Best partner for Bryan Fury?

  1. I've been training for the last few weeks, and certainly I'm going to have Bryan as main. However, he cannot do all the work alone, and I've been through a hard time trying to find a suitable partner for him... The best ones I could find, yet not really great, were:

    - Sakura
    - Dudley
    - Elena
    - Alisa

    So, Who would be the candidates?

    User Info: Archemicion

    Archemicion - 5 years ago


  1. Jin would be my best guess, I don't know Bryan very well, but Jin is the most seen partner for him from what I've seen.

    User Info: BlacknGold86

    BlacknGold86 - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. I like Ken so I would say it's a strong pair when you can tag-in Fury while Ken is doing the hurricane kick for a full combo opportunity with plenty of time. Other than that I just like those 2.

    User Info: crono_b

    crono_b - 8 months ago 0 0

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