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by lmello

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Walkthrough by lmello

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/10/2016

ZombiU walkthrough


ZombiU was a launch title for the Nintendo WiiU. It's a first person survivor horror game that can be unforgiven at times - unlike mainstream 'survivor' horror games featuring zombies such as modern Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, etc this game focus on the grim atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic London and the fragility of your character: you play in the game a a 'normal' person inexperienced with combat and survivor tactics. When the game starts get in the skin of your average bloke (you have an ID card with a random name, occupation and age) and if you die, you get to play as another person (on Normal Mode anyway - on Survivor Mode if you die it's game over - no second chances). Ammo and supplies are scarce throughout the game and you'll be forced to scavenge for supplies now and then, revisiting old areas. The game is basically linear but you wouldn't want to stroll around aimlessly in a more "realistic" situation where you are as fragile as human flesh can be.

By no means this is a 'definitive' guide, since much of the fun-factor of this game is discovering new strategies for each part - and you will be forced to do so since one mistake can get you killed! Even if you have 'mastered' one section it's wise to have a backup strategy. So if you have any alternative strategies, corrections, typos (English isn't my native language) etc feel free to e-mail me.


Be ready to learn how to run, it's best to start walking by pressing up on the left analogue stick then apply pressure to it with your thumb.

Anyway, just follow the path and run away. "Now listen up. One bite will kill you. So no messing about with those blighters". Climb the ladder and you'll fall down. By this point you will be able to use the Flash Light. 'Use your flash light sparingly. It attracts the infected. And you need to economize those batteries'.

Then open the door, follow the path and run to the door.

Get Prepared

Just do what Prepper says and explore the Safe House, but don't pick up any Planks you see scattered on the floor just yet. They may be useful during the Protect the Safehouse mission. This is a general tip: get to know your surroundings ASAP because one mistake will force you to use another strategy: there are many ways to get through each part and this fact enhances the game's replay value IMHO.

Get the Cricket Bat, kill the survivor and get its BOB - there's a L9A1 Pistol, Handgun Ammo and a Medium Medipack in it. "Just the ticket. Conserve your ammo, and learn how to reload - fast". As you gain weapon levels you will not only reload faster, but your accuracy will improve slightly and you will suffer less from recoil. Pick up more Handgun Ammo on the table in the same room. Return to the monitors.

Shopping Time

Go through the shutters and pick up the Newspapers next to the exit and Handgun Ammo in a suitcase. Loot from corpses is random. You usually get better loot out of them further in the game, and more often if you've got next to nothing in your inventory - but even so this game isn't going to give you much. You must find a Key Card for that door. And kill 3 zombies, two downstairs and one upstairs. Get the zombies downstairs first because one of them might see you while fighting the zombie upstairs.


Use your Cricket Bat as much as possible to save ammo, but be careful - on survival mode one regular zombie hit can take up to 1/4 of your life bar, and they'll try to bite you more often. Try to get one zombie's attention at a time, and smash it with melee attacks. If you can sneak up one zombie from behind, push with the ZR trigger twice and it'll fall, then hold ZR to finish it off (this even works for SWAT zombies - but you'll have to hit it 3 times with bat while they're on the floor to remove their helmets before being able to do a ZR finish move). Using the bat while fighting 2 or more zombies at the same time is very dangerous, so always have your best/favorite weapon ready in a quick slot. While equipping a weapon you can push a zombie back to make aiming easier. And, just like in the classic zombie films, aim for the head to kill 'em. You can also hit their legs to cripple them and ZR finish afterwards (even when equipped with something other than the bat, you may ZR finish a zombie when it's down). Another way to save ammo is to lure the zombies to a place where they will be forced to fall or crawl - then they will be vulnerable to ZR finish.

Downstairs you'll find Handgun Ammo inside a container in a red-lighted room. Don't remove that barricade and don't pick up any planks around here - you'll find why in the very last mission

Once you get the Key Card upstairs, go through the tunnel. The room in the left contains Handgun Ammo and a Large Medikit. Loot the hanged zombie then continue down the path and grab the Firing Speed Update and a Chocolate Bar before going to the Brick Lane Markets.

Have Prepper hack the door open for you. Once outside, scan the first CCTV box and go up the ladder - you'll get a couple of Flares. "Trowing flares. These could be handy. Bright lights to distract the dimwits". In the roof drop the ladder but don't go down just yet. Go back, grab a Soda nearby and face one zombie before going inside the building where the mission marker is. Pick up the Newspapers, the Medium Medikit and open the manhole. Go back to the Safe House, pick up a piece of The Black Profecy on the floor, the Paint Spray and 2 Mines inside the closet. "Be careful with that stuff. Use it to set mine traps, but don't blow yourself up". Examine the Documents here as well for more background story, save and store some items in the Raven's Box - your BOB has a very limited space at this point. As far as preparation goes, it's a good idea to always have 2 - 4 slots free before proceeding.

Once back outside, open the door to the Market Street. There will be a zombie playing dead right in front of you - your radar pings 'life signals' so zombies playing dead won't be detected until they rise. Loot the two metal containers in the alley. Later in the game, if you're short on flares, molotov cocktails or grenades, this will be your #1 scavenging place for these items. Climb the ladder, pick up 3 Flares and ping the area with your scanner to locate two zombies ahead - one of them is a crawler and isn't much of a trouble. Don't fall or you'll take damage, take back the stairs instead and crawl under to the open. After dealing with the zombies, take note of where the two big red canisters are. Once you're ready, go through the fence where the police van is. You won't be able to go back for a while. Pick up the Flare, ready it and lit the Flash Light before trying to open the door: the supermarket alarm will fire and a zombie will start to pry the door open. So when this happens get back and throw the flare near the police van, because the noise will attract a lot of zombies towards you. Since you've thrown the flare, you'll be safe to waltz into the supermarket.

Once inside, a crawler zombie will sneak you in the fridge. The hanged zombie there has some loot. In the next room you'll find the Hammer in a closet; use it to remove and barricade wooden doors. In the next room, despite all the food there's only a Energy Drink and a Juice for you to pick up. There's one zombie playing dead, and straight from it yet another zombie behind the plastic curtains. Before going down, get a Spread Upgrade behind some shelves. There are 2 Planks in the room on your way to the basement. Once down there, be sure to pick up Handgun Ammo and 2 Molotov Cocktails - you'll need them soon. "Molotov cocktails' a classic. And sometimes you can't beat the classics". There are 2 Sodas here as well. After you scan the second CCTV box, a zombie will be upstairs ready to ambush you. Kill it and return to the first floor. Ready a flare and lit your Flash Light before removing the barricade to go outside.

