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by burqawitz

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FAQ/Walkthrough by burqawitz

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/27/17

Table of Contents

  1. Support for this Guide
  2. Legal and Contact Info
  3. Version Information
  4. Gameplay Tips
  5. Walkthrough
    1. . On The Hunt .
    2. • Iron Fang - Boss Fight
  6. Granite Steps
    1. . Homeward Bound .
    2. . Paradise Lost .
  7. Lonely Basin - during Sandstorm
  8. | Pylon 512 |
    1. • Skull Cracker - Boss Fight
  9. Lonely Basin - Center
    1. . Whisper in the Sand .
  10. Lonely Basin - West
    1. ♦ Prismatic Core Hunting
  11. The Cradle
    1. . Friend in Need .
    2. ♦ Back'tracking' with Seth
    3. . Arachnid Acrophobia .
  12. | The Core Foundry |
    1. . Departure .
    2. • Bolt Cutter - Foundry Boss Fight
  13. Shifting Sands - West
    1. ♦ Smashing with Duncan
  14. Shifting Sands - Central/East
    1. ♦ Combing the Desert
  15. | The Warren |
    1. • Death Rattle - Miniboss
    2. • Elder Alarum - Bossfight
    3. ♦ FL1-ing High
  16. Lonely Basin - East
  17. | Eden Tower |
    1. • Victor - Boss Fight
    2. | Floor 1 |
    3. | Floor 2 |
    4. | Floor 3 |
    5. | Floor 4 |
    6. | Floor 5 |
  18. . Eden Tower .
    1. • Victor Reborn - Master of Eden
  19. Side Dungeons
    1. Cavern Rush - Traversal Dungeon
    2. The Brood Hive - Adventure Dungeon
    3. Repository Blitz - Traversal Dungeon
    4. Assembly - Arena Dungeon
    5. Crucible - Arena Dungeon
    6. Forsaken Halls - Arena Dungeon
    7. Proving Grounds - Arena Dungeon
    8. Armory Flux - Traversal Dungeon
    9. Obsidian Run - Traversal Dungeon
    10. Acid Mash - Arena Dungeon
    11. Coliseum - Arena Dungeon
    12. House of Steel - Adventure Dungeon
    13. Pit of Oblivion - Adventure Dungeon
    14. Tyrant's Forge - Arena Dungeon
  20. Quicksand Rally - Bonus Traversal Dungeon
  21. The Infinite Time Cheat
  22. Frames
    1. K-9 Frames
    2. SP-DR Frames
    3. AP-3 Frames
    4. FL1-R Frames
  23. AOK Parts
  24. Hunting Challenges
    1. K-9 Hunting Challenges
    2. SP-DR Hunting Challenges
    3. AP-3 Hunting Challenges
    4. FL1-R Hunting Challenges
  25. Frame Parts
    1. Combining, Splitting, & Grinding Parts
    2. E-Turner
  26. Corebot Language
    1. Decryption Matrix
    2. V1-0LT's Audio Log Translations
  27. Achievements
  28. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Is it worth it to collect 75 Cores to access Tyrant's Forge

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Support for this Guide

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Legal and Contact Info

Legal and Contact Info

This guide was written for free use and initially posted on gamefaqs.com. Please do not copy it without permission.

I can be reached by private message at gamefaqs.com

Version Information

Version Information

Version 0.9 -
10/03/2016 - Well, the guide's not quite finished - but it's most of the way there and I figure I should get it posted so people can get some use out of it. The main story walkthrough is completed up until the final level. All of the collectibles on the overworld map and story missions are accounted for, and I have maps with locations for those items. I figure that's what most people will be looking for anyway. I also have lists of all the hunting challenges, with rewards for all but the last FL1-R mission. I have listings and stats for all of the frames found in the overworld and story missions. I have a listing of every frame part and what enemies drop them. And I have a translation matrix for corebot language and translations of all of Violet's audio logs. I also have a few gameplay tips, but there's a lot more to add in that department. I've only just started adding side dungeons, and only have the first few covered. This guide should be finished by the end of the week - assuming the update scheduled for the 5th doesn't include a lot more than I'm expecting.

Version 0.91 - 10/04/2016 - Added three Audio Logs that were missing from the walkthough. Added more information on side dungeons and frames.

Version 0.92 - 10/6/2016 - Added info for several more side dungeons, including a video for the extremely difficult Armory Flux dungeon. Added a video showing how to do a cheat to get infinite time on any side dungeon, to help with the most difficult objectives. This cheat still works after the patch on 10/5/2016 that closed a previous glitch that was being used for this purpose, but could be closed with another patch later on. There's no guarantee that this will continue working.

Version 0.93 - 10/7/2016 - Finished all the side dungeons and the extra Quicksand Rally dungeon. Added a Treasure Chest I was missing in the walkthrough in the western shifting sands - though I will have to update the map tomorrow. I also still have some information that needs to be added regarding frame stats. Very close to finished here.

Version 1.00 - 10/13/2016 - Added a section for Eden Tower detailing mostly the combat and the 4 audio logs. The platforming is just a matter of patience. Added stats for the last few frames I was missing. Updated a map that was missing a treasure chest.

Version 1.01 - 1/27/2017 - Minor formatting changes. Made changes to address a glitch in Google Chrome Version 55 that makes the Table of Contents links not work in gamefaqs guides.

Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tips

Platforming is very important in this game. Joule is very good at jumping and very good at climbing. She can land on very steep surfaces and small outcroppings in the walls, allowing her to climb to areas you'd never think you could reach by looking at them. If it looks like Joule should be able to land on it, she can land on it. If it looks like Joule shouldn't be able to land on it, there's still a good chance she can land on it.

Joule's thruster mechanics - Joule's thrusters allow you to double jump, and to dash. You can only use your thrusters so many times before you'll need to land and give them a moment to recharge. Normally, you'll be able to do one double jump, and one dash before you need to land to recharge your thrusters. However, if you dash along the ground, this doesn't count as your air dash. Therefore, if you dash off of a cliff, since that dash started on the ground, it doesn't count. You can dash at the edge of a cliff, double jump, and dash again before you need to land, allowing you immense distance to your jumps.

Moving quickly - Because of the way the dash mechanic works you can exploit the recharge on your thrusters to allow you to dash almost constantly without ever needing to recharge. When you dash on the ground, it recharges your air dash. When you dash in the air, it recharges your ground dash. So if you dash on the ground, then jump just barely off the ground then air dash, then when you land you can immediately ground dash again, then small jump and air dash, etc. If you're on uneven terrain this gets a little more difficult. If you start a dash in the air, but the terrain changes so that you're on the ground at the end of the dash, it doesn't read the dash in the air at the end, so it won't refill your ground dash. When you're on uneven terrain you have to try to jump high enough that you'll be just a few feet above the ground at every point in the dash to keep the dash from turning into a ground dash.

Extracting a Core - The tug of war game is not too hard to figure out - but there's a better way. If a corebot is destroyed while you're in the process of extracting its core, you automatically win the tug of war and get the core. When a corebot is low on HP, press RS to extract the core, and then press Y to have your robot companion attack that robot with a lethal attack. This will destroy the robot instantly, and since you were extracting the core, you automatically get the robot's core - and as if that wasn't bonus enough, destroying a corebot with a lethal attack instantly refills that lethal attack, so your robot companion doesn't even use up a lethal attack to do this. You can extract a core even in the middle of a giant battle with this method. You don't have to wait and get only the core of the last corebyte you fight. Note that this method doesn't work on prismatic boss bots. Prismatic bots can only be destroyed by removing their core, so you can't destroy their frame to get the core. But reducing their HP will still make the tug of war easier.

When you are forced to actually play the tug of war game, when the rope turns red, don't stop pulling altogether. Instead, rapidly tap back on the thumbstick. That will keep you pulling so you won't lose ground, but won't break the line. Additionally, it's easier to tell when the enemy stops pulling, because the rope will stop being red. If you stop pulling altogether when the rope turns red, then the rope will return to its normal color while the enemy is still pulling, and it's actually much more difficult to tell when the enemy stops pulling.

Stealth Extract - Most enemies can have their cores extracted by sneaking up on them. While the enemy is unaware of your presence, the bars that indicate the level you must remove an enemy's HP will continue to go up. If you stay hidden long enough, the bar will reach the enemies max HP, allowing you to start an extraction while the enemy still has max HP! Note that this cannot be done against some of the more powerful cores.

Instant Extract - Finally, when you build up an instant extract, be aware that this powerful move does more than just extracting a core. Using an instant extract deals a huge amount of damage to all enemies nearby, and it also heals Joule for about half of her HP. Additionally, it doubles the XP that you earn, but it also ends your combo. and Instant extract is built up by attaining a combo x 10. Instant Extract does not work on prismatic enemies, or on level bosses.

Combo bonuses - Building up a combo has several benefits. The higher your combo, the more damage you do. Also, you gain more XP as your combo gets higher. Once you reach x10, you get an instant extract. Instant extract does not have to be used during the combo where it was earned. You can save it and use it later. Finally, it's worth nothing that a combo cannot be continued indefinitely. After reaching x10, the time allowed between damage segments to maintain you combo gets shorter and shorter. Eventually your combo will end almost instantaneously after an attack.

Color Matching - Enemies will take much more damage if you shoot them with the same color of ammo as their core. Orange enemies are considered both red and yellow. Green are both blue and yellow. Purple are both red and blue. Rare and exceptional enemies cannot be damaged by normal shots unless the color matches their core.

Charged shots - Charging up your shot allows you to shoot a large, explosive shot that homes in on an enemy, and damages all enemies nearby when it hits. It does greatly increased damage, and a very good chance to cause a status effect as well. Charged shots will usually knock an enemy out of their lethal attacks to boot.

Farming Fusion - Keep an eye out for high level exceptional enemies. These enemies will give you a lot of fusion when you extract their cores. Make a habit of remembering the locations for these enemies, and visit them each time you pass through an area.

Use Your Fusion - There is no better use for fusion than to increase the stats of your corebot companions. Generally speaking, you should use all of your available fusion every time you are at the crawler too raise your core stats. If you need a bit of fusion for a frame, it's easy to run out and collect that small amount of fusion specifically for the upgrade, so don't bother hanging onto fusion for frame crafting.

