How do I message somebody?

  1. I know this may sound kinda dumb, but I'm new to the game so i don't exactly know everything yet lol. But, i wanted to say thx to somebody for helping me out but i didn't know their gamertag, only their username, is their a way i can message them? Other people have messaged me before from the game and i have no idea how. Thx.

    User Info: Danieljohn

    Danieljohn - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In the chat menu, you can use /tell or /t to send a message to another player:
    /tell "player name" message
    Quotation Marks are only needed if the player has a space in their name:
    /t name message

    If a player is in one of your social lists (friends, league, group, nearby, recent chat), you can select their name in that list to send a message.
    Your social lists are accessed when pressing Left on your D-Pad.

    Other useful Chat commands:
    /group or /g : message members of your group
    /party or /p : same as group
    /say or /s : message nearby players
    /shout : message players in your zone
    /league : message players in your league
    /reply or /r : message the last person that sent you a message

    User Info: Owl_dcuo

    Owl_dcuo (Expert) - 3 years ago 0   0

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