack without being seen.
  • Drop Attack Freeze's suit restricts his field of view leaving him vulnerable to attacks from directly above.

At the end of the fight Freeze provides Bats with a new Gadget the Freeze Blast (imagine that). Leave Freeze's side only to find the door out is sealed tight. There is a path down the hall next to the room where we fought Freeze that was blocked by open pipes spewing steam. Toss a Freeze Blast onto the pipe on either side of the corridor to stop the steam. Pass under the gate, move up the stairs and exit.

Reporting the News

Upon leaving the GCPD, Batman is immediately greeted by a news helicopter with Vicki Vale as a passenger. She is shot down and is in need of assistance. Move to near her location (check the marker) and scope out the location of the snipers. Quickly and stealthily (if thats a word) take out the shooters. Once the gunman are gone swoop in to save Ms. Vale.

Milling Again

Head to the Industrial District to try and reenter the Steel Mill. Once there we find that the smoke stack that Batman entered previously is much too hot to attempt that way in again. Oracle though is able to help by finding us an alternate point of entry.

Once inside the Mill, take out the three thugs around the corner. Drop over the ledge and use the Freeze Blast to freeze a portion of the water. Jump onto the ice raft and float under the steel beam ahead. Climb onto the next beam because the rotating blades will destroy the raft. Toss another grenade and use the Batclaw to pull Batman around the drill. Pull up to the next platform and open the vent to enter the ventilation shaft. There should be an enemy seen through the window below. Glide kick him to start the next fight. One of the enemies will have body armor leaving 5 others. There are also two weapons caches in the room. So when the alarm begins to sound be ready to stop the guns from entering the fight. Once the fight ends watch the big screen to see the improved Joker. Once he finishes his talk exit through the door to the left.

We've entered Cooling Tunnel D of the Mill. Talk out the two thugs (one in armor) that have a hostage hanging. Rescue the prisoner. This guy will eventually try to attack, take him out too. Break the wall with Explosive Gel to reveal more water. Toss a Freeze Blast down and ride the raft. Use the rings on the left wall to avoid the diagonal drills. Duck under the beam ahead and fire a Batclaw to the ring on the right to float around. The Line Launcher can be used from this point to reach the next platform. Stop the steam with the Freeze Blast and proceed.

From here you can simply jump to the next higher platform. Batman will fall into the water but rise up onto the desired spot. It appears as though there is now way around. Look to the left to find a fuse box. Throw a Remote Control Batarang through one of the small openings. Guide it through the electric field ahead and around to the fuse box. Once the fuse box is destroyed the path opens. Create an ice raft and float ahead. Look to the right for a ledge to grapple to. Hack the device with the Cryptographic Sequencer and the door opens and a bridge lowers. Cross the bridge.

There is a single enemy ahead. Move to the person for some dialogue. "Do I look worried." Pass through the door and Batman is now in familiar territory. This is the Smelting Chamber where we first encountered Dr. Baker. The room is full of enemies, 7 in total, one of which has proximity mines. Take out the guards while avoiding or using the Disruptor on the mines. Exit to the Assembly Line. Thugs are in the adjacent room waiting for Batman to pass through the door. Instead watch the conveyor belt. It is moving boxes into the next room. Get on the conveyor belt and crouch. Step into a box to end up behind the would be trap. Continue to watch for mines then take out the sniper. Grapple above the closed gate to find Harley Quinn, gagged and restrained. Once she finishes talking gag her and move by.

Enter the Loading Bay. There are three enemies on the ground and two snipers in the room where Joker and Harley were staying. It is possible to grapple up to the ledge of the room and take out both snipers. Batman will then need to glide down and take out the other thugs before the acquire weapons. If you delay use the magnet in the room to zap the weapons from the enemies to make them easier to defeat. With the room clear head up the path on the left side of Joker's hideout to find him.