Don't Make too many frames - You don't want to craft every frame you find blueprints for. Only craft the frames you're actually interested in, and don't bother crafting a frame unless it's a significant upgrade, or comes with a set bonus that you specifically want. Remember that some set bonuses still have an effect, even if that corebot is not active - sometimes even if you leave them back in the crawler! Keep these things in mind when you're deciding which frames to spend your parts on.



. On The Hunt .

. On The Hunt .

Joule woke from cryogenic sleep to find that her Crawler habitat's power supply
had unexpectedly failed. Stepping out onto Far Eden for the very first time, Joule
is now tracking a strange signal from what she hopes might be a replacement
power source, high atop the Granite Steps.

This is a tutorial mission, meant to teach you the basics of the gameplay. Joule is tracking a power source, which she needs to power up her Crawler habitat. The area to the south is empty. Head North toward the waypoint marker. Eventually you'll see a large yellow floating machine. It will release several small flying robots that attack you. These are floaters - flying explosives. They will try to rush you and explode if they get to close. Lock on with LT and shoot them with RT. As you destroy one target, you'll automatically switch to the next target, as long as there is a target in the general direction the camera is facing.

Continuing forward you'll see some small spider robots, but they won't attack you. They will burrow into the sand as you approach. Another large floating machine a bit further on releases more floaters that attack you.

Continue toward the waypoint, following the trail of red flags up the cliff. You'll need to use your double jump to make your way up the cliffs, but there's nothing difficult enough to require advanced jumping techniques.

When you make your way to the top you'll find a door covered in little spider robots. The yellow ones are Creepers. They just sit there. The red ones are Exploders. They explode if you get too close. These are not a real threat, but you can destroy them for free experience. Try to destroy them all very quickly to build up your combo. You should easily come away with an instant extract bonus.

The power source for the door is missing. Mack will head off to the left and start barking at some crates. Moving near the crates will uncover a little floating green robot shaped like a power plug hiding in the crates. This is called a Cellbot. You can shoot the crates for money (called E-Turner) and Cores. Walking up to the door with the floating Cellbot following you, the bot will plug itself into the door, opening the door.

Heading inside the cave, you'll see some flying blue robots moving crates around. These robots are not hostile and cannot be destroyed. However, when Mack enters the room, one of them picks him up and makes off with him.

Continuing inside, you'll see several small flying robots creating an electronic shield grid. This is a Security Lattice. You can shoot the bots individually to make a hole, but the bots will come back quickly. Lock on to the bot in the middle with LT, then hold RB to charge your rifle and release a charged shot, which will destroy the entire lattice in a single shot.

You'll see a large circular disk with a smaller green disk in the center. Stepping on the switch will open the gate ahead, however it will quickly close when you step off the switch. Use Dash (B) to get through the door before it closes. You need to dash as soon as you step off the switch to make it through the door in time. The best way to get speed is to dash, then do a quick jump, and dash again.

Keep following the path and eventually you'll come to a large chasm that you need to make your way across. The best way to get distance for a jump like this is to start off with a dash at the edge of the cliff (before you step off the cliff), then follow that with a double jump after your dash ends, and another dash at the end. You can get incredible distance with this maneuver. Clearing this obstacle will be easy with this jumping combo. If you fall it's no big deal. You can just use your double jump to make your way back up and try again.

You'll see another circular platform with a green disc switch in the center. Step on the switch, and it will open a protective covering on the door in front of you. Press RS to pull the core out of the door. You'll have to play a little tug of war game here. Pull back on RS to pull the core. If the line turns red, stop pulling or the stress will cause you to lose your grip on the core. When the line color returns to normal, pull back on RS again. Once you get the center indicator pulled all the way back to Joule, you'll pull the core out and open the door.

You'll find Mack injured inside. Walk up to him and hold X to repair him. This does not become a regular game mechanic. Normally, Mack will repair himself after a few seconds if he's damaged in battle.

Red spider bots (Comets) will rise up to attack you. You should have an instant extract ready from destroying the lattice earlier, so press RS to destroy one of the spiders instantly, then shoot the other two. When their HP get low you can attempt to extract their cores as well, but it's usually not a good idea to do an extract on a bot when there are other bots nearby that can attack you, so you should probably destroy the first, and try to extract the core on the second.

After you destroy the red bots, a group of blue spider bots (Weavers) attacks. Mack now gains his dash attack. Since Mack is a blue core, his attacks are very effective against blue enemies. He can do a lot of damage to these blue spider bots. When Mack has a dash attack prepared, use Y to have him attack the enemy you have targeted for big damage.

You'll be attacked by a large group of Red and Blue spider bots.

After you deal with the attacking bots, you'll need to find another corebot to open the next door. Hold X and Mack will sniff around and uncover the corebot to open the door.

Inside you'll be attacked by 2 blue caterpillar bots. These bots are made up of rows of small bots. You must destroy all of them. Try to avoid shooting the ones in the middle, or you'll simply split the caterpillar in two and have more targets to deal with. Aim at the head and destroy the bots one at a time from front to back. A carefully aimed charge shot can completely destroy both caterpillars in a single shot.

Make your way up the cliffs in the back of the room with your double jump, then dash and jump across to the large yellow sphere in the middle of the room, then jump across to the other side where another security lattice is blocking the door. Destroy it with a charges shot.

There's another round switch. Stand on the switch to open the cover on the door and use your extractor to open the door.