There will be a screamer punk zombie here this time; immediately throw the flare - and if you throw it right next to a red canister, you can wait for it to go next to it and blow it up with a gunshot. Anyway, run to the manhole. Be prepared for a zombie that will drop in the alley, just push it back and hurry to the manhole, closing the doors behind you to buy time.

Protect the Safe House

Save your game as this is the first real difficult part of the game. Before doing anything, upgrade your handgun and ready yourself with all your ammo, your best healing items, flares and the two molotov cocktails you got in the supermarket. Grab a mine if you wish, albeit I'd save them for later.

A horde will be triggered as soon as you get near the monitors. There will be 3 waves of zombies coming after you. Remember those Planks I told you not to grab before? Now they can come in handy.

The best strategy I found is to head straight to the first door you see and barricade it: this will give you time to face another zombie coming from the corridor. Use your gun, aim before you shoot, and ping your radar regularly. Don't be afraid to use a flare + molotov combination if overwhelmed: a flare + molotov cocktail / grenade is the best thing against hordes, so it's wise to always keep a pair of those in your shortcuts from now on. A good escape route is to crawl to a spot behind the "The Latest News" store - the zombies will chase you likewise and will be vulnerable to ZR smashing. Even so ping your radar often because one zombie can get you from behind, so that spot isn't 100% safe. Even so I think this store's surroundings is the best place to face the second and third waves.

Once you clear them all, congratulations: the Prepper will give you his kind rewards, sharp soldier!

Path to Royalty

Now you can use the CCTV monitors to see what goodies you can scavenge - beside eventual loot you can get with the roaming zombies. Remember that metal containers in the alley on Market Street? Grab a few molotov cocktails from there before heading to the next mission.

Remove the barricade from the room the first (and only, if on survivor mode) survivor was in. Get the two Planks inside and store them - you'll need them later on - and a Key Card. Follow the mission mark and you'll soon reach a train, pick up some Handgun Ammo and Newspapers here. There are corpses on the train but nobody will get up.

Once you reach Green Park, be quick and smash the first corpse you see before it gets up. Be quiet since another zombie will be lurking down the stairs ready to ambush you. Past the padlocked door, you'll find some water. Crawl into the opening. There are 3 corpses floating - the one directly in front of you is playing dead, but it's best to just ignore it and quickly climb the ladder (this particular zombie doesn't wake up that easily - only if you beat it up. Do zombies dream of mummified sheep?). There's another zombie playing dead above, but it won't get up... yet. You'll reach a manhole. Prepare yourself for a tricky part - I'd get one mine now.

Go back and once outside, rain will pour and you'll see zombies on the top of the crates. Not a good sign. Be very quiet here and ready a flare + molotov. There are 2 zombies by the crates near the ambulance and one zombie next to a door. Once you get his attention 2 more zombies will drop down. A good escape route is to run right back to the ambulance and jump over the crates back whence you came. Be very careful since it's not hard to get bitten here - ping your radar constantly! Once the area is clear, get the Juice and the Energy Drink in an semi-hidden area beyond the ambulance. "Naturally", once you begin to remove the barricade on the door and a zombie will fall down to ambush you.

Inside the 'headquarters' scan the CCTV box, get the Newspapers, the Model No. 4 Mk1 Carbine and Carbine Ammo in the desk. This may be a bug, but that Carbine is the only weapon Prepper does not make a single comment about. A zombie will try to pass through the next barricaded door, just wait and shoot it, as another zombie will hear the noise and you're at a good spot to kill them both. Leave and turn left - that zombie is playing dead. ZR finish it and get Handgun Ammo and Carbine Ammo inside the metal crate you see. If you approach the Large Medikit - a zombie will open the crate right in front of you. Inside there's a crawler and another zombie, a Fire Power Upgrade and Handgun Ammo for the trouble. Next you'll face your first SWAT zombie - they're immune to fire and you'll need 3 cricket bat hits to remove its helmet, then you can kill it. They have a lot more health than regular zombies, too. Another zombie will be by the flames. Go to the padlocked door, this time Prepper will tell you to find a tool to pick that lock.

Go past the flames. There are 2 more zombies in front of the Palace Gates for you to deal with. It's best to grab one's attention and beat him with the bat, and then sneak on the other one and ZR finish it. There's a Flare nearby, and pay attention to where the red canisters are. A Fixed Turret is here and you know what's going to happen later, so be prepared. I usually drop a mine a few steps in front of the Fixed Turret, just in case. The mine explosion range is shown in the radar, thankfully. Anyway prepare to face another SWAT zombie. Loot the small metal container for ammo and fully load the Fixed Turret with find here. Take more ammo (Handgun Ammo and Fixed Turret Ammo) the Lockpicking Tool and 2 Grenades from the big metal container. "Don't mess around with those. Pull the pin, count to three, throw the bloody thing away." A raven's shelter is nearby with a bed and a workbench. Prepare for action.

Once you get back, a zombie will quickly rush at you. Then Prepper will warn you of infected incoming. Time to use that Fixed Turret. Shoot the red canisters to kill a whole bunch at once. There will be several waves and 2 SWAT zombies will come from the last wave on your left. They can be taken down with the fixed turret but you must shoot them in the head to take their helmets off. If you get overwhelmed, get back then throw a flare + grenade at the horde.

Now it's a good time to go back to the Safe House and save/manage your inventory. Leave at least 2 empty spots. Also, since you've got the Lockpicking Tool, go back to the room where the Brick Lane Markets manhole is. You'll find a Fire Power Upgrade and Handgun Ammo inside.

When ready, pick the lock in the Palace Gates to get to the Royal Bunker through the sewers. Before going down, search for a Firing Speed Upgrade in the open metal crate. Down the hole there's a zombie in the alcove opposite of the door you need to enter.

