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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 2.08 | Updated: 02/02/2013

    ^        _____________________________________________________        ^
  ^/ \^   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   ^/ \^
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 / /        | || |  _______ |  \  | |_   __,' | |   | |`. ,'| |   | |
 | |        | || |  `.  __ ||   \ | | | |     | |___| | | | | |   | |
 \ `-.___   | || |   | |  `|| |\ \| | | |     |  ___  | | | | |   | |
  `-.___ `-.| || |   | |__  | | \   | | |     | |   | | | | | |   | |
        `-. | || |___|  __| | |  \  | | |     | |   | | | | | |___| |
          | |_||     | |    | |   \_| | |     | |   | | | | |     | |
          / /  '-----| |__,||,'       |_|     | |   | |,'_`.'-----| |______,|
  |\___,-' /        ,'_____|                  `.|   `.|          ,'_________|
              __                                              __
             |  `.   __             |\  |  __     __   |   | |  `.
             |   | ,'  `.\        / | \ | |  `. ,'  `. |   | |__,'
             |__,' |    | \  /\  /  |  \| |__.' |    | '._,' |  `.
                   '.__,'  \/  \/         |     '.__,'

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            Platform:   PlayStation 3
             Version:   2.08
        Last Updated:   2/2/2013

               Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
            Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
       Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt

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             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

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 - Introduction.......................................................[SH-INT]
 - Controls...........................................................[SH-CON]
 - Tips and Tricks....................................................[SH-TIP]


 - Escape & The Devil Pit Diner.........................................[SH01]
 - Getting to the Tram..................................................[SH02]
 - Surviving Devil's Pit................................................[SH03]
 - Exploring Hillside...................................................[SH04]
 - Hillside Apartments..................................................[SH05]
 - Exploring Pearl Creek Part 1.........................................[SH06]
 - Exploring Pearl Creek Part 2.........................................[SH07]
 - The Centennial Building..............................................[SH08]
 - The Centennial Building Otherworld...................................[SH09]
 - Exploring Chastain Heights...........................................[SH10]
 - St. Maria's Monastery................................................[SH11]
 - St. Maria's Otherworld...............................................[SH12]
 - Exploring Pleasant River.............................................[SH13]
 - Side Quest Wrap-up...................................................[SH14]
 - Exploring Port District..............................................[SH15]
 - Overlook Penitentiary Part 1.........................................[SH16]
 - Overlook Penitentiary Part 2.........................................[SH17]
 - Overlook Penitentiary Otherworld.....................................[SH18]
 - Possible Endings...................................................[SH-END]


 - Side Quest Information.............................................[SH-SQI]
 - Devil's Pit Tour Guide.............................................[SH-DTG]
 - Centennial Library Books...........................................[SH-CLB]
 - Murphy's Journal Mysteries.........................................[SH-MYS]
 - Loading Screen Messages............................................[SH-LDG]
 - Collectibles.......................................................[SH-COL]
 - Trophy Information.................................................[SH-TPH]


 - Version History....................................................[SH-HIS]
 - Credits............................................................[SH-CRE]

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                            Introduction                              >==O
Hello everyone, Bkstunt here with a walkthrough for Silent Hill: Downpour.
I've always been a huge fan of the Silent Hill series (my favorites are Silent
Hill 2 and Silent Hill 4) and since I've become a guide author I haven't had
a chance to write for any new Silent Hill games.

But then Downpour comes out and gives me a chance to change that, which I
just had to take. Since I'm such a huge fan I will do my best to ensure that
this game gets the attention it deserves and with this guide you should be
able to get every last ounce of gaming goodness out of Silent Hill Downpour.
So come along with me and let's delve into another trip into the unknown to
face our demons.

I hope you enjoy the guide!

 ~ Bkstunt


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~ Bk

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                               Controls                               >==O

Here are the controls for playing Silent Hill: Downpour.

                _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
               |  _____ |                            | _____  |
               |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
             ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
            /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
           !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
           |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
           !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
           |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
           | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
           |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
           |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
           |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
           \         /                                  \         /
            \       /                                    \       /
             `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'

 |                                                                        |
 | Directional Buttons:                                                   |
 |                                                                        |
 |    Up: Select items/Display item menu.                                 |
 |                                                                        |
 |    RIGHT: Quick Heal.                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 |    Left: Holster Gun.                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 |    Down: Use Lighter.                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 | Left Stick: Select items/Move/Shake off enemy.                         |
 |                                                                        |
 | Left Stick + R1: Run.                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 | L3: Turn the flashlight ON/OFF.                                        |
 |                                                                        |
 | Right Stick: Rotate camera.                                            |
 |                                                                        |
 | R3: Zoom camera.                                                       |
 |                                                                        |
 | X Button: Select/Interact with items.                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 | Circle: Cancel/Discard items/Put away flashlight.                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | Square: Attack (hold for Strong attack).                               |
 |                                                                        |
 | Triangle: Block.                                                       |
 |                                                                        |
 | L1: Look back (see what's behind Murphy).                              |
 |                                                                        |
 | L2: Lock on/Aim/Aim weapon.                                            |
 |                                                                        |
 | R2: Throw item/Toggle display/Fire gun.                                |
 |                                                                        |
 | Start Button: Pause menu.                                              |
 |                                                                        |
 | Select Button: Open Journal.                                           |
 |                                                                        |
              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                           Tips and Tricks                            >==O
 Here you can find a variety of tips and tricks which will undoubtedly help
you as you progress through the game. Have a good tip? Send it to me and it
may well end up here.

 o Always keep where melee weapons are in the back of your mind. You never
   know when your current weapon is going to break.
 o At certain points during the game you will lose your weapons and items.
   You can read ahead to see where, but the overall point is that there is
   little point in HOARDING everything you come across.
 o Fleeing enemies is, of course, preferable to fighting them. In fact, what
   ending you get is dependent on this. From a practical standpoint though,
   whenever you run into groups of enemies it is ALWAYS a good idea to run.
 o Speaking of enemies and endings, you can often beat an enemy into being
   INCAPACITATED, which is where they are still alive but prone on the ground.
   You can then choose to carry on or get above them and EXECUTE them.
 o Obviously fleeing/leaving enemies alive is the "Good" thing to do. Killing
   and executing them is the "Bad" thing to do.
 o  Murphy will regenerate his health up to 40%. Keep this in mind before
    healing to make your heals more effective.
 o It's in the tutorials, but alot of people forget that you can LOCK ON to
   an enemy with the L2 button.
 o You can manually reload your firearms from your inventory by hovering over
   your ammo and hitting reload. You can also either shoot an incapacitated
   enemy to kill them or, to save ammo, hit them with the butt of your weapon.
 o Only use weapons when you have to. Hitting a wall, for example, will only
   damage your weapon. Also, think of what weapon to use. An axe is a much
   better choice than a bottle!
 o As a general rule, exploring is often more profitable than not exploring,
   in terms of how many items you can find compared to enemies. Of course,
   the guide goes into much greater detail.
 o On HARD puzzle mode, you will get NO on-screen interaction prompts for
   picking things up or using them. Some prompts remain, such as circle the
   analog stick to turn a valve or shake it to get a Screamer off your back,
   but that's it! You can naturally see how that would make the game MUCH
   harder, ESPECIALLY for a first-time player!
 o If you are out to get the Trophy 'Silent Hill Tour Guide', you will HAVE
   TO KILL enemies to complete one of the side-quests (The Bank Sidequest).
   There's a trophy for not killing anything, so this makes you choose between
   them. Also, you DO NOT need to do 'Digging Up The Past' to get the trophy
   for 'Silent Hill Tour Guide'.
              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                    Escape & The Devil Pit Diner                      >==O
   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   Watch as Murphy gets into the elevator
   |   —=—   Item Checklist   —=—   |  and heads down. You'll be greeted by a
   |                                |  guard when you get out, so follow him
   | [_] Walkie-Talkie              |  (tutorial hints will pop up a lot during
   | [_] Flashlight                 |  the beginning of the game if you enabled
   | [_] Tuluca Lake Map            |  them in the options menu). He'll lead
   | [_] Game Tokens                |  you down to the prison showers where
   | [_] Early Residents            |  he'll tell you to have fun and that he
   | [_] Money                      |  left a "present" for you on the bench.
   | [_] Devil's Pitstop Map        |  
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |   Head through the double doors and take
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  a look around. See all of the shower
   |                                |  faucets? Go up to each one of them
   '.______________________________.'  (there are eight) and turn them on.
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     The guard will also insinuate that you
should be turning the faucets on as well, to fog up the cameras. Well now,
this ought to be fun. After turning them all on, head to the bench in the
northwest corner where you'll find a lead pipe and a knife...
 Pick up your weapon of choice and head to the north doors and a scene will
take over. After the scene you and your former neighbor (I'm sure you can
guess WHY a prisoner would be sequestered...) will be alone. You know what to
do here... even if it goes against your nature, you must attack the man. Use
square to attack with your weapon until a short scene takes over and then go
pick up the other weapon and renew your attack. After the other weapon breaks,
just resort to using your fists.

 More scenes will occur. Actually, a LOT more scenes. You have time to sit
back and enjoy them to, so watch the events unfold. Once you regain control
again and Murphy is free it is time to explore. The game will take this time
to tell you about your journal, and getting to know your journal will help you
a TON in the game.

 Try as you may, you will be unable to find any sign of life here. No one in
the bus and no one around. You also can't go back up the hill that the bus
slid down, as a tree will block your path. First, lets grab an item. From the
tree holding up the bus head left (or right) going away from the bus. There's
a gap in the trees that leads out to Toluca Lake, but you can't go swimming!
Instead, search near a tree by the gap for a [WALKIE-TALKIE]. Now head down
the path the bus is facing. Murphy will automatically duck under the tree.
Throughout the game Murphy will automatically do a lot of stuff like that
(ducking under trees, squeezing through tight spaces, etc.) which is nice.

 Head down the path a ways and some crows will fly out of a crevice on your
left. You can squeeze through that crevice to see what happened to a fellow
prisoner. Ugh! Take the [FLASHLIGHT] near his body though, then go back the
way you came and continue. There's a split in the road ahead but both paths
meet eachother down the road. Explore this little area if you wish (there is
nothing of interest) and continue on until you are forced to cross a fallen
tree over the ravine...

 This tree acts just like a balance beam and you'll have to make sure Murphy
doesn't fall. It's rather simple and seen in many games, but the gist of it
is to press forward and watch Murphy's body actions. If he leans to the right,
counteract that by tilting the left analog stick to the left, and vice-versa.
Once you're over the tree it will come crashing down. Move Murphy over to the
rocks and  he'll begin to climb them. A scene will now take over...

 Well shit... so much for escape, right? Well, fortune is on our side as the
path the cop is crossing is far too treacherous for her. During the scene,
Murphy will face a choice:

 X: Help Her
 O: Leave Her
 Choose what you will and watch the scenes that occur afterward. Once they
are done, go back to climbing the rocks. You'll end up on the road again.
From here you can head right to check out the broken-up road but when you're
done head left. You'll get a new objective as you do so:

 OBJECTIVE: Find a way out of the area.

 Carry on down the road and you'll see a gas station. Head over there and on
the bench right outside you'll find the [TULUCA LAKE MAP] (I just made that
name up, btw). A radio nearby is squaking and you can turn if off if you wish
but it makes no difference (you can often choose to turn off radios and TV's
in the game). There's also a toolbox near the gas pump that has a wrench by it
that you should grab. Now, the road further ahead is out as well so we need to
be creative to get by. With your new wrench, find the chainlink door and bust
the lock off of it. It'll take three good smacks, but you can continue once it
is gone.

 Past the door the game will tell you how to throw things, which is good to
know. In this small area you want to find the ladder up to the roof and climb
it, then once you're on the roof and get done asking yourself why a wheelchair
is up here, drop down the side of the wall straight in front of you. You can
turn the handle of the garage door to make a shortcut if you wish but it
doesn't matter. Continue under the crates until you reach the Tram Station.

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find a way out of the area.

 Here, go up the stairs and enter the tram station. Note the dragging marks
as you do so. Once inside the station check the counter to your left for some
[GAME TOKENS]. There's a poster ahead about a "Free Tram Ticket" if you win at
a gaming machine, but the gaming machine is not here. Look at the floor and
you'll quickly see that it's been dragged off! You can also try to head up to
the turnstile, but you NEED a ticket (leading to a new objective):

 OBJECTIVE: Obtain a ticket to get to Devil's Pit.
 Before following the marks, head into the left room to see the tram. At the
back of the room is a power switch. Go flip it. This will power up the tram,
but we still need that ticket. Head back and follow the marks now. The roads
to your left and right are no good. You should see an old pickup truck near
the road though. Head over to it to see a cutscene and to meet a somebody new.
After the scene you'll have another objective:

 OBJECTIVE: Change into new clothes.
 Well, new clothes ARE a good idea. The scratch marks we were following head
through a gate that we can't get through, so we'll have to find a way around.
Follow the buildings to the east, past the truck until you can see some sheet
metal to the north curled up. Approach it and Murphy will duck under it. There
is a door here that is locked that we must get through. Continue under the
plywood and barrels to find a wrench to the northwest. You'll hear a deep
voice talking to Murphy as you grab the wrench. Great, now we are hearing
voices... THAT can't be good. Use the wrench to get inside the diner.

 Once inside head into the main diner room. Time to grab some stuff. On the
table to the right is the [EARLY RESIDENTS] flyer you can add to the MYSTERIES
part of your journal (I'll be helping you fill this out throughout the guide
as well). To the left is the cash register. Interact with it to grab some
[MONEY] out of it. Nice! To the far left on another table is the [DEVIL'S

(-NOTE-) You can use the money on the jukebox here to play a song. BleuDragen
         from the gamefaqs forum advises this is the theme to Silent Hill 1!
 Now, head into the room past the jukebox and you should find a [FIRST AID
KIT] in a cabinet here. You can check out the two bathrooms here if you wish
but there's nothing there. Now, head into the kitchen. On the right wall is
another cabinet with another [FIRST AID KIT], so grab it. Both doors in this
room are locked. Murphy will comment on the smell of gas and sure enough to
the left is a gas leak. Turn the handle off and a fire will erupt! Good job!
The fire will block our path, so find the fire alarm on the eastern wall. Now,
watch the scene that occurs.

 Welcome to the Otherworld!
 The water level will rise and Murphy will point out a broken breaker box.
Head over to it and turn the valve. This will open up the northern door, so
use it to climb up the staircase and continue. Head down the hallway and
into the open room where a painting will beg to be inspected. Go over and
rotate it to make a counterweight fall down and open the door ahead (RUN
through the door: its timed). In this next room you'll see a mysterious void
appear that will suck up anything thats by it. This thing will DAMAGE you if
it gets near and can very well be considered your first enemy. We don't want
to stick around, so quickly run down the left hallway. The hallway will get
longer as you run but will teach you how to use L1 to look behind you. Take
a left when you can and press CROSS (X) near the boxes in the hallway to
throw them down in the monsters path.

 Head down the stairs and throw down another box. This room you are now in
has three opening, but two of them will close when you get near them. Which
one remains open is RANDOM, so I can't really tell you where to head towards,
but its a good idea to stick to the LEFT HAND WALL and run to each of them in
a clockwise fashion. However, REMEMBER that there are multiple turns that you
face depending on which door you go through and with this enemy chasing you,
you do NOT want to trap yourself in a dead end! Use the map below to make SURE
that you are safe.

                |                 |
                |               HOLE!
                |                 |    
                |                 |
                |  _______________|
                | |
                | |
                | |
                | |_________________________________________
                |_________   _____________   ______________ |
                          | |             | |             | |
                          | |             | |             | |
                          | |_____________| |_____________| |
                          | |                             | |
                          | |                             | |
                          | |                             | |
                          | |                             | |
                          |                                 |
                          | |                             | |
                           ¯|                              ¯|
                            |                               |
                            |                               |

 Once you get past the hole you are safe... for now. This next part will hurl
you downwards on a giant slide ride! You can 'steer' Murphy here, and you'll
need to in order to stay safe. Ramming into an object is INSTANT DEATH!

 Head down the slide and keep to the left to avoid some spikes, then to the
right to avoid some more spikes. Stay to the far right to avoid the broken
bus! Now just stay in the middle to land safely at the end.

 You'll now be in a wide-open area where a record player will play 'Born Free'
which is of course quite ironic. Go up the only stairs that lead anywhere and
turn the lever you find. Head down a flight of stairs and enter the room you
summoned and turn the painting. Head back down to the ground floor and take
the other stairs down and around to another painting. Rotate it to make the
bars disappear to your right and stairs appear past the record player. Take
the new path to continue.

 Out on the walkway the VOID will appear again in front of you. Quickly run
up the stairs to the left and forward. A door will shut in front of you, so
make a right and keep going. Look for a lever on your RIGHT and stop and turn
it. Yes, we must do this, it opens the door that shut earlier. Now, circle
around again to the now-open door and run through it. Run up the stairs until
the VOID creature is no longer chasing you.

(-NOTE-) Yes, you can keep running up the stairs, but it goes on indefinitely!

 Once the creature has stopped chasing you, go DOWN the stairs and through the
door. You'll be BACK in the KITCHEN! Yes, Murphy is losing his mind. And that
is all for the first section.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                         Getting to the Tram                          >==O
(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Now You're Cooking...' bronze trophy now. 
   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   Now that we're back in the kitchen,
   |   —=—   Item Checklist   —=—   |  you can immediately turn around and
   |                                |  re-enter the door you came in through
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  to see a bathroom, but nothing is in
   | [_] Key                        |  there. Instead, go forward and through
   | [_] Power Cord                 |  the door on your right, which is now
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  unlocked.
   | [_] Colt                       |
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |   You can explore the office to the left
   | [_] Spy Log                    |  but nothing of interest is in there.
   | [_] Piece of Wire              |  Also, up the stairs to your right is a
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  LOCKED DOOR that asks for something
   | [_] Police Badge               |  from your inventory, so keep that in
   | [_] Rusty Key                  |  mind for later. Head down the hallway
   | [_] Free Ticket                |  but be sure to open the door on the
   |                                |  LEFT to find a [FIRST AID KIT] in the
   '.______________________________.'  cabinet here. Continue down the hallway
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     and enter the room. On a table in the
kitchen here is a [KEY]. Grab it and go back up the stairs that had the LOCKED
DOOR earlier. Use this key on the door to unlock them!

 Head into the room to your right. More voices will give you advice. In this
room head to the bedroom and open the drawers on the right for a [POWER CORD].
Now leave and enter the upper left room. It's a mess! Open the drawer on the
left wall in here for another [FIRST AID KIT}. You should have a shit-ton of
these by now. Now, go to the coffee pot on the far end and use the power cord
you just got on it. It will fog up the window and reveal the numbers "26381".

 As you can imagine, those numbers are important. From here head to the
southwest room. A dead dog will be on the bed (likely the gas station guy's
dog, as it was missing!). Head to the room to its left and you'll see a safe
on the wall. Ah, those numbers make sense! Interact with the safe and follow
these instructions:


 1. Move dial ONE to "2".
 2. Move dial FIVE to "1".
 3. Move dial TWO to "7".
 4. Move dial THREE to "4".
 5. Move dial FOUR to "7".
 6. Move dial TWO to "6" (TURN RIGHT).
 1. Move dial TWO to "7".
 2. Move dial THREE to "4".
 3. Move dial TWO to "6" (should make TWO a 6 and THREE a 3, Turn LEFT).
 4. Move dial FIVE to a "2".
 5. Move dial ONE to a "3".
 6. Move dial FOUR to a "1".
 7. Move dial FIVE to a "1" (should make ONE a 2 and FOUR a 9, Turn RIGHT).
 Complete these steps to open the safe and claim the [COLT]. The game will
now tell you how to fire a gun, so try it out if you wish. Head back down to
the kitchen and take the other door there down to the basement. There is a
[FIRST AID KIT] in front of you by the fire extinguisher. To the northwest is
a lift, but it is non-functional right now, so head for the northeast room
where a bolted door will stop your progress. Pick up the nearby wrench and
smack your way through.

 Follow the path and you'll find a TV on in a room. Pick up the [SPY LOG] from
the table here (an interesting read) and head past the TV room to the back
room. Grab the [PIECE OF WIRE] here. Good, now make your way back toward the
lift. On the way back you'll bet to see a COOL scene. After the scene, your
first REAL WORLD enemy will be in front of you: the SCREAMER.

 The Screamer is appropriately named. It can scream at you and make you dizzy,
making you need to shake the left analog stick to become un-dizzy. Overall
though they are pretty weak opponents. Go ahead and find a melee weapon (or
use the one you have) and test her out. Note that when fighting, you can
either KILL or INCAPACITATE enemies. Well, or RUN from them, which isn't a bad
option at all.