Inside you'll be attacked by a spider bot with a shield. Joule talks about using a charges shot to disrupt the shield, but you shouldn't actually need to. Since you just destroyed the security lattice outside, you should have an instant extract ready. Press RS to destroy the bot instantly.

Continue through the door. Inside, drop down into the pit, then look up and target the core on the ceiling and use RS to pull on it with your extractor. Joule won't be able to pull this core out, and will trigger a boss fight with the Corebot known as Iron Fang.

• Iron Fang - Boss Fight

• Iron Fang - Boss Fight

Iron Fang is a giant spider bot that can change her color at will. She can change between white, red, and blue. You don't have any real options for color matching at the moment. When she's white, you'll do the most damage with your white ammunition for your gun. When she turns blue, Mack will do more damage with his dash attacks. But since you don't have any options for changing your attacks, you just have to attack her with the same attacks regardless of her color.

Regardless of color, Iron Fang can fire a series of energy orbs at you. Many other enemies fire these type of orbs. Dodging them is pretty easy.

When Iron Fang turns red, she can do a powerful dash attack. Watch for her to rear up before the attack, and dash to the side to avoid the attack. If you get hit by this attack it will light you on fire. Dash to put out the fire. Iron Fang leaves a trail of fire behind her that can also light you on fire. If you need to get past this trail of fire, you can jump over it, but since all it does is set you on fire, and a dash puts out fire, you can also just dash through it and it will do only very minimal damage to you.

When Iron Fang turns blue, she can fire a powerful sweeping laser attack. She'll usually fire this to one side of you, and then sweep across the screen to hit you. Double jump to get above the laser and then dash to the side to safely get to the other side of the laser without getting hit. If this laser hits you, it can potentially take almost half your HP, and leave you stunned. Press back and forth quickly on L stick to recover from a stun.

Use Mack's dash any time both dash attacks are full. Always keep one dash in reserve. When Iron Fang turns blue, unleash every dash attack you have while she's weak to Mack's attack. You have to extract the core from Iron Fang to end the fight. When her HP gets low, press RS to do an extraction. You need to pull when there is not a red dot on her side of the line. If the line turns red, stop pulling so you don't break your grip. As soon as the red blip goes away, start pulling again.

Granite Steps

Granite Steps

. Homeward Bound .

. Homeward Bound .

The Power Source turned out to be a mysterious multicolored Core unlike any
Joule had seen before. Joule hopes the Core will restore power to her Crawler so
she can repair Mack and download any Far Eden mission updates from Earth.

Head through the door on the north and follow the path out of the cave. Jumping across to the next platform you'll see a small cubic item. This is a frame part. Parts like these will show up on the map, and will respawn when you leave an area and return. You should always try to pick these up whenever it's convenient so that you have plenty of parts for upgrades for your corebots. As you make your way across the platforms to the next area, if you climb to the top you'll find a large rock with something glowing inside. On the map, this will be marked as a Prismatic Core. You won't be able to get this until you have a different corebot to smash the rock, but it's good to take a look to see what these types of rock formations look like so you can keep an eye out for them later on. Just below this is an audiolog from your father. Thomas Adams Audio Log 1.

Before you return to the crawler, you should go around back and climb on top of the habitat. There are several corebot parts up there, but more importantly, you'll find a Health Booster item. Health Boosters increase Joule's Maximum HP. These are important items that will increase your survivability. You'll want to collect these whenever possible. Without them, the game will get much more difficult as you progress. Violet Audio Log 1 can also be found in the Northwest of this area, and the Julius Roldán Audio Log 1 is North of the crawler, inside a small cave along the northern rock face.

Return to the crawler and Hold X next to the objective marker to enter the habitat.

Inside the Crawler, you need to craft an upgrade for Mack to repair the damage done to him by Iron Fang. Find the workbench and hold X and the game will take you through the tutorial for crafting new frame parts for Mack. You'll automatically be given the bluprints and all the parts needed to make Red Bare Bone K-9 Forelegs to replace Mack's damaged parts. This frame part also does not cost anything to equip. You're also given bluprints for a full Red Bare Bones K-9 Frame, but you probably won't have all the parts necessary to make the rest of the pieces. If you do manage to complete all four pieces of a frame, your corebot will receive a set bonus for having a full matching frame. For the Red Bare Bones K-9 Frame, you would receive a 15% reduction to your Lethal attack recharge rate. If you want, you can take some time to try to hunt down any parts you would need to build the rest of this frame before continuing on with the main story.

In addition to Frame upgrades, you'll have the option for Core Fusion. Core Fusion will allow you to increase the stats of your corebots by spending the different colors of cores you've collected. Red cores increase Attack, Yellow cores increase Defense, and Blue cores increase Energy. A few cores may be required for making frame parts, but aside from this, there's very little reason not to use up all of the core fusion points you get to keep your Corebots stats as high as possible. You cannot use an unlimited number of points to raise your corebot's stats. There is a limit to how high a corebot's stats can go based on their current level, and the more points you spend to raise a stat, the higher the number of core fusion points required to further raise that stat in the future.

. Paradise Lost .

. Paradise Lost .

After waking from cryo-sleep almost a century later than she expected, Joule
learns that a nearby Terraforming Pylon has failed. The Pylons were meant to
tame Far Eden's violent sandstorms. But contrary to what Joule's father, Dr.
Thomas Adams, said in his message, things are definitely not going according to

Locate the Offline Terraforming Platform

Once you leave the Crawler, you won't be able to return until you complete the next objective, so make sure you're ready. Spend all your Core Fusion points to raise Mack's stats before you leave.