In the sewers, get the zombie in an alcove to the left. In the sewage corridor, a zombie is right below the first metal bridge. You'll need to get down into the water and pass the broken metal bridge, you'll notice that your character will protect his BOB from getting wet lifting it above the head - when you're a this stage, you'll be completely defenseless. Notice a zombie near the stairs in the end of the shi... watery passageway. Either lure him with your Flash Light for an easy melee fight or quickly pass the broken metal bridge, turn around and climb up. Either way don't go to the right just yet - continue and go left at the end of the hall. You'll be on Green Park, on the other side whence you first came from. There are no zombies here at the moment, so fell free to explore the lake and scan the CCTV box in a corner. Grab a Firing Speed Upgrade in a tire behind a small tunnel near the barred door from when you first reached the area. Return to the sewers and go to the opening you passed up before. Kill the zombie right in front of you and scan the CCTV box on your right. Inside the improvised bunker you'll find a Soda, a Cake and two zombies playing dead. I'd leave those healing items there for much later in the game. Follow the path in the catwalks to reach the Royal Bunker.

The Buckingham Palace

At this point, the zombies in the Royal Bunker cannot harm you. Have Prepper hack the entrance door. As soon as he loses your signal, head straight and search the broken furniture for a Capacity Upgrade. Next to whence you came from pick up a big box of Handgun Ammo. You can go right down for a Raven's room. When ready, open the only padlocked door in the hall and go inside. The walls will talk to you. Just kidding, you'll soon meet the Doctor. After the room with the elevator (which you can't access now) go down the stairs in the following room. You'll reach a restroom with the PA226 Pistol. This pistol has a Silencer and can be useful in certain parts of the game. Back up, once you reach the corridors grab Handgun Ammo in a closet. You'll meet the Doctor and he'll ask you very politely to risk your life for a book inside Buckingham Palace. There's a room where you can pick Newspapers and Queen's Letters for more background story, and a path to a manhole nearby. Have at least 3 flare + molotov / grenade combinations in your inventory. When ready, get to the elevator you couldn't enter before.

In the Buckingham Palace, first head left for random supplies and Queen's Letters inside a suitcase. There's a secret passage to the second floor here, but a zombie will ambush you in the end of the ducts and you still don't have your Virucide Shot yet... so I recommend proceeding through the main hall. Have a flare + molotov ready, and throw the flare at the Piano. Wait until a bunch of zombies approach it and then burn them with your molotov. Head back so the spitting zombie doesn't hit you - spitter zombies have more health than your average blighter and will take longer to burn to death. In the main hall you'll find random supplies ans Documents written by John Dee himself. Usually there's another survivor upstairs; he might notice you when you're still in the first floor - kill it and take the goodies from its BOB. Notice the dark alcove? There's a secret passage there with the Hunting Crossbow. This weapon is great for sniping regular zombies since one shot will kill them, plus it's silent and you can take the crossbow bolts out of zombie bodies, so you'll save ammo. You can also use it in non-scope mode - just hold the WiiU gamepad horizontally and aim well since this weapon can only hold one bolt at a time.

Once in the second floor, you'll see two zombies playing dead - a regular blighter and a spitter. Take them out with a molotov. Before heading forward, go back and kill the zombie waiting to ambush you from the secret passage, because you won't want him to be there when you revisit the Palace later on. Then head to the other side of the second floor. A SWAT zombie you run towards you. You'll see an opening with some sort of gas spreading out from it in the next hall. Not a good sign. On the other side of this hall there's a zombie (if you didn't see the survivor before, it will be probably here as well) and in the room beyond him a spitter zombie - you definitely don't want to get the spitter's attention right now. Just be quiet and don't get near the furniture in the hall until you kill the zombie on the opposite side - throw a molotov, use the P226 Pistol, the Hunting Crossbow or even lure it with the Flash Light and melee him. Then prepare a flare + molotov / grenade because going further down the hall will trigger 2 regular zombies a SWAT zombie that will come from that spooky opening. Cross the furniture and deal with them with safety. Now deal with the spitter zombie mentioned before; in the room he's in there's a crawler zombie in a corner. Use the furniture separating the rooms to your advantage. Read more Documents from John Dee. Further you will encounter a wall with numbers written in blood. It's a coded door for a secret room. DON'T touch it - doing so will trigger a horde from behind! In the secret room there's only a suitcase that might be empty, so it's not worth the trouble. Anyway, you'll see a SWAT zombie in the room with wooden catwalks in flames. Take it down and climb the ladder but once on the platform immediately turn right since a zombie playing dead will wake up (to be safe, from the ground aim up and throw a molotov). Now navigate carefully navigate through the platforms (fall and you'll take damage). Turn left on the first opportunity so you can get some Crossbow Bolts and a Cake now. Look for a way to drop down safely because a high fall will damage you. Climb the ladder again and this time go forward. The platform will collapse. Take down the stairs and ping the area - there's a regular zombie and a SWAT zombie nearby. This is a good time to use the Pistol with the silencer to avoid drawing attention from a horde in the room in the opposite side. Once they're dealt with, prepare a flare + molotov / grenade to get a bunch of zombies at once. If you're short on supplies, you can lure the zombies into the fire and then run until they burn out. There's a SWAT zombie tagging along with then so a flare + grenade is preferred. Go upstairs to read more John Dee's Documents but don't go further - the fire blocking the passage there will kill you instantly. Anyway crawl into an opening in the furniture beside the fire in the bottom floor and pick the Fire Power Upgrade. and climb the stairs for Handgun Ammo and a Cake inside a metal container. You can get some Carbine Ammo on a ledge back in the fire room. Go back and you'll be in an opening above - another good spot to throw a flare + molotov to deal with that horde BTW. Now you're practically done with the Buckingham Palace. In this corridor check a suitcase for more Queen's Letters and read more John Dee's Documents in the lobby. Reach the Royal Library, scan the CCTV box there and get another piece of The Black Prophecy and more Queen's Letters in a suitcase.

As soon as you get the book Doc was asking for a secret passage will open. Go right at the first fork but don't hush and pay attention on the music - a zombie is ready to ambush you. Lure it with the Flash Light and kill it, then pick up the Backpack XL - two more slots in your inventory! Press the button to open a shortcut, and go back to the fork going the path you skipped before. Read more Dee's Documents and use the stairs for a shortcut to where the Hunting Crossbow was, then exit the Palace.