(-NOTE-) There are different TROPHIES for killing certain amounts of enemies
         and other trophies for FLEEING and NOT KILLING ANY enemies. Just an
         FYI; you should consider these trophies at this point.
(-NOTE-) For the sake of this guide I am going to be killing things. This is
         mainly so I can use verbage like "kill this enemy" or "kill that
         enemy" without confusing you. It also lets me give you combat tips
         and primers. However, from a survival standpoint, avoiding fights
         whenever possible is the way to go!
 COMBAT PRIMER: The Screamer
    The Screamer, while being one of the weakest enemies you come across,
    WILL try and block or dodge your attacks. She will often block when you
    try to mash the attack button, so be wary of that. She will dodge at
    random times but will often follow up a dodge with a charge at you and
    flailing arms. The Screamer has a combo of her own that you can block,
    which varies with a combination of one-handed hits a two handed smack.
    Attack her inbetween hits while blocking. Also keep in mind The Screamers
    signature ability: a scream that she'll use when you are at range. You will
    have to wiggle the left analog stick to break free, so do it fast!
(-NOTE-) You can encounter Screamer enemies in the real world now! That means
         no more introductory cutscenes.
 After killing the Screamer head to the lift and use your piece of wire to
power the lift. Out here there are several rooms we can explore. The room to
the left has a cleaver in the drawers and a [FIRST AID KIT] in the cabinet
back by the bathroom. Head over to the room across from that one to find some
CLOTHES lying on the bed (read the note below before picking them up though!).
Pick them up and you'll have completed an objective!

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Change into new clothes.

 Also, Murphy will find the [POLICE BADGE] and [RUSTY KEY] items with the
clothes he found. You can check the adjacent room from here too but there is
nothing of interest. Head back outside and follow the drag marks on the ground
to a house. Inside is the game machine! However, it is not powered. It has
power cables running to it though, so follow those outside. Get ready for a
fight, as once you pass the chainlink fence a Screamer will jump on you!

(-NOTE-) Reader Charles Johnson added this very interesting tidbit about that
         Screamer jumping on you once you go for the generator:
         I was going for the 'kill no monsters' trophy when something occurred
         to me.  I turned left to the lone building for a meat cleaver in the
         drawer and then went right for the ticket machine. I bypassed the
         clothes with the badge and key for the moment. I inspected the ticket
         machine and then went right for the generator/circuit breaker. I
         activated it and went back to the tocket machine and got the ticket
         for mthe mini-game.  The Screamer never showed up.
         After I got the ticket, I went to the double-building for loot and
         got the clothes.  I went out through the locked gate and still the
         Screamer didn't show up.  I think it only shows up if you're carrying
         the Mourning Badge, like a guilt symbol.  This was even on Hard
         difficulty, so I think it works.
         Very interesting Charles, thank you! ~ Bkstunt

 Shake it off and then either kill it or incapacitate it. The power cables
here lead to a generator with a crank we need to turn, so turn it to give the
shack power. Head back inside and use your game tokens on the game to play it!

 The idea is to hit 'Activate' to make the water level rise. You then guide
the ball to one of the '(!)' holes (that are glowing) at the top. You will
obviously want to avoid the non-glowing holes. Also, aim the left ball to the
left hole and the middle ball to the middle hole (etc..). Below is a diagram
I made for this puzzle with hints afterward.

                     |                         |
                     | (!)        |       (!)  |
                     |    |      (!)     ´    \|
                     |´   -.              X    |
                     | X                      -|
                     |    | _.             |   |
                     |   `'´         .    -|-  |
                     |               |     '   |
                     |     |      `'´       .  |
                     |´  .--´     X|       `|  |
                     |                         |
                     |                         |
                     |       |o || o || o |    |
 - EASY mode: Wow, this is easy. The first ball can head left and skim past
              the right side of the only hole in its way. The middle ball is
              laughably easy, just head right and up. The third and last ball
              should stick to the right hand side and stay to the right of the
              only hole in its way.

                     |                         |
                     | (!)        |       (!)  |
                     |    |      (!)     ´    \|
                     |´   -.              X    |
                     | X                      -|
                     |    | _.             |   |
                     |   `'´         .    -|-  |
                     |               |X    ' X |
                     |     |X     `'´       .  |
                     |´  .--´     X|       `|  |
                     | X                   X   |
                     |                         |
                     |       |o || o || o |    |

 - NORMAL mode: Aim the first ball right up the middle, and to the left hole.
                The second ball can go straight up and hit the wood, then
                skirt around the right side of the non-glowing hole before
                going northwest to its middle hole, and the last ball can
                follow the same path but goes up further, on the right side of
                a second non-glowing hole before finding its home.
                     |                        |
                     | (!)       |       (!)  |
                     |    |     (!)     ´    \|
                     |´   -.              X   |
                     | X         X           -|
                     |    | _.           |    |
                     |   `'´        .   -|-   |
                     |  X           |X   ' X  |
                     |     |X    `'´      .   |
                     |´  .--´    X|      `|X  |
                     | X                 X    |
                     |                        |
                     |      |o || o || o |    |
 - HARD mode: Aim the first ball right up the left side, hugging the sides of
              the three holes on the way up. The second ball can go straight
              up the middle, but get to the left of the first hole in front of
              you and to the right of the hole by the middle goal. The third
              ball should hug the left of the hole above it, but then quickly
              go right to hug the right side of the two remaining holes on the
              way up to the third goal.

 Once you have the game beat, the [FREE TICKET] is yours. Now its time for us
to head back to the Tram Station. Go outside and follow the drag marks to the
gate. Use your rusty key on the gate to get it to open. Once you open it,
THREE Screamers will be outside in this open area to greet you. I strongly
advise running to the Tram Station at this point! Once you enter the Tram
Station your journal will update with a complete objective:
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Obtain a ticket to get to Devil's Pit.

 Use your free ticket on the ticket machine and go through the turnstyle.
You will be on your way to Devil's Pit now and a cutscene will take over that
shows off the pit and surrounding area. And we are done with this section.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                        Surviving Devil's Pit                         >==O
(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Out of the Frying Pan' bronze trophy now. 
   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   Step out of the Tram and right away
   |   —=—   Item Checklist   —=—   |  you'll get a new objective:
   |                                |  
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |   OBJECTIVE: Find a way into town.
   | [_] Lighter                    |  
   | [_] Key                        |   Looks like Murphy is TRYING to go to
   | [_] Devil's Pit Map            |  Silent Hill. Crazy! Oh well, he
   | [_] Pistol Bullets             |  probably just doesn't know better. The
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  exit is to your left, but it's locked,
   | [_] Train Accident             |  so head right and head down the stairs.
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  The right door down here is locked, so
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  take the one in front of you. There's
   | [_] Poem                       |  nothing of interest in this room, so
   | [_] Flashlight                 |  take the other door and a [FIRST AID
   | [_] Silent Hill Map            |  KIT] will stare right at you. Grab it
   |                                |  then head through the other door,
   '.______________________________.'  ignoring the blood on the floor. In the
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     next room, grab the [LIGHTER] from the
left workbench. You can use it by pressing the down button.

Head further into the room. You can turn on the radio here to listen to an
actual radio station! The DJ's name is DJ Ricks. Now pick up the axe nearby
and approach the boarded-up door. The game will teach you that you can break
the boards with METAL weapons so go ahead and free up this door and go through
it. Ah, familiar territory. There's a door to your left you should free up
too. Inside this room is an electrical hazard and a [KEY]. Grab the key and
head back up to the tram exit and use it on the exit door to get out.

 Head through the office and once you get to the giant map on the billboard
check to the left for the [DEVIL'S PIT MAP]. With that in hand head out onto
the overlook to see a scene. After the scene, you'll get a new objective based
on what JP told you:

 OBJECTIVE: Follow the path down to the train.
 Ok, now before moving on you can do a few things up here. First, you can bug
JP to death (keep talking to him until 'Talk' goes away. Secondly, you can use
your money on the viewfinders, which is neat. You can even zoom in them. There
are TWO things of note worth seeing with the viewfinders. The first is seen by
looking at the Cable Car up in the sky (with either one). The second is seen
by looking down into the left-hand side of the pit (best done with the left

 Now that we've had our fun, head for the elevator to the southeast and ride
it down. There's another map of the area down here. Head forwards and in the
distance you'll see a pair of legs get pulled to the right. As you can guess,
a Screamer is over there, but don't rush in blindly! There's another Screamer
in a room to the left by the legs that will jump out and grab you! Instead,
stick to the left wall and draw over the one Screamer and fight it alone, then
proceed to fight the second one. Run past the door on the left to make sure
you don't get jumped on! Now is a fine time to use your COLT if you haven't

 Continue down the path and soon you'll come to a rickety bridge. Cross it
just like you did the tree in the beginning of the game, but once you get
halfway across the bridge WILL fall out on you. Watch the scene but be ready
to hit R2 when they ask you to. After that, you'll have to alternate between
HOLDING L2 and R2, so don't mess up now!

(-NOTE-) You just LOST your gun, by the way.

 The path ahead is impassable, so check near the left iron door to find a
crank you can turn to open the door. Go inside and check the mining cart to
find a PICKAXE! Hell yes. Use it to break open the wooded door and continue.
You'll have to squeeze through a rock layer after that. A dead inmate will
be off to the right, but continue and go through the door.

 You'll be in an open area now. In front of you is an elevator, to the left
of you is a narrow rock passage that leads to some flooded tunnels, and to the
left of the elevator is a staircase. The elevator and tunnels are both out of
order right now, so go up the staircase to see the water flow controls.
Basically (and like the billboards here say), these levers and troughs control
the underground river and when water is redirected to the waterwheels certain
things will work. By the levers is a sign that shows what waterwheels control
what. Before doing anything, head back to where the billboard explaining the
water chutes is and locate an upright box. You should be able to move it.
Now look above you. See the wooden wall? It comes down later. Move the box
so that it stops the wooden wall from coming all the way down (put it directly
underneath the wooden wall). Good! Now onto moving the water wheels.

 First, let's get the water to power the pumps. Go to the far left wheel and
turn it to the left THREE times. Now turn the middle wheel TWO times. Now go
turn the right wheel ONCE. This should make the pump kick in.

(-NOTE-) ON HARD PUZZLE mode, you need to turn the middle wheel twice to get
         it down, then the left wheel three times to get the water pouring to
         it. THEN you can turn the right wheel once to get the water to the
         pump and twice to get water to the elevator.
 Go back down the stairs and head through the narrow rock area. Down here
you'll see a Screamer lying face-down in the water. Yes, ladies and gents, it
is very much alive. You can get several free hits in by smacking at it, so do
so for an easy kill. You could also ignore it and let it spook-scare you on
your way back. In this less-flooded section head left and you'll find
[PISTOL BULLETS] and yet another [FIRST AID KIT] (I have EIGHT of these now).

 Head back up to the water control center and move the right wheel to the left
ONCE to power up the elevator. Now head back to the elevator and head down. A
scene will take place here, so watch it and pick yourself back up afterwards.
Once you regain control, head forwards and a Screamer will corner you. It's
pretty crowded in here, so draw her back to the starting area to fight/leave.
Continue on and push a mine cart forwards to get past it.

 Head forward and you'll hear kids laughing. Gah, I hate that in horror games,
but damn if it isn't effective at creeping me out. On the door you come to is
the [TRAIN ACCIDENT] mystery, so pick it up and read it. Murphy will recognize
the man in the article to be the same one we met. Enter the door here and
look to the right for some creepy mannequins (I'm SURE they won't move,
right!?). Also, be sure to grab the [FIRST AID KIT] in this room before

 Ok, we're about to encounter a new enemy: the WEEPING BAT. Let's go over its
combat prowess, shall we?

 COMBAT PRIMER: The Weeping Bat
    The Weeping Bat is a strange foe. For one, it's main method of travel is
    by clinging to the ceilings and traveling around up there, so in the Pit
    it can be VERY important to know your surroundings. The Bat is a big
    creature as well, and while on the ground will walk over and hold both of
    its hands together as it swings at you. It can follow that up with quick
    jabs, making blocking tricky. However, its most dangerous move is to drop
    down at you from the ceiling, which you cannot block. The bat also will
    move back and forth from ground to ceiling and players without a ranged
    option will have to get it to come down by running underneath it and
    luring it down.

 Honestly, fighting these things is a pain, especially without ranged attacks.
However, there is a brand new pickaxe here to the right if you need it. After
this Weeping Bat is done you can assume more will be on the way. To the right
is police tap and evidence placards. Continue on and break down the wood that
is blocking the ladder. Climb it and continue on to an elevator. No incidents
this time. Exit the elevator to see a scene between JP and Murphey. During
the scene you'll have another choice to make:

 X: Console Him
 O: Taunt Him
 Choose what you will (for this guide's first draft I choose 'Console Him')
and watch the scene. Continue on now and you'll see the direct route is out
again. Use the lever to open a nearby door and head inside. Continue on until
you come to a wide open area. A Weeping Bat is in this area but is alone if
you wish to kill it. To the left is a building while to the right and down is
a deadend with giant rocks in the way (there is a fresh pickaxe down here
though). Head up to the building and enter the left door. Straight ahead is a
door with wood covering it, but a Weeping Bat guard it. There is a small area
of ceiling by the door it can jump up and down from. You can actually use this
to KNOW where he will jump down at and have strong attacks ready for him.

 Once he's tied up/dead, break the door down and activate the plunger here to
blow up the rocks down below. There's a radio in the room with all the glass
display cases you can turn on to hear a message, and don't forget to search
the cases themselves as a [FIRST AID KIT] is in one of them. Head back outside
and another Weeping Bat will be guarding the area you need to go to. This one
is best ran by as the area you're going to leads to an elevator that will
take you further down.

 More words of wisdom will be spoken to you here as you get off and face a
Screamer. Once you've taken care of it, inspect the body to the left for the
[POEM]. We'll need this soon. Continue down the path and you'll find the
train that JP talked about. This completes an objective:

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Follow the path down to the train.
 At the end is a control panel that will have some buttons that you need to
push to activate the train. The secret is to look at the poem you just got to
figure it out. Answers are below.

 - Easy:
 The man had a Red jacket,
 And asked me "How are you?"
 He drove the train
 Through water that's blue
 Then ice cream ruined
 My orange shoes.
 (Red, Blue, Orange; E, A, C)
 - Normal:
 Jutting underneath cerulean sky
 Are rocky cliffs where my heart lies.
 Eyes twinkling with emeralds fair,
 My darling left me weeping there.
 But her shadow can't take away
 These bronze cliffs at end of day.
 (Blue, Green, Grey, Orange; A, B, D, C)
 - Hard:
 Beneath the slate burns wicked ash.
 And the children cry for blood.
 Outside, fir trees blow
 In a wind that knows not what happened here.
 Or that Toluca's subterranean claws
 Seek blood. Always blood.
 (Grey, Red, Green, Blue; D, E, B, A)

 After solving the puzzle, enter the mine cart. You'll be treated to quite a
few scenes in a row (damn mannequins...) so enjoy. There is one part where you
must jam on the left analog stick, so be ready for it. At the end of the ride
will be even more scenes, so continue watching.

 Once you regain control, you can talk to the cop like you did with JP until
she refuses to talk back, but after that you must carry on. Continue on past a
door and avoid the puddle with live wires in it (this is very sound advice for
ANY time in your life, by the way). Go inspect the switch in the box on the
left to open the chain door up ahead and go through it. Continue on despite
the creepy sounds and soon a radio (DJ Ricks) will dedicate a song to YOU.
What the hell!? Be sure to examine the left portion of the room with the radio
to find a [FLASHLIGHT], then check out the right part of the room to crawl
through a hole in the wall. Straight ahead on a desk is the [SILENT HILL MAP]
which you should DEFINITELY grab. 

 Head out the nearby door and you'll finish another objective as well as
gaining a new one.
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find a way into town.
 OBJECTIVE: Escape from Silent Hill.
 Welcome back to Silent Hill!

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                          Exploring Hillside                          >==O
(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Going off the Rails' bronze trophy now. 

   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   Well, we're on the outskirts of
   |   —=—   Item Checklist   —=—   |  Silent Hill now. You have to take a
   |                                |  left and head back aways to get down to
   | [_] Nailgun                    |  a parking lot where you'll find a door
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  boarded up (there's a hatchet to the
   | [_] Nailgun Ammo               |  left if you need it). Break the boards
   | [_] Colt                       |  and head inside where you'll find a
   | [_] Missing Child              |  green locker.
   | [_] Police Report              |  
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |   This locker is rather special. It does
   | [_] Crime Report               |  indeed contain items, but the items in
   | [_] Despair Painting           |  it vary depending on the CODE you put
   | [_] Birdcage 1/5               |  in. You may wonder why. Well, when the
   | [_] Evidence 2                 |  game was coming out the items inside
   | [_] Sunrise Painting           |  were touted as pre-order bonuses, with
   | [_] Nailgun Ammo               |  the codes being given out as a pre-order
   | [_] Evidence 1                 |  incentive. However, anyone who knows the
   |                                |  codes can easily put them in and get
   '.______________________________.'  the goodies out of the locker. So much
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     for their pre-order incentive! Ha!
 Reference the codes below to see what you can get out of this locker, but
also note that there are other lockers in the game and once you put in a code
you can't change your mind!

 CODE: 171678   REWARDS: [NAILGUN], Double-Sided Axe
 CODE: 353479   REWARDS: [COLT], Baseball Bat
 CODE: 911977   REWARDS: [RIFLE], Golf Club
 Head through the hole to reach the streets of Silent Hill. The Map for this
area is HUGE, but there's only one area we can go to right now as the road
ahead has a tree and power lines blocking the way. Explore the left edge of the
street to see a house with an alley on its left. Head down that way but before
taking the stairs further down take a right to the back of the house. Now go
forward to the back of the next house and check the back porch here for a

(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Going off the Rails' bronze trophy now. 

 Head back now and go down the stairs. The map opens up at this point and
there are several things you can do, but for the sake of the guide I'll lead
you around so we can FULLY experience this game.

(-NOTE-) The only thing you HAVE to do here is head to the APARTMENT ENTRY
         HOUSE (my terminology) located northeast of the Police Station on
         Lansdale Ave. You have to head to the back of the house and use a
         fireplace poker nearby to climb the ladder. Below we will do several
         optional activities, so skip them or follow along as you wish.
(-NOTE-) Enemies can appear randomly out here in the open. Enemies are more
         likely to appear when it is raining and lightning out, so keep
         listening to your radio.
(-NOTE-) There is a First Aid kit that reader Albert Wesker found that when
         I replayed I couldn't find. He writes: (Edited) "I think you missed
         one First Aid Kit. It's in the section Exploring Hillside. F.A. Kit
         is on Mc Cammon St, left side, on the back yard of the building.
         I remember that McCammon St. is blocked on the west side. From there
         there's an alley, you must go around the house and find F.A. Kit
 OK, I won't be holding your hand as you explore but I will point out
everything of interest and all items. The first thing of interest that you
can explore is what I call the CRYING HOUSE. It is the house below the Police
Station on Campbell Street. You can ENTER the house by finding a lit-window
near the ground. The words 'Enter' will appear on screen.

 In the house you'll hear a woman crying (thus its name). Down in the basement
is a green locker. It's the same type of green locker you encountered earlier,
and if you opened the first locker with the 171678 code, this one will already
be open and will have some [NAILGUN AMMO] in it. If you didn't open the locker
earlier, check out the codes above to see what you can get.

 You will also find a locked door down here. To open it you must go upstairs
and turn on the TV. This will power down the building but will open the door
below. Before exploring it, let me just tell you that you can find a [COLT]
pistol lying on a chair in there but you'll also encounter a new enemy called
the DOLL. This enemy is brutal, especially this early, but below is a primer
on what you can expect from it.
    The Doll is the most supernatural foe yet. The actual ENEMY here is a
    mannequin that is dressed up (it has a wig and a young woman's body), but
    the doll itself does NOTHING. The real threat here is the SHADOWS that
    the doll controls. These shadows are hard to see (your flashlight helps,
    but only if you're looking RIGHT at them; the shadows look like the doll
    looks) and attack relentlessly. The shadows favor hit-and-run attacks
    and are very mobile. You can kill the shadows by smacking them a few
    times. However, the Doll will just summon another shadow. Killing the
    shadows hurts the Doll though, and after three shadows the doll will take
    a break, giving you time to knock it down and finish it. Later on you will
    be able to use a special UV light to see the shadows much more clearly.