Hunting challenges for Mack are now available. The first challenge is to destroy 5 Enemy Corebots with Blue Lethal Attacks. Corebots are the stronger robots that have a core that could be extracted. Destroying a weak Corebyte will not fulfill the objective. When an enemy's HP gets low, just press Y with a lethal attack prepared and Mack will rush in and finish the enemy off. Remember that Mack does more damage against blue Corebots. When you complete a challenge, the next challenge in the series will become available. See the Hunting Challenges section for more details.

Outside, make your way North to the objective where you'll find a huge metal gate. There's an area off to the east of the gate that looks interesting, but it's guarded by a spider that's way too strong for you to be able to hurt him. You'll have to save it for later. Walk up and stand on the platform and hold X to interact with the controls and open the gate to go to the Lonely Basin.

Lonely Basin - during Sandstorm

Lonely Basin - during Sandstorm

Past the gate you'll be attacked by red and yellow spider bots. Just east of the gate, you'll find Natalie Bright Audio Log 01. Once you've dealt with the spider bots, you'll need to hop across to the platform halfway across the chasm in front of you. Double jump, then dash to reach the platform. There's a sand storm on the way, so Joule is eager to get inside. The next jump looks daunting, but it's not as far as it looks. Another double jump dash will easily get you to the other side safely.

There are Poppers hidden in the sand. These annoying Corebytes pop up from the sand and fire projectiles at you, then burrow back into the sand where you can't attack them. Don't go too far to the sides in this area. There is dangerous radiation around the edges of the map that will deal massive damage to Joule if she gets too close.

Continue forward, taking time to pick up the frame parts scattered atop the buildings and machines in the area. Inside the next gate, you'll be attacked by Red K-9 frames. These frames can shoot out waves of flame. Be prepared to jump over them. Remember to work on your hunting challenge, letting Mack destroy weakened corebots with his dash attack. Try to extract the core from the largest of the corebytes, though. The bigger the bot, the better the core.

Continue picking up the frame parts littered throughout the area. Make your way inside the structure ahead, where you'll find a Treasure Cache. Hold X next to the chest to open it and obtain the cache. This cache contains only simple frame parts. South of this treasure, on the floor, you'll find a red audio log - Julius Roldán Audio Log 02. Continue through the structure, where you'll be attacked by a few poppers. Outside, jump across to the platform in the center. There's a Blue SP-DR on the next platform. If you decide to jump down into the pit area there's a red SP-DR that will attack as well.

Follow your way around the path on the outside. If you check your map, you'll notice another cache showing up. There's a small alcove along the structure you just exited, near the door you came through. To get to it, just Dash off the ledge on the opposite side, then double jump up and dash into the alcove. This Treasure cache contains a blueprint for a White Bare Bones K-9 Head.

| Storm Shelter |

| Enter the Pylon Control Center |

Continue heading west, where Joule will mention that the storm is getting worse and you need to take shelter. Continue picking up any frame parts you see, while making your way further west, but don't venture into the sand. Radiation will damage you if you head off into the desert. What's worse, if you happen to land in sand when the next story segment occurs, you'll be stuck and unable to move. If this happens you'll need to exit the game and restart to continue.

As the storm gets worse, Joule's movement is greatly hampered. You can no longer run, dash, or jump. Follow the objective marker into the structure to take shelter from the storm.

Inside, step on the glowing green platform and Joule will use the Prismatic Core she found earlier to enter Pylon 512.

This is your first specific dungeon. Dungeons have requirements for entry, and will tell you specifically what treasures are available inside. You should definitely meet the requirements for this dungeon. Head inside to escape the storm.

| Status Check |

Pylon Control Centers were buried underground to protect them from Far Eden's
storms. But something other than a sandstorm took down Pylon 512, and now
Joule must discover how to get it running again.
| Pylon 512 |

| Pylon 512 |

Prismatic Core 1
Level 3
Prismatic Cores 4
Treasure Caches 8
Health Boosters 1
Thomas Adams Audio Log 2

| Status Check |

| Determine why Pylon 512 is offline |

Follow the path until you reach another locked door. To the right of the door is a tall, cylindrical console tower. Hold X to access the console and you'll meet Violet, a Corebot leading a revolution of some sort. Eventually, Violet will allow you to fast travel between locations for easy access to your Crawler, but for the moment she just opens the door so you can continue forward. Keep an eye out for spiderbytes along the walls as you continue down the hall.

Eventually you'll come out in a large room with a gold pyramid in the center. The pyramid is your next objective, but before you access it, there are a couple of goodies in this room that you can reach. Be careful as there are a handful of corebytes and a couple of Blue K-9 Corebots that will attack you as you wander around the room.

The first thing is the Thomas Adams Audio Log 2 in the southwest corner of the room. It's on the ground floor, between the main platform and a smaller circular platform.

The second thing is a Treasure Cache 1/8 on a ledge in the Northeast corner. I don't know if you're supposed to be able to reach this yet, but you definitely can. There's an outcropping on the north wall where you can land. From here, there's a small ledge just above you double jump up to the ledge. Carefully turn around so that you're facing away from the wall, then dash off of the ledge, double jump toward the treasure, then dash again and you'll easily reach the cliff with the outcropping containing the Cache, which holds the Blueprint for White Bare Bones K-9 Forelegs.