Ron Freedman's Flat

"I hope it wasn't too much trouble" "No Doc, I almost got killed. Nothing serious." So, give the Doc the book and you'll get 2 very important items from him - the Virucide Shot and your first Pad Upgrade - now your radar is pinged automatically and you get a chance to defend yourself against zombie bites! Kill the "willing volunteer" to fill up your Virucide Shot. The Doc will ask for yet another book. Go to the Market Street in Brick Lane. If you go via Hanbury Green be prepared to face a couple of zombies - one is playing dead in the room just before you go outside. The obstacles blocking the door leading to Brick Lane Flats are gone now, so grab a Capacity Upgrade and more Newspapers before entering.

You'll hear music and comments by the Prepper. Once you cross over the wall you won't be able to go back to your Safe House for a while. There are some random supplies scattered around here. Once you crawl into the building immediately turn right because a zombie is waiting for you. Go to the padlocked door first for a Large Medipack and a Spread Upgrade. Open the wooden door, keep it open and don't continue just yet. Grab the Flare on the shelf,go right and then upstairs - kill the zombie at the end because it will hear any noise from the next battle. Now prepare yourself with a flare + molotov / grenade. The P226 Pistol is useful here, too. Once ready, open the door and throw the flare in the room. Wait a bit and do the incendiary work. You probably won't get the whole bunch at once, so lure the remaining zombies back into the previous room - there's a red canister here and you can go outside and wait them to slide under to perform a ZR finish. There will be zombies in the other side of the room, pick them with the Hunting Crossbow if you can. Once the area is clear go up the catwalks, climb the boxes and search for an opening you can crawl under. In this room scan the CCTV box and pick up a Medium Medipack. Remove the bar from the door and walk up the catwalks again. In the Raven's room only remove the barricade on your left for a shortcut and grab some Newspapers for now. You'll see two Flares above the van: to get them you'll need to run from a higher platform. Beware that a failed attempt to grab them will result in fall damage. When ready cross the opening above to the next warehouse.

Here you'll see a ladder but don't take it - drop down to a box next to it and grab the SWAT zombie's attention. If you hold still above the box, you'll be able to hit him with the bat but it won't be able to hit you. There are Planks here. Climb two sets of stairs and you'll see a SWAT zombie eating a corpse. Wait for it to fall in the lower catwalk and smash/push with the bat to ZR finish it. Just be careful not to fall. You'll see Shotgun Ammo and more Planks in your way to the ceiling of the room Prepper told you about. Get the Double Barreled Shotgun and more Shotgun Ammo. "Now we're talking. Double the barrels for double the gun". There are more Planks here as well. Remove the barricade for a shortcut and go down. Prepare a molotov and your shotgun. You'll probably see a survivor next to a manhole access, and more Planks in a box. Kill the survivor and prepare a flare + molotov. As soon as you see a zombie trying to break the door throw the flare + molotov. Now loot the survivor - take note as he'll appear somewhat often if you get here through the manhole nearby: if you're short on shotgun and carbine ammo, this is your spot. Return to the Safe House, save and pimp your shotgun. As far as weapons go, I recommend to bring only the shotgun and the regular pistol for the next part. Bring two planks as well.

In the lowest floor, you'll see two elevators. There's an open door at the end, close and barricade it. The elevator on the left is broken, there's a corpse and a metal container in the bottom. Now take the right elevator and prepare your shotgun - as soon as you enter two zombies will pry the door you barricaded earlier and as the elevator door slowly closes they won't be able to reach you. Now as you go up the classic scene happens - two zombies will fall from the top. Blow 'em up.

Inside, you'll notice a zombie falling from a bunch of stuff blocking the corridor. No, it won't rise, but a second zombie will cross the path when you get close. Also, there's another zombie waiting for you at the left corner. You'll have to go right for now. Prepare a flare + molotov (you should have plenty from scavenging that survivor now) and as soon as you open the door throw them from the corridor to kill 3 zombies at once. Close the door and let them burn. Take the vent to the bathroom, a crawler zombie will be there as well as Handgun Ammo in the bloody toilet. Remove the barricade, pick up the Large Medipack by the furniture blockade and go inside the party room. There's a lot of zombies here, but none you attack you - just don't turn the music off! Classic George Romero style social commentary. Anyway burn them all and loot the place. In the next room you'll see corpses but none will get up. Crawl under the vent. After a bit a zombie will try to ambush you but if you just keep heading forwards you'll outrun him. There's a SWAT zombie in the room you'll reach; kill it quickly and then wait for the crawler.

You'll finally reach Ron's flat. Scan the CCTV box here. There is a regular zombie and a SWAT zombie here and both can be lured to one-on-one fights. Push the furniture and enter Ron's room. Close the door and barricade it, because as soon as you open the safe (the code is right there if you hit the light on the table) a zombie will come out of it and at the same time another one will crawl from a vent. Get the book, Shotgun Ammo, Cake, Chocolate and a Fire Power Upgrade from the safe. Crawl under the vent and read more Documents before going down the rubbish chute. You'll fall on the top of a box, stay still because a zombie nearby won't be able to hit you there. Kill it and then take the exit to the Royal Bunker.

The Bloody Tower

Once back in the Royal Bunker you'll see a Raven's room you cannot get inside just yet. On the other side of the red lit staircase get a Capacity Upgrade, then deliver the book to the Doc. Now the non-linear scavenger hunt mission of the game is open: the 7 Letters of Dee. The Doc will give you Dee's Letters back to you after reading it.

If you go to Victoria's Memorial via the train station, be very careful as you'll face your first Red Zombie next to the train door blocked with a suitcase. These are regular zombies on steroids - on Survivor Mode they can kill you in one hit. Not one bite, one hit. Don't spare ammo on those. At the moment I recommend fully upgrading the Double Barreled Shotgun. Red Zombies always carry weapon upgrades, this one has a Spread Upgrade.

