Review by MoeBear

Reviewed: 04/27/20

Your average Guardian

Never fails, another company trying to make money of a major hit movie. Well the first one was great, but the sequel, was way off from the first one. Don't know what they was thinking when they made the second one. Some movie games seem to do good but at the end they mostly fall short. This one did so and so, it has its good points and bad points. This game is based off the movie, but focuses more on the series. If you like the characters of the show, you know your typical guys like, Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, etc. you going to like this game, nothing to brag about, but its one of those fun games. The scenery and graphics was nice, the story and game play not bad, but could of used some touching up.

After a Big war in the universe, the guardians discover an artifact with power beyond their believe, so of course they all want it, but only one can have it. While they deciding to see who gets it, of course you have your villain that wants it too. There is always some evil bad guy out to get you in these games, and you always fight them at the end of your boss scene. Kind of predictable, no? This time the bad guy is a woman, and she the last of her species and she has her reasons why she wants it. So you drive your space ship around in the galaxy going planet to planet completing quests looking for this thing. Or course you decide where to go, and who to use on each mission. They all have their own unique special powers.

For all its worth you will get to hear some cool music from the 80's or course from Star Lord's music taste. The sound effects and music does have a nice touch to it. You will hear the same movie voices and comments they made on the screen. This is a type of game once you play it your done. No reason to come back and replay it at all. Unless you are really a die hard fan of these guys. This game is easy well at least I thought so, you won't die much. Depends on how much you want o explore the galaxy and planets and redo the missions for better score and find things to help you along the way. That's about it don't know what else to say but have fun and enjoy your adventure.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series (US, 04/18/17)

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