This is all you can do here for now.

| Reboot the Pylon |

| Use the console to reboot the Pylon |

Head up the platform in the middle to the pyramid, stand on the green switch plate and hold X to Activate the Pylon with your Prismatic Core.

| More Power |

| Find more Mysterious Cores to fix the Pylon - Mysterious Cores ?/4 |

One core doesn't contain enough power to reboot the Pylon. You'll need to find more. It does, however, open gates in the south and southeast of this room.

You need more prismatic cores to continue far through the southern gate. There's a large stash of money and parts hidden in the ceiling just behind the gate in the southern hall, though. Double jump up through the hole in the ceiling on your way back from the gate to collect the loot.

Then return to the main room and head up the ramps to the gate in the southeast. Follow the hall to another large room, where Joule will find a door with a red color coded locking mechanism. The door behind you locks, and also has a red locking mechanism. Mack will start barking for your attention. He's barking at a red Exploder corebyte on the wall. Shoot the exploder and it will blow a hole in the wall, revealing access to a small room with another Treasure Cache 2/8. Open the Treasure Cache to receive the Rifle Red Affinity Upgrade.

When you exit the alcove, you're attacked by four Red K-9 Corebots. Press → on the D-Pad to switch to your red ammo. Any time you're fighting a Red bot, using Red ammo will increase your damage against that bot.

Shoot the locking mechanism on the door with Red ammo to open the door and continue down the hall. You'll be attacked by red and blue corebytes all through the hall. It's best to switch back to white ammo, so you don't have trouble with the blue bots. These bots are weak enough that you don't need the damage boost to help with the red bots. Continue down the hall, and you'll come out in another large room. There's a prismatic core in the wall on the west side of the room, but the pressure plate to release the locking mechanism is missing six cellbots.

| Round Up |

| Find all the Power Cellbots to unlock the Core - Power Cellbots ?/6 |

Cellbot 1/6 is just to the south of the power plate.

When you move to the east, you'll be attacked by some tough red and blue K-9 units. Be ready to jump over the waves of fire sent out by the red units. Now that you have some color matching capability, switch to red ammo to attack the red units, and have Mack use his dash attack against the blue units.

Cellbot 2/6 is underneath the ramp in the east part of the room. Hop up on the ramp and use it to jump over to the platforms on the north side of the room, then double jump up to the high platform along the northeast corner. Joule will notice some Ringer Corebytes. Ringer Corebytes can recharge your thrusters mid-air, allowing you to greatly extend your jump distance. But we'll get to that in a moment.

Inside the alcove to your North you'll find a Health Booster 1/1 for Joule.

No go back out and dash off the ledge, double jumping at the end of the dash, and aim for the floating blue Ringer Corebytes. When you pass through this ring, your thrusters will be instantly recharged, allowing you to do another dash, and another double jump without landing. Dash forward and double jump again into the second ring, then Dash and double jump a third time to land on the cliff in the southeast corner of the room, where you'll find Cellbot 3/6.

Continue south into the cave, which curves around to the west. In the south portion of this cave, toward the middle, you'll find Cellbot 4/6. In the north part of the tunnel, in the center, you'll find Treasure Cache 3/8, which contains a Blueprint for White Bare Bones K-9 Hindlegs. Continue to the west and the cave will come back out into the main room.

Look to your right and you'll see a metal ledge going around the side of this room. Hop on this ledge and use it to hop to a platform on the south side of the room, where you'll find Cellbot 5/6. Then look north across the room and you'll see a matching platform on the north side of the room. Dash off the edge of the platform, then double jump and dash again, and you can easily reach the platform where you'll find Cellbot 6/6.

Return to the power plate at the west side of the room at ground level to plug all the cellbots in and unlock the cover protecting the Prismatic Core 1/4. Extract the core with RS.

There's a small irregularity in the sand near the power plate. If you have Mack search the area by holding X, he'll dig up a common frame part.

This also opens the gate on top of the ledge where you just extracted the core. Use the rubble nearby to get up high enough to double jump up to the ledge, and go inside to find Treasure Cache 4/8, which contains a Blueprint for White Salty Dog K-9 Forelegs.

Hop back down and return the way you came through the tunnel on the nothwest corner of this room, until you reach the large room at the beginning of Pylon 512.

With your new rifle upgrade, head for the door in the southwest corner of the room, and shoot the three red switches above the door with red ammo to open the door.

Follow the tunnel. As the path turns north, you'll find Treasure Cache 5/8 along the inner wall. This cache contains only common crafting components.

Continue following the path until it emerges in another large room, where you're attacked by Red and Blue SP-DRs.

Use the ramp in the center of the room to reach the ledges along the west, then go to the North part of those ledges and destroy the pile of garbage there and you'll find a switch. Stepping on the switch will open the door in the southeast corner of the room. Dash south along the cliffs till you get to the south side of the room, then dash off the cliff to the east, double jump, and dash again to reach the platform, where you'll find Treasure Cache 6/8, containing the Blueprint for the White Bare Bones K-9 Augment.

