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by adam3k3

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FAQ/Walkthrough by adam3k3

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 09/15/15

Email: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com

Website: http://adam3k3.com

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper

Last Revision Dec 5, 2015

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About this Guide

Version History

Version 1.5

  • Added Multiplayer Strategies
  • Updated Versus modes

Version 1.0

  • Corrected and added missing chapters
  • Added the full Cog Tags list
  • Added Multiplayer section along with the sub sections
  • Added Insane Mode tips
  • The FAQ is complete, but future game updates will still be added

Version 0.90 Sep 7, 2015 The first version of the FAQ.

  • Main Walkthrough is complete
  • Most of the sections are complete

Copyright and License

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.

This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under your name on websites or otherwise is prohibited. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work along with the notice in the availability section.

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[3] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0


Welcome to my first HTML FAQ. I been waiting for the perfect opportunity to bring my FAQs into the new era and what better way to do so than to write one for one of my favorite games of all time, Gears of War. I would like to point out that while this FAQ was writen for the Xbox One version, it can still be used when playing the PC version. Enjoy and let me know if anything needs to be added.

Game Basics


Run (hold), Climb and jump aside / Take Cover
Chainsaw / Melee attack / Execute downed enemy
Fire / Use / Revive
Look at event / Squadmate
Weapon select

Left: Move around / Right: Aim

Press the left one when aiming to mark the target

Press the right one to zoom

Show Objective / Order Squad

Game Mechanics


You can carry up to 4 different weapons including grenade. Should you wish to replace a weapon with another one on the ground, you can simply walk near and pick it up. Note that the picked up weapon will replace the weapon you have provided it is the same type. For example, a new type of pistol will replace the pistol slot. Same goes for the grenade. The Shotgun hower count as the same type as the riffle (Lancer).

If you do spot a weapon and you already have it, the pickup will count as an ammo. Very useful should you ran out of bullets with no ammo crates in sight.

Active Reloading

Active reload is a mechanism known in the whole Gears of War saga. By achieving the perfect reload, you reduce the time and increase the damage per shoot. To achieve the perfect reload, press the reload button (Right Bumper) and wait for the moving dot to reach the center of the first white space. The space after is considered a quick reload and the last bar is a normal reload. Should you fail to stop the moving dot on time, the gun will jam for a few seconds.

Taking Cover

Taking cover is an essential part of Gears of War. Not only will taking proper cover shield you from the incoming fire, it can also be used to reload or throw a grenade while being safe. To take cover, walk toward an obstacle or wall and press . You will then be in the cover mode and can move left or right depending on the object you're using to cover behind. Moving under a window will automatically make you crouch. Hiding behind short walls or debris will also achieve the same. You can shoot back using one of the two methods:

Blind Fire: Firing your weapon from behind the wall or obstacle without aiming making it hard to hit the target but safe as you wont take any damage. Useful when throwing grenades.

Aiming: Press and hold to come out and aim. This is more useful as you will have a fixed aim on your targets but is also dangerous as you are exposing yourself to incoming enemy fire. The key is to shoot and hide. As soon as you are about to die, hide and regenerate your health.

You can cancel cover mode by pressing again. Holding left or right while pressing the same will make you jump sideways. If you are hiding two nearby obstacles such s one side of the gate, the previous action will make you transfer to the other side and remain covered. You dont need to be exactly near the obstacle to trigger cover mode, sometimes you can be little further but still trigger the action.


Death can be triggered by getting shoot, meleed or exploded. Some large enemies can smash you. A Cog sign will start slowly appearing on the screen as you take damage, when the sign goes fully read you will die. Depending if you are playing alone or with a friend as well as the difficulty settings, once shoot you will go down and start dying. Any further damage is an instant death. the only way to get back up is if one of your teammates pick you up and revive you. You can review the downed person by going next to him and pressing . You can also slow your bleeding once down by taping . Unless someone revives you, you will bleed out and die.

Note that the revive feature is not available when playing alone or on any greater difficulty than normal.


Once the enemy have taken a certain amount of damage, he will sometimes get down and starts crawling. You can perform weapon specific execution once near by pressing . Note that not all enemies can be down or performed execution upon. You can also simply shoot the downed enemy to finish him off. Cutting an enemy with the chainsaw count as an execution.

Be aware that other enemies can revive the downed ones, just like you can revive your teammates. Enemies tend to run toward the downed one so pay attention.


Gears of War divides the stages into Acts, each with sub chapters. This walkthrough assumes you are playing the game on Normal difficulty as harder ones may require slightly different strategies when dealing with some enemies, otherwise the same walkthrough applies.


14 Years after E-Day

After the cutscene is over and you are in control, walk out and toward Dom. You will now be presented with two option: Combat or Training.

