Characters don't show up when the game loads?

  1. I have been playing in free play mode for awhile and now when I load my game there are no characters on screen. I can use the map to get to a level and start one (although its very glitchy) but when the level starts again no characters, anybody have any ideas?

    User Info: cthaviland

    cthaviland - 4 years ago


  1. You're most definitely not the only person to encounter some of the MANY bugs that Lego: Jurassic World has to offer.

    The "Invisible Characters" glitch can easily be fixed by exiting the game and reloading your save again.
    If reloading your save somehow doesn't work, try playing through and finish any of the game's vehicle segments to see if the glitch corrects itself there.
    And if THAT somehow doesn't work either, then I can't exactly help you any further...

    User Info: Thomasrj00

    Thomasrj00 - 1 year ago 0   0

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