Dash and jump back across to the other side and proceed down the tunnel to the south. Turn left immediately and follow eastern tunnel and you'll find Treasure Cache 7/8, containing the White Salty Dog K-9 Augment. For some reason, this Treasure Cache won't ever show up on the map like the other ones did.

Continue south to the end of the tunnel, where you'll hit a dead end.

At the end of the hall you'll find Treasure Cache 8/8. This contains Blueprints for an entire set of White Wild Child K-9 Augments.

Backtrack a few feet to the objective marker, and hold X to have Mack search the area. Mack will dig up Prismatic Core 2/4.

Backtrack once again to the first large room at the center of Pylon 512. You still don't have enough Prismatic Cores to activate the Pylon, but you now have enough to open the door on the south of this room. Follow the path south and step on the switch and hold X to use the cores to open the door. Inside, you'll find Skull Cracker, the boss enforcer bot of Pylon 512.

• Skull Cracker - Boss Fight

• Skull Cracker - Boss Fight

Skull Cracker is a giant corebot based on a Ram. Skull Cracker can change colors at will, becoming Red, Blue, Yellow, or White. Use your red ammo if he turns red, and your white ammo at all other times. If Skull Cracker turns blue, unleash all of Mack's Dash attacks at him immediately.

When Skull Cracker is Red he'll shoot out waves of fire. Be prepared to jump over them. Dash immediately if the fire hits you to put out the flames.

When Skull Cracker is Blue he'll charge at you. Dash out of the way, and be prepared to wiggle the L Stick to recover from the stun effect if he hits you.

When Skull Cracker is Yellow he's surrounded by a powerful shield and cannot be harmed. Switch to your white ammo and hit him with a charged shot to break the shield.

During the fight, several other corebots and corebytes will show up to help - most notably Blue K-9 units. Have Mack attack these units with dash to destroy them easily. Don't forget to pick up any frame parts that are left behind from any corebots you destroy during the fight.

You have to lower Skull Cracker's HP, and extract his core to win. This gives you Prismatic Core 3/4.

| All Systems Go |

| Use the Prismatic Cores to activate the Pylon |

The cave continues on, but you cannot proceed to the next area without a SP-DR companion. Return to the central area and use the Prismatic Cores you've found to Activate the Pylon.

| Clear Skies |

| Exit the control center and return to the surface |

On your way back outside, you'll run into Violet, who will now make it so you can use Fast Travel locations. You can travel back from this location instantly to the crawler if you want. For now, just head outside to see if activating the Pylons has calmed the sandstorms outside.

Another fast travel point will open up just outside Pylon 512, but more importantly as soon as you get outside you'll gain the ability to fast travel back to the crawler from anywhere by opening the map and pressing Y.

The sands have shifted around, revealing several new treasures, bots, and objectives. You can do a lot of exploring, but first you should return to the crawler. Returning to your crawler will take all the items, money, and cores in your inventory and move them into storage on the crawler so you won't run out of room. You can also craft new frames for Mack, and upgrade his core with fusion points you've earned.

Lonely Basin - Center

Lonely Basin - Center

Colored items require a specific companion to reach. Blue = Mack, Yellow = Seth, Red = Duncan.

After you finish upgrading Mack, fast travel back to the Lonely Basin. Before you continue on, there are several treasure caches in this area you should consider collecting. The area has changed dramatically now that the sandstorms have stopped. Note that the treasures and audio logs from before you went into Pylon 512 are shown on both maps. If you picked them up before, they will of course be gone now.

Just north of the fast travel point, there's a gigantic chain going from the building to a huge yellow metal lock. Just to the north of this is Thomas Adams Audio Log 03. It's almost invisible in the bright sun with the white flooring beneath it. It's very easy to miss.

Now make your way up onto the metal platform just above the entrance to Pylon 512. Climb up the building, then go to the base of the support for the platform. You can double jump up and grab the back of the platform from here. On the platform is a Treasure Cache containing a Blueprint: White Stinger FL1-R Weapon. This is for a frame that you don't possess yet.

From here, head east to the large black structure with the pyramid that's glowing blue at the top. East of the pyramid you'll find a Treasure Cache containing Blueprint: Yellow Bare Bones K-9 Hindlegs.

Jump all the way down on the east where you'll find a black cylindrical structure sitting sideways, half buried in the sand. At ground level, on the south side of this structure is an alcove containing a Treasure Cache with Blueprint: Yellow Bare Bones K-9 Augment.

Now head east a ways where you'll see a white structure with an opening on the north with a Treasure Cache with Blueprint: White Brute AP-3 Legs. This is another upgrade for a frame you don't own yet. You'll be able to use it later.

Next, head north and slightly east. Just inside the shadow of the mountain you'll find a Treasure Cache sitting out in the open. This Treasure Cache will never show up on your map. I don't know if this is a glitch, or if it was intentional to make it harder to find. When you try to open this Cache, you'll be attacked by a pack of K-9 bots. One is a Warden - an orange bot. This is the first mixed color bot you've seen. This bot has all the advantages of both a red and a yellow bot. Your red ammo will work on this bot. After the fight you can open the Treasure Cache for Blueprint: Yellow Bare Bones K-9 Forelegs.

Exit the structure and head south. Climb a ways up the rock face just south of the Pylon 512 structure and you'll find a Treasure Cache containing Blueprint: White Brute AP-3 Augment. This is another augment for a frame you don't have yet, but it will be useful later on.