Training path

Enter the hall and walk forward all the way to the red gears sign at the end, collect the cog tag next to it. Press and hold to look at an ongoing event (or your squadmates). After nearly getting blown up, head up the stairs on the right and up again. Walk toward the computer ahead and press the door unlock button. Go through the opened door. Next shoot the circuit breaker ahead and another one on the other side of the hall. The door will now be unlocked. Kick the door open and go through. Advance forward and across the obstacles collecting the ammo at the end. Go through the left door. Now head forward and through the door to your right. Be ready for your first fight; one locust will be hiding and shooting ahead. Take cover behind the sandbags and take him out. Grab the ammo and hit the security button. As soon as you do, run toward the unlocked door ahead before it closes again.

Advance forward and get down through the stairs. Grab the frag grenades and advance ahead. Take cover and shoot the locust below. You can throw grenades and resupply in the previous room. Once the room is cleared, head forward going downstairs and into the main hall. Pick Up the ammo and hide behind one of the obstacles as locust will come through the door ahead.

Wait for the door to gets open and throw a grenade taking out the incoming locust. Wait for the rest to show up and repeat. Finish off the remaining ones and go through. Once outside, take cover and start shooting. Clear the area and wait for the event to play out. When Dom starts calling, head forward and over the obstacle to clear the chapter.

Trial by Fire

As soon as you are in control, take cover and start shooting the reinforcements. When the fight is over, get up the stair and enter the building. Advance outside and take cover as locust will appear. Grab the cog tag in the middle and take the right path going up. Run forward and take cover as another set of locust will be around. An emergency hole will appear, you can close it up by throwing a frag grenade into it. In this case, don't as the hole as far away. Instead hold your position and shoot. You can also advance forward taking cover.

When the battle is over, pick up everything ahead and take the left path. Watch out for the incoming enemies ahead. Make sure you pick the dropped ammo off the dead locust in order to remain ready. Keep advancing forward taking the bridge on the right side connecting the two buildings. Wait for the squad leader to open the door and go through. Immediately take cover as a group of locust will be waiting inside. Advance forward once the first wave is cleared and an emergency hole will appear. Wait for part of the wall to fall before throwing the grenade as it can bounce back killing you. Deal with everyone and advance outside going down into the main street. Walk toward the buddies for a cutscene.

Fish in a Barrel

Immediately take cover behind the wan as you will be fired on by the Troika Heavy Machine Gun. You can throw a grenade or move out and take the right path attacking the troika operator from a side. Advance forward killing everyone ahead and taking cover behind the roadblocks. Advance forward and take cover in the circle shaped area ahead. Pick Up the ammo around and get ready.

A set of emergency holes will pop up, each one after the locust wave from the previous one is cleared. You can know the location of each hole by holding the event button as soon as event music starts playing with each hole emerging. Keep taking cover appropriate to the hole's location, always face the hole and dont give your back away. You can quickly resupply in between the holes by salvaging the ammo left from the fallen locust. Keep picking up fallen teammates to help you fight the wave but don't go out of your safe zone risking yourself. Once the fight is over, pick up any ammo left and follow your squad in between the flipped cars.

Fork in the Road

You will now be presented with two choices, left or right.

Left path

Keep walking forward but hold your position before the stairs. Take cover and deal with the two upper locust. Continue advancing when done. Another locust hiding in the room behind the fridge. Shoot him through the gaps. Go through the toilet and press the switch at the end to open the door. Deal with the remaining enemies dodging the fire of another troika. See the right room before the troika? Get inside and come out from the other side. Run toward the door ahead and kick it open. Get upstairs killing the locust inside and fire on the troika operator. Finish off the remaining ones and get back rejoining your squad.

Now quickly run toward the troika and operate it. Shoot the incoming locust. When all locust are dead, turn around and walk toward the locked door. An idiot locust will burst through, cut him using your chainsaw or simply spray him with bullets. Go through. Walk through the narrow hall and through the door at the end.

Knock Knock

Advance forward and through the door at the end. Check inside the cabin for grenade and ammo. Keep advancing toward the building and go up the stairs ignoring the left side's event. Once you're close enough, Locust will get on the troika gun ahead. Take him out from a side while watching out for other Locust. You can hide behind the sandbags while taking him out. Get inside and clear the remaining Locust. Once the fight is over, assemble near your squad for a cutscene.

Once the cutscene is over, get on the troika and take out the incoming Locust emergent from the e-holes. Once again, clear the area and follow your squad inside. Once the door is open, get in and make your way upstairs.


Advance forward picking the ammo on your way and look outside. Take out the the Locust outside and wait for further orders. Once the door is open, head down and immediately hide behind the obstacle while finishing off the remaining Locust. Once the cutscene is over, resupply and get back taking the stairs to the left. Once up, wait for the door to be opened and go through taking the left turn and picking up the Cog tag at the end behind the obstacle.