Joker says its time for a one on one fight. Pummel the Joker a couple times only to have him bring in a large crew of enemies. The will include: regular thugs, blade wielders, a large one armed clown, and a Titan. The Joker will be present but is not the primary concern. To complicate matters there will be rapid moving cars from an amusement park ride that will zoom through the area regularly. Try to avoid the two larger enemies and try to thin out the regular thugs as much as possible. The one armed clown requires a beatdown while the Titan must be ultra stunned (circle, circle, circle) before being attacked. If there is an opportunity to isolate one of the big guys take it but be sure to watch for anyone else about to attack. The larger numbers are more of a concern than the two brutes, their attacks can be evaded when needed. With the fight over be sure to give Joker a couple more hits to initiate the next cinematic.

Invading TYGER (Catwoman Episode 3)

We return to Catwoman, who we last saw talking to Ivy. A deal has been made. Head to the marker located in Park Row. At the marker Catwoman will find three enemies. One is armed, one is wearing armor and the last is carrying a shield. Enter the sewers through the manhole. Pass through the door and watch the cinematic as Catwoman observes the TYGER guards. Leap up to the ceiling and pass through the opening on the right. Take the first right and look for another opening to the left. Once through the opening watch for a guard to walk nearby. This guard has a needed keycard. Wait for him to stop then drop behind him and press Triangle to pick his pocket. With the key card in hand leap back up to the ceiling. Locate the other two patrolling TYGER members and perform the same type of action. When they are isolated drop behind them, swipe their card, and return to the ceiling unnoticed.

Return to the room that houses the computer terminal and use the keycards to open the vault. The TYGER guards are now aware of an intruder, so let the claws come out if need be. Once the room has been cleared, silently works best, go to the vault and enter. Pickup Ivy's Orchid and open the suitcase. This triggers TYGER Agents (includes one with shield and one in body armor) to enter the vault. Take them out and pick up the suitcases. Exit the vault. Catwoman now has a choice take the door to the right to leave Arkham City permanently or take the left path to return to Batman and try to save him.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

If you leave Catwoman walks out says "Screw Him" and the credits roll. Then after Barbara Gordon declares that Joker has won every thing is rewound and we get to make the "right" choice.

Upon choosing to save Batman, move into the computer room and exit the sewers. The cinematic brings Catwoman directly to Batman.

Eye of the TYGER

Move forward and exit through the opening in the wall. The TYGER helicopters will open fire on Batman if they spot him. Avoid being seen by the helicopters when possible. If seen be sure to run to regain stealth. Batman is looking for a TYGER master code that is on board one of the aircraft. Holding L2 will scan a particular helicopter. The analysis will determine if the codes are on board. Entering Detective Mode regularly will help keep the numerous helicopters straight. The orange ones have not been scanned while the blue ones have been and do not hold the codes. Find the one that does have the codes and grapple to it. Download the codes and head to Wonder Tower. I found the codes on a helicopter near the GCPD, though I'm not sure this is standard yet.

Protocol Ten

Head toward the marker and when there take note of the two snipers. Glide kick one of them then take out the other. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to enter the headquarters. Fire a Remote Electric Charge to open the gate at the end of the hall. Once through drop below. Use another electric charge to open the next gate and go through the door. TYGER is now equipping their men with stun sticks. The optimal strategy is to attack from behind. This can be accomplished with the X, X, Square combo. This will cause them to drop the weapon and Batman can continue as normal. Take out the three TYGER agents below then watch Hugo Strange on the monitor.

As Strange talks TYGER agents enter the room. Don't worry they will not attack until Strange finishes talking. The trick in a fight like this is to know who you are about to hit and what kind of attack is necessary. There will be enemies with stun sticks, body armor, shields, and a gun. The guy with the gun is a priority. When you hear the gun cocked locate the enemy holding it and make them drop it. Other than that move from TYGER to TYGER using the appropriate attacks. Now find the manhole and enter the sewers.

Batman is back in Wonder City. Head to the left from the ledge to arrive on the top of a familiar room in Wonder City. Use Explosive Gel to destroy a portion of the floor. After reuniting with Fiona Wilson clear the next room to proceed through Wonder City. When the room is clear hack the console on the central elevator and enter. One more hack and we are in motion.