Follow the rock face around southeast and eventually you'll see another Treasure Cache on a rock pedestal near the gate leading back to the Granite Steps. It's easy to reach from the rock face you're on by dashing off the edge, double jumping, and dashing again. This one contains Blueprint: White Stinger FL1-R Head - for a frame you'll get later.

The next Treasure Cache is to the east, up on top of a large, broken yellow track, high up in the level. You need to follow the track east, climb the rocks at the east end of the map, jump up on the track and come back west to get to the Treasure Cache. It contains Blueprint: White Stinger FL1-R Augment. You've almost got a full set for a frame you don't have.

Follow the yellow track back to the east, and you'll be able to see a Treasure Cache on top of a tall rock pedestal. It looks out of reach, but it's not. There's a stone arch connecting to the pedestal. Follow the arch to where it connects to the ground on the other side, and although it looks steep, Joule can easily climb it and follow across the top to reach the Treasure Cache. It contains Blueprint: White Stinger FL1-R Jets.

Now head to the west side of the map. There's a pedestal near the middle of the map with a Cache marked on top, but you can't reach it. Southwest of that, there's another stone pedestal, and there's a Treasure Cache on the west side at the base of the pedestal that you can easily get. It contains Blueprint: Yellow Bare Bones K-9 Head.

There's a large structure to the south that you could enter, but we'll wait on that. You can actually reach most of the stuff in there, but it's easier to traverse a little later on, and there's nothing in there that you need right this moment.

Finally, if you return to the Pylon 512 structure and head North, you'll find a Treasure Cachein a valley between two large cliff faces, just North of the Fast Travel point. This Cache contains Blueprint: White Brute AP-3 Torso - another part for a frame you don't have yet.

This has been a lot of collecting. You might want to take another trip back to the crawler before you continue on to empty your inventory and craft more upgrades for Mack.

. Whisper in the Sand .

. Whisper in the Sand .

After restoring power to Pylon 512, Joule received a distress signal. While she's
eager to investigate, Joule advises Mack that they should return to the Crawler to
upgrade some of Mack's gear for the challenges ahead.
Lonely Basin - West

Lonely Basin - West

Return to the Lonely Basin and head to the northwest section of the map. Before we get started, there are a couple of things to collect. In the Northwest of this area there's a path with a pile of junk in it. Hidden in this pile of junk is a purple Violet Audio Log 02. On the opposite side of the area in the southwest there's a cave that contains a Treasure Cache. This contains a Blueprint: White Salty Dog K-9 Hindlegs.

In the southern part of this section there are a series of platforms. You can reach them by climbing on the large roundish black and yellow cylindrical object at the base of one of the platform towers. Hop along the platforms to the cliff on the south, where you'll find a locked gate with 6 missing cellbots.

There's a cellbot 1/6 on a platform to the northeast. You should easily be able to reach the platform from the highest platform here with a dash, double jump. Then jump back across the platforms to the west until you make your way onto the raised cliff face, where you'll find another cellbot 2/6. Return to the first platform you climbed on, and you'll see a ringer corebyte to your north. Dash through the Ringer, using the extra thruster boost to reach the next platform to find a cellbot 3/6. The next floating platform has a shield protecting it. Shoot the shield to destroy it. It will come back in a few seconds. Dash and double jump onto the floating platform, then quickly dash and double jump onto the next floating platform before the shield comes back to find another cellbot 4/6. From here, Dash and jump across to the platform to the east. You can see the next cellbot 5/6 from here on a higher platform further east. It's easy to reach. From this platform, you should dash and double jump up onto the rock platform south of you. You want to get on top of the platform, not aim for the cliff halfway up. On this south side of this stone platform, you'll find a Health Booster. Now head to the southwest corner where you'll find another platform with cables leading the way to two more Ringer corbytes. Dash and double jump through the two ringers to reach a high yellow platform with the last cellbot 6/6. Return to the gate and plug in all the cell bots and continue through to the south into a new area.

In the center of this area you'll find a yellow Natalie Bright Audio Log 02. There's a fast travel location in the east that you should take the time to unlock for convenience. Just south of the fast travel location is an area where you can drop down a few feet off the cliff to find a Treasure Cache with a Blueprint: White Salty Dog K-9 Head - finally completing the set. You can climb back up the rocks on the north to return to the raised area near your objective.

Head to the south wall of the cave and climb the wall as high as you can go. Then turn to the north and you can easily dash, double jump up to the platform to the north, where you'll find a Treasure Cache containing a full set of Blueprints for a Red Iron Tusk SP-DR Frame. This is another one of those treasures you were supposed to need Seth to get - but why wait?

When you reach the door two angry bots will show up and try to take your prismatic cores. There's a green one and a purple one. The green one won't participate in the fight. He'll jump up onto a high platform and watch. You can't hurt him. Pulling the core from the purple bot will give you a special rare purple core. Purple cores will give you both red and blue fusion when you return to the crawler. When you destroy the purple corebot, the green one will run away.

The gate ahead requires 6 prismatic cores to open, and unless you found some that haven't been mentioned yet, you only have 4. There are some prismatic cores hidden around the map, and also some side dungeons that you can complete to collect cores. One way or another, it's time for a little more exploring.