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    There are 50 Achievements valued at 1,000 total Gamerscore.

    30 Wins in Ultimate Survival!Got past 30 opponents in Ultimate Survival.30
    A Chain of BattlesCompleted The Creation Chapter.10
    A Fist Toward Great EvilCompleted "Madara's Pulse" with an S Rank.20
    A Lightning Blade Pierces a FriendCompleted "A Battle Across Time and Space" with an S Rank.20
    A Never-ending ThreatCompleted the Chapter of the United Front10
    A Puppet with Ten TailsCompleted "Roar of the Ten Tails" with an S Rank.30
    Advanced Ability Cap Survival Complete!Completed all of the advanced level of Ability Cap Survival.10
    Agony and the FutureCompleted "Side Story - Battle of the Ancestors" with an S Rank.20
    An Unstoppable DuoCompleted "The Boys' Battlefield (Part 2)" with an S Rank.20
    Attacking is the Greatest DefenseCompleted a 50-hit combo.10
    Awakening in the DarknessCompleted "In Hell" with an S Rank.20
    Beginner Ability Cap Survival Complete!Completed all of the beginner level of Ability Cap Survival.10
    Beyond the Cycle of ReincarnationCompleted "Side Story - The Man Named Kabuto" with an S Rank.20
    Bonds ReboundCleared the Chapter of New Life10
    Conqueror of a Violent BattleCompleted "The Battle Intensifies" with an S Rank.10
    Dancing to the Same BeatPerformed a Finish Cut-In with a Combination or Linked Secret Technique.10
    Differing PathsFinished the Chapter of Two Unparalleled Warriors10
    Excellent! Advanced Challenge League Beaten!You completed all of the advanced level of Challenge League.10
    Farewell, ObitoCompleted "Kaguya, the Violent Goddess (Part 1)" with an S Rank.30
    Forbidden Power ReleasedFinished off an opponent while Awakened.10
    Full Power Teamwork!Finished off an opponent during a Linked Awakening.10
    Identity RevealedCompleted "Behind the Mask" with an S Rank.10
    Incredible Skill, InheritedCompleted "The Taka Soars Ahead" with an S Rank.20
    Intermediate Ability Cap Survival Complete!Completed all of the medium level of Ability Cap Survival.10
    Madara, PulverizedCompleted "Wind Rages, Thunder Races" with an S Rank.30
    Masterful TimingConnected a Counterattack.10
    Orochimaru SurpassedCompleted "The Taka Flies Again" with an S Rank.10
    Perfect Storm MasterUnlocked all the achievements.120
    Perfect WinWon a 3 round battle without losing a single round.10
    Personal Strength, ReleasedFinished with your own personal Finish Cut-In.10
    Personal Strengths, Maxed OutLanded a hit with each team member's Secret Technique in one battle.10
    Reaching the LightCompleted "Filling a Hole of the Heart" with an S Rank.30
    Sealing the Violent GoddessCleared the Chapter of the Final Showdown10
    Standing up to the ThreatCompleted "The Ten Tails Jinchuriki" with an S Rank.20
    Surpassing a GoddessCompleted "Kaguya, the Violent Goddess (Part 2)" with an S Rank.30
    Surpassing One's MasterCompleted "Side Story - A Pitch Black World" with an S Rank.10
    Team Minato's StruggleCompleted "The Boys' Battlefield (Part 1)" with an S Rank.20
    The Burning Roar of a Hot-Blooded BeastCompleted "The Crimson Beast" with an S Rank.30
    The Last Man StandingCompleted "Naruto and Sasuke" with an S Rank.40
    The Possibilities of the Next StrikeChanged leader during a combo.10
    The Showdown's VictorCompleted "Those Who Know All" with an S Rank.10
    The Taka FliesCompleted "To the Battlefield" with an S Rank.20
    The Three-Way Deadlock UnleashedCompleted "Team 7 United" with an S Rank.30
    The Ultimate ComboCompleted "Two" with an S Rank.30
    To the Bitter EndCompleted "Deathmatch of Creation" with an S Rank.20
    Trail of the Gale ExpertCompleted all the main events in "Trail of the Gale."30
    Trail of the Gale MasterCompleted all the sub events in "Trail of the Gale."60
    UnscathedWon a battle without suffering any costume damage.10
    Wow! Intermediate Challenge League Beaten!You completed all of the intermediate level of Challenge League.10
    Yeah! Beginner Challenge League Beaten!You completed all of the beginner level of Challenge League.10

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