A balanced Build, PvP and PvE, advices?

  1. Usually I play through the game with focus on STR and generally being a giant immovable rock, using the strongest armor,shield and STR weapon, then I play the exact opposite, focusing on DEX, rolling around at the speed of sound, two handing and light armor. I then use a mage, focusing on INT and FTH so that I can use the Whole array of magic.I wanted to try is a build with DEX,STR,INT and FTH evenly leveled, so I'm asking you guys: is it worth to level them up evenly? or should I go more like 30/30/15/15? instead of 20/20/20/20? Which weapons would be good to a so evenly balanced character? could it be any good in PvP?

    User Info: daviyo5

    daviyo5 - 3 years ago

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