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FAQ/Walkthrough by RadiantViper

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 07/31/10

    ~Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana's Song DLC Walkthrough/Achievement Guide~  
                                  ~Version 1.1~
                              ~Author: RadiantViper~

                             ***Tables Of Contents***
1. Overview                                                             [OVR00]
2. FAQ                                                                  [FAQ00]
3. Walkthrough                                                          [WLK00]
4. Achievement Guide                                                    [ACH00]
5. Version History/Credit                                               [VHC00]
6. Copyright/Terms of Use                                               [CTU00]

                                  ***Overview***                        [OVR00]

This guide is for the Leliana's Song DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. Besides 
guiding you through the DLC, it also details how to get all the achievements 
or trophies in one playthrough, with locations for all the items necessary.

This guide is mostly spoiler free - while obviously you'll know where all the
battles take place and what areas you go through, I avoid any major spoilers
to the story of the DLC. Still, if you care about keeping the experience
as fresh as possible, I recommend playing through the DLC once, then 
checking my guide for a second playthrough. But in the end it's up to you!

If you have any comments, send me an e-mail at viper1928374@live.ca (please
indicate in the subject line that it's about this guide).

This guide was based of the Xbox 360 version. It should be accurate for both 
the PS3 and PC versions of the game as well. 

                                     ***FAQ***                          [FAQ00]

Q: What is this DLC about/How much does it cost?
A: Leliana's Song costs 560 MS Points, or 7$. It is a small prequel story to 
the main game, detailing the backstory of the party member Leliana and how she
came to end up in Fereldan.

Q: How much gamerscore does it add?
A: It adds 3 achievements for a total of 100 gamerscore. 

Q: Can I play this off the Awakening expansion disc?
A: I haven't tried this myself, but I have read you can indeed play this off
the Awakening disc, as it is it's own mini-playthrough, seperate from the main

Q: What's the bonus item than you can aquired to use in Origins/Awakening, and
how do you get it?
A: The item is the Battledress of the Provocateur. To get it you simply need 
to follow the guide and get the Provocatuer achievement by finding all 6 
Masterword Leather Pieces. Getting the achievement will allow to use the item
in Origins/Awakening. Here are the stats:

Battledress of the Provocateur
Light armor
Drakeskin (Tier 7)
Requires: 20 strength

Armor: 9
Fatigue: 2.30%
+2 dexterity
+10 armor
+25% chance to dodge attacks
+4 stamina regeneration in combat
+100 stamina

                               ***Walkthrough***                        [WLK00]

The intro is narrated by Leliana, as she begins to tell you the tale of her 
betrayal. We see that Marjolaine and her group of Orlesian associates are in
Denerim, ready to prey on the so-called Fereldan fools. 

***New Quests***
The Game
Defeat Bann Perrin's Guards
Kill the Loose Tongue
Stealing in the Market
Marjolaine's Vendetta

You start in the market area of Denerim. All of your party members have a level
up available. If you're going for the Provocateur achievement/the Battledress,
you'll want to upgrade your lockpicking to level 3 (Mechanical Expertise) so 
you can open higher level chests. Besides that, dish out the few stat points as
you see fit. You should also map your abilities and the like.

When you're ready, head southwest along the alleyway past the chantry, and look
to the right for a sack in the corner. Open it up and grab the note from the 
Mages' Collective. 

***New Quest***
Find the Mage's Cache

Continue west past the guards, and look closer at the buildings on the west
side - there's a sparkling spot which is the first Mages' Collective Clue. Hit
A to get the clue. 

Now double back to where you started the DLC. In the alleyway behind the dead
soldiers is a couple of sparkling bags, they're the second clue, so get it too.

