• Achievements


    ApocalypseStay alive at max threat level for 30 sec.25
    ApprenticeReach Duke Spookem25
    ArtisanPlay the game wuth every weapon100
    Best FriendsKill an enemy with another Bro25
    Bone to PickKill 10,000 Bonies25
    Broest of BroEarn the top score in a 4 player online game25
    BuzzlillKill 5,000 wasps25
    Ceramic AssassinKill five enemies with pots25
    Certified Bro!Complete a dungeon without dying100
    Certified WizardPlay the game with every wand25
    Hammer TimePlay the game with every hammer25
    Hopping MadKill 7,500 bunnies25
    I Ain't Afraid of No GhostDefeat Duke Spookem40
    Last Man StandingBe the last Bro alive when everyone else is dead25
    Looking Good!Play the game wearing a helmet25
    MercenaryComplete 10 missions25
    Pew PewPlay the game with every crossbow25
    Someone Will Have to ChangeComplete a dungeon wuth everyone having the same type of weapon25
    SwordsmanPlay the game with every sword25
    That's CuteComplete your first mission in the game25
    Time ManagementBeat a level before reaching threat level 325
    Tonight We Eat Like Kings!Defeat the Cult Overlord75
    TrifectaComplete three missions in one world25
    TrollThrow all Bros over a ledge in one game25
    UnemployedComplete every mission in the game100
    We All ScreamDefeat the ice queen!60
    Well RoundedComplete a dungeon with each type of weapon25

    Contributed By: verschwinde03.

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