Review by FearMyInsanity

Reviewed: 09/17/19

The issues lower the score greatly

So I love the new game from the parkour esc system and VH's but there's some issues that kinda bug me. Some of the UI isn't good like how they went back to BL1's UI for items/gear. It's small and can be hard to read esp when trying to quickly swap gear when playing with others since the game doesn't pause which used to be much more fluid in 2 and TPS. It's small and the way the backpack is laid out has too much extra space not being used and the gear has info changed like grenades not having fuse time which is cool since most explode on contact and the shields delay changing from seconds to a different format (5.0 isnt 5 seconds) which was disorienting at first.

The vending machines also take up a lot of space per item and you can't always see the color of the rarity until you hover over it or scroll to it. this makes picking items to buy a bit more tedious than it should be.

The descriptor text(and special red) is also very small on items like extra barrel or crit ricochet etc. It also is really hard to see in split screen even more than having to move missing parts of the UI from 2 and TPS. I literally can't read items without being super close to my 60 inch tv. My friend and I who coop'd every game so far multiple times to max are struggling.

I feel they changed the art not as an upgrade but a downgrade. Lilith looks very cartoony the first time you see her and doesnt look cell shaded like we've grown to love. The map also feels like Bl1 art but watered down not how Bl2 was relatively bright and amazingly and lovingly cell shaded. The challenges that pop up that used to be on our BA rank page arent easily viewable (still havent found where they are in the menu even though I'm at rank 29). maybe they can be seen after I beat the story and can access the last menu screen page (forgot its name).

Another problem is how most of the VH have repeats of old abilities like Amaras hand grasp ala maya or the decoys for zane feel like fake jack (tim) I do however LOVE the opening for Zane for Himselves like Brick had in 1. It's nice but not really feeling new and not having another VH or 2 coming out later means it won't be as fun playing the game as much even with unique dialogue.

The story has also been a blast. Fun new characters great returning old characters that make the world feel alive and definitely like borderlands. A new claptrap VC makes it feel like a bad parody of itself though. Other than that the characters are great fun and hilarious. The villains are cool and fun to make your way to fight them while not exactly handsome jack they don't have to be and I love it anyways. I can't say much else without major spoilers.

The game play with the parkour addition is great and really helps me feel like moving is still the best option instead of playing hide and seek like other shooters. It's faster but still an amazing play and you'll feel right at home. If you haven't played BL before but played any other game with light parkour you'll immediately pick it up.

So overall while it's an amazing game they took so many steps back they stepped back wrong looking at it in reverse and didn't repeat the polish 1 had let alone 2 and TPS. They tried doing nostalgia but their rose colored glasses tinted it too much. This severely drops the score IMO since being fun is great but tedious to play is still tedious. I can't imagine how non fans must feel who started with 3.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Borderlands 3 (Super Deluxe Edition) (EU, 09/13/19)

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