Next, head back to the middle of the market with all the shops. There are 3
chests you can steal from. If you're going for the 'Vendetta' achievement, DO 
NOT put them in the other chests - if you accidentally put one in, you can 
still take it out but if you put all 3 in another chest you can't get them back

Start stealing from all 3 chests. You could probably try to be stealthy, but
where's the fun in that? The guards will start attacking you when they notice
you stealing, so be ready. Remember that Leliana has both a bow and a sword 
available (I find that using her as an archer works better overall),
and make use of your abilities of course. 

~~~Vendetta Items: 1, 2 and 3 of 6 acquired (Fenced Items)~~~

Now head east, into the large alcove that leads to the estate. When you get
close to the guards and Bann Perrin, they will attack. Defeat them, and make
sure to loot Perrin's body for his Suspect Underthings ... nice. Make sure not
to put the Suspect Underthings on the Chantry Board - it may be funny, but it
will also void your chance of getting the Vendetta achievement.

~~~Vendetta Items: 4 of 6 acquired (Suspect Underthings)~~~

Head back west, all the way near the door to the elven slums. There will be 
a sparkly spot near the pile of stones by the city wall. Get close and you'll
be attacked by a mage and his pet golem. Defeat them, and make sure to grab the
Mages' Collective Signet from the mages' body, and check the Cache by the rocks
for a few items. 

~~~Vendetta Items: 5 of 6 acquired (Mages' Collective Signet)~~~
Note: I've been told you don't need to plant this item for Vendetta. You can 
alternatively give it to Sketch for him to use.

***Quest Completed***
Find the Mages' Cache

Head east then north down the alley by the pub. Ignore the body of Guard 
Captain Eams for now, we'll get to him in a moment. Continue down the alley 
and talk to the man at the door. Kill him, then grab all the items from his
corpse. Which somehow includes his corpse itself!.

~~~Vendetta Items: 6 of 6 acquired (Jovi Merice's Corpse)~~~
~~~Masterwork Leather Piece: 1 of 6 acquired~~~

***New Quest***
Orlesian Battledress

Go back to Guard Captain Eams' corpse. Interact with it and plant every 
single item possible on him. 

***Quest COmpleted***
Defeat Bann Perrin's Guards
Kill the Loose Tongue
Stealing in the Market

Head east back towards where you killed Jovi - there's now a sparkly spot on
the ground. Interact with it to signal Marjolaine. If you followed the guide,
during the conversation Marjolaine will say you did a fantastic job destroying
the Captain's career, and then ...

Achievement Unlocked: Vendetta (25 gamerscore)

After your chat with Marjolaine, you can go talk to Bonny Lem if you like to 
buy/sell items. Equip and organize your party as you see fit. When you're 
ready, talk to Marjolaine and say you want to go now. You'll watch another

Once you regain control, head north and turn the corner. An Elite Guard and a
Marbari will attack. Defeat them and loot the guard to pick up his corpse. 

Continue east to the pumpkin patch, then make a U-Turn through the opening. 
Defeat the 2 Elite Guards, then again pick up their corpses. Then turn around 
head into the pumpkin patch - there's a marked spot where you can dump all 3
bodies. Do so, then turn around head back to where you fought the last two
guards. Head past the fountain towards the quest market, then interact with
the sparkly spot to head into the estate. 

When you get inside, turn left and then go through the door. After Leliana 
does her best Team Fortress 2 Spy impression, kill all the guards. Head
south through the door, and right in front of you will be a locked door. Open
it up, then open the locked chest inside. 

~~~Masterwork Leather Piece: 2 of 6 acquired~~~

Exit and head down the hallway through the door. More guards - this time, 
try to befriend the guards, because fighting is bad! And by that, I mean
murder the crap out of them. Make sure to loot the Sergeant for his Set of 
Keys, then go through the locked door on the west side. There will be a short