 Based on the primer and whether or not you think the pistol is worth it,
choose to take on the Doll. Exit the house after that but check the ground in
front of you (near the sandbox) for the [MISSING CHILD] excerpt.
 Ok, let me tell you another important thing about the streets of Silent Hill
(which, depending on your luck, you may or may not know). The streets here are
being patrolled by POLICE CARS. As you would imagine, these police cars are
NOT on your side. In fact, when one sees you, THREE enemies will spawn after
the screen reloads. You will also get two objectives when a police car sees
 OBJECTIVE: Stop the patrol cars.
 OBJECTIVE: Find the police patrol dispatcher.
 To STOP these patrol cars (which is highly recommended if you are the
exploring type), we need to head to the Police Station. There's a dispatch
system there that we can use to stop them. Note that YOU MUST BE CAUGHT BY A
PATROL CARE to be able to STOP them though, which I found out on a second
play-through of the game. However, with these patrol cars comes another new
enemy: the Prisoner Minion. Here's what you can expect out of him:

 COMBAT PRIMER: The Prisoner Minion
    The Prisoner Minion is a fairly basic enemy in a human shape with metal
    around his head. My wife thinks he looks like Uncle Rico from Napolean
    Dynamite. Anyway, he will try to punch you with combos and can also kick
    at you. He is also able to hit your head with both fists from the side
    and stun you (you'll have to shake the left analog stick to recover).
    The minion is also able of blocking your attacks and will likely do so
    when you try to string together multiple attacks. He is best taken care
    of with a heavy duty weapon and attacks as he approaches or tries to go
    around an obstacle to reach you. Fighting them in groups is a challenge
    and not recommended. Later on some minions will be ARMED with a shank,
    so be extra careful of them!

 Time to make our way to the Police Station! Most of the station itself is
blocked off, so to get in you must enter from the north through a gap in the
wall. Once you enter, look to the left for the [POLICE REPORT] paper on the
ground, then cross the gap to get to the other side. Once you get to the other
side Murphy will add another objective to the list:
  OBJECTIVE: Identify each patrol car's call number.
 Ok, look to the left and you'll see a board of patrol car call numbers. A
few of the letters in each number will be smudged. Also, in a cabinet nearby
is a [FIRST AID KIT]. Grab it and then check out the radio nearby. With this
radio you can input the call numbers. The idea here is to run through all the
numbers to find the numbers missing from the board. Below is the solution.

 Once you put in all four codes, three of your objectives will be done!
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Stop the patrol cars.
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find the police patrol dispatcher.
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Identify each patrol car's call number.
 From here, pick up the axe nearby and break down the wooden door opposite
of the radio. Grab the [CRIME REPORT] paper from the floor, then turn on the
radio to hear a mysterious message. Past the radio, grab the [DESPAIR
PAINTING]. Now we need to leave the Police Station the same way we entered.
Beware, if you had enemies chasing you they are likely nearby.

 However, there are two items nearby that we can grab now. The first is just
to the north of the police station, in front of a house, where you will find
a [BIRDCAGE 1/5]! Go ahead and open it to free the poor bird and see a short
scene. As you can see by the journal, there are four more of these to open,
so you will get a new objective here:

 OBJECTIVE: Set all of the birds free.

 The next thing we can do near the Police Station is to explore the lot to the
right of the Police Station. Outside in the open by a tree (past the open
double-door chain fence) you can find the [EVIDENCE 2] photo. Now, from here
we can go slightly to the east to find a SUBWAY (represented by a blue line
on the map). You can head down here to find a second copy of the Silent Hill
map (or a first copy, if you missed the first one). Past that in the terminal
is the [SUNRISE PAINTING]. Now, if you look to the right you'll see a hole in
the wall. You can explore down here if you wish, but all you will find (for
NOW) is 2 locked doors and little else.

 Ok, now time to continue the REQUIRED actions. The house we want to go to now
is the APARTMENT ENTRY HOUSE, which is located northeast of the Police Station
on Lansdale Ave. Once you get there, grab the [NAILGUN AMMO] from the front
porch then head to the back. There's a ladder down here that you can't reach,
so grab the fireplace poker from nearby and use it to pull the ladder down so
you can climb it. Once up, head to the right to find the [EVIDENCE 1] photo.
Now follow the ramp and enter the apartments.

(-NOTE-) I got this tip from Ray, about entering the apartments and using the
         game's loading screen against itself to duplicate the first aid kit
         you can find in the drawer (look below at the start of section five
         to see what I mean). I haven't done it myself, but I imagine it's
         very possible, so here's what Ray says:
         Thought you’d might like to know of a glitch I encountered when
         entering hillside apt for the first time. As soon as you enter the
         room, its possible to dash towards the drawer in the room and pick up
         the medkit while the screen fades to black. When the scene loads back
         up, the medkit will still be there. Free medkit!

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                         Hillside Apartments                          >==O
   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   Ok, time for a shorter chapter for
   |   —=—   Item Checklist   —=—   |  once! Head into the house a bit to
   |                                |  have the game stop and load on you
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  (its loading this new area). Inspect
   | [_] Dear Shithead              |  the drawers in front of you for a
   | [_] Money Box                  |  [FIRST AID KIT] then open the door.
   | [_] Locket                     |  DJ Ricks will dedicate another song to
   | [_] War Medal                  |  you here. Open up the next door and
   | [_] Gold Watch                 |  you'll see you're in a hallway. As
   | [_] Nailgun Ammo               |  tempting as it is, take a right and go
   | [_] Nailgun Ammo               |  up the stairs. Up here there are two
   | [_] Pistol Bullets             |  more apartment doors you can access.
   | [_] Wonder Painting            |  Find the door with the note on it and
   |                                |  grab it for the [DEAR SHITHEAD] note.
   '.______________________________.'  Now, head inside that door the note
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     was on. Head to the left and you'll
see what happened to the thief. Near the body is a bed you can pull out, so do
so to find a box with four items in it: a [MONEY BOX], [LOCKET], [WAR MEDAL],
and [GOLD WATCH]. We'll get a new objective here as well:

 OBJECTIVE: Return the stolen items to their rightful owners.
 You should also find [NAILGUN AMMO] on a box nearby (or a Nailgun if you
don't have one already. Head back out to the hallway now and enter the other
door. Note the crying. I believe that is the owners of the lost objects
crying. In this new room, head to the living room and on the table is a box
that you can interact with. Put the LOCKET here and the crying will stop. Now
head into the bedroom and find the desk opposite the bed. There is a hand here
you can interact with. Put the GOLD WATCH on it. To the left is some more

 Exit the room now and head downstairs. Go into the room we skipped earlier
and hang a left. In the bedroom is some drawers with [PISTOL BULLETS] in it.
Now, head into the other room here where the kid is crying to find a bedroom.
You can drop off the MONEY BOX here on a table to make him happy. Go back out
to the hallway and down another flight of stairs. To the right is another door
you can enter. In here a creepy rocking chair is going, facing a picture that
you can pick up. Grab it for the [WONDER PAINTING]. Now head into the bedroom
and search the tables here for a medal case. Put the WAR MEDAL in it to return
the last item.

(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Neighborhood Watch' Bronze trophy here.

(-NOTE-) You can go back to the thief's apartment to find that the body is
         GONE, but the clothes remain. You can also change into these clothes
         if you wish...

 Now head back out to the staircase and take the door by the mail slots to
see a scene with the Mailman. During the scene he will point out where the
radio station is, giving you a new objective:

 OBJECTIVE: Find a way to the Radio Station.
 This new area we are in is called Pearl Creek, and we have a LOT to do out
here. So much so that the next TWO sections are dedicated to exploring this
massive area (that and I'll show you every little thing there is to see out
there). For those who just plain don't care about exploration (I know you're
out there), our GOAL is to reach the big '?' on the map (the Centennial
building). To get there you will need to go up Laymond Ave. and enter Logan
Park. From Logan Park you can stick to the left and find your way to the
Centennial building. You'll be missing out on a lot though! Anyways, onto
exploring Pearl Creek!

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                    Exploring Pearl Creek Part 1                      >==O
   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   Ok, Pearl Creek is a big section to
   |   —=—   Item Checklist   —=—   |  cover and there is a lot to do, so I
   |                                |  split exploring it into two sections.
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  This first section will cover all of
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  the east side of Pearl Creek (think
   | [_] Candy Bar                  |  Lansdale Ave. and the Bank). Let's
   | [_] Healing Trinket            |  do this!
   | [_] Colt                       |
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |   After the cutscene with the mailman
   | [_] Riot News                  |  you can explore the area you're in but
   | [_] Birdcage 2/5               |  there is nothing of interest here
   | [_] Flashlight                 |  EXCEPT a small playground to the
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  northeast where you can find a barrel
   | [_] Pistol Bullets x2          |  that wants something from your
   | [_] Colt                       |  inventory (which we don't have yet).
   | [_] First Aid Kit x4           |
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |   Go down the west path where the
   |                                |  Mailman went (on HARD mode there will
   '.______________________________.'  be a VENDING MACHINE here, put some
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     money in it and grab the candy that
comes out so you can ignore my candy comment latter) and past a playground
with LOTS ot items head north out to the street. Now, I KNOW I said we're
going to cover the east side but let's go grab a toll to do so first. Take a
left and follow the fence west and south to find a [FIRST AID KIT] in this
dead end, then go north and west into an alley.

 This alley leads to a confrontation with a Weeping Bat enemy (normally, you
will only see Minions and Screamers out here in the open), so take it out.
There is a radio here and further to the west is another [FIRST AID KIT].
There is also a door here that leads to the ART GALLERY BUILDING, but that
section will be covered in the next section. The only REAL reason we are
over here is to grab a FIRE POKER, which you should be able to find near the
radio. We need it to pull down a ladder soon.

 Ok, head back to where you exited the playground and head east. On the south
side of the street you can find a VENDING MACHINE! Crazy! We need it though,
so put some money in the machine and you'll get a [CANDY BAR]. No you can't
eat it! Now, check the southwest corner of Cook and Lansdale and in a box you
will find the [HEALING TRINKET]. This trinket actually goes INTO the barrel
from earlier. It is for a sidequest called "Shadow Play" but we can't even do
it yet. You CAN go put it in there now if you wish, but read my notes below.

(-NOTE-) When I picked up the 'Healing' trinket, enemies would NOT come near
         me. In fact, I could run up to them and they wouldn't even attack!
         LOT'S of other gamer's have emailed me about this subject. Some of
         them ran into the very same thing I did but BEFORE grabbing the
         trinket. Console's didn't matter (PS3/Xbox 360). Whereas I had the
         effect wear off when I picked up the 'Enlightenment' trinket, others
         had it wear off BEFORE then or even after then. I can't for the life
         of me figure out what SPECIFICALLY triggers this event, but if you
         witness it you should take it as a blessing and keep playing. I would
         personally recommend doing the BANK side quest if you can while
         having this effect active!
(-NOTE-) We will be able to do this quest (Shadow Play) during section 14 of
         this guide, where I will round up a couple of sidequests including
         Shadow Play.
 Ok, now walk up the east side of Lansdale Ave, by the sidewalk. On the way
is a fire escape ladder. With the poker I had you grab a bit ago you can
easily pull it down. Climb up the ladder to enter a window leading to a room.
And not just any room, this room is a copy of the ROOM 302 used in Silent
Hill 4! How cool is this! You can find a [COLT] and [FIRST AID KIT] here,
so grab them both, look around, and head back outside.

 One other thing of note here is at the northwestern corner of Cook and
Lansdale Ave you can find a MISSING GIRL poster (it's a bit north of the
corner, on the housing). You can go find this now and check it out, and by
checking it out you will get an objective:

 OBJECTIVE: Find the missing girl.
 This is actually the start of the 'Ribbons' side quest, but once again we
are unable to do this now. See the note below:

(-NOTE-) As stated above, this is the start of the 'Ribbons' side quest. You
         can do PART of it but you won't be able to complete it. I have
         chosen, for the sake of completion and order, to put off this entire
         side quest until section 14 of this guide. To make thing clearer, you
         are entirely unable to complete this quest until you go through the
         Centennial Building and its otherworld.

 Head north now, sticking to the east and at the southeast corner of Brite and
Lansdale you can find the [RIOT NEWS] note on the ground. Cross the street now
(the east side is out) and you can find another [BIRDCAGE 2/5] here. Let the
bird free and you'll see a LONGER scene. We are by the BANK now, and we can
enter it and do a sidequest, so let's do so. Note that this sidequest involves
fighting groups of enemies, so enter with 3-4 med packs and a good sturdy

   The Bank
 Upon entering the bank you can find a [FLASHLIGHT] on the right if you need
it (you shouldn't). You'll notice this area is quite wide, with lots of
weapons strewn about. Let's explore this area. Further in the room on the
right has a radio for you to listen to DJ Ricks again and a crowbar. The room
on the left curves around to give you a [FIRST AID KIT] at the end. Upstairs
is the Director's Room with an axe, a good weapon. Downstairs is the VAULT.
You'll hear a message from someone here (DJ Ricks I believe). The vault has
FIVE security boxes down here. Now, when you try to open one an alarm will go
off and will initiate a series of attacks on you. This gives you an objective
as well. Down below is the objective and what enemies you will face. After
every round a security box will open, so your prizes will be listed down below
as well.

(-NOTE-) Before we continue this section, let me add this note that reader
         Barbara Gibson sent me: If you go to the managers office and stop the
         alarm under his desk the waves stop and the vault closes. Then you
         miss the achievement and have to back up. (Thanks for letting me know
         that Barbara!)

 OBJECTIVE: Bank mystery.

 Enemies Faced:
  Wave 1: Screamer
  Wave 2: Screamer x2
  Wave 3: Screamer, Minion
  Wave 4: Minion x2
  Wave 5: Screamer, Minion, Armed Minion
 Fight in the open area and save your good weapons for the later waves. Use
the narrow area by the radio to funnel enemies if you wish. If you've been
saving ammo (like the Nail Gun), this is an EXCELLENT time to use it,
especially on the final wave.

 After fending off all five waves, you'll be awarded the contents of the
security boxes below, leaving you with some [PISTOL BULLETS] x2, a [COLT],

(-NOTE-) You will also get the 'Silent Alarm' trophy after surviving all five
         waves of enemies at the bank.

 Once you're done with the bank and have gotten all of those damn First Aid
Kit's, head back outside. The only other thing to do over here is to head
north of the bank (follow the sidewalk) and on the ground by the road
obstacle is another [FIRST AID KIT] (as if you didn't have enough by now!).
The northwest corner of Lansdale has a section that you can squeeze through
and explore, but I'll cover it in the next section. It leads over to Laymond
Avenue. Congrats on getting that trophy. Head to the next section for more

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                    Exploring Pearl Creek Part 2                      >==O
   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   Ok, now we are going to focus our
   |   —=—   Item Checklist   —=—   |  efforts on the west side of the Pearl
   |                                |  Creek area. This mainly takes us up the
   | [_] Dear Mr. Barker            |  Laymond Avenue road, but some alleyways,
   | [_] Dear Mr. Rice              |  subways, and Logan's Park will be
   | [_] Art Notes                  |  covered as well.
   | [_] Nailgun Ammo               |  
   | [_] Nailgun Ammo               |   First head back to the alleyway where
   | [_] Enlightenment Trinket      |  I mentioned the ART GALLERY BUILDING is
   | [_] Aaron Ashfield             |  located. The one where you found the
   | [_] Certainy Painting          |  poker and fought the Weeping Bat. Let's
   | [_] Child's Kite               |  head inside that building and explore
   |                                |  it.
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      First of all there are no enemies
here, so its ok to let your guard down a bit. Head past the first door on the
left and go explore the big room straight in front of you. You'll see DOZENS
of paintings here, although it's clear the art is not on exhibit. There's a
letter on the counter here, so grab it for the [DEAR MR. BARKER] letter.
Outside of this room to the right is an office, which also has another nasty
letter, the [DEAR MR. RICE] letter. On the desk are some [ART NOTES] as well.
Sounds like the curator here has some sort of plan!

 Head downstairs now and into the big room you'll find. By looking at the
table it is clear the man was trying to assemble a collection of paintings
together, which leads to an objective for you:

 OBJECTIVE: Find the missing paintings.
 There are six of them in total. We have three up to this point, and you can
go ahead and place your paintings here, on the display, if you wish. By
looking at the display you can see that there are drawings on the paintings,
and you can even move them around. As you can guess, this will lead to more
fun later on. That's all we can do in this building, so feel free to leave

 The next location we are going to go to is a subway. One that will actually
do us some good, compared to the last one anyways. Head up Laymond Ave towards
the subway. You can take the alleyway that you are in north to Brite Streen
or go east and north up Laymond; it really doesn't matter since the two paths
meet up anyways. On your way there, take the west side of Laymond past the
Laymond/Brite intersection as you can find some [NAILGUN AMMO] on the east
side of the Centennial Building, in a box on a porch. Then head east and go
into the right subway (the left one is a dead-end, so you may as well consider
it useless unless you want a weapon). This subway is the Pearl Creek 2 subway,
and down here you can find another stand for another trinket (which we don't
have yet, but is nearby) and HOLY CRAP ANOTHER HUMAN!

 This guy is the HOMELESS MAN, and knows a thing or two about surviving. He
is willing to share some knowledge with you, but not for free. For starters,
he first wants you to find him some food:

 OBJECTIVE: Find food for the beggar.
 Thankfully, I had you nab a CANDY BAR a while back, so give it to him (if
you don't have the Candy Bar, go back to the playground by Cook and Laymond,
search the south sidewalk of Cook Street, and buy one!).

(-NOTE-) On HARD puzzle mode, the vending machine is in the alley that the
         mailman walked through after you left the apartments (the alley north
         of the apartments).
(-NOTE-) On EASY puzzle mode, the vending machine is found near the southeast
         corner of the Brite St. and Laymond Ave. intersection. Very close by!

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find food for the beggar.
 In return, the man will give you a map of the subway system (and you can see
why I'm naming these chunks of the city like I am). You can now use the subway
system to travel unmolested underground! The only areas that are open right
now are Hillside and Pearl Creek though.

(-NOTE-) You can also use the subway system to get out of storms and high
         monster encounter rates.
 The homeless man isn't satisfied though, and will ask you for a jacket before
giving away more of his secrets. This leads to another objective:
 OBJECTIVE: Find a warm coat for the beggar.
 Unfortunately, we can't do that one yet, but keep it in mind. Now, before
continuing our exploration outside, go past the bum and find the [NAILGUN
AMMO] in the locker (another one of those tall green lockers). Try out the
subway system if you wish, the exit the Pearl Creek subway.
 To the right of the subway you should be able to find a column tipped over
which leads to a shortcut to Lansdale Ave. In the shortcut though, be sure to
check the boxes for the [ENLIGHTENMENT TRINKET] in a box. This trinket is the
one that fits in the barrel down in Pearl Creek subway. You can put it in
there if you wish to de-clutter your inventory, but there's more to that
particular sidequest (Shadow Play) that we just can't do now.

(-NOTE-) We will be able to do this quest during section 14 of this guide,
         where I will round up a couple of sidequests including Shadow Play.

 Head north of the subway and scan the ground for the [AARON ASHFIELD]
postcard. Notice that the postcard has the numbers '827' circled on it. Off
to the northwest of the subway (south of where you found the card) is a small
alley you can duck into to find a hole in a garage door. This hole leads to a
steel gate that asks for a password. Yep, '827' will get you in! Search the
storage area past the door to find the [CERTAINTY PAINTING].

 Exit back outside and now go search the northwest corner of Laymond Ave. for
a [FIRST AID KIT]. I really like how they put a pickaxe in the road here! Heh.
Now let us go west and explore Logan's Park. Upon entering the park you can go
either left or right. It really doesn't matter as the paths meet, but take the
right path to find a [CHILD'S KITE] on a bench. This kite is a COLLECTABLE and
can be viewed in the EXTRA'S menu from the game's main menu.

 Move onto the middle of the park. From here you have another left or right
choice. The right path is a dead end but has a radio you can turn on and hear
something new on if you wish. Take the left path when you are ready to proceed
to find your way to the Centennial Building and complete an objective:
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find a way to the Radio Station.
 Head inside and a scene will take over. A rather lengthy scene, which sheds
more light on the story, such as what Murphy says he did to get in jail. Fun.
That's it for this section, so move onto the next one to continue.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                       The Centennial Building                        >==O
        |                —=—   Item Checklist   —=—                 |
        |                                                           |
        | [_] Parole Status            [_] Centennial Building Map  |
        | [_] Internal Investigation   [_] Forensic Flashlight      |
        | [_] Security Card            [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Patrick Napier           |
        | [_] Pistol Bullets           [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] ID Card                  [_] Numbers Note             |
        | [_] Rett Cairn               [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Pistol Bullets           [_] Psycological Report      |
        | [_] Slides                   [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] ID Card                  [_] Employee Review          |
        | [_] Studio Map                                            |
        |                                                           |

 After the scene, head towards the door and you'll get the [PAROLE STATUS]
letter. Kind-of weird that you didn't just get it after the scene. Model
prisoner. Past the door you can pick up the [CENTENNIAL BUILDING MAP] as well.
This building has a ton of floors (look at the diagram) and your map only
covers the garage and four floors. Head into the main garage section where
you will see a security room to your left that needs an I.D. card.

 Head to the south to see a locked door. Examine it and Murphy will comment
on the freight elevator, giving you a new objective:

 OBJECTIVE: Enter the building via the service elevator.
 Out here in the open parking lot we can do some exploring. First of all, the
green van nearby has a back end you can open, but be warned! This leads to a
Screamer jumping on your back. You get no rewards either, so best to skip this

 Next head over to the police car. Go open the passenger seat to find the
[INTERNAL INVESTIGATION] note. Interesting stuff. Now go open the trunk to
find the [FORENSIC FLASHLIGHT]. It's like a regular flashlight, but you can
turn it to UV light as well with L3. You can use it to see drag marks from the
driver's seat of the police car to the service elevator from before. There is
a guard dog in the backseat of the car as well (you can't let him out).

