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    A Full WardrobePurchased every piece of gear from the GunMan's Armoire.110
    All Iguana Do Is Have FunCaptured Sala-Man-Der.25
    Back In My DayCleared Old-School Mode.100
    Double VisionCaptured Mirror Kat.25
    Dwayne Will Always Rein KingCaptured Nightmare.25
    Endangered SpeciesCompleted the campaign without buying Respawn Eagles.100
    Giddy UpAssembled the GunHorse.5
    GunMen Can't SwimI told you, GunMen can't swim. They drown.5
    Gunworld's Greatest GunManYou found Dwayne in the Outlands.5
    Heating UpCaptured Mi-Crow-Wave.25
    It Should Be Ill-Eagle (secret)You unlocked the Super Torpeagle Rifle!50
    Law Of The LandVisited Sheriff Lawbird after locking up The Exaction Faction in the Crimeatorium.5
    Maximum GunManReached the level cap.60
    Rocket Propelled NavigatorCaptured Crocketdile.25
    Scrooge McEagleAmassed 20,000 Gold at one time.120
    Team FatYou found Ryan, the winner of the Kinda Funny cameo giveaway.10
    The Adventure BeginsOne Gamerscore? Uh-oh, that's going to upset some people...1
    Things Aren't Working OutCaptured Buff-Alo25
    Till The Soil With Vengeance (secret)Defeated Commander Yesterday and The Exaction Faction, created the universe, and saved GunWorld.100
    Trials Of The GunManCompleted a Level Rush session.150
    Where No GunMan Has Gone Before (secret)Traveled through Commander Yesterday's Time Portal.25
    Whisper On The WindJust kidding, here's the other 4 Gamerscore. I told you I wouldn't do that again!4

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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