There will be zombies in Green Park now. The zombies playing dead by the watery ladder will rise this time - lure them crawl under the opening and ZR finish them off. Close the door after going outside. Try to get as many zombies as you can with the Hunting Crossbow, and if things get ugly retreat to where you picked up the Fire Speed Upgrade before - it's a safe ZR finish spot. You'll have to reach the red lighted camp and get the Key Card from a corpse. Once you get it, get prepared to face yet another a Red Zombie. I usually find it near the door (so that's why I told you to close it) when returning from the camp. Kill it and loot a Spread Upgrade. Pick the lock and use the Key Card to enter the storage room. Here grab ammo (Handgun Ammo, Shotgun Ammo, Carbine Ammo and Crossbow Bolts) and supplies (a Flare and a Medium Medipack) from the big metal container; C4 x 5 from the small metal container, a Fire Power Upgrade in a the open container and Dee's Letters from the corpse. "Good old C4. Useless in combat, but there's nothing better to blast your way out". Go outside and meet Sondra - she will snipe most of the zombies for you - including the Exploding Zombies here. If you hear a high-pitched hiss, like a gas leak, you'll know there's one close by. If you hit them with the bat or shoot them in the body from a close distance you'll be killed instantly, so double your distance from those blighters - push them with ZR if they get too close and/or aim for the head. Head to the small island in the middle of the pond and scan for two zombies floating in the water - they will rise when you get close, and since they're in deep water you'll be defenseless. No, these zombies Sondra won't snipe for you. The 'trick' is to get close and as soon as you notice them waking up go back to the island so you can kill them, one at a time. Go straight to where the C4 breakable wall is (two more zombies playing dead will be by the CCTV box if you didn't scan it earlier BTW), a regular and a exploding zombie (crawling from a nearby duct) will be here, Sondra will help you with these. Blast the wall with C4 and grab a Firing Speed Upgrade at the end of the corridor, go forward and you'll soon reach the Tower Pier.

Abuse the Hunting Crossbow here. Go up and you'll see a Model 770 Carbine but as soon as you get close to it a zombie will climb the ladder nearby. Snipe the zombie in the next platform and shoot the radar jammer from here. Go to that platform now and use the 770 to snipe the exploding zombie on the piece of land across - the explosion will take down 2 more zombies with it, and will attract another one for you to snipe. Just like the Hunting Crossbow, you can use the 770 Carbine in non-scope mode as well - just hold the Wii U gamepad horizontally. Scan the CCTV box here and proceed. Before turning left to the Tower go across the small boat and grab Handgun Ammo from the metal container. Then go towards the Tower entrance. There's a zombie to your right before a C4 wall, and a spitter across it. Go to the manhole on the left, save and restock. I recommend bringing PA266 Pistol again and at least three flares + molotov / grenades for this part. Leave at least two empty spaces since you'll get a very nice weapon and ammo for it soon. Once you're ready go back to the Bloody Tower and go towards the opening on the floor leading to the catacombs, there's a zombie playing dead right next to it. Drop down, get the Juice and ready a flare + molotov. You'll see a zombie shadow at the end of the room - throw the flare + molotov to get 3 zombies in flames. Probably one of them will have a lot of health so get back and push it when it comes to you until it's toasted. In the jail there's a Energy Drink and in the opposite side a CCTV box. Open the padlocked door and then proceed. Sondra will contact you, so scan the symbol to open a secret passage. There are Planks here and a corpse with Soda as well. Now you'll face a tricky part because you'll have to drop down into a watery area and there's an exploding zombie here. The best strategy is to drop down and immediately go right at the first opportunity. Turn around and ready your gun, the silent one is the best one here. As soon as your crosshair turns red shoot - it's the exploding zombie. After blowing it up the rest is easy, there are only 3 more zombies here, one survivor included. Use your scanner to find a Capacity Upgrade, follow the signs, use your scanner to open another secret passage and notice the music change - a zombie will rise from the water right in front of you. Kill it and prepare to kill another zombie that will come from the stairs. You'll see a barred door and a small opening to your left. Crawl under but go slow - the music will change and a zombie will appear in front of you. Just go back and ZR finish it. Now you're finally in the Raven's nerve center, or what's left of it. Get the AK-47 Assault Rifle, two pieces of The Black Prophecy and a Spread Upgrade by the armor. Scan the Enochian Alphabet to upgrade your Prepper Pad then push the closet to reveal the code for the door. Prepare for action.

Go up and Sondra will snipe a lot of zombies for you. Once she says that's all she can help a zombie will fall down from the door above. Go there after killing it. You'll face a door but kill the zombie at the end of the corridor and then go through the next room by that exit. You'll see Assault Rifle Ammo on a table. Ready your weapon to face an exploding and a regular zombie. Get more Assault Rifle Ammo before heading up. There will be random supplies here; loot the place and carefully drop down or you'll take damage. When heading outside prepare a flare + molotov since you'll be out on the open and there are a lot of zombies, including a spitter. Prepare another flare + grenade before reaching the helicopter, as there will be yet more zombies - including a SWAT one. There are random supplies (usually a Flare or Handgun Ammo) at the opposite side of the heliport. When you clear the area a cutscene will play. After that, two zombies will pry the door in the floor below open; kill them and go through that previously locked door to get directly to the manhole and return to the Safe House.

Lights Off

You'll need to get some fuel. But let's get more Dee's Letters and equipment first. Go to the Brick Lane Flats manhole and go up to the room where you found the Double Barreled Shotgun. Dispose the zombies here and blow the wall with C4. There's a Red Zombie in the toilet carrying a Firing Speed Upgrade and some Handgun Ammo here. Approach slowly and blow its head off it the shotgun before it rises. Next go to the Raven's room in the other warehouse. Once in that room notice that the Raven's symbol by the coded door is incomplete. Go to the previous room and look at the window glass - you'll need to line yourself so that the painting in the glass complete the symbol by the door; then scan the wall for the code. The corpse inside has Dee's Letters and a MP5 SD Sub-Machine Gun - this thing has a silencer and... one bullet left. Grab Handgun Ammo, Shotgun Ammo, a Medium Medipack and a Capacity Upgrade in the metal container as well. If you go upstairs to Ron's Flat in the disco dance room there will be a SWAT zombie carrying a Firing Speed Upgrade. This particular zombie spawns every time (a bug?). Now you can go back via the elevator now but go further and use the rubbish chute to reach the Royal Bunker. Now that you've deciphered the Enochian Alphabet, you can open the coded door here - use your scanner to look for the code in some paintings (one by the door, and three more upstairs) in the bunker. Once you get the code, open the door for a Capacity Upgrade.