 Now go examine the brick door to the northwest for a cool scene. Only one
scene though, but you can assume what happened! Find a metal weapon like a
wrench or sledgehammer and then break the lock on the maintenance door nearby.
You can't go down there as the passage is filled with water. We can fix that
though. Go pick up the firehose nearby and Murphy will throw it into the
water. Now go turn the firetruck pump on. This will suck up all (most) of the
water and will let you go down the stairs. Down here you will find a dead
guard. With your UV light you can see the words "Can't keep my head above
water." on the wall too. Check the wheelchair for a [SECURITY CARD], which
we definitely needed. Grab it and run back up the stairs FAST as the water
is rising!

 Back out in the garage area you will now have to face two Weeping Bat
enemies. They can still travel on the ceiling, but the ceiling is so low that
they can hit you while clung to it, so be careful! Either kill or ignore them
and then run to the security office and use the card on the door. Also, its
worthy of noting that the dog is now dead.  Once you get in the security room
you can turn on the radio to hear DJ Rick's tell you a secret and then you can
open the door to the elevator (watch the monitor to the left as you open the
door, that shit is FREAKY!).

 Before leaving, go explore the room on the left to find a [FIRST AID KIT] in
the cabinet there. The door there leads out near the firetruck. Now make your
way to the service elevator to complete an objective:

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Enter the building via the service elevator.
 Press the elevator button to open it and then get in and press the button
again to close it. You'll be on the 1st floor now, in the storage room. Near
the elevator will be an axe you should grab (trust me). Continue down the
path while the game tries to scare you and you'll come to a boarded-up
passage. Break it down with the axe and continue to slide through some boxes.
After you get through a Screamer will attack, so take it out. To the left is
a door, but to the right of the door is a box you can push back to find a
small cubby with a [FIRST AID KIT] in it. Go back and go through the door now.

 You'll be in a big library now. You can grab a redundant map from a holder
to your left. Also, be sure to check the right room for a giant photo showing
a "Welcome to Shepherd's Glenn" sign. This is of course in homage to Silent
Hill: Homecoming. As you attempt to walk forward into the room the upper
bridge will fall.  Head left now (you have to) and the game will tell you to
use your UV light to find clues.

 We will have to find BOOKS in the library using the UV light (just leave it
on 24/7). From where the game told you to use the light is a book nearby.
There are a lot of books throughout this section, but you don't HAVE to read
any of them. They are interesting though, so I'll point them out. Make your
way on the left side to a desk. Now, fair warning, there is a Weeping Bat
ahead of you, past the desk and hanging out in the lower aisles there. Draw
him out and finish him on your own terms. The path back there has some dead
body parts as well as the [PATRICK NAPIER] file.

 A row to the east of where the path to the file was is another book to read.
It is to the left of the immovable ladder here. These books are interesting
and all have a theme. Now turn around and go out and examine the DOLL here.
It is lifeless but looks EXACTLY like the doll enemy you may or may not have
seen before in Hillside.

 North of the doll is another book to read, on the right-hand bookshelf.
After looking at it, interact with the ladder to the south and climb it to
reach the 2nd floor. Head north to a door, but before going through, look at
the books to its right for another book to read.

 Head through the door here and you'll see a vault up ahead. We have no idea
what the combo is for now though, so we'll have to come back here in a bit.
Go through the north door now. There's a picture of a girl to the left. You've
probably seen this picture before. "When you lose someone you love." The lift
here doesn't work (go figure) and the door ahead leads to a door with a key
lock on it so head down.

(-NOTE-) Reader Thomas Prevatt points out that the dolls in the lower area
         coming up MAY OR MAY NOT come out to fight. It seems to be very
         random, how they behave, from one game to the next...

 You'll notice at the bottom of the stairs that there are DOLL enemies in
the display cases. One will come out and fight you here. This gives you a
chance to use your UV light to see the FULL OUTLINE of the shadows. You can
fight the dolls much easier with that light equipped so give it a try and
take the north door afterwards (the only path you can take). Find the [PISTOL
BULLETS] in here and continue to 101 and north. Go into the northeast room
now to find a [FIRST AID KIT] and hear the older voice talk to Murphy again.

 Head back out to the big room now. You can find a book on the east bookcase
out here. I like the tree limbs going through the window. There's some photos
you can examine here too, 'Devil's Pitstop' in 103 and 'Demon Samael' in the
big room. The real treasure here is in room 104, enter it and claim the [ID
CARD] from the body. The UV light also reveals the message "Sequestered does
not equal safe" here. Head back out and the room to the northwest can be
opened with the ID card you just got. It has a radio in it and a stack of
envelopes on the desk.

 These envelopes need to be arranged so they spell out a number. The key to
doing this is to note that one of the envelopes (on the left) cannot be moved,
making it a starting point for the number '8', which turns into '85'. From
there just line up numbers and note that the envelopes will either cover each
other up or wont. Use that knowledge with the envelope outlines to find the
answer here: "851136". Lining the numbers up together will give you the

 From here you can head through room 106 and back out to the big room with
the dolls, and another doll will indeed attack you here. Take it out or flee
up the stairs and head for the keypad room north of the elevator. Use the code
"851136" here to unlock the door. Another book will be in this room, so read
it if you want. Room 208 also has the 'Shepherd House' photo in it, which is
yet another Homecoming reference. Head out into the hallway and enter room 204
to find a makeshift ladder to the third floor. Be sure to check out the desk
here to find the [RETT CAIRN] card before heading up!

 Once you climb up you will find another map. Make your way around the room
to a desk with a [FIRST AID KIT] and then you'll have to balance on some burnt
beams while Doll's play around below. Just focus on your balance here! Once
you get done with the balancing act a DOLL will attack! Gah! The mannequin is
hiding to the left of the door frame, but focus on protecting yourself from
the shadows! Once its dead be sure to explore the room to the right for some
[PISTOL BULLETS]. Follow the path east and south, ignoring the ladder for now.

(-NOTE-) On EASY difficutly/HARD puzzle I encountered TWO additional Doll
         enemies in this area. Very weird, I think. I also encountered THREE
         additional Doll enemies in the big elevator room coming up that just
         plain weren't there on my NORMAL/NORMAL run. Maybe there's some enemy
         randomization going on here? Be aware!

 To the south is a room with another book on the west wall if you care, but
be sure to take the southwest doors to the big room. This big room sure is
massive and lonely... it's a bit foreboding, but at the far west end you will
find a wheelchair clogging up the elevator! Remove it and now you have a
perfectly functioning elevator! The elevator can go to floors 1, 2, 3 and 18,
but requires a special card to go to 18. Head back to room 301 and take the
ladder down to the 2nd floor now.

 Down here go north to the hallway and then enter the Mayor's Office. There
is a book to the right you can read if you wish. Also, check the drawers
across from the door to find the [PSYCHOLOGICAL REPORT], which sheds some
light on the story. Head left to the mayor's desk where you can pick up some
much-needed (for later) [SLIDES]. With the slides in hand, we need to head
back to the area that has the vault. Head to the 3rd floor elevator and take
it down a level, then head west to get there easily. You want to enter the
west door to room 207 now, the 'Video Archive'.

 As you head inside a box will come crashing down (this scared the SHIT out
of me!). There is a projector in here that will just display the 'Mayor'
screen over and over, which was supposed to be a hint to us if we came here
earlier (I'm streamlining the process for you all). This room is FULL of
old film reels, some that say "Vatra Wood" on them (Vatra being this game's
developer of course). Before playing with the projector, head upstairs and
explore it thoroughly to find a [FIRST AID KIT] to the southeast and a book
to read to the southwest. Head back down and use your slides on the projector
to make it go through a series of clocks.

 These clocks are supposed to be the code for the vault outside. As you can
see, the slides go through three slides which say 'IX (9)', 'VI (6)', and
'I (1)'. And that is the answer: 961.

(-NOTE-) On HARD puzzle mode, the slides show 1:45, 2:30, and 3:05. The vault
         door outside goes from I-X (1-10), so the answer on hard mode is
         IX (for :45), VI (for :30) and I (for :05). Or in english: 961, which
         is the SAME answer as NORMAL mode... they just made it slightly
         harder to figure out...

 Head out to the vault and put that number in from left to right: 9 6 1, and
the door will open. Head inside and you'll see a body to the left. Yikes!
Search it for the [ID CARD], which is what we need to get to the 18th floor.
Head further into the room and watch a kick-ass scene. Afterwards, grab the
[EMPLOYEE REVIEW] from the desk.

(-NOTE-) On HARD puzzle difficulty the "employee review" item is in a bookcase
         nearby, inside a book that you can spot with the UV light in the
         upper left corner. I've been emailed numerous times saything that
         the review may be on the bookshelf even if you AREN'T on HARD puzzle
         mode, so be sure to check it regardless!

 Now, head back to the elevator and use the ID Card on the button display,
then pick the 18th floor and head up! Grab the [STUDIO MAP] from the right
wall once you get out. Go forward and you'll see DJ Ricks behind the glass
on the left! Cool! Note that you can go check out the break room on the right
to hear the older voice, then head to the eastern door. With the UV light on
the words "Point of no return" will be on the ground. *gulp*

 Enter the door and you'll get a rather long scene involving DJ Ricks and
the cop from the early part of the game. Oh, and some uninvited guests! AND,
that will be the end of this section.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                 The Centennial Building Otherworld                   >==O
(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Found a Friend!' bronze trophy now. 

   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   Well, this just sucks, no? Our first
   |   —=—   Item Checklist   —=—   |  real hope just gone. Well, continue on
   |                                |  and you'll see a fire exit door and a
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  pile of trash nearby! Ah, 1 + 1...
   | [_] Diluent                    |
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |   Go into the left room for a [FIRST AID
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  KIT] in a cabinet, then search the
   | [_] Shotgun Shells             |  other room here for some [DILUENT],
   | [_] Pistol Bullets             |  which is what we need to pour on the
   |                                |  trash pile. (NOTE: The "Diluent" item
   '.______________________________.'  can be found in the kitchen/break room
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     outside the front of the studio on
HARD puzzle difficulty). Go back and pour it on the trash pile then use your
lighter on the pile to make the flames go up (think Murphy used enough
diluent!?). As the sprinklers go off go stand by the fire door, because soon
the VOID will show up and this place will turn into an alternate reality (the

 Run right away and knock over the container, then when the path splits to the
left or straight go STRAIGHT. From there, take the first left and run straight
down to a hole. As soon as you land, take a right and run into the room with
the mirror (there is an 'emergency exit' sign nearby).

 You will lose the void here. In this room, turn the invisible handle under
the sign and go into the new room. Here, the VOID will return again! Gah!
The gate in front of you slams shut, so quickly take the door here and turn
the handle. Run away and knock shit over to slow the Void down and then steer
left into a parking area. Here, stuff will fall from the ceiling, mostly cars,
so keep an eye above and worm your way around them (right past the first car,
left past a road block, right past a second car...). Soon you'll pass a giant
fan on the left. Quickly look to your right and locate a flip lever on the
wall, then flip it to turn on the fan and open a nearby door. The fan will
suck the Void in (don't ask me to explain this) and you'll be safe for now.

 As you continue, the world will flip upside-down. Hit the switch in front
of you (the one hanging upwards) to open the door and move forwards until
you are forced into a cage. Here you will go for a ride. Not much you can do,
so sit back and enjoy the sites.

 Once the ride stops, the VOID will appear again. Bah! Run to the right and
you'll see cages dropping. Just zig-zag through them and, at one point, one
will drop that you can run through. Just keep running (this section is pretty
short) and at one point you'll be running TOWARDS a big guy. The floor will
give way thankfully (don't want to run into THAT guy) and the Void will stop
chasing you.

 Down here there will be a [FIRST AID KIT] to your left. The path here splits
into a right and left path. Take either one, it doesn't matter. You'll meet a
new enemy on the walls here: the Wall Monster.

 COMBAT PRIMER: The Wall Monster
    The Wall Monster is more of an obstacle than a true monster. After all,
    it is stuck to the wall. It can attack by using its stomach to spit acid
    (or blood?) at you. It can do either one squirt or two in a row. You will
    obviously want to wait until it gets done attacking to run past it, like
    a timing puzzle.

 Make your way to the other end and throw the switch to open the doors. In
this next area, cages from above will fall down and make holes in the floor.
Let them fall and don't rush, but be sure to check out the left hand rooms
for a [FIRST AID KIT]. Keep going forward and soon cages here will fall down
and release a Screamer enemy. Run past it and grab the fire extinguisher on
the wall if you need it, but a bit further ahead another cage will drop and
let another Screamer out, so fight one at a time.

 After killing them, turn the picture to get by a blade trap further on. Walk
out to the catwalk and press the button to make the clock hand stop. You need
to make the hand stop BY you, which takes practice and several tries. Press
the button way before the hand gets to you (around the IV) and you'll get it
with practice. Climb out to the hand and this initiates a balancing sequence.
LOOK AT MURPHY and not your surroundings and you'll be ok.

 Head forward and you'll soon find yourself at a blade trap. The first two
blade wheels are easy and run at a smooth speed. Simply run past them after
a blade, any blade, passes. The third one is WAY faster but stops after every
five blade swings. Watch it for awhile and see the pattern. Now simply count
on that pattern and run when it stops After the blade trap, pick up the
[SHOTGUN SHELLS] and the [PISTOL BULLETS]. Move to the next blade trap and
stop on the Silent Hill emblem to slow the blades down considerably. As you
can imagine stepping off the emblem speeds the blades up. This isn't hard
though, just run past the first blade as soon as it passes and you'll make it
past both of them.

 Move forward to see a scene, which will send you flying down another chute.
Stick to the right, then quickly go to the left after the first obstacle.
Now quickly go to the middle to avoid some blade traps, then to the right and
once more to the left. Now just stay in the middle to watch even more kick-ass

 You'll wake up back in the real world. Watch the scene with the mailman
(creepy!) and you'll get a new objective:

 OBJECTIVE: Inquire at the Monastery

 Move onto the next section to continue the game.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                      Exploring Chastain Heights                      >==O
(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Whatever Doesn't Kill You...' bronze trophy now.

        |                —=—   Item Checklist   —=—                 |
        |                                                           |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Local Boy Abducted       [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Old Coat                 [_] Crank                    |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Vinyl Record             |
        | [_] Replacement Bulb         [_] Shotgun                  |
        | [_] Storage Room Key         [_] Hope Painting            |
        | [_] Money                    [_] Film Reel                |
        | [_] Film Reel 2              [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Film Splicer             [_] Film Reel 3              |
        | [_] Spliced Reel             [_] Wooden Crank             |
        | [_] Key                      [_] Golden Gun               |
        | [_] Pistol Bullets x2        [_] Court Ruling             |
        |                                                           |
 Ok, we got a letter but we're no allowed to see it. Wonderful. Oh, before
going anywhere take not that the west exit from Logan's Park is open now,
meaning we can get back to the parts of Silent Hill we've already been to if
we want (we'll use this later).

 Head north and pick up the [FIRST AID KIT] to the north and cross over to the
west side of the street. To the northwest is a door you can enter, but I'll
save you the time and tell you that all that's in there is a locked door. Head
south now and you'll see the MOVIE THEATER. We COULD go in there now, but we
wouldn't be able to complete it so let's save it for a BIT later. Trust me!

 Head south and you'll see an alley to the right. Go past it and search near
the road obstacle for another [FIRST AID KIT]. Now head through the alley. To
the right is an enclosed park area. Head into it and search to the north for
the [LOCAL BOY ABDUCTED] note. How very sad, no? Head back out and look to the
south of they alley you exited to see a FIRE ESCAPE ladder. Keep that in mind.

 Check to the south to see another road obstacle. Near the southwest of it is
another [FIRST AID KIT]. You should be absolutely rolling in these things. Up
north is the Chastain Heights subway, but its locked for now. We need to get
that coat for the bum, remember!? Thankfully, the CLOTHING STORE is just to
the northwest of the subway. It has a sign out front, you can't miss it! Find
the door and enter the store.

 To the back of the store you will find the [OLD COAT], which is what the
homeless guy needs (NOTE: In HARD PUZZLE MODE, the "Old Coat is in the storage
room of the shop, past the door on the left and in the corner to the left. In
EASY PUZZLE MODE it is in the front of the store, hanging on the wall to the
left.). Now we're going to do some running. Exit the store and head east to
where we started this section at. Run through Logan's Park, but as you do so
stop near the middle fountain area and find the POKER item (we will need it
for that fire escape). Now head south and return to the subway where the bum
is. Give him the coat and he will UNLOCK the Chastain Heights subway route.
SWEET! We will also get a new objective.

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find a warm coat for the beggar.

 OBJECTIVE: Find a fishing rod for the beggar.
 Ok, now return to Chastain Heights either through the subway or by running
and make your way to that FIRE ESCAPE by the alley. Pull the ladder down and
enter the room here. You will see a GRAMOPHONE here. This house is creepy, no?
You can check out the lower level, but there's nothing to find so head
upstairs and pay special attention to the portraits, as we'll interact with
one soon.

 Upstairs to the left is the children's room. By the bloody doll in there is
the [CRANK] item, so snatch it up. Head right into the bathroom for a [FIRST
AID KIT]. Now head to the last room upstairs, the parent's bedroom, to find
a  [VINYL RECORD]. Head back to the gramophone now and put the record on it,
then put the crank in and turn it. You'll uncover a dead body and the bloody
message "Turn Back Time". Head over to the gramophone again and interact with
it to have Murphy play the record backwards and watch the EXCELLENT scene play
out before you.

 After you are done turning you will have a new objective:
 OBJECTIVE: Put the victims' spirits to rest.
 However, you are no longer alone! The dad is now in here with you and he has
an axe! He's also in spirit form and even worse is out to kill YOU! Figuring
out what to do here isn't too hard, and the wife will even whisper to you "Put
his spirit to rest". What you need to do is to run over to the painting of the
dad and use your lighter on his portrait.
 After doing so you will get the 'Turn Back Time' bronze trophy. There's
nothing else to do here so head back outside. Now, we need to investigate
a nearby store. Head west up the curved road/towards St. Maria's but check
out the shops on the left-hand side. One of these doors can be entered, so
do so.

 This shop has to be some sort of store, but I'm not 100% sure what kind of
store it is. There's no monsters here though, so relax! Go behind the counter
here to find a [REPLACEMENT BULB], which we needed for the MOVIE THEATER area
and grab the AWESOME [SHOTGUN]. I bet you're grinning ear to ear right about
now, huh? Interact with the cash register here to find the [STORAGE ROOM KEY]
and use the key to enter the only other door here. In this back room you can
find a moveable box that is hiding the [HOPE PAINTING]. Someone was hiding
this! That's all we can do here, so head back outside.

(-NOTE-) On EASY PUZZLE MODE, the "Replacement Bulb" is in the movie theater.
         It is located in a back room. From the stage, go up the left aisle
         and into a back room, then into the right room from there. It is on
         the floor.

 Ok, we can now go to the MOVIE THEATER and complete everything there, so lets
go do that. Upon entering the place, check the concessions counter on the left
to find some [MONEY], even though you don't really need it. We'll now be out
to find film reels, but their locations depend on what puzzle difficulty you
are in. Below and written into the walkthrough are the NORMAL LOCATIONS. The
box after splicing all the films below highlights the HARD locations, so be
sure to use whatever puzzle difficulty guide you need.

 To the right on a different counter is a [FILM REEL]. This one is called "The
House on the Lake" which seems to be a reference to 'The Last House on the
Left'. Now head to the back and enter the left bathroom. In here search the
stalls for another film reel, [FILM REEL 2]. This one is "The Silent
Children". Maybe 'Children of the Corn'?

 Go through the hole in the wall to enter the theater. Head to the screen and
face the chairs. There is a path to the left and the right. The left path has
nothing at all for you, so don't bother. Head up the right path and look to
the left for a [FIRST AID KIT] by the chairs. Head up to the room above the
theater (the projection room) and upon seeing the projector Murphy will
deduce that the thing needs fixed:

 OBJECTIVE: Fix the projector.
 Thankfully, with our foresight, we HAVE the replacement bulb (see the note
above if you are playing on EASY puzzle difficulty to get the bulb, as it is
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Fix the projector.
(-NOTE-) If you DON'T have the bulb, look THREE paragraphs up in the guide to
         find the shop that has it. Go there and get it, then hurry back!
 On the wall next to the projector is the [FILM SPLICER] note, so grab it. Up
here you will also find the [FILM REEL 3] in the room. This one is called "The
Secret of the Attic". Likely a 'Psycho' reference. There is also a door up
here that has a keypad on it. We need to get the numbers for it. To do so,
we are going to play each of the films and then RUN to the screen down below.
Why you may ask!? Well, this is Silent Hill, and the films are REAL and we
can EXPLORE them by entering them through the movie screen (creepy, no!?).