Head toward the hole in the middle. Say hello to wretches. They will be attacking from both the ceiling and the ground. Likely, they are easy to kill but can stun you when they scream. Keep fighting them back and cut them if needed. Another wave will attack from behind so be careful. Once the door is open, walk through and pick up the Hammer of Dawn. Be careful as it will replace one of your main weapons (Rifles) so select the unwanted one (In my case it is the Hammerburst) and pick it up. Wait near the door until your squad leader unlocks it and head outside.

Aim toward the Seeder and fire your Hammer of Dawn. Watch out for the flying enemies as they will explode nearby so make sure to shoot them. Repeat fire on the Seeder until it's dead. Take out the Locust on the other side and use the lowered bridge to get there. Pick Up the ammo on the left side and advance forward with your squad. Get Inside the building once the door is unlocked and keep advancing. Once on the balcony, deal with the wretches and use the Hammer of Dawn on the next Seeder. Note that there is another Hammer of Dawn on the right side in case you accidentally dropped your before.

Clear the area of any remaining Locust and head toward the door on the left side. Once it's unlocked, go through. Take the stairs down and keep moving picking up grenades on your way. Once outside, go through the left door next to the dead Seeder you just killed. Once inside, hide behind the benches and take out the incoming wretches and Locust. Pick Up the grenades ahead and move up. Examine the corps and pickup the Cog tag in the corner behind (you can't pick it up while the squad are still talking). Once the door is open, go through and up the stairs into the next room.


Take cover behind the couches and fire back at the Locust. The couches can be destroyed by fire so act fast. Once the room is clear, move forward and fire the Hammer of Dawn on the last Seeder below. Watch out for the flying ones and the Locust on the otherside. When the battle is over, Locust will smash through the door in the previous room. Take them out and follow the right path. Once the conversation is over, climb over the obstacles and advance forward cutting the wooden box for ammo. Take Out the Locust in the conference room and replace your pistol with the new Boltok one dropped from the dead Locust you just killed.

Go through the opening on the right and into a hallway. Take cover and deal with the incoming Locust. Watch out as these ones carry Shotguns and can kill you fast if they get close enough. Replace one of your weapons with the dropped Shotgun if you like and continue forward. Up ahead is a long corridor with a Troika gun at the end. Quickly run forward and into the room to your right avoiding the gunfire. Keep going up taking the ammo on your right. A wave of wretches will attack. Take them out and keep going. Get down using the left stairs and take out the troika operator from behind.

Now get on the troika and blast the incoming wretches. Once done, take the path to your right and then left. Keep moving forward. Once down, take cover and blast the Locust inside the room ahead. Advance forward picking the ammo on the right side along with grenades. Follow your squad on the path to your left all the way to the courtroom. Take the stairs and kill the troika operator ahead. Clear the below area of all Locust while watching out for the flying Nemacyst. You can use the second troika positioned to your left.

China Shop

After the cutscene is over, Pick Up the hammer of Dawn and move forward and left. Keep advancing until you meet the most dangerous creature, the Berserker. The idea is to lure the Berserker outside and use the Hammer of Dawn as standard weapons won't work. She reacts to gunfire and run towards it so be careful not to do so until required.

As soon as she runs past you, get into the next room and fire a few rounds to make a noise. Wait near the door at the end. Wait for her to enter the room and shoot her. She will run toward you. Jump aside the in the last possible minute for her to smash open the door behind you. If something goes wrong, quickly move away and shoot her jumping aside and positioning yourself near the door once again for another try. Be careful as she can kill your partner. You may need to sometimes get near for her to notice you.

Once the door is smashed, enter inside and repeat what you just did in the previous hall. Once the door is opened, head outside and fire the Hammer of Dawn once she is outside. She will be stunned for a short amount of time, blast her with your normal weapons until she is recovered. Jump aside and fire the Hammer of Dawn again until she is dead clearing the first Act.


Tick Tick Boom

As soon as the Act starts, you will be introduced to squad orders. You can now order your squad by holding and press to attack, to cease fire or to regroup. Advance forward until you are presented with two choices; left or right.

Left path: Keep moving forward picking the ammo inside the checkpoint room. Explore around until a cutscene kicks in. Say hello to the Boomers! Take cover and throw a grenade or shoot. Be careful, a single hit from the weapon they carry will instantly kill you. You will know when a Boomer is about to fire as it will yell “Boom”. Once they are dead, replace the Hammer of Dawn (if you still have it) with the Grenade Launcher off a dead Boomer. Advance forward across the corridor and into the next room.

