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    ...And Justice for AllCleared SECRET 1 Q.13 with only 1 move6
    1UP (secret)Cleared SECRET 1 Q.19 10 times5
    AbdacadabraCleared PRIMARY 2 Q.26 with only 1 move6
    Above and BeyondCleared SECRET 2 Q.23 with only 1 move6
    AdvancedCompleted all of SPECIAL 120
    African Elephant (secret)Drew 1 elephant worth in weight8
    AIWSCleared SPECIAL 1 Q.14 with only 1 move6
    All Power to the Imagination!Cleared SECRET 1 Q.7 with only 1 move6
    Almost There (secret)Retried 1500 times10
    Balance of PowerCleared PRIMARY 2 Q.33 with only 1 move6
    Ball and CupCleared PRIMARY 2 Q.31 with only 1 move6
    BasicCompleted all of PRIMARY 110
    Blue Whale (secret)Drew the same amount as the blue whale's in weight20
    Breaking the ChainsCleared SECRET 2 Q.32 with only 1 move6
    Bubble Bath TimeCleared SECRET 2 Q.25 with only 1 move6
    Cheer up! (secret)Cheer up!5
    Clean Room MasterHang the coathanger10
    Columbus's EggCleared everything but PRIMARY 1 Q.8 with only 1 move10
    Dharma Master (secret)Cleared SECRET 1 Q.15 10 times5
    Doctor of Q (secret)Played for 50 hours5
    Domino TheoryCleared SECRET 1 Q.11 with only 1 move6
    Dropping the BallCleared SECRET 2 Q.24 with only 1 move6
    Dropping the Ball 2Cleared SECRET 2 Q.37 with only 1 move6
    Dropping the Ball 3Cleared SPECIAL 2 Q.28 with only 1 move6
    Dropping the Ball 4Cleared SPECIAL 2 Q.32 with only 1 move6
    EliteCompleted all of SPECIAL 245
    Everest (secret)Drew the same amount as Mt. Everest's height52
    ExpertCompleted all of SECRET 120
    Fighting SpiritSwitched view and saw least amount of moves and number of players cleared5
    Fist of Dragon (secret)Cleared SPECIAL 2 Q.37 10 times5
    Float Like a ButterflyCleared PRIMARY 3 Q.58 with only 1 move6
    Free FallCleared SECRET 2 Q.21 with only 1 move6
    Get Him DownCleared SECRET 2 Q.36 with only 1 move6
    Gotta Catch 'em AllCleared SECRET 1 Q.1 within 10 moves5
    Ground HandlingCleared SPECIAL 2 Q.33 with only 1 move6
    Here's Johnny! (secret)During the draw test, meet Johnny3
    I did it!!Drew for the first time3
    I Expect You to DieCleared SPECIAL 2 Q.31 with only 1 move6
    I love you Johnny! (secret)Cleared 20 Johnny Q's5
    Iguazu Falls (secret)Drew the same amount as the Iguazu Falls' width20
    Kendama Master (secret)Cleared SECRET 1 Q.5 10 times5
    King of Burgers (secret)Drew the same amount as 777,777 hamburgers' in weight10
    LevitationCleared PRIMARY 3 Q.54 with only 1 move6
    Magic WandCleared PRIMARY 2 Q.24 with only 1 move6
    MasterCompleted all of SECRET 245
    Master of QPlayed for 10 hours5
    Mediator (secret)Cleared SECRET 2 Q.40 10 times5
    Moai (secret)Drew the same amount as 30 moai statues' weight30
    Moai construction worker (secret)Cleared PRIMARY 2 Q.32 10 times5
    Mt. FujiDrew the same amount as the height of Mt. Fuji's height20
    Newton's First LawCleared SECRET 1 Q.15 with only 1 move6
    Nice CatchCleared PRIMARY 2 Q.38 with only 1 move6
    No Guts, No Glory (secret)Retried 100 times5
    No Pain, No Gain (secret)Retried 300 times5
    Notre Dame (secret)Drew the same amount as Notre Dame's area40
    NoviceCleared up to PRIMARY 1 Q.43
    On Firm GroundCleared SPECIAL 1 Q.1 with only 1 move6
    One Move Grand MasterCleared 55 Q's with only 1 move70
    One Move MasterCleared 30 Q's with only 1 move30
    One Move ProfessionalCleared 10 Q's with only 1 move10
    One Step at a TimeRetried 50 times3
    One Stroke and One MoveCleared PRIMARY 3 Q.56 with only 1 move6
    Peace, Bread and LandCleared SECRET 1 Q.20 with only 1 move6
    Pharaoh (secret)Drew the same amount as the Giza Pyramid's in height10
    Power BalanceCleared SPECIAL 1 Q.11 with only 1 move6
    PremiumCompleted all of PRIMARY 220
    Pro GamerCleared SECRET 1 Q.18 10 times5
    ProfessionalCompleted all of PRIMARY 345
    Professor of Q (secret)Played for 100 hours20
    Queen of Frost (secret)Cleared SPECIAL 1 Q.20 10 times5
    Reach for the HeavensCleared PRIMARY 2 Q.34 with only 1 move6
    Ring Me OutCleared PRIMARY 3 Q.46 with only 1 move6
    Rod of AsclepiusCleared SPECIAL 2 Q.36 with only 1 move6
    Round 1 Fight! (secret)During the draw test, meet Alex3
    ScientistCleared PRIMARY 2 Q.35 with only 1 move6
    Sky Tree (secret)Drew the same amount as the Sky Tree's 1/10 height10
    Slugger (secret)Cleared SECRET 2 Q.23 10 times5
    Space King (secret)During the draw test, meet the moai3
    Spill it!Cleared PRIMARY 2 Q.36 with only 1 move6
    Spring CleaningCleared SECRET 2 Q.27 with only 1 move6
    Stick MasterCleared PRIMARY 3 Q.43 with only 1 move6
    Stonehenge (secret)Drew the same amount as Stonehenge's circumfrence8
    Sumo (secret)Drew the same amount as 300 sumo wresteler's weight10
    Sumo-king hot!! (secret)During the draw test, meet the sumo wrestler3
    Swapping HeadsCleared SPECIAL 2 Q.30 with only 1 move6
    Take it Out!Cleared PRIMARY 3 Q.45 with only 1 move6
    Talk is CheapPlaced 5 balls in the plate5
    Tatami Master (secret)Drew 2 tatami worth in area5
    Tearing Through the BindCleared SPECIAL 2 Q.24 with only 1 move6
    The Badge of Courage (secret)Retried 700 times5
    The King of KingsCleared SECRET 1 Q.19 with only 1 move6
    ThousandaireDrew 10 tonnes worth of line5
    To Cut The Gordian KnotCleared SPECIAL 2 Q.23 with only 1 move6
    Topple Me OverCleared SECRET 2 Q.22 with only 1 move6
    Touching the HeavensCleared SECRET 2 Q.31 with only 1 move6
    Vive Gourmand (secret)Drew 20,000 sushi worth in weight5
    Well Done, ComradeCleared SECRET 1 Q.2 with only 1 move6
    White ChristmasCleared SPECIAL 1 Q.20 with only 1 move6
    World Heritage (secret)Drew the same amount as Sagrada Familia's 1/10 height8

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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