(-NOTE-) Reader Chris Carroll has this handy tip/glitch that some of you
         may find useful:
         When you are actually going into the movie theater and you have your
         shotgun, when you put the first move reel in you drop your shotgun and
         run into the movie. When you exit the movie you change reels and pick
         up your shotgun than head into the next movie.
         Now the next two times you exit the movies your shotgun will still be
         laying on the ground even though you already picked it up. (Free Ammo)
         You can also exit and reenter the movie theater and your shotgun will
         have re spawned on the ground for what seems like unlimited ammo.

   |                  HARD PUZZLE Mode Film Locations:                    |
   |                                                                      | 
   | o The House on the Lake: Run past the cash registers where you find  |
   |   the money (behind the counter); it's on a vending machine in the   | 
   |   small room.                                                        |
   |                                                                      |
   | o The Silent Children: In a gap in the chairs near the top of the    |
   |   left staircase of the theater.                                     |
   |                                                                      |
   | o The Secret of the Attic: In the closet in the projector room,      |
   |   past where you get the film splicer note.                          |
   |                                                                      |
   | (Locations provided by DogByte!)                                     |

 Play  "The House on the Lake":
   Enter the film and head down the street (make a right). Head down two
  houses and enter the second house here. The upstairs is blocked. Head in
  to see a door on the left. There is a wooden crank in here, but don't pick
  it up, just make a mental note of it. Exit and enter the door further in
  to see the number "9". Now head back to where you entered the film to exit
  it. Go back to the projector and put in the next film (see below).
 Play "The Silent Children":
   Enter the film and immediately head south. You'll see a number on the wall
  down here that says "24". The only other thing of interest in this film is
  to the right, where you will find a box that needs an item. We can't do
  anything with this right now so exit the film and enter the next one (see
 Play "The Secret of the Attic":
   Enter the film and head to the right. Now head north to the very inner
  part of the attic. In here Murphy will notice the trunk. It is of course
  locked, but gives us an objective:
  OBJECTIVE: Open the attic trunk.
  Now note the bloody "1" on the window. That's the last number we needed,
  so exit the film now.
 Now that we are done exploring all three films head back to the projector
and collect the film from it. We need all three. Now, for the codepad nearby
and enter the numbers "9241". Past the door is the movie splicer. Interact
with it to see a scene and you'll obtain the [SPLICED REEL]. This new film
is called "The Secret of the Child at the Lake". Quite a long title, no? Put
it in the projector and get ready to enter the film:
 Play "The Secret of the Child at the Lake":
   You'll now have access to all three areas. Go grab the [WOOD CRANK] from
  the room on the left, the walk through the north door and the one after
  that to get to the next film area. Use the crank on the box on the right
  (which is a jack-in-the-box) and crank it to get the jack to come out (a bit
  creepy, no!?). Grab the [KEY] from the doll and go south to where the
  numbers are. There is a ladder here that you can climb to get to the third
  film. Head to the trunk and use the key to open it.
  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Open the attic trunk.
  As soon as you do, a Screamer will appear, so put off looting and deal with
  it. In the trunk you can find a [GOLDEN GUN] and [PISTOL BULLETS] x2! The
  Golden Gun is just like any other pistol in my experience and is definitely
  a reference to the James Bond movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun'. You have
  a ways to go before leaving this movie, and more monsters to face. A Weeping
  Bat will meet you in the schoolkid place, and a Minion enemy will face you
  outside the house area. Exit the film to complete this sidequest.
(-NOTE-) You will get the 'Cutting Room Floor' bronze trophy after completing
         the events in the Movie Theater.
 Wow, that was a trial, no? Ok, exit the theater and now it's time to wrap
this section up. Head to St. Maria's. Go up the winding road and to the east
will be an opening that leads up there. There is also a path to the south
and north of St. Maria's. The south path leads to the CEMETERY, but there is
nothing for us there... yet. To the north is a fountain. Search the ground to
the east of the fountain for the [COURT RULING] paper. The pathway heading
north from here is a dead end, so you may as well turn back and head to St.

(-NOTE-) As it's possible to get to the rest of the map before the Monastery,
         I wanted to add this email/input from Zachar Laskewicz regarding the
         PAINTINGS side quest:
         I don't think you can complete it until after the monastery. You
         didn't mention this as far as I've read. I noticed this after
         completing the pictures before attempting the monastery at normal
         levels. The figures appeared, but not the map nor the quest nor
         the option to interact with the map.
         Thanks Zachar! In other words, don't bother with the paintings side
         quest this early. I cover it later in the guide though, so focus on
         it AFTER the Monastery.

(-NOTE-) If you want a slightly easier time at the beginning of St. Maria's,
         bring an axe in with you.

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Inquire at the Monastery.
 Watch the scene that takes place between Murphy and the nun. When it's done
you will be free to explore, but that is for the next section. See you there!

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                        St. Maria's Monastery                         >==O
        |                —=—   Item Checklist   —=—                 |
        |                                                           |
        | [_] St. Maria's Map          [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Pistol Bullets           [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Nailgun Ammo             [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Poem Fragment 1          [_] Pistol Bullets           |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Canvas Sack              |
        | [_] Happy Fathers Day        [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Letter Home              [_] Colt                     |
        | [_] Hansel & Gretel          [_] Lever                    |
        | [_] Vinyl Record             [_] Blackboard Eraser        |
        | [_] Poem Fragment 2          [_] Preliminary Evaluation   |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Psych. Evaluation        |
        | [_] Tragic Letter            [_] Toy Van                  |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Psych. Evaluation 2      |
        | [_] Internal Memo            [_] Key                      |
        | [_] Poem Fragment 3                                       |
        |                                                           |

 So, we're left without a tour guide as the nun just upped and vanished.
Wonderful, this can't possibly go bad. Well, first grab the [ST. MARIA'S MAP]
from the wall on the left. There's a boarded up door here. Chances are that
you don't have an axe, so go to the southern room, grab the [FIRST AID KIT]
here, and squeeze through the crack.

(-NOTE-) If you DO have an axe, you can just grab the bullets here and then
         head back and go through that boarded up door. Only follow the next
         two paragraphs if you NEED an axe or want to kill a lot of Doll
         enemies (there's a trophy for killing 10 of them and you can get
         five of them right here!).
(-NOTE-) On my second and third playthroughs, my axe weapons broke and MADE
         me go get an axe, which is funny since on my first playthrough I
         got through that door just fine.
 Check the drawer here to find some [PISTOL BULLETS], then examine the
bookcase on the west wall. The UV light also shows a ton of footprints here.
Murphy will discover that there's something behind the bookcase and you'll be
able to move it. Head forward through this messed-up area and watch the murder
play out in front of you. Now, this room leads into a HUGE fight, so before
checking the body, learn where all the weapons are here. When you are ready,
go pull the axe out of the body.

 You'll now be in a HUGE fight with SEVERAL DOLL enemies (FIVE of them). This
is a GREAT place to kill them if you still need the 'Shadow Boxer' trophy, but
may be a waste of health and time if you don't. PLUS, keep in mind, you NEED
that axe for the door near the entrance. With that in mind choose to fight or
flee. If you do fight, try to hit the dolls WITH the shadows, use the UV light
to see the shadows better, and be prepared to switch weapons!

(-NOTE-) Matias points this out about fighting with the Axe:

         In the "doll room" in the Monastery, it's ok to use the axe you find
         in the corpse to kill the dolls. If it breaks (and probably will),
         there is (or will be after the fight, not sure) a brand new axe
         waiting for you in the wall, near the entrance to this area.
         In retrospect, I have to think this is true since you NEED an Axe
         and, if I recall correctly, you can't go back once you are inside
         the Monastary.
 With your axe in hand, destroy the wood on the west door and enter. (Note:
on HARD ENEMY mode, a Screamer shows up behind you here. Reader Saikyo Mog
points out that he has seen the Screamer show up on Easy/Easy, but it didn't
attack him, so be careful no matter what difficulty you are on! Also, reader
Deacon let me know that you can find another AXE in the room where you moved
the bookshelf, which I suspect is placed there only after you see the room
with all of the dolls...). Head forward and watch the awesome scene. Pretty
damn cool. You'll be left with a new objective here:
 OBJECTIVE: Learn the Bogeyman Rhyme.
 With nowhere to go, take the north door and grab the [FIRST AID KIT] on the
left. Take the north door again and you'll be outside. Good views out here!
The door to the west is  locked, so take the door to the chapel.

 Head in until you get to the stairs. To the left of the stairs is a doll
holding a knife. How crazy is that! Maybe a Chucky reference? Grab the
[NAILGUN AMMO] on the bench nearby. The door on the ground floor here leads
to nothing, so take the stairs up and catch the girl spying on  you. Now, if
you chase her up the stairs you will come to a locked door, but you can see
some cool writing on the way up with the UV light (it says "I keep dreaming
about birds") and you can find the BELL. Ringing the bell makes two Doll
enemies spawn a flight below, so it is ILL advised to do.

 Instead, once you see the girl simply take the door to the right. This leads
out to the chapel and a balance area. As luck would have it, a quake starts as
you are on the beam, so stay focused and get through it. Go down the stairs
once you're done and nab the [FIRST AID KIT] from the left and then enter the
chapel again.

 Go inspect the grating and Murphy will notice the book, which he identifies
as a book of rhymes. How convenient. Walk away and another quake will knock
the far chandelier down. That is meant to be a hint for you, as I'm sure the
lightbulb just went off. Anyway, what we need to do here is find a rope on the
left side of the room and use your lighter to drop the second chandelier down.
Now walk up to the chandelier and pull it (jam the X button) and then push it
into the grate. Do this twice and the grate will open.

 Go through it and examine the book for the [POEM FRAGMENT 1]. Bah, we need
two more poem fragments! The door on the right now opens on its own (how
creepy is that!), so go through it to land outside. Our here move forward
and check out the kids playground. See the tire swing? Watch it for awhile,
turn away, and look back. It should change to a hanging body.

(-NOTE-) There's an item out here I missed, caught by reader Daniele
       You forgot to mention that, when you get in the yard the first time
       (where the hanging tire changes to an hanged man) there are some gun
       bullets just down the stairs, to the left side. To be more specific,
       when you first enter the area, instead of going up the stairs to go to
       the playground, walk forward and an the immediate right there are the
       I (Bkstunt) haven't verified this but I'm sure they are there, so be
       sure to look for some more bullets!
 After that, walk north and head back into the building. In the hallway, go
right (the map's west) and into the northern room for some more [PISTOL

 Head back to the hallway. You can enter the kitchen and kill a Screamer if
you wish, but there's nothing in there of note. You can use the kitchen to
get into the dining hall if you wish as well. Regardless, take the northeast
door here to find a bathroom. There's a [FIRST AID KIT] in here as well as
a cool little scene.

 After that, head up the stairs and talk to the girl to the east. She'll run
away, of course. Now head into the classroom where you can find a [CANVAS
SACK] on one of the desks (another collectable). Also, note the chalkboard
here has a "lock" on it of sorts. Ha! We will have to come back to this, but
keep it in mind.

 We are going to fight more Doll enemies soon, so steal yourself and be sure
to have a good melee weapon. Head to the room northeast of the classroom. The
one on the east side of the map. Enter it. It's dark as hell in here, and
there are THREE Doll enemies in here: one to the northeast, one to the
northwest, and one to the southwest. You can fight them one at a time and now
since you know their location you can bum-rush them and hit the doll AND the
shadow at once to kill them easier. Once they are all dead claim your reward:
a [HAPPY FATHERS DAY] card in the southeast corner and a [FIRST AID KIT] by
the door.

 Head back downstairs and go east, past the iron bars. You'll see a Screamer
to the north (and a cool little scene), so take her out. Enter the classroom
on the right and search the desk for the [LETTER HOME].

(-NOTE-) The person who signed the letter, Roberta Bloch, is an illusion to
         prolific horror writer Robert Bloch, who is best known as the man
         who wrote "Psycho".
 After grabbing the letter, head north to find a FIREPLACE POKER. We'll need
this soon, so grab it. The room to the north here has a [COLT] in it if you
need it. Now go back to the hallway and north to an auditorium. Take the poker
to a fire escape ladder to your left and use it to pull the ladder down. Go
ahead and climb up now.

 Up here you will find a TON of props and stage control equipment. Search this
area for the [HANSEL & GRETEL] note (which we need) and then head into the
adjacent room to find a [LEVER] on a shelf and a [VINYL RECORD] in the drawer.
We will now need to put on a play using this stuff! First, place the record on
the gramophone and then put the lever on the right rope wheel by the banister.

(-NOTE-) The "Lever" is down in the auditorium on HARD PUZZLE difficulty. Its
         along the south wall on top of a box.
(-NOTE-) Daniele Garavaglia points out that if you do all the play steps
         WITHOUT taking the Hansel & Gretel note, it will disappear afterwards.

 OK, before we do this next step, take a moment to familiarize yourself with
what equipment we have up here. Obviously a record player and a floodlight.
Facing the stage you also have a rain machine to your lower left and by that
is a piece of metal with a hammer you can bang on. There are two levers that
control the backdrops on the stage to the left and the right of the floodlight
and to the far right of the floodlight on the wall is a light switch.

 Now, to PUT ON THE PLAY we must do things in a certain order. The order you
need to do these following steps in is revealed by the Hansel & Gretel note,
but here it is:

 - Lights Dim              (Flip the right electrical box)
 - Melody Plays            (Play/Rotate the record player)
 - Light on Center Stage   (Move the floodlight to focus on the center stage)
 - Dark Forest Backdrop    (Use the LEFT lever)
 - Strange House Backdrop  (Use the RIGHT lever)
 - It Rains                (Use the rain machine in the corner)
 - The Storm Worsens       (Use the mallet by the rain machine)
 If you miss a step, you will have to redo the entire thing. As you proceed
through these steps things will of course happen down below, but as you finish
these steps things will get WEIRD!!!

 Nothing much to do except go with it, right? Head down the ladder and grab
the double-sided axe then go through the hole in the wall to your left since
you can't get by the tree. You need to decide right now if you want to fight
or flee the upcoming enemies, but let me give away their locations. You'll
run into a Weeping Bat enemy by the hole (a good place to kill it if you
choose to fight) and then further in the forest will spread out a bit.
However, if you stick to the right and keep going in you will make your way
to the cabin. To stop you will be three Screamers spread out, two in the
forest and one by the cabin. You can lure each one away if you wish or you
can just run from everything and enter the cabin!

 Inside the cabin is a familiar tune and a box in the back that you need to
interact with. This leads to a picture puzzle where you can rotate each
square to the left or right. The goal here is to assemble a picture of
Gretel. To help you, let me tell you how the picture will look once it is
done. The picture will be of Gretel, sitting in the center, holding a doll.
There is a spade to the left and a ball to the right, with a ship in the upper
right corner and a sandcastle in the upper left corner. There are also flowers
to her right. Remember: every piece of the puzzle looks different from every
other piece!

(-NOTE-) On HARD puzzle difficulty, this puzzle has more blocks but is the
         exact same picture. You just have to work a little harder.
(-NOTE-) On EASY puzzle difficulty, this puzzle has less blocks and is the
         exact same picture with one notable difference: the doll's head has
         ben CUT off. Yeah...

 Once you have the puzzle done, the box will automatically open. You will
gain a [BLACKBAORD ERASER] and the [POEM FRAGMENT 2] for your troubles. Once
the puzzle is done though, there will be TWO Doll enemies in the cabin with
you! You can choose to run out the door or fight. If you fight try to get
behind the dolls so you can hit the shadows and dolls at the same time! Also
try to incapacitate both dolls so you don't get interrupted killing them.

 Once you leave the cabin you'll be back out in the real world again. No
forest, no nothing. As you know, we must make our way back to the classroom
on the 2nd floor. Head back out to the stairs and head up and you'll see a
Weeping Bat blocking the way. Take him out and go into the classroom and use
the eraser on the board.

 You'll be in a scene once you do. Chase Charlie until the scene ends and
then the door behind you will open up on its own. Head through it and grab
the [PRELIMINARY EVALUATION] on the table. Now head into the east room. Here
a ball dropping will attempt to scare you (did it work?) but there's nothing
in here so go north. In the northeast room here grab a [FIRST AID KIT] out of
the cabinet door and then check the drawer for the [PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION]
on the kid. There's also a radio in here, but the person on it makes little

 Head out into the main room now (the big room to the east) and if you don't
have an axe weapon, check the post to the north for a fire-axe. Once you start
to head south a whirlwind will start up and pull stuff up through the ceiling!
Screamers will come out to play as well (up to three of them). Here you have
to go around the room clockwise and chop the wood off the door to the east.
There's also s second map by the door (not like you need it). Of course, the
screamers aren't going to just LET you do this, but they are spread out at
 Past the door, head into the southern room (man those curtains are creepy!).
Pick up the [TRAGIC LETTER] on the table to the right and find the [TOY VAN]
by the TV to the left (it's another collectable). You can reach the nearby
kitchen from this room if you wished, but there's nothing in there. Make your
way to the room north of the kitchen to have the path to the north be opened
up by a quake. Deal with the Screamer that follows then continue on until you
come to a staircase.

 Let's explore the rooms up here first! The north room (the small one) has a
drawer in it that has a [FIRST AID KIT] and the [PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION 2]
in it. Head to the next big room up here. You'll see three Screamers on some
carts. Don't freak out! They can't hurt you! First, check near the door to
find the [INTERNAL MEMO] (which is hilarious), then go explore this room.

 As you probably guessed by your exploration, we need to use the X-RAY MACHINE
in this room to scan the Screamers. We're of course looking for a key. Now, go
stand behind the Screamers and face the x-ray machine. For me, the Screamer
with the key in her gut was the one on the LEFT.

(-NOTE-) The placement of the KEY is RANDOMIZED. You'lre going to have to
         find it on your own, I'm afraid...

(-NOTE-) If you search a screamer before an x-ray, it'll swipe at you. Search
         it twice and you'll have to fight it!
 Once you find the Screamer with the key, search it. Here you'll have to
use the left analog stick and find the spot where the controller vibrates
the most. Once you do, press 'X' to grab the key. This will net you a [KEY],
naturally, but Murphy will also find the [POEM FRAGMENT 3] here, so SCORE!
This of course updates our objectives:
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Learn the Bogeyman Rhyme.
 OBJECTIVE: Return to the boy.
(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Ashes, Ashes' bronze trophy now.

 With that haul, head back out and go down stairs. To the northwest is a giant
bathroom, but there's nothing for you in there so ignore it and take the other
door. This winds around to the locked door from earlier, so use your newly
acquired key and open it up. Out in the open a Weeping Bat enemy will attack
you, so fight or flee and make your way back to the little boy.
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Return to the boy.
 As you get to the boy a scene will take over. A bad-ass scene, so enjoy it.
The girl from earlier will soon come see you and the boy and this will lead to
her running away from you (can't really blame her), but she'll be running
towards the boogeyman! The world will also shift! Well, that's it for this
section, so head to the next to continue!

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                        St. Maria's Otherworld                        >==O
   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   We have to catch that girl! Can't let
   |   —=—   Item Checklist   —=—   |  the same thing happen to her like it
   |                                |  did to the boy! Chase after her (note
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  the cool as hell ceilings) and once you
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  get to the gate look to the left and
   | [_] First Aid Kit              |  squeeze through the crack. Keep running
   | [_] Blue Candles               |  and squeeze through another crack
   | [_] Boat Key                   |  (eventually) and then head down the
   |                                |  stairs. You'll be in some water now,
   '.______________________________.'  but continue on and enjoy the spook
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     to the right until you can head
upstairs again and see the girl. Chase after her and the bridge will fall!

 Down here let the dust settle and then head left (it doesn't really matter
if you go left or right, but go left). As you try to go left, the VOID will
once again make its appearance! Gah! Run right and you'll not only find the
Void behind you but wallmonsters in the hallway! I find that if I pay
attention to their patterns, quickly letting go of R1 helps me time their
spits. However, the MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do here is to keep your eyes
open on the left (the right if you went right earlier) to find a path leading
UP. The reason for this is because the path down here circles and you won't
get anywhere unless you take that path up!

 Run up it and knock shit over as you go. Head through a door, then a garden,
then another door and knock another crate over. Keep running. You'll run into
an open area soon with a door on the left and the right. Quickly try to run
through one and if the entry slams shut on you quickly run through the other
opening (the right one opened for me, but I believe both paths meet).

 Run to the crack in the wall and you'l see that you'll have to shimmy past
some spikes. The spikes here have patterns and you don't want to be impales.
Take your time here as the Void isn't after you anymore. There are five sets
of spikes here. The first two jut out twice in a row before pausing for an
appreciable amount of time for you to shimmy past them. The third one doesn't
go at all so that's a plus. The fourth one goes, but not very far, another
plus. The fifth one though, that one goes FIVE times in a row, so recognize
the pattern and get past it.

