? About Shelly Tiller?

  1. I have heard it doesn't matter what you choose to do but I don't like killing someone without even knowing who they are.....and she won't even talk to me! So here's the ?, who wants her dead & why? Is it because she is so rude? Lol

    User Info: Timeywimeygirl7

    Timeywimeygirl7 - 4 years ago
  2. It feels like a plot hole or a mystery within a movie. Do you ever find out the answer while playing or does it always remain a mystery as to who wants her dead and why?

    User Info: Timeywimeygirl7

    Timeywimeygirl7 - 4 years ago

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  1. Unfortunately I am aware of all of that. I was just leaving the details of that portion of it out so as not to include any spoilers in the question. I was at the point of choosing to kill her or not to kill her but at the same time, the question still stands does anybody know who wanted her dead and why? Feels like one of those plot holes when you're watching a movie and you have no idea why somethings going on or who, a big mystery I just wonder does it ever get answered?

    User Info: Timeywimeygirl7

    Timeywimeygirl7 - 4 years ago 6   0


  1. She is an optional kill contract from doing the silver shroud mission. After you kill the one chick she has the contract to kill her. Me personally i didnt kill her because i have no need for caps i get enough already but if you do kill her there will be 500 caps in a drop box for you outside goodneighbor. You do not have to kill her to finish the shroud story.

    User Info: Metaledge133

    Metaledge133 - 4 years ago 5   1

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