How can I find high powered magnet for Liberty Reprimed?

  1. Ok I gkt the high powered battery before I got this wuest and guess I used it. I can't find another one and cannot progress in the story without it?

    User Info: luke092601

    luke092601 - 4 years ago

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  1. Myrna in Diamond City sells one usually.

    There is one in the Mass Bay Medical Center. After the Second elevator there is an MRI room, a magnet can be found in the breaker box.
    Additionally one can be found in Milton General Hospital, after the Third Elevator it will be in a small box in the corner.

    User Info: Caliburnal

    Caliburnal (Expert) - 4 years ago 5   0


  1. You can find a high powered magnet at any medical location, preferably a hospital. If you speak to Proctor Ingram she will pin point one on your map. there is one to the west of cambridge police station.

    User Info: darc1234

    darc1234 - 4 years ago 0   1
  2. Most scrap vendor's will sell them. In diamond city in the main square there's a women who sells them (most of the time) and at night in the same place a Mr handy who does too. And if you go to goodneighbour as you enter, straight ahead of you is a gun shop and next to it a store that sells junk, the owners a goul she should sell them too

    User Info: lpapashrimp

    lpapashrimp - 4 years ago 1   2
  3. I buy a lot of them to get copper and my source is from the general trader store that you can place in a settlement, mine is level 2 with a regular settler manning the store and she sells them everytime she restocks.

    User Info: FrostieBrad

    FrostieBrad - 4 years ago 0   2

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