 Once you're past the spikes grab the [FIRST AID KIT] from the left and go
through the door for a scene. After the short scene the Boogeyman will remain
in the distance and send shockwaves our way. They hurt if you don't get out of
the way! Of course, dodging them alone is too easy, so a cage will fall down
and make you fight a Screamer. Try to take her out while staying away from the
shockwaves (or let the shockwaves take her out for you). The best weapon in
here, besides the piles of bricks, is a pipe to the southwest. Soon a second
Screamer will join the fun. After a certain amount of time has passed (not
long), the Boogeyman will break open the wall on the right with his swinging
and then will walk away...

 Go through the hole in the wall and continue on. Pick up the [FIRST AID KIT]
by the door and go through the hallway. Once you do, turn around and look at
the picture. Now, go down the stairs and ignore the door you find (take note
that it's the same picture). Head past the wall monster and at the next door
the picture should show a GIRL in the hallway! Go through THAT door. Continue
on to another staircase but this time go up until you find another picture
that has the girl in it. Head through that hallway again and the one after it
until you see a scene with Murphy jumping down into a big room...
 This room is pretty big and has tons of weak weapons in it, but there's only
two exits here. First, head to the southeast room and up the stairs. Note the
creepy pictures. Up here is a radio and some levers. Pull the 'Curtain
Control' lever to open up a new path, then pull the 'Chandelier Control' lever
to lower the chandelier. A Minion enemy will come down with the chandelier!
Heh... Now, grab the [FIRST AID KIT] from the cabinet and head down to meet
him! He's got a weapon, so be careful!

 After dealing with him you can inspect the chandelier to see that it wants
an item. Head to the west room now to see doll parts... eck! This room also
has a spare lighter if you need it (you shouldn't). Now inspect the painting
in here to find a room behind it. With a UV light on you can see the words
"So Innocent" and "Deep Inside" on the walls. Grab the [BLUE CANDLES] here and
then get ready to fight! Out in the previous room is a Doll enemy! And once
you deal with her there is ANOTHER Doll enemy near the door you entered this
room from. She's up on some boxes, so she can be hard to hit (I just used my
gun here).

 With the Dolls taken care  of go put the candles on the chandelier, then use
the lighter on the candles. With blue flames now lit, head back up the stairs
nearby and raise the chandelier back up. You'll see some symbols above the
theater stage:

 Head down to the theater and head through the area that you opened earlier.
This is a very cartoony-ish "prison", but it doesn't last long and then you'll
find bells on the other side and a huge locked door beyond. Each of these
bells has a symbol on them (an EYE, SYMBOL, or FLAME) and you need to ring
them in a certain order to open the door. Look at the order above and use that
order to open the door.

 Head through the door and follow the linear path to see a scene...
 After the scene you'll find yourself outside. Head down the hill and follow
the sound of Charlie's voice to the lake. Down here is an axe on the righthand
side, in a tree, and I suggest you grab it. Why? Because soon the Boogeyman
will rise out of the lake nearby... Here you will have to fight him!

  ~'\.BOSS: The Boogeyman:

 This battle isn't too hard, actually. It COULD be a lot harder. The ideal
weapon for this fight is the axe that I told you to grab earlier, and our
fighting tactic is going to be VERY hit and run. The Boogeyman has two ways to
attack you. The first way he can get you is with his shock wave, as you've
experienced before. He typically only uses this when you're an appreciable
distance from him though. His second attack is a fairly plain melee attack,
and you are NOT going to block it so this is not a normal fight.

 What you really need to do here (and what I've found effective) is to bait
him into swinging at you. He's slow, so you can run right by him and he'll
start his wind-up. Run around him now and he'll try to turn to face you but
won't hit you on the move. Use this time to smack him ONCE with the axe and
then do this all over again. I state once so you will be safe. You can go for
more hits, but the Boogeyman will likely smack you if you try.

 Doing this hit-and-run tactic is a safe way to defeat him. Alternately you
could shoot him up while slowly walking backwards and keep in mind there is a
rock in the center of this area if you need the separation. Having the shotgun
here (if you've lugged it and saved it this entire time) will make him go down
in three hits!

 Once you damage him enough the Boogeyman will drop and take a knee, but will
also send out a damaging pulse wave. What you need to do now is to run up to
him and TAKE his weapon from him. This starts a chain of scenes and the fight
will be over. Sit back and enjoy!

(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Broken Cycle' bronze trophy now.

 After the scenes you will obtain the [BOAT KEY]. Cool, no? We need to get out
of here now, so head to the crack in the wall on the left. This path leads to
some sewers. Follow the path through the sewers and through the dark cloud
(which like the subway just symbolize that you traveled a long distance) and
you'll find yourself back out in Silent Hill. This is the end of this section,
so continue on to the next one now.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                       Exploring Pleasant River                       >==O
        |                —=—   Item Checklist   —=—                 |
        |                                                           |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Pistol Bullets           |
        | [_] Shotgun Shells           [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Soul-Eye Trinket         [_] Birdcage 3/5             |
        | [_] Four Trinket             [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Freedom Painting         [_] Shotgun                  |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Fishing Rod              |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Shotgun Shells           |
        | [_] Colt                     [_] Human Heart              |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Birdcage 4/5             |
        | [_] Ryall State Prison       [_] Pistol Bullets x2        |
        | [_] Harmony, 1st Part        [_] Harmony, 2nd Part        |
        |                                                           |

 Well, here we are back out in Silent Hill. Go ahead and check the map to
orient yourself and you'll see you're north of anywhere you've been before
(unless you're NOT following this guide, of course). We're actually in
Pleasant River right now, but before just running off let's go explore a bit
while I show you HOW to get back to Chastain Heights from here (which we'll
need to know in a bit!).

 Take a right from the sewer exit and head up the road. Take the right road
when you come to the intersection (that right road is Brite Street). There's
a park on the right here (well, an enclosed space really) that you should
REALLY explore as it has weapons, a [FIRST AID KIT] in a corner, and
[PISTOL BULLETS] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS] underneath a tree. Head back out to the
road and continue to the right where you'll find an alley.

 THIS alley is the one leading back to Chastain Heights, so memorize it. Head
down it and the path on the left just leads to Brite St. Going straight ahead
leads to a barrel with a trinket stand on it (remember this!) and in the
grassy area beyond is a [FIRST AID KIT]. There is also a spare forensic
flashlight nearby (in case you need it). So now that you know how to get back
to Chastain Heights, return to Brite Street.

 Go check out the southern obstacle on Brite street and note the fire poker
stuck in it (which is good to note) and then head up the right side of the
street. There's a door here you can enter, so go ahead. This is the SHADOW
PLAY house. There's no monsters here, so head up the stairs and on the desk
you'll find a spare lighter if you need it. Once you enter the room a ways
you'll get an objective:

 OBJECTIVE: Locate the shadow sigils on the map.

 So, we finally have the Shadow Play side-quest. You've done a bit of this
quest already if you've followed the guide. It's just "official" now. Note the
trinket stand by the stairs and then go and look at the map on the table. On a
chair nearby is the [SOUL-EYE TRINKET]. Pick it up and put it in the stand.
You can use the UV light to see the shadow nearby (there is a spare forensic
flashlight here in the bathroom).
 Now, this side quest is a bit involved, so I've moved it to the next section,
section 14, along with the 'Ribbons' side quest. You can't actually complete
'Shadow Play' yet, as you haven't found all the shadow trinkets and stands,
but you are in a position to finish it now. It involves going back and forth
across the map, so feel free to finish following this section and doing the
quest itself in section 14.
 After you're done in the house, head back outside. Head north and at the
very north end of the street is another [BIRDCAGE 3/5]. Open it to see a
scene and advance the birdcage sidequest. To the left of the birdcage be sure
to check the boxes here for the [FOUR TRINKET]. You can take this trinket
to the trinket stand in the alley and put it in, and you may as well since it
is so close. Once again, this side quest is covered in the next section.

 Now for a little geography note. Brite Street turns into a bridge as you
continue, which leads to a dead end. You must continue on to Rice Street from
here, but you can reach Rice Street by either a set of stairs leading down to
the street and end up past the bridge, or you can take the ramp to the left
(near where you started). Take the ramp to the left so we can travel under the
bridge. This is so we can grab a [FIRST AID KIT] out of a cabinet on the
ground on the left-hand side.

 Past the bridge is a van that says "P. Napier" on it! Ha! So, it's HIS van,
huh!? Well, you should definitely check it out. Go around and open the back
of it to find the [FREEDOM PAINTING] and a [SHOTGUN].

 Now that we have that painting (and assuming you've been following the guide)
we should be able to fully complete the 'Art Collector' side quest. First, we
need to head back to the ART GALLERY building, but we should FIRST grab an
important item. Head to the other side of the street and walk east. In a gated
area about four houses down there'll be a small area you can enter that has a
[FIRST AID KIT] in a cabinet to the right and a ladder to the left. Relax,
this is the Pleasant River Subway entrance!

 Head down the ladder and to the exit of the sewer in front of you. You should
find (on NORMAL at least, more difficulties to come afterward) a [FISHING ROD]
item, which as you know the Homeless Guy wanted.

(-NOTE-) On HARD PUZZLE difficulty, the "Fishing Rod" is out by the docks.
         From under the bridge on Rice St., go right down the road sticking
         to the left-hand side. Go past the house with the couples urn in it
         and north up the alley past that. Now head right THROUGH the hole in
         the chain-link fence and search this little dock portion for the
         fishing rod.
(-NOTE-) On EASY PUZZLE difficulty, the "Fishing Rod" is out by the docks, but
         once you take the alley to head to the docks it is RIGHT IN FRONT OF
         YOU, resting by a barrel.
 At this point you should go return it to the Homeless Guy. This means using
that alleyway we talked about earlier to return to Chastain Heights and then
using that subway to go to Pearl Creek and giving it back to the man. Once you
do, he will unlock the subway exits to Pleasant River and the Docks for you.
We can go back to exploring Pleasant River now OR you can go do the 'Art
Collector' side quest now, since you have all the paintings and its close by.

(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Will Work For Food' bronze trophy now.

(-NOTE) The Homeless Guy, Homer, will be lying down when you come to visit
        him next (it MAY be after loading into a new area and coming back,
        I'm unsure). Is he dead? Trying to sleep? Who knows!? He won't talk
        to you regardless.

(-NOTE-) This next section is dedicated to 'The Art Collector' side quest.
         You don't have to do this, of course, but it's a longer game, a
         trophy, and more fun if you do! If you don't want to do this side
         quest just use CTRL + F to search for the words "finished the 'Art
         Collector' side quest."
 Ok, head back to the ART GALLERY now (it's southeast of the Pearl Creek
subway, remember? The door in the alley?) and back downstairs to where the
pictures are. Oddly enough, your objective of collecting all the paintings
should update NOW.

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find the missing paintings.
 Now you will have to interact with the paintings here to make a picture. Now
normally I'd bust my ass to help you figure out what the picture should be,
but you actually have a picture of what this should be in your journal: the
Silent Hill MAP. The lines here are streets, so simply line them up like the
map in your journal to complete the picture. To really help you out, find the
picture with the big white building and put it in the LOWER LEFT corner, put
the picture with the 'X' above it, and put the picture with the circle on it
above that.
 Once you have the map complete you may think you're done, but you are NOT.
Take note of the picture and note the fact that there are RED PAINTINGS on
them (they can be a LITTLE hard to see, but not bad). You need to memorize
these for the trip we're about to take. Or you could just look below and say
"Screw you, memorization!":

               Two Tepees
               Little Man in semi-circle.
 Ok, from here we need to travel to the mark on the map, which is the Cemetery
next to St. Maria's. Head there and enter the cemetery. One of these tombs
(one on the right) is open now when it wasn't before. Enter it and you'll go
down a ladder. Down here are a set of nine puzzle tiles on the left which
block the way forward. There is also a Weeping Bat enemy behind the gate, but
he can't get to us now. We must solve this puzzle first, which is an objective
in itself:
 OBJECTIVE: Unlock the crypt's secret.
 Now, each tile has a picture on it. The secret to unlocking this gate and
solving this puzzle is the red symbols on the map that we looked at earlier!
Good thing you memorized them and I wrote them down above! Enter them in and
the gate will open for you. This of course means you complete the objective,
but the Weeping Bat will come at you now, so retreat a bit and either get past
him or take him down.
   OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Unlock the crypt's secret.

(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Art Appreciation' bronze trophy now.
 Now onto your reward. Head further down into the tomb and you'll come to a
set of graves. On the floor down here be sure to search thoroughly to find
a [FIRST AID KIT] and some [SHOTGUN SHELLS]. Now, open the tomb in the middle
to find  your real reward: a TOMAHAWK. Yes, this one-handed weapon is your
reward and yes it does have good durability and power. A great melee weapon,
to be sure.

 You've just finished the 'Art Collector' side quest. Congrats!

 OK, back to the business of exploring Pleasant River. You can now use the
subway to get back up there, which is super nice. Head out to the street and
to the east a small ways you'll find an alleyway that leads to the back of a
house that you can enter. This is the TELLTALE HEART house, and is another
sidequest, but this one we can enter and complete right here and now.

(-NOTE-) This next section is dedicated to 'The Telltale Heart' side quest.
         You don't have to do this, of course, but it's a longer game, a
         trophy, and more fun if you do! If you don't want to do this side
         quest just use CTRL + F to search for the words "finished the 'The
         Telltale Heart' side quest."

 Enter the room on the left to see a poker table. Who the hell is playing
poker in Silent Hill!?! Regardless, someone is unlucky as Murphy will mention
they drew the Dead Man's Hand.

(-NOTE-) Wonder where that phrase is from? It's the hand that Wild Bill Hickok
         had when he was murdered in a saloon, and it got it's name from that
         point forward.
 Enter the next room and you'll see a corpse. Murphy will notice that its a
prisoner and he's missing his heart entirely! This leads to an admittedly
weird objective:

 OBJECTIVE: Find the missing heart.
 Yeah... I have no idea why we'd ever want to do this, but oh well. From here
you have to head down to the basement, which is full of boarded-up pathways.
No monsters here, but no good items either so take the left doorway and head
down the hole you find to end up in the sewers. Now, this area is DANGEROUS AS
HELL, but is relatively SAFE for right now. It gets dangerous later, and
you'll know when it does. With that in mind, you're going to want to memorize
what paths you take. You can use the diagram below to REALLY help yourself out
if you get lost.

                               |  _________   ______  |
                               | |         |_|     _| |
                               | |          _     | | |
                      _________| |    _    | |    |_  |
                     |___   _____|   | |___| |______| |
                _________| |         |_____   ________|
               |        ___|               | |
               |H      |            ___    | |
               |       |       _   |   |   | |
               |_______|      | |  | | |___| |
                              | |__| |_____   ]
                              |______|     | |         _
                                           | |        | |
                                           | |________| |
                                           |            |
                                           | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |
                          _____________    | |        | |
                         |           C |   | |        | |
                         | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    | |       S  |
                         | |_______________| |        | |
                         |                   |        | |
                          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         |_|

    S = Starting Point           
    C = [COLT]

 Head forward until you see a hole on the left that leads to a left and right
path choice. The left path leads to a deadend, but has a [COLT] over there if
you want it. If you do want it, you need to go get it NOW, then head right.
You'll come to another split: forward or left. The left path has nothing for
you though, so head straight to yet ANOTHER left/right path split. The left
path is once again a dead end, but has a Screamer you can kill here while the
right path is the one we want to take.

 The right path has a few small divergences, such as a hole in the wall
leading to a room with light but its a pretty straight-forward path. You will
start to REALLY hear the heart beat as you go... how creepy is that!? At the
end of it is a door that once you go to open you will be interrupted by a
Weeping Bat. Agh, as much as that might dissuade you, enter again and to the
right is the [HUMAN HEART].

 Ok, once you pick that thing up you are going to want to run. You will hear
A TON of enemies in the distance and see enemies across the pit where you are,
and as you go to leave this area a TON (a ton being 3-5, I didn't stop to
count) of Screamers will show up behind you. THIS is where the map up above
will REALLY help you out: quickly run back to the starting point. If you run
into a dead end, you will have a REALLY hard time fighting your way out, and
you'll lose health in the process.

 Once you make your way back to the ladder and climb up you can return to the
body by the work table. You can now put the heart back into the body, and
after you do it will disappear, leaving behind a [FIRST AID KIT] for you.
Yep, all that for a health pack. Well, a health back, completed objective,
and a trophy:

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find the missing heart.

(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Telltale Heart' bronze trophy now.

 You've just finished the 'The Telltale Heart' side quest. Congrats!

 Ok, with those side quests out of the way lets head back to Rice Street.
To the far east is a barrier that cuts Rice Street in half. Can't have you
exploring too much, right? Search near the right-side of the barrier for a
[BIRDCAGE 4/5] and you'll see another scene. On the northern side of Rice
Street (which I haven't explored up to now) you can find a [RYALL STATE
PRISON] news clipping on the northwestern house porch (the one east of the
van). There's also a house nearby that you can enter. This is the 'Ashes to
Ashes' side quest house, which I'm pushing off to the next chapter. It's a
fairly easy sidequest to do, but we REALLY need to wrap this section up.

 There is also a small road up to some docks section past the house entrance,
but we'll explore that section plenty in the guide's next section (TWO side
quests go here). To continue on, you want to head north up King Ave, where you
will find a drawbridge has been raised. Search by the raised-up bridge to find
[PISTOL BULLETS] x2 (pretty sweet) and go into the door on the left.

 You'll notice a path down to some docks on the left and a ladder on the
right. Down on the docks you can find a trinket stand by the two doors and
by going through the right door twice and looking into the box on the left you
can find the [HARMONY, 1ST PART TRINKET]. You can put it in the stand if you
want, but its for the sidequest 'Shadow Play', which is covered in the next
section. Go back to the bridge hut and climb up the ladder. Up here on the box
is the [HARMONY, 2ND PART TRINKET]. There's also a lever here that lowers the
drawbridge, which you MUST do in order to proceed.

 Ok, that is the end of this section. The next section will cover THREE side
quests: 'Ashes to Ashes', 'Ribbons', and 'Shadow Play'. If you don't care
about those side quests at all, simply skip that section (and go north up the
bridge). If you do care, the next section is for you and will lead you to
completing all three of those quests.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                         Side Quest Wrap-Up                           >==O
        |                —=—   Item Checklist   —=—                 |
        |                                                           |
        | [_] Favorite Place Photo     [_] Urn                      |
        | [_] Funeral Announcement     [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Colt                     [_] Hugs and Kisses          |
        | [_] Key                      [_] God Forgive Me           |
        | [_] First Ait Kit x2         [_] Harmony Token            |
        | [_] Four Token               [_] Enlightenment Token      |
        | [_] Healing Token            [_] Soul Eye Token           |
        |                                                           |

 OK, this section is dedicated entirely to wrapping up THREE side-quests:
'Ashes to Ashes', 'Shadow Play', and the 'Ribbons' side quest. Two of these,
'Shadow Play' and 'Ribbons' can be started WAY earlier in the game, but can
only be completed once you get to Pleasant River.

 First up, let's handle 'Ashes to Ashes'.
 This side quest is rather easy. One of the easiest in the game, actually.
It is started by entering the house north of the Pleasant River subway exit.
Once you are inside the house go check out the kitchen and living room. There
is nothing in the kitchen, but the living room has the [FAVORITE PLACE PHOTO],
which will help us out in a bit. Head upstairs now and enter the first bedroom
and search to your right to find an [URN]. Finding this urn will trigger an
objective. How or why Murphy thought of this is beyond me:

 OBJECTIVE: Scatter their ashes at their special place.
 Be sure to check out the bed for the [FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENT] flier. There is
another bedroom up here with a SAFE on the wall, but we have no idea what the
combo is... yet.

 Now, exit the house and head east down the road a bit. There's a small road
leading north that leads out to a dock area. The northeast corner of this area
is part of the 'Ribbons' side quest (which explains all the ribbons on the
ground), but there is a [FIRST AID KIT] in a cabinet over here, so grab it
and head west out to the BIG docks. Out here go north to the end of the docks
and search all the benches. One of them will want an item, so open your
inventory and select the urn. Murphy will dump the urn out here where we
assume the couple spent their time together, and during the scene you will
see a combo: 16814.

(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Dust to Dust' bronze trophy now.

 Ok, now return to the house and go to the safe. This safe is similar to the
other safe like this we've handle, but IS a bit different in a certain regard.
See the note below:

(-NOTE-) Dial 2 turns dial 3 to the right and dial 4 to the left. Dials 3 and
         4 skip numbers when you turn them EXCEPT they will go to the next
         number after turning Dial 2. This means that you don't have to "align
         numbers" up before like we did on the last safe. This safe is
         actually much easier.


 1. Move dial ONE to "1".
 2. Move dial FIVE to "4".
 3. Move dial TWO to "6".
 4. Move dial THREE to an EVEN number, then to "8".
 5. Move dial FOUR to an ODD number, then to "1".