Now head towards your objective. I highly recommend to bring the 770 for this part. Use the manhole to go to Brick Lane Markets. In Hanbury Green there will be a Red Zombie - it's safer to climb the ladder to your right and snipe it. It will have a Fire Power Upgrade. Blast the C4 wall to reach a corpse with Dee's Letters and a Capacity Upgrade. When you get close to the ambulance you'll notice a red spot on the other side of the fence if you look at your radar. That's a screamer zombie. Throw a flare + grenade in the open and ready your shotgun just in case. On the other side of the tunnel scan two numbers by the wall near the wooden shack and two more numbers inside the shack to get the code to proceed to Quaker Park.

Once you reach the surface your radar will be jammed. You'll see the radar jammer to your right, just don't rush to it since there's a zombie playing dead next to it. Take the jammer down. There are 3 zombies in the mine field: a regular zombie by the entrance, a SWAT and a spitter. If you're lucky the SWAT and the spitter will be blown to pieces right away. After dealing with them, go left. There's an explosive zombie behind the door, get him with your pistol before picking the lock in the shack. Your radar will be jammed again. Proceed by jumping through the fences until you see it. Blow it away and scan the CCTV box. Then go inside the mine field, avoiding any mines you see from your radar. Pick the lock on the metal fence and go up the ladder. To your left is a barred door, take note of it. There's a Firing Speed Upgrade on the roof and you'll see a SWAT and a regular zombie eating a body below. If you drop down close to the wall you'll fall on a box and will be safe from their attacks. Go back, use the 770 to blow up all the mines with safety and then head towards a hole in a wall near the first entrance to the mine field. Use C4 to blast a wall and get a Spread Upgrade and the Backpack XXL - 4 more inventory slots! - from the room. Now go down the alley. Creepy music, you know this is not good - a SWAT zombie is playing dead and if you go further another zombie will break in from a window close by to ambush you. Go slow and as soon as you hear the wall breaking, go back. The SWAT zombie will wake up but if you run from its sight just in time it will not follow you. Then you can deal with one zombie at a time. Or just throw a flare + grenade to be safe. Next you'll have to turn left. You'll see an opening with zombies. There's a lot of them. So enter the right alleyway at the fork. At the end ready your gun because there's an exploding zombie in the corner. You'll hear a high-pitched hiss. Now pick the lock on the metal fence and climb the ladder. You'll see a coded door on your right, ignore it for now. Climb another ladder to reach a Raven's room in the ceiling. Be prepared for a zombie that will climb the ladder as soon as you get close - pay attention to the music. Enter and save. Then go outside and scan the code for the coded door on your left. It's somewhat hidden by a construction platform so you'll have to place yourself close to the wall to be able to scan it. Now from the higher catwalk throw a flare + grenade towards the Petrol Station the get most zombies out of the way. Then open the coded door and in this room snipe any remaining zombies you can with your 770. There's Shotgun Ammo, Carbine Ammo, a Soda, a Large Medipack and a Fire Power Upgrade here as well. Now that you cleared the area go in the opening. Scan the CCTV box here and remove the bar from door you found earlier for a shortcut. Meet Vikram and he'll ask for... antibiotics. Yes he's sending you to die. Go towards the alley where the exploding zombie was and reach Baconsfield (I think this is a typo, Beaconsfield is a real place in South London).

The Nursery

Once outside, don't fall down just yet - or else you'll won't be able to go back until this mission is over - so just scan the CCTV box, snipe the spitter zombie and go right through the door. Before using the manhole search for a Spread Upgrade here. Save and restock at the Safe House. I recommend to bring 2 Planks, 4 Grenades, 4 Flares, 2 Large Medipacks, the handgun and ammo for this section.

In the Darwin Yard, climb the car next to the door and take a regular blighter and a SWAT zombie down with surprise attacks. On the other side there's a zombie playing dead behind a wooden fence close to a Firing Speed Upgrade. There's a zombie in the basketball court too - get his attention from the nursery's side and smash it when it crawls under the hole. Before going inside the nursery, get to know your surroundings well - a big battle / escape scene will take place here (the tip the game gives you is that hackable door that Prepper cannot open because it's jammed) and you'll need to know where to run if overwhelmed. Get inside the nursery.

This part will be familiar if you played the demo. It's creepy as hell but not difficult at all if you know what to do. Crawl your way to the corridor from the bathroom and remove the bar for a shortcut. Music plays, a zombie will jump from the closet. Kill it and pick the locked door. Go to the staircase and close the door you just opened. Go up and kill two zombies playing dead here. In this room there's a door leading outside: remember it. And keep this wooden door open. Go downstairs, a SWAT zombie will pry a door open. Kill it and then go behind the stairs, crawl under the vent and scan the CCTV box in the room. There's Carbine Ammo here as well. Now barricade both doors from the room the SWAT zombie came in. Your radar will go down and you'll see an electric shadow. Not a good sign. Pick up the Key Card in from a medicine cabinet nearby and listen to the nursery manager's last words from a child tape recorder on a desk. Pick up the antibiotics and... nice. It's dark here, your smart map will have an eerie look and your signal will fade. You'll face a nurse zombie. Don't waste ammo on her - get close to a wall and wait for it to come. It'll take a lot of hits but it eventually it will go down. Now seek for 4 numbers scattered in this room to open the coded barred door - inside you'll find an UMP45 Sub-Machine Gun, C4 and a Fire Power Upgrade. In the laundry there's more Carbine Ammo. Go up and you'll reach the kitchen - you'll hear the hiss of an exploding zombie so watch out: once you enter the room it'll be lying on the floor but will rise (of course). Pick up a Medium Medipack, Handgun Ammo, Shotgun Ammo and a Flare before opening the bar. Now prepare a flare and once you remove the bar throw it in the middle of the cafeteria. Now just run to the exit on the top floor, pushing any zombies you find on your way. If you barricated those doors and closed the padlocked door, you'll have no problems at all.

