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by Chromodyne

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ChromodyneDonate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 0.16 | Updated: 07/04/19


Guide Info

Thank you for all the support. I've been putting my heart & soul into trying to make this, with time, become the best, most definitive FAQ on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night available. None of it would be possible without you, the reader.

- Chromodyne

The goal of this guide is to eventually provide a definitive guide for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. That being said, this guide is currently a work in progress. If you find anything blatantly false, misleading, or otherwise incorrect, please contact me at one of the methods listed below.

Note: The walkthrough section of this guide is currently not written for a 100% run of the game. It is written with collecting a large percentage of items and exploring many areas in mind; however, it is not complete. The walkthrough is currently being reworked for completionists.

If there's anything you need to know about though feel free to contact me on at one of the methods provided below. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Approximate Priorities List/Roadmap

This is subject to change at any time but this is to give readers an idea of where my priorities currently lie with evolution of this FAQ.


  • Work on and complete skeleton of appendices. (Bestiary, Items, etc.)
  • Add "100% Completion" sidetracks to Walkthrough.
  • Polish the walkthrough section of the FAQ significantly.
    • Item & Enemy linking to proper appendices.
    • Well researched and tested boss strategies.
    • Images/screenshots added.
    • Improve consistency and language of the walkthrough..
    • Labelling specific "Editor's Notes" based on the information they provide.


  • Work on and complete sidequest sections.
  • Work on a Min/Max guide and provide definitive research into the best combinations.



Each section of the game is being thoroughly played and researched and sections will be added/updated as they are completed. To see what has been added in recent revisions check the 'Version History' section of the guide.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments feel free to email me at the email below. Follow me on Twitter to stay current on the latest updates on the guide! Keep in mind I'm only one person working on this in my spare time so I apologize if there is a lack of updates for any period of time.

My experience is on the PC version of the game; however, this guide should work perfectly fine for the console versions as well.

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