 1. Move dial TWO to "7".
 2. Move dial THREE to "1" (This may take some tinkering to get dial three to
    an odd set of numbers with dial TWO).
 3. Move dial TWO to "6" (should make TWO a 6 and THREE a 8, Turn RIGHT).
 4. Move dial FIVE to a "5".
 5. Move dial ONE to a "2".
 6. Move dial FOUR to a "2".
 7. Move dial FIVE to a "4" (should make ONE a 1 and FOUR a 1, Turn RIGHT).
 Once you have the safe open you can grab the [COLT] inside. This is your
reward for helping the old couple out. There's nothing left you can do for
this side quest.

 Now, let's handle the 'Ribbons' side quest.
(-NOTE-) If you want to skip the whole "Following her path home" thing, you
         can skip RIGHT to where the key is, but you MUST at LEAST go look at
         the lunchbox first - otherwise the key just won't be there...

 This side quest initiates once you investigate the "Missing Girl" poster on
the northwestern side of the intersection of Cook St. and Lansdale Ave. There
is a good chance you've already done this, but if not go do it now. You'll get
this new objective:

 OBJECTIVE: Find the missing girl.
 OK, so we need to find a missing autistic girl. This isn't going to end well,
is it? Probably not. From the poster, head north and stay on the left-hand
side past the intersection to find a pole here with a lunchbox underneath it.
You can inspect it for the [HUGS AND KISSES] note. Read this note to see the
"system" the mother and child have schemed up. Basically, a yellow ribbon
means turn left while a red ribbon means turn right. We'll get a new objective
here as well:

 OBJECTIVE: Follow the girl's trail home.
 Go north from here and use the shortcut found in the northwestern corner to
get over to Laymond Ave. Once you do you'll see a red ribbon. Turn right and
head north. You'll have to go into the park now (there's a yellow ribbon on
a post near the road obstruction). Once you're in the park head towards the
Centennial Building (the UV light shows footprints) and there's a red ribbon
tied to a pole here, however the path is out (Murphy will make a comment
here). THIS is why you can't complete this quest until AFTER the Centennial

 Head through the park and go past the movie theater/through the south alley
to find a red ribbon. Take a right and head north up Brite Street until you
find a yellow ribbon on a right post, then go through the alleyway to the
left to get around the road obstacle. After exiting the alleyway you can find
a yellow ribbon to the right (a bit off path) but head left and stay on the
left side to see a red ribbon by the stairs. Head down the stairs and another
red ribbon will have you take a right on Rice Street. Stay on the left-hand
side and past some houses you'll have to go left into the dock area.

 From here head to the northeast corner and down to the docks (there are quite
a few ribbons lying around here to give you direction, but they are hardly
needed NOW). A little scene will show you a [KEY] on the ground, so go ahead
and pick it up. Also, take note of the dress here... I'm sure you can put two
and two together about what happened to the girl...
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find the missing girl.
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Follow the girl's trail home.
 OBJECTIVE: Find the girl's home.
 We will now need to find the girl's home, which is on Lamon Street. The house
itself is just north of the movie theater (you may have explored it earlier).
Go ahead and enter it, then head upstairs and unlock the door with the key you
 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find the girl's home.

 Once inside the home, note the locked door on the right and then enter the
bedroom on the left. On the bed is the [GOD FORGIVE ME] note, which tells you
the whole story (which you likely saw coming...). 

(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Long Walk, Short Pier' bronze trophy now.

 After reading the note and getting the trophy, the door off the living room
that was locked before will open up. Head in it to find your reward (and a
bunch of creepy dolls): some [FIRST AID KIT] x2. That's all you can do in this
side quest, so good job! Quite the sad story, no?

 Lastly, let's go through the 'Shadow Play' side quest.

 This side quest involves all of the trinket items we've been finding ever
since we left the Hillside Apartments. It also involves the "Shadow Play"
house that is just north of the northern obstruction on Brite Street. If you
have followed the guide, you've already been in the house but if you haven't,
go visit it now and get this objective:
 OBJECTIVE: Locate the shadow sigils on the map.
 Now, in that house you can also light the candles on the table with the map
and they will show you WHERE the trinkets can be found in Silent Hill. Down
below I'll list all the trinkets and trinket stands that you can find, but
first, the most important thing:

 The ENTIRE GOAL of this sidequest is to put the trinkets in the stands and,
after that, use your FLASHLIGHT and UV LIGHT to "draw" pictures on the wall
near the trinket stand. These pictures and already started, so in essence you
are just finishing them. The idea behind this is to use the UV light to see
what the picture is supposed to look like, then use your flashlight to cast
a shadow (using the trinket) to finish the shadow. This will physically make
the lines appear on the picture. Didn't do it right? Move the flashlight over
it again. Try to line up the shadows! Also, note that I often call this the
"light trick" down below. Continue reading below to see where the shadows are.
Do them in whatever order you wish: it really doesn't matter.

(-NOTE-) After finishing and collecting one token, you'll get this objective:

 OBJECTIVE: Find all of the hidden shadow sigils.

  This trinket base is found under the drawbridge on King Ave. It is a fairly
 unique trinket as it requires TWO trinkets to complete. You can find the
 'Harmony, 1st Part' trinket by standing in front of the stand and then taking
 the right door twice and finding it in the box to the left. The 'Harmony, 2nd
 Part' trinket is up the ladder in the drawbridge control room.
  Take them both to the base and put in the first part. Make the 'V' part face
 you and use the light trick, the put in the second part and make the slant
 face to the left then do the light trick, then to the right and do the light
 The picture should look like a star in the end. Once you complete the picture
the trinket will turn into the [HARMONY TOKEN].

  This trinket base is found in the alley to the east of Brite Street. The one
 that leads from Chastain Heights to Pleasant River. The 'Four Trinket' is
 north of the alley, in a box (west of the birdcage, you can't miss it!).
  Once you have the trinket in the base stand behind it and find the picture
 on the wall. Make the spokes face left and do the light trick then make the
 spokes face right and do the light trick once more.
 The picture should be in the shape of a box once you're done. The trinket
will turn into the [FOUR TOKEN].

  This trinket base is found in the Pearl Creek subway. It is by the homeless
 guy, Homer, remember? It's easy to find. The trinket itself can be found in a
 box in the shortcut between Lansdale and Laymond Ave.
  Once you have the trinket in the base make the holes in the thing face you
 (this one is easy). Now use the light trick to draw the picture on the wall.
 The picture should be in the shape of a bunch of interlocking diamonds when
you're done. The trinket will turn into the [ENLIGHTENMENT TOKEN] when you are
  This trinket base is likely the first one you found. It's east of the
 Hillside Apartments, in a small grassy area. The 'Healing Trinket' can be
 found up north, on the southeast corner of Cook and Lansdale.
  Once the trinket is in the stand, make the spiral face left and then do
 the light trick to get half the picture down, then make the spiral face the
 right and paint that part of the picture.
 The picture should be the classic hospital symbol when you're done, the
'healing caduceus' symbol. The trinket will then turn into the [HEALING TOKEN]
after the picture is complete.

  I left this one for last since it is honestly the best one to do last. This
 trinket base is in the "Shadow Play" apartment itself, as is the 'Soul Eye'
 trinket. Make the eyelid face the wall and use the light trick to complete
 the picture.
 The picture itself will be an eye of course, and will give you the [SOUL EYE
TOKEN] when you are done.

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find all of the hidden shadow sigils.
 After you've gathered all five of the tokens, make your way to the "Shadow
Play" house (which hopefully you left for last, in which case you are already
there. Now, go put all five tokens on the map. Once you have, you need to move
them to line up to where you found them on the map (really easy, given the
fact that you JUST visited all of those locations). Once you do so, a DEVIL
STATUE will appear in the middle of the map. FREAKY! This statue is a melee
weapon that you can pick up and use if you so choose.

(-NOTE-) You should get the 'What's Your Sign?' bronze trophy now.
 This is the end of the "Shadow Play" side quest. Congrats! This is also the
end of this section and should wrap up all the side quests that you can do
BEFORE crossing the drawbridge on King Ave. Continue on to the next section
to continue the game.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                       Exploring Port District                        >==O
   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   Head down the drawbridge and you'll
   |   —=—   Item Checklist   —=—   |  see a truck straight ahead. The road
   |                                |  to the right (Ketchum St.) has some
   | [_] Silent Hill Psychiatric    |  weapons strewn about, but is blocked
   | [_] First Aid Kit x2           |  off so we are forced to turn left here.
   | [_] Pistol Bullets x2          |
   | [_] Birdcage 5/5               |   (-NOTE-) The truck here (a semi,
   |                                |  really) is the same one Travis Grady
   '.______________________________.'  drove in Silent Hill Origins (I had to
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     re-watch the intro of that game to be
                                       sure). Another easter egg!
(-NOTE-) It seems that I'm still not perfect, as I missed some more first aid
         kits that reader Albert Wesker let me know about (Thanks again,
         Albert!). He writes: "There was another 2 f.a.kits you missed, but I
         guess this doesnt matter anyway, cause there're on the port district.
         One is on the far right corner of the Ketchum Str (blocked) on the
         ground in the box, and the second is a bit north of the subway
         entrance (right hand of the street)." Reader Brader Aizat also found
         that first aid kit to the right of the drawbridge as well, so be sure
         to search for these and use them if you need to.
 From here head west and stay on the south side of the street. There will be
a lit door on the left that you can enter. Go ahead and so so. This is the
"Mirror, Mirror" house. There's an upstairs here with nothing and the first
door on the left has a spare LIGHTER if you need it, but the real draw here
is the other door. Head in that door and you'll notice a MESSED UP MIRROR
on the wall. Go stare at it for a second and Murphy will get a new objective:

 OBJECTIVE: Make the reflection tell the truth.

 For THIS side quest we need to look in the mirror and spot whatever is
different than the real world. Once we see the difference, we need to make
the real world match the mirror. Follow the steps below to solve this if
you don't feel like taking it on yourself. Also, read the note below, as this
is a timed puzzle:

(-NOTE-) If you take too long on this puzzle, you will be attacked by an
         invisible enemy. You can kill it though, don't worry. In fact, you
         can even SEE the enemy in the mirror! It attack just like a Screamer,
         so take it out if its bothering you (or just do the puzzle faster!).
  Step 1: Turn on the lamp.
  Step 2: Open the drawer.
  Step 3: Turn on the TV.
  Step 4: Rotate the picture.
  Step 5: Light the candle.
 Once you have completed the puzzle the objective will be complete:

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Make the reflection tell the truth.

(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Spot the Difference' bronze trophy now.

 The mirror will also break. Be sure to pick up the [SILENT HILL PSYCHIATRIC]
note from the middle of the room and then go check out the small room behind
the mirror for your reward: [FIRST AID KIT] x2 and [PISTOL BULLETS] x2. And
also be sure to check out the shadow of the woman who hung herself (which,
awesomely enough, only shows up if you do the above steps fast enough and
don't have the invisible enemy attack you!).

 Head back outside and take the road northward. To the right is the Port
District subway, which should already be unlocked if you've completed the
Homeless side quest. Head onwards and you'll see a staircase to the left,
leading out to the docks. Ignore it for now and continue straight ahead to
find the very last [BIRDCAGE 5/5]. Set it free to see the scene.

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Set all of the birds free.
(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Birdman' bronze trophy now.

(-NOTE-) If you've been following this guide and doing all the side quests
         with me, you should get the 'Silent Hill Tour Guide' gold trophy now.

 With that done, go down to the pier now and go find the boat. Before using
your boat key on the boat, read the note below!

(-NOTE-) This boat is the POINT OF NO RETURN. Do everything you want to in the
         town of Silent Hill before getting on this boat! Fair warning!
 With that note/warning out of the way, use the key on the boat and you'll see
a scene. Unfortunately your best chance of escape can't be THAT easy, can it!?

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                     Overlook Penitentiary Part 1                     >==O
(-NOTE-) You should get the 'No Turning Back' bronze trophy now.
        |                —=—   Item Checklist   —=—                 |
        |                                                           |
        | [_] Be Ready                 [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Overlook Pen. Map        [_] Psychological Report     |
        | [_] Flashlight               [_] Access Card              |
        | [_] Small Key                [_] Quarter Dollar           |
        | [_] Shotgun                  [_] Walkie-Talkie            |
        | [_] Shotgun Shells           [_] Four More Months         |
        | [_] Crazy Plans              [_] Colt                     |
        | [_] Forgiveness?             [_] First Aid Kit x2         |
        | [_] Shotgun Shells x2        [_] Pistol Bullets           |
        | [_] For Immediate Release    [_] Prison Of No Return      |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Block B Map              |
        |                                                           |
 Well, back in prison. Perhaps where we belong... You'll of course notice
your change of clothing. An orange jumpsuit. Also, check out your inventory
and you'll notice you have NO items. NOTHING. All that hoarding that you may
have done (I know *I* am a hoarder...) down the drain. We have a new objective
here as well:

 OBJECTIVE: Escape from the prison.
 Head down the path past the cells and past the second cell search the ground
for the [BE READY] note. You have a choice here: to either go right to the
stairs or left. Right leads to a dead end eventually, and we'll have to go do
it all again anyways so head left. As you reach the end a bar will start to
fall down. Go over to it and push it down! This makes a balance beam for you
to cross. Go ahead and cross and as you do so you'll see a vision all around
you. Stay focused on Murphy so you don't fall to your death and you'll be ok.

 You'll be in the watchtower now, so enter the center building and go down the
ladder. Pick up the [FIRST AID KIT] and check the bulletin board here for
the [OVERLOOK PENITENTIARY MAP]. There's also a radio here you can turn on,
as well as a locked door. Be sure to grab the axe! Head downstairs and you'll
see a shotgun locked up in a wall gun lock. To the left of that knock down the
boards to see a bunch of prisoner mug-shots, Murphy included. Note that his
prisoner number is rubbed out...

 Grab the [PSYCHOLOGICAL REPORT] on the desk and note the safe on the wall.
Head downstairs and you'll see a body! Search it to get the [FLASHLIGHT] and
the [ACCESS CARD]. Head back up now and let's work on that safe. What, with
no code! Oh, silly gamer, we have the code! Take a look at the back of
Murphy's jumpsuit. See the numbers? "11752". Yep, that's the code. I suppose
the mug-shots were supposed to be our hint, but to be honest with you guys
my wife just straight up saw the safe and said "I bet the combo is the numbers
on his clothes". Yeah...


 1. Move dial ONE to "1".
 2. Move dial FIVE to "2".
 3. Move dial TWO to "6".
 4. Move dial THREE to "8".
 5. Move dial FOUR to "4".
 6. Move dial TWO to "7" (TURN RIGHT).

 1. Move dial TWO to "2".
 2. Move dial THREE to "8".
 3. Move dial TWO to "1" (should make TWO a 1 and THREE a 7, Turn RIGHT).
 4. Move dial FIVE to a "3".
 5. Move dial ONE to a "2".
 6. Move dial FIVE to a "2" (should make ONE a 1 and FIVE a 2, should make
    dial FOUR an even number, Turn RIGHT).
 6. Move dial FOUR to an odd number, then move it to "5".

 Inside the safe you will find a [SMALL KEY] and a [QUARTER DOLLAR]. The
small key can unlock the [SHOTGUN] from the rack nearby, so hell yea! Head
upstairs now and use the access key to unlock the door. Head over the bridge
and step into the cloak room. In here you will find some lockers that you can
open for the [WALKIE-TALKIE] and some [SHOTGUN SHELLS]. Don't be like me and
remember to TURN ON the radio if you expect it to work!

 Head forwards and you'll see a split in the path. We can hit the stairs or
go look at some more cells. Go check out each of the cells (with a little
spook there and find the [FOUR MORE MONTHS] letter at the last one. Head back
to the stairs now and go down a flight. Watch a cool little scene with the
elevator and down here you'll have to fight a minion.

 Once you take care of him go forward and on the cell to the right pull the
locker away from the wall to find a poster. Examine that/tear it down to find
the [CRAZY PLANS] letter. Hmm, wonder what he's got in mind. The radio is
going crazy due to an armed minion in the next cell, by the way. And the cell
to the north (the big one) has a [COLT] in it for you.

 Head back to the stairs and head down the east path of cells on this same
level. As you start to head north a ball will roll out of a cell room. Spooky.
Head over there and it gets a lot spookier. The walls will trap you in this
room with living barbwire while the room turns into a watery hallway. Water...
Water is never good. Walk forward until you see a scene. At the end, head to
the table and pick up the [FORGIVENESS?] letter. Start to head back and the
hallway will disappear.

 Head north now and you'll see the game save. Get ready for a fight! Head to
the staircase and you'll see a small scene with a Prisoner Juggernaut, who
will open the door for us and then come right at us! We haven't seen any new
enemies in awhile, so here's a primer!

 COMBAT PRIMER: The Prisoner Juggernaut
    The Juggernaut is a beast of a foe. He looks like a much bigger version
    of the Minion foe but has his own set of abilities, so they are very much
    different enemies. For starters, the Juggernaut will never have a weapon
    and will never hit you on the head to stun you. He attacks by trying to
    combo you with his punching like the minions but has two special attacks
    as well. His first one is where he'll get down and swing both his fists
    outwards, which will make even a blocking character stagger, and his other
    special move, which he likes to use if there's any distance between the
    two of you, is a shoulder charge. He can also double up his fists and
    swing them at you (like the minions). Be sure to block his attacks as they
    are devastating. He'll walk right into your charge attacks though, and can
    be dumb when it comes to blocking so keep your guard up and do your best
    not to fight him amongst multiple foes. Having a shotgun around also does
    a lot to even the odds.

 Take care of the Juggernaut how you will (I killed him with good ol' axey)
and go through the door he opened. This staircase, if you took it to the top,
leads to where you started out. Go up a level and you'll see a locked door on
the left. The 'Checkout Zone' is past the locked door. There should be a pipe
nearby you can whack the lock off the door with if you wished, so do so and
pick a weapon then continue on. You'll have to squeeze between some junk and
a jail cell, but a Juggernaut will grab you as you do so. Jam on the left
analog to get free and the Juggernaut will come out to play.

 You have two choices here: Kill him or flee. If you flee note the wire up
ahead that makes contact with the metal cell. If you touch it, it will shock
the hell out of, taking out 50% of your health in one go (yeah, I touched it).
However, if you can time your escape past this wire, it will shock the
Juggernaut behind you and kill him off. This does NOT count towards the
trophy for killing 10 Prisoner Juggernauts though, so you may want to kill
him manually.

 Past the wire you'll want to duck under the debris and go turn off the wire's
electricity with the electrical panel nearby. The door here needs a keycard,
but it'll take the access card we found earlier. You'll be in a control room
now. There are SEVERAL goodies we should grab here. Be sure to check the
cabinets here for [FIRST AID KIT] x2, and then check the gun racks for the
[SHOTGUN SHELLS] x2 (you'll have to open one of the gun racks with your small
key to get both of these, BUT if you weren't following this guide and never
got the shotgun or the key, you'll get a shotgun here). Also, check the drawer
in the back for some [PISTOL BULLETS] and the [FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] note!
 After grabbing all of those goodies, go watch the monitors for awhile. In a
bit, they will focus on the 'Checkout Zone' and the cover for the button will
open. Freaky. Press the button to open the doors, then watch the small scene
that occurs (which made ME jump!). Now, back track and head through the famous
'Checkout Zone'. In here, use your access card on the left door and it will
short out, but you'll be able to slide through. Check all of the lockers here
for the [PRISON OF NO RETURN] report and another [FIRST AID KIT]. To the left
is a drawer that will give you [BLOCK B MAP]. Nice!

 Head into the control room now and, this is IMPORTANT, be sure to UNEQUIP
yourself on the left counter. This is so we can go through the metal detector!
I've read about people leaving all their stuff behind here, but not you! Now
press the button to open up the door further ahead and then circle around and
pick up all of your stuff past the metal detector (which may take awhile).

 Since this prison is just so dang big, I'm splitting up the guide for it and
calling this section of it done right here. We'll get back to exploring more
of the prison in the next section, so scroll down to it now.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                     Overlook Penitentiary Part 2                     >==O
        |                —=—   Item Checklist   —=—                 |
        |                                                           |
        | [_] I'm Coming Baby          [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Nailgun                  |
        | [_] Work Release             [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Almost Done              [_] Forensic Flashlight      |
        | [_] Shotgun Shells           [_] Shotgun Shells           |
        | [_] Innocent Man             [_] Questionable Behavior    |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] Shotgun Shells           |
        | [_] Prison Shank             [_] Mourning Badge           |
        | [_] Crime Evidence                                        |
        |                                                           |

 After collecting all of your belongings walk through the security door and
it will shut behind you. Walk forward a bit more and a scene will start. A
Juggernaut will come out with two Minion pets and set the free on you!

 This is a THREE vs. ONE fight and is, frankly, hard as hell. Well, normally
I'd say avoid such a fight (and you will if you're doing a no kill playthrough
or something) but if you're ok will killing then I recommend taking them out.
The shotgun helps, and I'd use it (I've killed them all with melee, but it'll
wear your health down for sure...). I'm pretty sure the majority of people
who see this scene think to themselves "Time for the shotgun...". The only
room of note in here is the first one to the south, past the hallway, which
has the [I'M COMING BABY] note in it, while there is another axe in the big
room to the north (and you want in axe in a bit).

