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    There are 50 Achievements worth a total of 1,000 points.

    Background ReadingLook in every folder in Flight Computer10
    Basic TrainingBoost all the way through level 310
    Bonus OnusUnlock all bonus levels (25)20
    Cautious KaiAvoid every speed pad in level CU025
    China ShopShoot 5,000 pieces of glass10
    Credit CrunchGet 100,000 points in the credits minigame10
    Cruise ControlledRace through Level DC02 without letting go of boost!10
    Crystal KeiserObtain max crystals in 10 different Daily Sprints10
    Data MinerCollect all data packs10
    Double DashTeledash through two Vokh at the same time10
    Double or NothingUse double the firepower!50
    Double Whammy 2XDisable two switches within 0.5 seconds of each other10
    Easy TigerFly over your first speed pad10
    ExterminatorDestroy 50 Vokh Guards20
    FuturLab CertifiedGain 50 PERFECT medals70
    Gotta Kill 'Em All!Kill every type of enemy (doesn't include boss battles)10
    Heavy BootsComplete a level without letting go of boost10
    High FlierGain your first PERFECT medal10
    Hoarder Next DoorCollect 5,000 crystals10
    Hot HeelsBoost and sprint all the way through level CU0210
    IntermediateEarn Gold medals on all Critical Urgency levels50
    Ketchup!Get squished at the bottom of the screen10
    Killa ThrillaDestroy 2500 airborne enemies20
    Left BehindDie by leaving one ship behind5
    Lucky FindUnlock a bonus level10
    Mind Over MatterComplete level 50100
    Mind The GapDock your ship for the first time10
    Miss AverageGain above average XP in half the levels20
    Not bad, keep going...Complete all speed levels15
    Now You KnowGet a PERFECT medal on all Critical Urgency levels70
    Power ExtremeUnlock all abilities10
    Qirex R.I.P.Hit every speed pad in Level 2520
    Quadruple Whammy 2XDestroy 16 turrets in 2 seconds in Level DC085
    Quarp ZenComplete all Dual Core Levels20
    Ralan's MissionComplete all bonus levels70
    RampagerShoot 10,000 pieces of glass20
    Romancing The ThroneCollect 10,000 crystals20
    SaviourRescue 6,000 Jintinda10
    Snooze You LoseGet stuck in a door10
    Sonic SpinTrigger a speed pad 4 times in under a second in level CU0510
    Tele-DamageDefeat a Vokh10
    The Immaculate PerfectionPerfect all Speed Runs20
    The Long HaulPlay 30 different Daily Sprints50
    Thumb Kinda HeroPerfect all speed levels25
    Thumb TogetherPerfect all Dual Core Levels25
    Tough StuffSurvive the first encounter with General Glaive10
    Triple Whammy 2XDisable three switches within 1 second10
    Turret TakedownDestroy 6 turrets in level CU04 in under one second5
    Welcome to the party!Partake in your first Daily Sprint Challenge5
    Wheat From ChaffGain 25 PERFECT medals20

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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