Deal with the incoming attacks and move ahead. Keep moving through the unlocked doors until you come to a locked one. Press the switch next to it and go outside. Get the ammo to your right, and turn around advancing forward. Once in the open, take cover and wait for the explosion to clear out. Take down the sniper in the window ahead and clear the remaining Locust to your left across the fence. Clear the remaining ones inside the next building taking out the troika operator with the grenade launcher. Once the area is cleared, head through the door next to the vending machine. Kick it once and Jack will do the rest.


Once in control, get to the lower part and pick up the Cog tag near the ammo bellow. Now go through the upper door outside. Take cover and kill the incoming Boomer along with the Locust. Use the grenade launcher as you will be trading it off soon. Make sure to finish off the two snipers in the upper windows ahead. Go through the right door at the end. Keep moving forward on the metal walkway and take the left path once the one on the right colapsis. Dead with the incoming Wretches and continue on your way. Deal with the remaining Wretches and head outside.

Take cover behind one of the road blocks and try taking out the Boomer first. Watch out as he's shoots can hurt you even when taking cover if aimed directly on you. Pick Up the ammo and move out toward the bridge. Once the Locust attack, you can push the car or simply advance toward them taking cover behind any obstacle you can find. Watch out for the troika on the right. Replace your grenade launcher with a fallen shotgun or anything else and advance forward. Keep advancing forward till you reach the stranded gate. Once inside, keep walking till a cutscene kicks in.


Go through the door on the far left and advance forward through the corridor up the a door at the end.

Lethal Dusk

Once outside, immediately hide behind the cooker and take out the Locust. Shoot the gas canister for extra light. Grab the Longshot rifle (dropped by the Locust inside the cabin) and head down the stairs. Get on the platform and start turning the wheel. Keep turning unless you are about to die as your partner will take care of the Locust on the otherside. Keep turning even after the cutscene till you reach the otherside. Once you're on the otherside, advance forward toward the checkpoint.

From this point onward, you have to stay in the light. As soon as you step into a dark area, the flying Kryll will attack and kill you.

Grab all the ammo you can carry in the cabin ahead along with the grenades and advance forward. Keep moving through the house until outside. Shoot the gas canister to shade light in the area allowing you to move forward killing the attacking Locust. Once you move little further, the road will turn to the right with a gas canister. Before going further, shoot the gas canister in the cabin to the left and make your way toward it picking the Cog tag. Now advance toward the other gas canister. Make sure to run through the dark areas in order to not get attacked. Shoot the gas canister behind the car (Its on the right behind a wooden cover). and advance forward shooting at the Locust ahead. Use the Longshot to deal with the troika operator at the end and a few of the Locust. Shoot the canister on the left and continue toward the next one on the right. Next shoot the one inside the building to the left and go in.

Keep moving forward until a Wretche gets in the room through the door. Go in and make your way upstairs just in time for the e-hole to appear. Take cover and use your Longshot to take care of the Locust on the otherside. Don't empty it through, leave about 10 bullets and switch to another weapon. After sometime, move forward across the building and into the Locust side watching out for Wretches. Finish off the remaining ones and shoot the canister ahead. Another Loocust will come through. Deal with him and go through the door ahead. Continue moving till your outside. Push the car forward and deal with the troika operator along with the remaining Locust. Deal with the one shooting from the top right and go up the stairs to your left.

Navigate till the end of the building and shoot the canister below. Now get back ands go through the right alley. Navigate ahead until you're outside. Take cover and deal with the incoming attacks. Shoot the canister and navigate into the next area. Shoot the canisters around for better view and navigation and finish off the Locust around (use the Longshot to snipe the Locust far ahead).

Navigate into the next street shooting the canisters making way. See the searchlight on top? You need to get up and use it on your partner in order to give him a safe passage to the other side. (If you are playing with a friend, you can be the one moving down dealing with Locust while your partner deals with the searchlight.Once the street lights are on, head down dealing with the incoming Wretches and make your way to the other side of the street. Deal with the Locust emerging from the e-hole. Quickly head toward the light and to the next area. Walk toward the sandbags for a cutscene.

Dark Labyrinth

Navigate through the house as the lights gets turned on (wait for the lights to turn on before moving into a dark spot). Deal with the incoming Wretches as you move forward. Once outside, pick up the Cog tag on your right and blow up the canister inside the car ahead. The explosion will cause the car to roll forward. Run with it till it crashes and move forward toward the station.

Powder Keg

Run toward the station's owner and pick up everything in the back. Once done get near and he will tell you to fill the vehicle with gas. Turn on the wheel to your right and get back near the owner. After a few seconds, Locust will attack. Take out the incoming Boomer and the rest. Once the area is clear, get near the vehicle for a cutscene.

