How do Online Inventory's work?

  1. In Online Co-Op how do the Inventory's work? I play Resident Evil 5 Split-Screen with my Sister, But I want to join a Co-Op game and I don't want to ruin her Inventory or use up her Bullets, If I play as Sheva do I get My Sheva's Inventory or his? And is there a way to use Chris's Inventory without ruining Sheva's Inventory? Or to replace Sheva's Inventory with Chris's then put everything back in Sheva's Inventory? I want to be able to play Co-Op with Chris's Inventory, And when I leave have Sheva's Inventory back to the way it was, But still keep the Treasures and Gold and Items I picked up, Is there a way to do that?

    User Info: ImplicitMoss352

    ImplicitMoss352 - 2 years ago

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