When the elevator stops, grapple through the roof and move forward. The guards outside are about to open fire on the elevator doors. Take them down. You'll be facing one with body armor, a couple with guns, and a couple more with stun sticks. Hack the console outside the elevator doors. Step up and hang off the ledge. Shimmy around till you see the platform below and drop. Grapple up to a higher point then jump to an extended portion of pipe. Use the pipe to reach the other side of the tower. Grapple up to some pipes then climb the ladder. At this point we are reentering the elevator shaft only to cross to the other side. Walk around the corner and out onto another pipe. Cross over via a wire and grapple up higher. Enter the tower again and hack the TYGER console. This opens a gate above leading to the Security Control Center.

Continue forward and enter a ventilation shaft. The next room has multiple TYGER guards all armed. Hugo Strange is also inside barking out orders and will point out Batman's location if seen. There are several entry points accessible by reaching the outside of the tower and swinging around to different doors or ventilation openings. Clear the room. Once the guards are gone move to Strange and hack the console next to his door. The password should be GOTHAM SAVIOR. Enjoy the cinematic and the reveal of Hugo Strange's supporter.

The Joker still has Talia and is threatening her life. Move to the Monarch Theater (green objective marker) and be ready for a trap. The place is surrounded by snipers. Pick them off silently one by one then enter the theater. Watch the cinematic as Joker has Talia hostage. At the end of it be ready for a fight against...

Clayface is the boss here. His attacks are pretty predictable. He uses ranged attacks by creating weapons with his out-stretched arms. Evade or counter these attacks when necessary. The axe attack should be evaded and comes in twos. The overhead hammer can be countered. Also he will curl up into a ball and roll at Batman. When this occurs be sure to evade to avoid the attack. Continue to throw Freeze Blast at Clayface and dodge all his attacks. When he is hit enough move to him and grab the sword. Use it to cut a slice into the would be actor. The second phase is more of the same. Avoid attacks with evade and counter while chucking Freeze Blasts at the villain. The only new attack is a spin where Clayface toss numerous balls of clay. As long as he is spinning evade. Again once frozen move to Clayface and grab the sword to do some slicing. Next the environment changes but the fight remains against the same bad guy. Clayface will create smaller copies of himself. Use the sword to cut these guys to size. When the blob that Clayface becomes appears toss Freeze Blasts at it. Continue to slice the smaller versions and use the freezing weapon at will until the health bar for Clayface is depleted. Now move to the monster and grab the serum.

The Cat Will Play (Catwoman Episode 4)=

Move to Catwoman's apartment only to have an explosion knock her unconscious. Once she revives defeat the surrounding enemies. Now head to the Museum in the Bowery. There are a couple of enemies to take out in the Trophy Room then a huge group in the Gladiator Pit. Proceed into the Torture Chamber via the elevator shaft under the partially opened gate to the left. Enter the Torture Chamber, climb to the underside of the platform. Look for a trap door to enter the cage. Jump to a strip of mesh on the ceiling and use it to cross the water. Head toward the armory after taking out another small group of henchmen. The Armory is where we will find Two-Face. First though silently take out a couple of his thugs to thin the crowd a little. This also serves a duel purpose in that once a unconscious henchman is seen by one of his buddies the others will walk in unusual patterns mostly away from Two-Face. It is a waste of time to eliminate all the henchmen first. Watch where Two-Face is in relation to the rest of the room. When he is isolated pounce for an attack. Throw as many punches as possible then flee. This hit and run method on Two-Face is all that is required. Once his health is depleted we've completed the level.

New Game Plus

Take on the story mode again but this time armed with every gadget and upgrade you have already collected. However, you're going to need them, as this is the ultimate challenge, with no counter icons, tough new enemy configurations, and faster, better armed enemies right from the start.

IMPORTANT: New Game Plus is a separate mode accessed from the Main Menu and does NOT affect the progress of your original game. XP, upgrades, and Riddler trophies are shared between both modes.

Alternative Batman Outfits

Any downloaded alternative Batman outfits can be worn in the Main Story mode and New Game Plus. Choose your alternative outfit after continuing your game from the main menu.