Burnt Rubber

The idea is to drive your vehicle while avoiding the Kryll attack. You will hear the station owner yell once the Kryll are approaching. Watchout as they can approach from behind and as well as the sides. As soon as they do, switch to your Turret and burn them. Press to switch between the driving seat and the Turret.

Once controlling the Turret, move it toward the incoming Kryll and burn them with . You can also zoom in using the . Watchout as the car has a health bar as well and won't last forever. Try clearing out the Kryll before they reach you. Once the attack is cleared, Dom will say clear. Drive forward and repeat until the cutscene.

Last Stand

Move forward toward the rest of the squad and take down the Locust below. You can use the troika gun as well as throw grenades to close the e-holes. Take out the Boomer as soon as he appears. After a while, a large e-hole will appear with Boomers. Quickly shoot the canisters below the large Propane Tank to blow it and close the e-hole ending the Act.

Act 3 -- Belly of the Beast


Keep walking toward the factory spotting the Lambent Wretches. Keep walking forward toward the door at the end for a cutscene. Move forward picking up ammo in the cabin to the right. Move out and continue forward. Time to fight the Lambent Wretches. Watch out as they will explode as soon as you kill them, keep your distance as you will take damage. Clear the area and continue forward across the iron walkway. Continue forward till the end. Enter the building “2” to your right and activate the switch near the computer. Head back to the building before it and activate the elevator going up. Enter through the window ahead and walk forward.


The path to your right leads to a locked door, the one to the left to an unlockable so take that. Pick Up the ammo at the end and go through the open door and into the next one for a cutscene. Open the left door. The civilian will now accompany you. Move towards the other door and go through once it's unlocked. Keep moving forward and wait for the door to unlock at the end. Take the left path and continue following the civilian up to the checkpoint with wooden floor ahead. Wait for him to walk forward and fall down.

The idea is to reach the other end, but the floor will collapse a couple times as you do. Once you fall, take the ladder in the corner behind you to get back up and into the upper area again. Follow my instruction for my stratagy.

Wait for the civilian to fall through. Now walk forward on the right side. Walk toward the end and turn left. Pick Up the Cog tag at the end and turn right. You will fall through near the end, get back up using the back ladder. Now walk straight, turn right, then walk forward and take the left in the middle all the way to left wall. Walk straight then turn right and into the door. Pick Up the ammo and continue toward the door. Unlock it and go through. Unlock the next door and enter the carts loading area.

Wretches will attack, clear the area and navigate to the next area past the D1 sign. Take the right path and continue. Enter the next room and turn the valve to unlock the door ahead. Head down taking the ammo at the end and into the new area. Wait for the security bars to get lowered enabling you to turn on the valve. Do so and navigate to the next area. Deal with the mixed enemies around. Navigate around to a locked door. While Jack is ripping the door off, a Boomer will come through the gateshead. Take cover behind anything and throw a grenade. Finish him off with any weapon. Wait for Jack to open the door and go through. Pick Up the Pistol and the Cog tag near the stairs then active the switch inside the control room.

Coalition Cargo

Head toward the carts to get in. You will automatically be crouching but will still take damage. Finish off the incoming enemies as soon as you spot them to avoid death. The first enemy will be to your left. The next one will be crawl on the ceiling followed by another two shortly after and one more before the divert. Keep crouching in the next area until you get to the one after. Deal with the Locust standing on the left and take down the ceiling crawlers ahead. Once down, keep your head down ignoring the Boomer. You will arrive soon after.

Pick Up the frag grenade, ammo and open the door by pressing the switch. Press the switch near the door and wait. Press it again when it stops flashing. Shoot the Wretches ahead and move forward. Press the next switch and navigate forward. The platform below will come up with a Boomer. You can wait and throw a grenade or take him out from a safe distance. Once the Boomer is dead, get on the platform ahead.

Darkest before Dawn

Keep navigating forward and into the spotlight next to a door. Pick up the Cog tag and head back going down. Deal with the Wretches and continue. Head past the light ahead after telling the rest of their squad to hold off. Deal with another set of Wretches and head toward the water ahead. Deal with the incoming Locust, resupply in the room on the right and continue down. Deal with the Locust on the other side or simply continue on your way. Deal with the Locust down and keep moving.

A bunch of Wretches will be waiting down, take them out and continue. Take cover as soon as you spot the Boomer and take him out along with the remaining Wretches. Continue forward taking the left path. Walk forward till the floor collapse. Deal with the incoming Wretches and move out. Walk little further and you will be presented with a choice. You and your partner will both face a number Locust ahead no matter what path you choose and will both cross paths at the end.

Left path:

Keep moving forward dealing with both Wretches and Locust. Keep walking down resupplying in the area to the right then continue going down. Once inside a narrow path, take cover and take out the incoming Locust and Wretches (you can throw a grenade to take them out). Keep moving forward.