Now that you're outside, remove the Flash Light and the Cricket Bat from your shortcuts; and put 2 Flares, 2 Grenades, your handgun and a Large Medipack in those slots before scanning the door. Prepper will ask you for 'a sec' and... of course. A horde. What I usually do is to stand close to the door, kill the first 2 zombies that come at me with the handgun and then begin throwing flares + grenade combinations, running if necessary. Notice that there are two red canisters around so use them to your advantage. This part is timed, so once Prepper says “I'm almost there” run to the door and close it because zombies will still try to pursue you. Take your leave to Shoreditch Petrol Station

As soon as you reach surface you'll heard another death trap from your radio. Well first things first - get that fuel. Vikram is a zombie now (as you should have guessed from his cutscene) and eating his own son. Put it out of its misery and grab the final Pad Upgrade - now you can hack the remaining Key Card doors! Hack the door near you, grab the fuel, the Model 870 Shotgun and a Capacity Upgrade there; return to the Safe House and refuel the generator.

NOTE: There's still a bug in this part of the game (as of ZombiU v1.2.0). After you refuel the generator, the game doesn't strike out this mission. That's because there was a game breaking bug earlier - if you proceeded to St. George's Church and didn't refuel the generator, once you returned from the arena you couldn't get the gas again and you were forced to reset the game. They didn't fix this properly - after you refuel the generator, the Spitalfields area was supposed to be 'repopulated' with zombies. But this only happens after you finish the next mission. So if you go back, you'll hear music and 'fright noises' you were supposed to hear only once. If you go to Vikram's you'll even hear him again (a ghost of a zombie... that's a first to me)!

The Remaining Dee's Letters

Now it's a good time to restock and get the remaining Dee's Letters for the Doc. Be careful since there will be Red Zombies in your way tough, but you'll find nice weapons as well.

Spitalfields Green - Red Zombie with Fire Power Upgrade (there's a bug in the game, this area zombies only appear after the 'Refuel the Generator' mission is over... but the game only 'closes' this mission once you complete either 'Save the Girl' or 'Collect 7 Letters for the Doc' mission). It will be on Quaker Park. Snipe it from the ceiling where you found a Firing Speed Upgrade before. Get Dee's Letter's and Capacity Upgrade next to the CCTV box.

Tower Pier - Red Zombie with Fire Speed Upgrade. Hack the door to the boat, throw a flare + molotov near the red canister, go back and close the door. Get Dee's Letters, the M4 Tactical Shotgun, a Spread Upgrade and loot the metal canister for Handgun Ammo and Carbine Ammo.

Baconsfield - Red Zombie with Spread Upgrade. Snipe it (wait for it get to close to the red canister then explode it with the 770). Hack the shack and get Dee's Letters,the Magnum Pistol and a Capacity Upgrade.Spread Upgrade

St. George's Church Catacombs

For this part I highly recommended to bring the M4 shotgun and the 770 Carbine.

Before anything, in the Safe House there's a door you can hack open near the exit to the Victoria's Memorial, by the red-lit room. There is a Firing Speed Upgrade in the other side of the station, as well as 3 zombies.

Hack the mission marked door, you'll find Planks and Handgun Ammo;in the following room. Also, search for a Spread Upgrade hidden in the next underground station before exiting the area.

In the sewers you'll find a lot of corpses. About half of them are zombies playing dead, so once you reach the metal bridge with a Mine, you'll hear them. Get back and throw a flare + molotov at a corner to avoid surprise attacks, and deal with the remaining zombies that will come towards you individually. You'll see an active Mine at the end of the sewage corridor, climb up to avoid it. Two zombies will drop from a ledge, lure them towards the mine. Before moving the closet in order to proceed, crawl into a small opening to your left and grab Handgun Ammo and C4, then remove the bar from the door. Now move the closet and immediately turn left since a zombie will try to ambush you. Once you get to a dark corridor, many zombies will be pinged in your radar. Head left at the first fork and open the door, you'll see three corpses - one of them is a zombie playing dead. There's Chocolate here. Then proceed into the corridor - use that mine here (a flare here may help you to buy time to place the mine and not blow yourself up, since any noise / light will attract the zombies). Another strategy is to lure them to the barrels - one of them is a red canister you can blow up. Or just throw a flare + grenade since there's a SWAT zombie among the horde. Now search for a vent behind the barrels - you'll reach a room with one zombie. There are Planks and an incomplete Raven's symbol here as well - align yourself with the symbols on the wall to get a code. Proceed and kill both the crawling zombie and a zombie playing dead behind the desk. There's more Planks here as well. Next to the coded door you'll find a CCTV box, and use the code you deciphered to get a Spread Upgrade. Pick the lock and grab a Large Medipack outside. Once you reach a fork, your radar will jam. Turn left at the fork and ready your handgun, as an exploding zombie will be there, as well as the radar jammer. Shoot the radar jammer from the corridor and the exploding zombie will hear it, back off a little and blow it up. Now behind you there's a C4 breakable wall, inside there's a zombie playing dead and a Firing Speed Upgrade. Just ignore it if you want. You'll hear zombies pounding a door, chill out because it's barred. Ready your 770 and snipe as many as you can through a small hole in the room with the radar jammer and the exploding zombie. Now the only way is through a vent that links this room, the room with the Raven's door, a manhole and the rest of the dungeon. Go to the Safe House first to save / stock up and then return.

Now this is a dangerous part - whatever you do, don't fall - you can take mortal damage. Ready the M4 shotgun. Once down, turn right - the first two corpses will rise. Once you see some barrels in front of you, a zombie will drop from the platform above. Next to these barrels there's a staircase, and it's the "safe" way to go down. But don't go down just yet - crawl into the opening. Once you reach to a fork, head forwards to reach an alcove with Carbine Ammo and use the opening to snipe as many zombies as you can - try to kill the 2 spitters and the zombie playing dead in a platform. Now go back and get down from the stairs you ignored earlier and get rid of all remaining zombies. Once the area is clear, search for a hidden alcove in the water for a Fire Power Upgrade. Go back to the fork upstairs and head right, walk carefully here. In order to get two boxes of Handgun Ammo, you'll have to run from the highest platform and then press 'X' like a madman - you will fall and take damage otherwise. To get back from the ledge run towards the lower platform. Prepare your gun before climbing the ladder - an exploding zombie will be directly in front of you. Get the Large Medipack and go through the hole. Don't climb the ladder next to a metal closet just yet - turn around, remove the bar and save at the Safe House. Once ready, climb that ladder and face...