After that's done, you can go to the left and right if you wish, but there's 
only some more fights and a couple of random items. Head west down the
hallway and open the door just on the right. Head into the bedroom, but DO NOT
interact with the quest marker yet. Instead, turn left past the bed and open 
the locked chest.

~~~Masterwork Leather Piece: 3 of 6 acquired~~~

Now go back to the desk and plant the papers. You'll get another cutscene.

You'll be at the hideout now. Not much to do here, you can once again buy/sell
your items, and have a line or two with your teammates. When you're ready, 
head through the door on the east and you'll have another conversation. After
that's done, go to the front door and talk to Marjolaine to leave. 

You'll be back in the estate. Head out the door and turn right, then left past
the entrance to head into a new area. In the hallway you'll have to fight some
off-duty soldiers. You can check the rooms for some misc. items, nothing
important though. Head to the end of the hallway and go through the door.

Another fight, this time with some regular soldiers and a mage. You may want
to get rid of the mage first to save some trouble. When you're done, go 
through the door and turn right. You'll see a door there that's locked. Open 
it, then take out the Marbari and the Weapons Master. This fight can be a
little difficult, make sure you have some healing items ready just in case,
and perhaps make a save if you haven't recently. If your party members go 
down, remember to use Lesser Injury Kits on them after they're revived. 

There's some item racks here, grab the loot - specifically the Armor Stand at
the back of the room.

~~~Masterwork Leather Piece: 4 of 6 acquired~~~

Exit the room and head right, then left into the dining hall to find 3 more
guards, you know what to do. Head through the south door, then head west and
finally south to find the exit.

When you get outside, turn left and follow the path to Marjolaine. Another
few cutscenes will play.

When you regain control, pick up the small pack in front of you. Make sure
to equip the dagger that you receive. Then turn around and head through the
door. Turn left, then left again when a gate blocks your way. 

Head inside, defeat the guards then go near the prisoners. More guards will 
attack, but this time you'll have some backup. When the battle is over, open
the locked chest near the lever and remember to set up your party again. Pull
the level, then exit the door and go through the now opened gate. 

You'll hit another gate, so turn right through the door. Some more enemies
are inside, and again defeating the mage first may be a good idea. When that's
done, go to the quest marker at the back of the room for a short cutscene. 

After that, hit the level behind the table, then loot the nearby weapons rack.
There's a gift item you can give to either of your party members, you'll get
a line or two of dialogue depending on who you choose.

Exit through the door that you came from, and turn right past the open gate.
Immediately go through the door on the left. Fight some more guards, then loot
all item holders in the room - in particular the footlocker at the back.

~~~Masterwork Leather Piece: 5 of 6 acquired~~~

Leave then continue down the hallway for - surprise - another gate. Go through
the door that is now on your left, there are some guards, a marbari and
crossbowmen inside. Go ahead and get your murder on. Hit the level at the back.
There's a footlocker on the right with some armour inside, so you might want
to check it too. 

Leave the room and turn left. Down the hallway there's a room to the left
but it's unnecessary, just more fighting and a few items. Keep going west and
you'll have to fight another guard, marbari and mage combo. Defeat them, and
keep heading west through the door and you'll see another cutscene at the end.

You'll be in the chantry and have another conversation. When you're done
talking, immediately do a 180 - behind you is a desk you can loot.

~~~Masterwork Leather Piece: 6 of 6 acquired~~~

Achievement Unlocked: Provocatuer (50 gamerscore)

You can go ahead and talk to your party members and buy sell items, I suggest
stocking up as much as possible as the next area is somewhat tough. When
you're ready to leave, go talk to Dorothea. And you'll get to watch another

When you regain control, head south and fight off all the guards. Then head
south to the exit.

The canyon section is straighforward. Just keep following the path, fighting
off the various enemies. Ignore the offshoots, there's nothing interesting down

When you see the Sergeant run off, there's a fairly difficult fight up next.
Have some healing items ready, and have your mage either set up for healing
or offense, you'll need one of them. The mage on the right is the main
problem, but unfortunately getting up there usual leads to you taking some 
damage - either have your mage ready to heal/revive you or send some powerful
magic up that way. Try to charge with you and your other party member and take
down the mage quickly. The mage drops a better staff, so you can give it your
own mage. When you're down, head down to the exit. 

Fight the guards and head across the bridge. You'll fight a sub-boss before 
the main final boss, he's not too tough. Don't worry if someone goes down, 
they'll get revived before the real final fight. 

For the final fight, take the mage out first - she has very low health, it 
won't take long. Then focus on the boss. He's all out melee, but not that 
difficult at all. With all 3 party members focusing on him he'll be finished

Congrats, you've finished the DLC! Go through the final conversations, then
watch the last cutscene. Once the credits start to roll, you'll get the final

Achievement Unlocked: Turning Point (25 gamerscore)

                           ***Achievement Guide***                      [ACH00]

--- Vendetta - 25 gamerscore
Destroyed the career of Guard Captain Eams.