Angry Titan

You asked for it! Walk forward and meet the Corpser. This huge creature is easy to defeat; wait for him to rise his three claws and shoot him in his belly. Keep shooting until he screams then immediately fire at his face. He will move backwards. Repeat until he is standing on the bridge behind. Shoot the smashable Clamps (bridge support) on both sides for the bridge to collapse killing the Corpser. Head forward (the location where the rest of your squad came from).

Tip of the Iceberg

Move forward taking the right path before going up to collect the Torque Bow. Continue up toward the pumping station. As soon as you get close the battle will break out. Meet kantus, a faster form of Locust with a Torque bow. Take cover and shoot from a safe distance as a Kantus can absorb a large amount of damage. Use grenades or any weapon you have. Keep moving around the station killing everyone in sight until the area is secured. Once the battle is over, head toward the elevator button crossing the bridge to end the Act.


Campus Grinder

As soon as you are in control, move ahead and secure the yard. The resistance here will include shotguns so dont get too close. Move toward the building as you secure the area. Take out the Boomer once he shows up. When the area is secured, move around for a cutscene. Once the cutscene is over, you will be presented with the usual two different path.

The left path takes you through the buildings unlocking the gate down at the end, while the right path (Streets) makes you progress through the street shooting the Locust.

Right path

Take out the Locust ahead (watch out for the Kantus) and continue through the alley on the left into the next area. Deal with the remaining Locust and pick up the Hammer of Dawn ahead replacing an unwanted weapon. Fire on the Seeder watching out for the flying attacks. Fire a second time to finish it off. Immediately throw a grenade into the new e-hole to close it up. Finish off the remaining Locust and wait for the squad upstairs to unlock the gate ahead. Proceed ahead through the conference room.

Once outside, take cover and take out the incoming Wretches and the remaining Locust behind. Ignore the troika and go through the door on the left at the end through the lecture hall. Deal with the incoming Locust as they come in and finish off the remaining ones ahead. Take out the Troika operator from above or/and advance forward. Navigate your way to the street passing the troika into the main road. Advance forward toward the crash site.

Bad to Worse

Advance forward taking the left path and into the area with the sandbags. Try unlocking the door on the left. Once Jack starts his work on the door, take cover in the center of the area and shoot the incoming Locust. Finish off the incoming Boomers on the left and go through the unlocked unlocked door. Navigate through the garden until you come to a Hammer of Dawn just before the entrance to an open area. Pick it up replacing an unwanted weapon and continue through. Once you are near the entrance to the other area, a Berserker will come in! Wait for it to run toward you, jump away and quickly proceed to the next area. The Berserker will crash through the hall. Keep running. Make your way to the middle and wait for the Hammer of Dawn to work, once it's online use it. Shoot it afterwards and repeat again for it to go down (you need to do it quickly before the timer runs out).

Advance toward the valve ahead and turn it to put the fire out on the left side. Go through taking the door on the left.


Advance forward going through the left path and into the next area. Take cover and start shooting the Locust ahead. Careful advance forward staying covered on the eastern side. Advance forward and up to the troika operator. Get on and finish off the new wave of incoming Locust. Advance forward stopping the incoming attacks from above. Deal with the Locust and advance forward. A Boomer will come through, take him down and move to where he came from. Once inside the hall, take the right path and through the right door at the end. Continue forward and into a checkpoint.

Move right then take cover. Careful shoot the incoming Locust ahead. Watch out for the Kantus as it carries a Torque Bow. Advance forward finishing off the remaining Locust with Shotguns. A Boomer will appear toward the end so be careful. Advance forward when done.

Close to Home

The following area can be little hard if you're not careful. Pick Up the ammo near the right wall and take cover. Take out both Kantus watching out for their deadly Bow then finish off the remaining Locust. Once the area is clear, pick up the ammo and advance forward going through the opening on the far left, NOT right as it will lead you to a dead end.

Take cover behind the graves and finish off the incoming Locust. Advance forward. Pick Up the ammo near the statue and advance left watching out for the troika. Advance forward and take cover behind the sandbags killing the attackers. Finish off the troika operator on the right and continue through the gate. Deal with the Kantus ahead and continue through another gate at the end.

Imaginary Place

Welcome home.Reload and dead toward the stairs. Watch out for the Kantus. Careful advance toward the gate taking out the Locust one at a time and yes, a Boomer will be waiting. Advance toward the main gate for a cutscene.

Get Inside and start blasting the scattered Locust. Once done, head through the door to the right of the stairs. Keep advancing killing the Locust in your way till you come to a valve. Turn it and go downstairs blasting the two Locust ahead. Advance forward till you come to the wine room. Hit the first wine cabinet on the left for a secret passage. Hit the next door.