The Arena

Oh boy... welcome to King Boris' territory. Yep, you should've listened to Prepper this time. The action will only start once you pick up the pistol, but there's Handgun Ammo and a Flare around. Get everything beforehand. You'll see 3 red canisters on the ground; just leave them where they are for now. As soon as you pick up the pistol, run back to where you were 'caged' and aim for the red canister directly in front of you: you should get all 3 SWAT zombies at once. If you get only 2, don't panic and shoot the last one, but if get only one... it's better just reset the game and try again. The second wave consists of an exploding zombie and a SWAT zombie that will fall from inside the church - just shoot the exploding zombie ASAP. Remember that flare? In the third wave you'll face 3 SWAT zombies and an exploding zombie. Throw the flare to gather them and aim for the exploding zombie to kill them all.

Now the path to the London bus will open. Go inside the church for more Handgun Ammo and a Large Medipack. Move the 2 remaining red canisters next to the two passages that will open: one next to a ramp, and one next to a ledge. Now go to the ramp and pick up a Flare, a Mine and more Handgun Ammo. The next zombie wave will only come after you if you get too close: when Boris hit the lights, run to the ledge and turn around: wait for 2 SWAT zombies to fall and shoot the red canister to kill them. Shoot the regular zombie with the pistol. Now put that mine where you placed the red canister you shot and stay put: it should blow up at least 2 SWAT zombies. Now you have room to play around with any remaining zombies: there's a Flare, 2 Mines, Handgun Ammo and a Large Medipack lying around the area and 2 Mines and Handgun Ammo on the top of the bus. Remember the third red canister? Throw a flare next to it and shoot it to save ammo and explosives. After that, a regular blighter and an exploding zombie will come from the church. Just shoot them at a safe distance.

King Boris will get eaten and all you have to do is place a mine close to the 'funny button'. Press it, move back and watch the SWAT zombies blow up. Congratulations, you survived the (in)famous arena!

Once you survive the arena, grab your BOB back and pick the padlocked door next to it There's 2 Flares, a SA80 Assault Rifle and 2 boxes of Assault Riffle Ammo here. Save those for later. The metal container has everything you had in your BOB plus even more supplies! The exit is padlocked too. Grab the Fire Power Upgrade and just be careful because a Red Zombie with a Capacity Upgrade will be on your way out, it's right in front of you when you pass the once barred door.

The Point of No Return

Prepper will go insane on you once he discovers you've been dating the Doc. Use the manhole to get to the Royal Bunker and listen the recording the Doc left behind near his suit. Seems you'll have to storm the Buckingham Palace once again. The game tells you this is 'Point of no Return' once you get close to the elevator. That's nice, because you'll need to stock up on supplies.

I recommend to prepare yourself with:

  • M4 shotgun
  • 770 carbine or Hunting Crossbow
  • Magnum pistol
  • 2 x Handgun Ammo x 20
  • 2 x Shotgun Ammo x 10
  • 1 x Carbine Ammo x 15 or 1 x Crossbow Bolts x 8
  • 2 mines
  • 3 flares
  • 3 grenades
  • 2 large medipacks

And be sure to leave in the Raven's box at least:

  • 4 flares
  • 2 molotov cocktails
  • 2 grenades
  • 2 large medipacks
  • A fully upgraded and loaded AK-47 and/or SA80
  • At least 1 x Assault Rifle Ammo x 45

You should have only one C4 left. You probably noticed the breakable wall nearby the bathroom with the P226 pistol, but further you'll find another breakable wall in the palace. Breaking either wall will rend you a Firing Speed Upgrade, but the C4 wall in the palace has some supplies as well, so I recommend saving the last C4 for the palace.

Once you fell you're ready, check the security door then take the elevator. Your radar will be jammed from time to time. You know what's coming.

The goal is to get beyond the door you couldn't enter before because of the fire. There are basically 2 paths you can take - one path is to go through the secret passage where you found the Hunting Crossbow, and the other is to get through the path you had to take in your first trip here, so I'll just list the zombies you'll face in each path:

First path (the canonical way)

Main hall, bottom:

1 spitter and one regular zombie both chewing a an exploding zombie body. A SWAT zombie is playing dead on the staircase.

Main hall, upstairs:

1 spitter, 2 regular zombies, 1 survivor (very likely), 1 SWAT zombie

Corridor with blockade / gas:

1 zombie playing dead

Hall after corridor with blockade / gas:

2 crawlers

Hall with the extinguished fire:

1 SWAT zombie and 2 regular zombies on the floor, 1 spitter on the wooden platforms.

Second path (through the secret passage):

2 regular zombies and one exploding zombie. Probably the easier one, but don't make any noise in order to blow the exploding zombie with safety.

Once you reach the second great hall, proceed with extreme caution since there will be:


Red Zombie with a Fire Power Upgrade, 1 regular zombie


2 nurse zombies, 1 regular zombie.

Deal with the Red Zombie on the first floor first, and as soon as you go upstairs turn right from the Dee's Documents and throw a flare + grenade combination; you'll get all three zombies at once with safety.

Finally you'll get in the Palace Kitchen, past where the deadly wall of flames was. Hack the door open and ready a flare + grenade combination: you'll face the Doc, who's now a Red Zombie and two SWAT Zombies. Jump down, turn your Flash Light off, and throw the explosive combo at the middle of the hall - you should kill them all. Remove the Doc's eye. The code for the door is somewhat hidden in this same room - get close to the piano and scan the pillars, you'll see them. Proceed into the small storage room and scan the last CCTV box. Behind the C4 breakable wall you'll find a Medium Medipack, a Molotov Cocktail and a Firing Speed Upgrade. Crawl under the vent and your radar will ping a lot of zombies, but worry not: most of them are crawlers. Once you cross over the furniture prepare to face a regular zombie (the chef) and a SWAT zombie. Use the furniture to your advantage, smash the crawlers and pick up a Spread Upgrade in the kitchen's storage. You'll see a Safe House marked door. Use the manhole and notice that all manholes except the Safe House's and the Royal Bunker's are open. Save at the Safe House if you wish, then take the shortcut to the Royal Bunker.