• Obtaining all Animal Orbs

    There are 29 Animal Orbs in all. Here is how to obtain them and what each one contributes when in use.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Beholder - Gives you a magical boost - Effect: Magic +2Full Moon - Play the level with the Cardinal to obtain the Key Sword from the second shack on the mountain. Use the Key on the door in the Animal Ark.
    BiPolar Bear - Mauls Enemies (and Friends) who are near death - Effect: Mauls enemies with < 11 HP, and bosses with < 11% of their total healthSnow World - As you walk up the ramp, use the horn by the sign post signaling it. He pops out of the tunnel.
    Bitey Bat - Chomps enemy's heads - Effect: Hovers over the head of an enemy randomly and holds him in place while slightly damaging himPipistrello's Cave - Found after the boss bat.
    Burly Bear - Increases your strength - Effect: Strength +2Tall Grass Field - Where you climb the cliff. Go left of the cliff, eat a sandwich, move the rock, go inside, bomb the cracked wall three times.
    Cardinal - Helps you find secret itemsIndustrial Castle - Top floor of castle, kill the brute and get the Cardinal.
    Chicken - Increase to defense, strength and agility - Effect: Defense +1, Strength +1, Agility +1Flooded Temple - First dry land section, there's an X right in front of two giant fish statues in the background. Dig there.
    Dragonhead - Occasionally shoots fire balls at enemiesInsane Store - Purchased for 1,100 gold.
    Frogglet - Can pick up items with his tongueMarsh - Halfway through the first graveyard is an X directly in front of an open crypt, just before the wall goes back and the area widens. Dig it up.
    Giraffey - Helps you level up faster - Effect: Increases XP gain by 10%Desert - Look for X shapes on the sand (or have Pazzo as your animal to show you where), it is one of the last X's before the end of the level.
    Golden Whale - Occasionally drops gold - Effect: Drops one gold every thirty secondsInsane Mode Church Store - Purchased for 750 gold.
    Hawkster - Attacks fallen enemiesTall Grass Field - Blow the horn outside the huts just before you get Rammy.
    Install Ball - Shoots enemies with his photonsAlien Ship - When the countdown begins, destroy the first laser gate (after the toilet) and head straight up inside a door; then, go slightly right.
    Meowburt - Increases your agility - Effect: Agility +3Parade - Backtrack from cyclops fortress to the end of the parade when you get hit by the tunnel. Go through the tunnel, then go back outside.
    Monkeyface - Increases your luck finding itemsChurch Store - Purchased for 750 gold.
    Mr Buddy - Helps you dig fasterHome Castle - In the first room where the tutorial NPCs are. At the back wall, near the veterinary lady, there's an X on a pile of straw. Dig it up.
    Owlet - Retrieves hidden fruit from treesForest Entrance - Right before you exit the deadlands go behind the overgrown area and swing your weapon.
    Pazzo - Helps you find buried treasures - Effect: When a buried item is on screen, Pazzo will hover above it and scratch the ground where the item isSnow Store - Purchased for 750 gold.
    Pelter - Occasionally shoots snow balls at enemiesInsane Store - Purchased for 1,100 gold.
    Piggy - Makes food give you more health - Effect: x2 HP from fruit and x1.5 HP from Turkeys and BurgersSwamp Village Store - Purchased for 585 gold.
    Rammy - Knocks down enemies (or friends when competing to "Kiss the Princess")Tall Grass Field - Taken from the large bear with the banner.
    Scratchpaw - Increases your strength and agility - Effect: Strength +1, Agility + 2Sandcastle Interior - The tiger is behind the second barred window. Bomb the cracked wall three times to get him.
    Seahorse - Allows you to move quickly through waterThieves Forest - Right after the dear leaves a poo streak and before the stream in the forest.
    Sherbert - Helps you jump higherAnimal Ark - Near the ceiling at the back of the ark. Stand underneath him, hold RT and press A to do a magic-boosted jump or jump and press X, X, Y.
    Snailburt - Increases your defense but decreases your agility - Effect: Defense +5, Agility -5Marsh - Towards the end, he is right out in the open so you can't miss him.
    Snoot - Increases your strength - Effect: Strength +2Cyclops' Fortress - Bomb the cracked wall in the very first room three times.
    Spinny - Increases your defense - Effect: Defense +2Volcano Store - Purchased for 680 gold.
    Troll - Slowly regenerates your health - Effect: 1% increase of health regeneration every 8 secondsThieves Forest - Behind a cracked wall. Bomb it three times to set him free.
    Yeti - Protects you from being frozenSnow World - As you go down the ramp, check behind the huts.
    Zebra - Helps you find food in grassDesert Chase - A camel rider runs off with it. Follow quickly on a camel dodging the quicksand. Knock him off the camel before he reaches safety.

    Contributed By: Ace758.

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  • Unlocking All Additional Characters

    There are 31 Playable Character, 25 of which must be unlocked.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alien HominidBeat the "Alien Ship" level
    BarbarianBeat the "King's Arena" level solo
    BearBeat the game as the Skeleton
    BeekeeperBeat the game as the Barbarian
    BruteBeat the game as the Iceskimo
    CivilianBeat the game as the Peasant
    ConeheadBeat the "Volcano Arena" level solo
    Cult MinionBeat the "Ice Castle" level on Insane Mode
    FencerBeat the game as the Industrialist
    Fire DemonBeat the game as the Orange Knight
    Gray KnightBeat the "Barbarian Boss" level
    Hatty HattingtonPurchased for 1,200 Gold in the Insane Store
    IceskimoBeat the "Icy Arena" level solo
    IndustrialistBeat the game as the Blue Knight
    KingBeat the "Pipistrello's Cave" level on Insane Mode
    NechromancerBeat the "Industrial Castle" level on Insane Mode
    NinjaBeat the game as the Fire Demon
    Open-Face Gray KnightBeat the "Catfish" level on Insane Mode
    PeasantBeat the "Peasant's Arena" level solo
    Royal GuardBeat the game as the Green Knight
    SaracenBeat the game as the Royal Guard
    SkeletonBeat the game as the Red Knight
    SnakeyBeat the game as the Thief
    Stove FaceBeat the game as the Gray Knight
    ThiefBeat the "Thieves' Arena" level solo

    Contributed By: Punnyz and Ace758.

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  • Unlocking Insane Mode and the Insane Store

    Once you beat the game with any character, go back to the overworld map screen and there will be two new levels under the Barbarian Boss level. Accessing the left level turns on Insane Mode (which is a much harder version of the normal game); while, accessing the right level takes you into the Insane Store.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Insane ModeBeat the game with any character
    Insane StoreBeat the game with any character

    Contributed By: Punnyz and Ace758.

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  • Unlocking the DLC characters

    The DLC characters are not available for purchase like they were in the 2008 version, but they can still be unlocked in-game

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alien HominidBeat the Alien Ship level
    Cult MinionBeat the Ice Castle level on Insane Mode
    Hatty HattingtonPurchasable for 1,200 gold in the Insane Store (Which opens up once you unlock insane mode)
    KingBeat Pipistrello's Cave on Insane Mode
    NecromancerBeat the Industrial Castle on Insane Mode
    Open Helmet Gray KnightBeat the Catfish Level on Insane Mode

    Contributed By: Punnyz.

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