Immediately take cover and blast the incoming Locust while Jack is ripping the door. Once the area is clear, head through the door Jack unlocked. Once the cutscene is over, head back through the corridors blasting the incoming Wretches and Locust. Once in the main hall of the house, head upstairs taking right to meet the rest of the squad.

Blast the Locust outside until a Boomer shows up. Ignore him as he cannot be stopped. Once the main door is broken, head toward the middle (but not down) and hold your position. After a few seconds the Locust will start coming in including the Boomer. Take them all out hiding behind the breakable sofas.

Once all are down, head toward the back of the house. Head back down and go through the door on the right side (left if you are coming from upstairs). The door ahead will be locked, head upstairs and shoot the Locust outside. Shoot the gas canisters near the door to unlock it. Head back down and go through taking out the rest of the Locust. Once all down, navigate outside.

You mission is to get to the vehicle ahead. Two Boomers will show up. Navigate around them taking cover as they shoot and run forward ignoring them before the timer runs out to end the Act.



Head straight and into the control room on the right. Once the scene is over, take cover and blast the incoming Locust. Head toward the open door and go through picking the ammo. Navigate your way down and continue toward the cabins. Continue forward and Wretches will start dropping in. Take them all out until the front fence is open. Head straight taking the right path and into the building. Take out the Wretch inside and navigate forward.

Once the hall, Wretches will start coming through the windows. Take them out and continue moving through the corridor with posters. Go through the door on the right and take out the emerging Locust. Get out through the window and head back into the building behind through an open door. Head all the way up and finish off the troika operator. Use it to finish off the remaining Locust. Once done, get back down and go through the window in the building ahead. Navigate forward and through the door.

Once the cutscene is over, take cover and deal with the attackers. Navigate toward the troika on the right, kill the operator and use it to kill the Boomers when they come through the door. Once the area is clear, head through the door ahead. Move forward exiting the building and toward the power lines.

Comedy of Errors

After the cutscene is over, head forward and deal with the incoming Locust. Now navigate forward picking up ammo and dealing with Wretches and Locust ahead. Turn the valve on the right side to put out the fire on the left. Navigate forward and toward the power lines outside. You will end up inside a building with a locked door and windows. Locust will emerge from these-holes so shoot fast covering Jack and watch out for the incoming fire from the approaching brumak. Once Jack rips the door, go through.

You will be presented with two paths, the left upstairs and the right one through the theater. The upper path is good for shooting the Locust downstairs while the right one is taking enemies head on. Both paths have valves so go right and let your partner take the left.

Right path

Pick up the grenades ahead and navigate to the left. Push forward dealing with the Locust and incoming Kantus. Deal with the troika last (unless you managed to take out the operator and use it). Once everyone is down, navigate forward and back stage. Turn the valve at the end and wait for your partner to do the same and head through the walls.

Window Shopping

Navigate forward and toward the stairs. Head down and pick up the Cog tag, now make your way up and into the open. Once outside, take cover and deal with the Locust. A troika is located on the left side so watch out. Take out the incoming Nemacyst as they will explode. Head forward and finish off the remaining Locust. Head to the lower level and finish off the Locust here. Get on the troika and shoot the gas canisters near the Seeder. Next shoot the van to finish it off. Locust will attack from beyond. Move forward and finish them off.

Keep navigating forward and deal with the Locust ahead. Use the Longshot if you have it to take them out from a safe distance. Head forward and through the open door to the right. Head down and through the door. Take cover behind the sandbags and shoot the Locust ahead. Head through the right door and take out the incoming Boomer ahead. Continue forward.

Powers that be

Continue outside through the door ahead and take cover. Carefully navigate toward the troika watching out for Wretches and Locust. Try to get close enough so that you can take out the operator and finish off the remaining Locust. Make your way through the door next to the troika picking up ammo and dealing with the incoming Locust. Pick Up the grenade and move forward into the next area. Take cover behind the petrol cabin and shoot the incoming Boomers ahead.
Move forward and deal with the Kantus / Locust in the power lines yard for a cutscene.

Once inside, navigate forward taking out the Locust in your way. Once on the other side, get up the ladder for a quick cutscene of what's outside. Get down and turn on the pressure valve. Navigate forward dealing with the incoming attacks and turn the second valve. Now head back and into the control room located at the end and turn the last valve.

Jurassic Proportions

Time to fight the Brumak! Take cover and shoot the right gun attacked to its hand. Once it's out, destroyed the left one. Next fire on its legs for it to get down. Quickly fire on the operator near its head.

Special Delivery

Once you're in control, move forward and take out both snipers ahead. Keep fighting the incoming Locust until instructed to move toward the train platform ahead as the train approaches.

Train Wreck

Move forward taking out Kantus and Locust. Make sure to pick up the dropped Torque Bow and any grenades you find and NOT USE THEM as you will need them for the upcoming boss. Move forward and press the switch next to the door at the end.