For this achievement, you need to put all 6 of the listed items on the Guard
Captain's body. His body is near the tavern, on the north side of the market.
You need to do this in the market, before you move onto the estate.

The 6 items are:

- The 3 different items you steal from the shops in the market. DO NOT put them
into other shop chests. If you accidentally put one in another shop chest, you
can still take it out - but if you put all 3 in different chests, you can't get
them back out and can't get the achievement.
- Bann Perrin's under garments. You fight him on the east side of the market.
DO NOT put them on the Chantry Board, you can't get them back.
- Mages Collective Signet (I've been told this is the one item you don't 
actually have to put on his body, you can give it to Sketch instead if you 
like). First you'll need to find all the markers. To start the quest, go to the
spot where the Mages Guild bag is in the main game - just west of the chantry,
or on the other side of the building that has armour shop in the main game.
Then there are two markers - one is just west of the bag along the buildings,
and the other is near where you started the DLC - go north up the alley from
the main entrance to the market. Finally, go all the way west near the gate
to the city elf slums. Go near the sparkly spot and you'll get attacked,
defeat the mage and take the Signet from his body.
- Jovi's body - go past the Guard Captain and down the alley and you'll have to
kill the guy near the doorway. You can then take his body.

Plant all these items then go signal Marjolaine. If you did it right she will
say you did a fantastic job destroying his career, and you should get the

--- Provocateur - 50
Collected and assembled the Battledress of the Provocateur.

You need to find 6 items throughout the DLC, they're all called 'Masterwork
Leather Piece'. Some of the pieces are found in locked areas. You need to raise
Leliana's lockpick by at least one, so do that as as soon possible.

- After killing Jovi in the market, the first piece is on his body.
- When you're inside the estate, after the first few rooms you'll move into a
hallway and there will be a locked door right in front of you. Open it, then
open the locked chest inside for piece 2.
- Continue through the estate past the first short cutscene and go to the
bedroom where you're supposed to hide the papers. Near the bed is another
locked chest with piece number 3.
- You'll leave the estate to go to the hideout, but then you'll come back and
you'll be able to access new parts of it. Keep going past the first two battles
(with the off duty soldiers, then the normal soldiers and a mage) and you'll
have to turn right. In front of you is a locked door, open it and inside is a
Weapons Master with 3 Mabari. Defeat them, then search the armour stand near
the back for piece 4.
- After the next couple cutscenes, you'll be in an underground area where you
need to find party members and open a few gates. After you find Tug, use the
crank to open the gate (it will be the second crank you've pulled). Leave the
room and go across the hall into the eastern most room on the map, inside in a
locked chest is piece 5.
- After you meet Dorothea, you'll be in the Chantry. Right behind you as you
start is a desk - check the drawer for the final piece and your achievement.

--- Turning Point - 25
Heard Leliana's version of her betrayal.

Story related and cannot be missed - simply complete the DLC for this 
achievement. It's straightforward and you should have no issues, but if you do
... well, that's what the walkthrough is for :P

                           ***Version History/Credit***                 [VHC00]

Version 1.0 - Guide uploaded, with complete walkthrough and achievement guide
        1.01 - Minor fixes (Mostly incorrect compass directions)


Fear Intentions for letting me know that level 3 lockpick is needed for the
Provocateur achievement

                              ***Copyright/Terms of Use***              [CTU00]

This document is for personal/private use only. This guide is free and can be 
referred to by anyone, but not reproduced in any way. Using this guide on any
website that I have not allowed usage is a violation of the copyright.

If you would like to use this guide for public display, please contact me 
first. I will almost always say yes if you ask for permission first, so 
there's no point in breaking the copyright.

My guides are allowed to be displayed on the following sites ONLY:

This guide copyright 2010 James Coxson (RadiantViper).

Dragon Age: Origins Copyright 2010 Bioware.

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