A Berserker will appear. Navigate to the cart with the fuel tank and shoot it a couple of times until gas starts leaking out. Lure the Berserker to the same cart and throw a grenade toward the leaking tank. Head toward the door once done.

Pick Up the Cog tag near the door and navigate forward. Watch out for the flying Reavers outside firing at you. Move forward avoid outside fire and taking out the Locust inside. Keep pushing forward. Once in the opencart, take out the Locust ahead and shoot the Reavers operators to take them out. Advance forward. Get up the ladder and use the troika to take down the incoming Reavers. Head down once done and continue forward.

Keep pushing forward taking out the Wretches in your way. Release the cargo by pressing the switch and shoot down the Reaver and continue forward. Keep fighting off the Wretches until the door is unlocked. Quickly push forward and finish off the remaining ones at the end. Once the area is clear, keep pressing the switch to open the door. Go through and release the cargo ahead. Move forward picking up grenades in this cart and go through one of the doors ahead.


Time to face the final boss! This battle can be very hard if you don't have the right weapons.

RAAM has two weapons: his gun and the Kryll. He can send the Kryll toward you and kill you if you are staying in the shadows. You cannot directly hit him unless the Kryll surrounding him leaves for a short time. Throwing a grenade or firing a Torque bow will do just that opening him for attacks through normal weapons. Make sure to always shoot him in the head for maximum effect. Follow my strategy for a somehow easier battle.

A soon as you are in control, move forward and hide behind the concrete block ahead. Fire a torque bow or wait for his kryll to leave after shooting it using the Lancer. Once he is open, fire a torque bow or blast him with the Lancer. Once the kryll is back, throw a grenade and blast him again. Quickly move back and take cover behind the concrete near the door you came through. Fire a torque bow or shoot him until the kryll is gone and blast him again. This should finish him off.

Congratulation on completing the game.


WeaponShort Range powerLong Range powerReload speedAiming
  • Lancer

The Lancer is arguably the best weapon in the Gears of War universe. Not only can it take out most of the enemies with a reasonable amount of shots, it also has a mini chainsaw attached for a single hit finish. Press and hold the melee button to activate the chainsaw, walk toward the enemy and watch him getting cut in half. Not all enemies can be cut like the biggest ones including Boomers and Berserker. The weapon carries maximum of 660 rounds in total and has an amazing fire rate making it excellent for a long distance flights. Also a good online multiplayer weapon as the you can surprise the covered players with your chainsaw.

  • Hammerburst

The Hammerburst is a good choice for closer combat as it deals slightly more damage than the Lancer but with a lower fire rate making it a less desirable choice for long distance flights. The mele of the gun is somehow mediocre since it wont kill the normal Locust easily. Still a desirable choice for close combat and for people who prefer a stadie rate of fire.

  • Snub Pistol

What can I say? Better this than nothing. Not to say that the Pistol is useless as it can land some nice shots to the head sometimes, but cannot be considered a lethal weapon. Replace it with the Boltok Pistol as soon as you get the chance.

  • Boltok Pistol

The Boltok Pistol can deal serious damage in close combat especially to the Locust as it can shred them in half via a single close shot sometimes. Not as effective as a Lancer in long ranges but still better than the normal Pistol.

  • Gnasher Shotgun

The ultimate multiplayer slaughter machine! One close shot and you're gone. Same goes for the campaign. You can take out Locust with one close shot as well as bigger enemies with two to four. Not bad. The only problem is that it's useless in long range fights and you risk getting shot yourself getting close to the enemy.

  • Longshot

A powerful sniper rifle that can kill normal Locust with one hit to the head. Deals a serious damage on other types as well. Very useful in long ranges and short ones as well as you don't have to zoom in to shoot. The only downside is that it takes somehow long time to reload and you need to reload after each shots. Not very useful in stressed situations.

  • Torque Bow

Takes a long time to aim and precisely hit a moving target but deals a huge amount of damage killing most enemies with one shot as it explodes shortly after impact damaging nearby enemies as well. Not good in short range fights or when surrounded.

  • Boomshot

Boomshots are dropped by dead Boomers and carry a very limited amount of ammo. A powerful explosive rounds that explode when hitting a target and damage nearby enemies as well. It is mostly one shot kill with bad reload speed and limited to short and mid ranges. The limited ammo makes it a one time use and replace a weapon.

  • Hammer of Dawn

The Hammer of Dawn is used in specific story scenarios and cannot be used normally like the rest. A one hit kill in multiplayer but takes a few seconds to lock.

  • Troika

Troika is amounted submachine gun that can be found in specific locations. It starts slow but accelerates to a faster speed. Kills everyone in seconds but can be hard to steer.