 Whatever you end up doing about the foes, you'll want to head south. There is
an UV light on the left that you can see (if you can spare time) and a coded
door with a keypad on the right, but at the end of the hallway on the far
right is a boarded up room (which you needed that axe for). You can break
down the boards here to find a [FIRST AID KIT] in a cabinet. Now we need to
head into the room on the left, but let's look around VERY carefully here...

 This first room you will want to note the three machines. Each of them here
has a red button, signifying that they are off. There's also a [FIRST AID KIT]
in a cabinet here. The next room, to the north, also has three machines. It
has a vent on the left that you should move out of the way right now (move it
to the right or something, doesn't matter), a [NAILGUN] on the center desk,
a [WORK RELEASE] note on another desk, and another [FIRST AID KIT] in a
cabinet. Head up to the next room and grab the [ALMOST DONE] note as well as

 Now, the whole goal of this area is to use the UV light to find NUMBERS,
numbers that lead to the code for the room we just passed! For example, up
above you in the UV room is the number "2" on the ceiling (Note: On EASY
puzzle mode, there is no "2" on the ceiling). There are five numbers we need
and you just found one (four on easy puzzle mode). However, its a tad more
complex than that. See the footprints? If we follow them and stop when whoever
made them walks around in circles, you KNOW there is a number nearby. What
makes this complex is that at times, the machines will turn themselves on and
make noise just out of the blue (yeah, I know, freaky). This noise can attract
minions to the area, and we don't want that, so we'll want to turn off the
machines if they do this.

(-NOTE-) Yes, you could go skip how to see the numbers and go put in the
         code if you wished...

 Head out the room and follow the footsteps as they lead right and to the
corner. Look at the licence plates on the wall to see another "2". Now,
head west to where you moved the vent and you'll see the number "3". After
that go to the south room and the footprints will stop in front of a machine.
Against my advice up above, turn on the machine, because there is a plate on
it that we need to see rotate around that says "4". Finally, follow the
footsteps to the corner and look east to see an elongated "5".

(-NOTE-) On EASY PUZZLE MODE, the answer is simply "2345".

 Head to the door in the hallway now and enter those five numbers. "22345".
The door will now open up. Enter the room and the door will slam shut. To your
right is a spare Quarter Dollar if you need it (you do) and there are some
[SHOTGUN SHELLS] on a shelf here. Before you get a chance to pick them both
up, a beast will start pounding on the door and the room will start filling
with water! Gah! What you need to do here is find the box that you can move,
and push it under the nearby vent to the left. Then, use the quarter in your
inventory to loosen up the screws so Murphy can get in the vent!

(-NOTE-) I tried staying in the room, planning on greeting whatever came in
         with some shotgun to the face, and it is a bad idea. You'll just end
         up drowning if you do so!
 After jumping in the vents you'll have to mash the 'X' button to crawl
forward, so mash away! You'll end up falling down as you go, but it's not
lethal. In fact you'll get a scene after you fall!

 After the scene you'll find yourself in the dayroom (the huge room to the
southwest part of the map) but you're not alone. One Juggernaut and TWO minion
enemies will be in here with you. This is a good place to use your shotgun if
you want to harm them. After taking care of them you'll notice the path to the
east is blocked off, so head west and check out the columns over here to find
a control panel. Use your access card and the doors will open. Head on up to
the catwalk and make your way to a new room on the left.

 Check by the door here to find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS], and then go grab the
[INNOCENT MAN] note from the nearby table.

(-NOTE-) If you've been following this walkthrough and picked up that last
         note, you'll have the 'Silent Hill Historic Society' silver trophy
 After that, go grab the [QUESTIONABLE BEHAVIOR] note over by the lockers.
There is also some [FIRST AID KIT] in the nearby cabinet. Now, go through the
left door, the one by the radio, and head downstairs. This leads to a deadend
but theres a double-headed axe down here along with some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] in
the locker. Head back up and take the other stairs down to get out of this
room. To the north is a Juggernaut, so take him out and continue on to the

 In here stay on the left and look at crime scene 1. Pretty bloody. To the
right is crime scene 2, so examine it for the [PRISON SHANK]. Up ahead and to
the right is crime scene 3 which you can examine for a [MOURNING BADGE]. In
the locker behind that is crime scene 4 which you can check out to find some
[CRIME EVIDENCE]. After finding all of that stuff a voice will be heard. Stuff
will also start turning on all around you. Head for the showers exit and enjoy
the scene at the door, then exit through it and approach the body you find to
see another scene.

 And as the world falls apart around you and you start to enter the otherworld
(complete with a visit from the Void), that will mark the end of this section.
Don't worry, I'll be ready to run at the start of the next section, and you
better be ready too!

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                   Overlook Penitentiary Otherworld                   >==O
        |                —=—   Item Checklist   —=—                 |
        |                                                           |
        | [_] Shotgun Shells           [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Shotgun Shells           [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Shotgun                  [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] Shotgun Shells x2        [_] Shotgun Shells x2        |
        | [_] First Aid Kit            [_] First Aid Kit            |
        | [_] First Aid Kit                                         |
        |                                                           |

 Well, here we are back in the otherworld with the void at our backs... let's
try and keep it that way! Run ahead and soon you'll be in a room with a three
way split. Two out of these three doors will close, and its random, but I can
guarantee you that you'll either end up going left or right. Now, the doors
further on will have guillotine-like gates that you'll need to time to get by
without getting whacked (and getting whacked is WAY worse then waiting for a
split second to run as the gate is lifting up since it hurts you AND the Void
catches up!). 

 As far as where you want to run to goes, the answer is "outwards", which is
admittedly a bit vague. In other words, if you took the left path, look for
paths which go left. If you took the right path, look out for paths which go
right. This first area is a blue-walled one and the next area you are aiming
for has red lighting, so keep that in mind as well. Heading outwards while
looking for a long hallway at a 90 degree turn will help a ton. Also, keep in
mind that the blue walls will sometimes have white arrows which you can follow
to help yourself.

 Once you reach the red area you'll have to deal with the wall spitting foes.
You've dealt with them before though, just time your running past their spits.
In this section, I took ALL left hand turns and wound up getting out pretty
darn easily, so do that as well. The exit from this area is a grey hallway,
so keep on the lookout for that as well! Once you run a ways toward the grey
hallway, the Void will stop chasing you and you can slow down once again.

 Further in the grey hallway will be a number of spike traps. The 1st one
here goes twice, so scoot past it once it goes. The 2nd one here only goes
once. The 3rd one goes twice, so wait a bit, and the 4th one here goes FIVE
times in a row! The 5th one is just for show and doesn't do anything. Once
you get past the 5th one you'll be on some grating. Hit the button to the left
and you'll call down an elevator.

 Once you're on the elevator, go grab the [SHOTGUN SHELLS] off of the body.
As you may have guessed, the elevator is going to take us for a ride! There
will be several stops (three) with enemies waiting for us, but as a happy side
note, you should use your SHOTGUN to your heart's content here.

 At the first stop you will have to face TWO Screamers. The second one lags
behind the first one a bit, so you could get away with melee here if you
wished quite easily. The second stop will have you facing TWO Screamers and
ONE Minion. I recommend the shotgun here! Also, after you deal with the foes,
go up the right path to find a control room. It has a [FIRST AID KIT] in it,
some more [SHOTGUN SHELLS], and a button you must press to continue the ride.

 The third stop will pit you against THREE Screamers and ONE Minion. Pretty
damn brutal, so use the shotgun to make life easier on yourself! Once you've
taken care of the enemies, the elevator will continue but will break down and
tilt to the side. Once it does, jump off to the nearby catwalk and head down
to the end of it. Jump to the ledge on the left here and grab a [FIRST AID
KIT] from the ground, then continue to follow the path. You'll follow it
quite a ways past ladders and stairs until you come to a section of flooring
made entirely out of sheets of iron.

 Here, head forward and a steel cage will fall down. Go around it on the
left. Another will fall down past that, so go around it on the right. Past
the second cage the entire bridge will collapse. QUICKLY press R2 to save
yourself! From there you'll need to alternate between holding L2 and R2 like
you did before to slowly climb up the bridge and remain alive...

 After you get up to safe ground you'll notice that, like before, you have
just now lost whatever weapons you were carrying and your flashlight. Damn!
Head forward into the weird room and check out the ground. See how the
reflections aren't even the same? Off to the right is an exit door and to the
left is another room. Find the wheel lever here and rotate it to put yourself
in the other room!

 Once you do, head into the next room  and check out the floor again. You'll
see that two Juggernauts are walking around here. The goal here is to trap
each of those Juggernaugts into a cage below. Up to the left are two buttons
on each side of the room that can drop down a cage and a middle button that
turns on a floodlight. The floodlight drives the enemies to the cages, but
turns off after a short while. The secret here is to turn it on, wait by it,
then turn it on again and after the second time run to a prison cage button
and use it to trap a Juggernaut. Do that twice and you'll have them both
trapped and a center control console will come down.
 Go flip the room and hit the console button, then go flip the room again.
Head back through the blood room to the next room, which will be filled with
spinning blades. Yep, instant death. The game's saved at least. What you need
to do here is stand on the symbol nearby and wait until the blades on the
right stop, then run to the right (hug the right wall). Over here, stand on
the symbol and wait for the blades in the distance to stop, then run up the
middle (left diagonally) to the next symbol. Now, stand on this symbol and
wait for the blades on the left to stop, then run to the left (hug the left

 Pick up the [FIRST AID KIT] from the cabinet then head into the next room.
In here you can check the floor to see an exit to the upper right. Go find the
wheel and flip the rooms, but go grab another [FIRST AID KIT] from where you
got the first one from before heading to the exit and going down the hallway.
Jump in the hole once you find it and head outside where you'll be in the
prison yards.

 You'll see a short scene showing the Minion is put off by the light. Head
over to the floodlight now and use it. The idea here is to pin up all of the
Minions in the cage on the left. You can do this by "herding" them with the
light. Use the edges of the light to make them go where you want. Once you
have all three of the Minions in the cage, leave the light by the gate (so
they don't get out) and head to the watch house. Once you're in there, pull
the lever to trap them in.

 Now head past the house and down to where the Minions were and find the
sledgehammer. Use it to break the lock off the gate nearby and head up the
ladder. Use the light to pen up three more minions, but this time it will be
a bit more challenging as the light is on the fritz. Keep at it and get one
in at a time (I find they tend to stay in once they're in), then head to the
watch house and pull the lever to trap them in again. Head down to where they
were and rotate the crank on the door so you can open the gate enough to
squeeze through it.

 You'll be in a jail area now.  Head forwards and make your way through a
crack in the wall and then head for the stairs beyond (the doorway to the
left will slam shut). As you start to go up the stairs the Void will appear
once again! Quickly run up the stairs but take some time to read my tips!
First of all, throughout this entire section you will want to STICK to the
inner edge! Don't run along the wall or the cells as many cells contain
Juggernauts that will just grab you!

 Run up the stairs and stick to the inner edge. This whole area is actually
very linear compared to all of our other chase section, minus one part where
you can either go right or straight ahead (go straight ahead). You'll be
heading up and around in this whole section. On the way you'll run into wall
spitters and more guillotine doors that you should always pause in front of
to time your running (some of the guillotine doors don't go down all the way,
but you'll be able to tell if they do or not as you run). As you head further
and further up look to the left for a small cubby, which is the end of this
chase sequence.

 Head down the elevator in the cubby and at the end, grab the [SHOTGUN] from
the shelf and the [FIRST AID KIT] from the cabinet. Now, there will be some
scales to the left. Here you want to drop the Shank, Badge, and Crime Evidence
into the scale (Choose one side or the other, I don't really think it matters
which. If anyone knows otherwise let me know). This will make the door open
and will lead to the final boss fight:

  ~'\.BOSS: The Wheelman:

 Well, to be perfectly honest with you, this final boss encounter is more of
a puzzle than a true boss fight. The mysterious wheelman is now GIGANTIC and
will inhabit the middle of this area. You can't damage him directly either,
which is why this fight is more of a puzzle. The idea behind this fight is
to take the Wheelman off of his life support. In each corner of this area is
a life support system that you can interact with, but if you try to do so you
will just get smacked! What you need to do is find the breathing pump nearby,
which is so big it acts as an elevator, and ride it up to a tower, where you
will find a floodlight. You can use this floodlight to blind the Wheelman and
make him cover his eyes, which THEN lets you go back down and mess with his
life support. You will then have to JAM on the 'X' button to unplug the tube
and stop the blood flow. Let's call this light/life support action the "light

 SO, now that you know that you know that you'll have to do this light trick
FOUR times to defeat the boss. However, he's not just going to sit there and
let you do it! First of all, if you try to mess with the life support system
without blinding him you'll automatically get smacked (like I mentioned), but
he also can raise his hand in the air and summon debris to it, then thorw the
debris at you! His other attacks include smashing his fist at you (usually
only when you're on the catwalk near him) and a move where he wigs out and
summons electricity. The electricity can short out the floodlights (which
he'll do if you take to long between blinding him and getting to his life
support) but you can tell where the electricity will hit by looking at the

 Ok, so now that we know the vitals on this guy let's take him out. You'll
have access to the southeast corner first. Ride the pump up and check the
broken wall here to find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] x2. Use the floodlight, blind the
monster, and then go back down and pull out the tube. Head up to the northeast
corner now and ride the tube up. Up here you can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] x2 and
a [FIRST AID KIT], as well as a fire axe if you want/need it (you can get by
solely on the shotgun from here on out). Do the light trick and ride down and
unplug the tube.

 The next two tubes we will have to travel to. Head to the east side and
travel to the outer catwalk and make your way counter-clockwise. As you do
do you'll have to face Minions and Screamers. Liberal use of the shotgun is
encouraged here, but you could just run. There are also Wall Spitters here
that are ATTACHED to wheels of barbwire! They roll out of the cells and try
to spit at you! Ha, they're mobile now! Be careful of opening cells and the
enemies that may come out! The Wall Spitters will come out multiple times in
a row at times. There's one point where a cell will open and nothing will
come out, so be sure to check the cells as one holds a [FIRST AID KIT] in it.

 Continue on and you'll come around to another bridge. A cage will drop down
as you try to cross, but just pass by it on the left. To the left is the
northwest corner. Head up the air pump and grab a [FIRST AID KIT] from the
top and then do the light trick so you can pull out the tube from the life
support system below. Head to the last corner now, the southwestern corner,
and head up. No items are up here, but blind the Wheelman with the final
light and go pull the last tube to take him out for good.

 A scene will take over here, so sit back and watch. After the scene ends,
you will be in control of "Murphy". This begins the very end section of the
game, and I'll be covering it in the next 'Endings' section.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                          Possible Endings                            >==O

(-NOTE-) This section is obviously FULL of spoilers.I will be doing a quick
         recap of every ending for story-telling purposes here as well, so do
         yourself a favor and DO NOT SPOIL the endings for yourself if you
         don't want to.
 Well, so we are the Boogeyman now. Well, Anne's Boogeyman at the very least.
The idea here is to track Anne down and to land a SINGLE HIT on her, as that
is all it takes to down her. We're obviously more than a tad slow here, and
she is fast, however she will often stop near the walls and interact with blue
switches to release Juggernaut enemies which help her out. You can also do the
Boogeyman's shockwave attack by pressing the TRIANGLE button. This can take
Anne out as well, but it'll take more than one hit.

(-NOTE-) With all these Juggernauts and your ability to one-hit kill them all,
         you should be able to get the 'The Bigger They Are...' silver trophy
         fairly easy here. This is best done while getting the "Role Reversal"
         ending so you can focus on killing foes vice chasing Anne.

 We can kill the Juggernaut enemies with a single hit as well, but the entire
time Anne will be shooting at us (and honestly hitting us more often than not)
and Juggernauts will be after us. It is fairly easy to hit Anne when she is
busy interacting with the blue switches, especially if you ignore the enemies
she releases, but this is also a enclosed hallway (albeit a very long hallway)
so you can eventually corner her as well if you don't let her slip around you,
which is like herding her in a way.

 Once you DO hit her, you will be given a choice:
  X: Spare Her
  O: Kill Her
 Your ending depends on this choice, but also depends on how you have been
playing the game. As far as I understand (this is pretty much what I believe
with all the hours I've spent in this game): There is an invisible "Score"
that you accumulate as you play. Your score can either be positive or negative
depending on your choices:

    o NOT executing enemies.
    o Trying to SAVE Anne at the beginning of the game.
    o Trying to CONSOLE JP in the Devil's Pit.
    o Executing enemies.
    o Choosing to LEAVE Anne at the beginning of the game.
    o Choosing to TAUNT JP in the Devil's Pit.

   The game had SIX different endings, FIVE of which give you trophies:
   "Role Reversal"
   Requirements: Die during the final fight with Anne. Simply take enough
                 damage until you die.

   Recap: Anne wakes up in a cell. She is woken up by a guard similarly to how
          Murphy was woken up in the beginning of the game after the Shower
          scene. Anne is wearing prisoner's clothing and is unable to see the
          guard due to the sun. The sun's glare is taken away to reveal that
          the police officer waking her up is none other than Murphy.
  (-NOTE-) This ending gives you no trophy. Sorry!


   Requirements: Choose to SPARE Anne while having an overall POSITIVE score.
   Recap: Murphy arrives at the showers and finds Frank alone. Realizing what
          Sewell wanted him to do, he refuses. Sewell arrives and knocks Frank
          to the floor as well as Murphy, then berates Murphy revealing that
          he had to kill Napier for Murphy as well. He then stabs Frank in the
          face with the shank and calls for backup while framing Murphy for
          the attack since his prints are on the shank.
          Murphy kneels by Frank's body and keeps apologizing. Anne comes
          over and tells him it wasn't his fault. Murphy accepts the blame,
          but Anne forgives him. They hug and are transported to the bus
          accident, both freed from Silent Hill's influence. Anne lets Murphy
          walk away while police backup arrives while thanking him for showing
          her the truth.
  (-NOTE-) This ending gives you the 'Ending A' silver trophy.
   "Truth & Justice"
   Requirements: Choose to SPARE Anne while having an overall NEGATIVE score.

   Recap: Murphy arrives at the showers and finds Frank alone. Realizing what
          Sewell wanted him to do, he refuses. Sewell arrives and knocks Frank
          to the floor as well as Murphy, then berates Murphy revealing that
          he had to kill Napier for Murphy as well. He then stabs Frank in the
          face with the shank and calls for backup while framing Murphy for
          the attack since his prints are on the shank.
          Murphy kneels by Frank's body and keeps apologizing. Anne comes
          over and tells him it wasn't his fault. Murphy accepts the blame,
          but Anne forgives him. They hug and are transported to the bus
          accident, both freed from Silent Hill's influence. Anne lets Murphy
          walk away while police backup arrives while thanking him for showing
          her the truth.
          Anne later pays Sewell a visit, holding a gun behind her back while
          telling him that they need to "talk".
  (-NOTE-) This ending gives you the 'Ending B' silver trophy.

   "Full Circle"
   Requirements: Choose to KILL Anne while having an overall POSITIVE score.
  Recap: Murphy is shown in the showers with a beat-up Frank Coleridge.
         Murphy apologizes to him as he finishes him off with a shank while
         Sewell looks on. The scene changes and shows both Frand AND Anne
         dead on the floor. Murphy mutters 'no' over and over and, seeing a
         gun on the ground, picks it up and shoots himself in the head.
         Murphy is later shown still inside Overlook Penitentiary, with Frank
         in his wheelchair form looking in on him while he is behind bars.
         Frank remembers what other people (JP Sater, DJ Ricks, the Mailman)
         have told him throughout the game and after Frank rides off, the cell
         opens again... just like it did the first time you were here...
   Requirements: Choose to KILL Anne while having an overall NEGATIVE score.

   Recap: Murphy is shown at an execution chamber. A reporter nearby reveals
          that Murphy himself is suspected to have drowned his child Charlie
          and was convicted of killing a prison guard (Frank) and as a result
          has been sentenced to death amidst public outcry.
          Sewell arrives to administer the injection and asks if Murphy has
          any last words. Murphy replies "See you in Hell, Cupcake." and is
          then injected, ending his life.
  (-NOTE-) This ending gives you the 'Ending D' silver trophy.
   Requirements: Complete the game while doing the "Useless Trinkets" side
                 quest (only do-able on a second play-through).

   Recap: Murphy is shown digging a tunnel to escape out of prison. He digs
          directly underneath the prison cafeteria and the floor caves in.
          He comes out of the hole to have everyone (DJ Ricks, Sewell,
          Coleman, Heather (SH 3), James (SH 3), Nurse enemies, etc...) yell
          "Surprise!" at him. There is a birthday cake on the table, which
          Pyramid Head comes over and cuts. Everyone laughs and enjoys the
  (-NOTE-) This ending gives you the 'Ending E' silver trophy.

(-NOTE-) Reader David Rosello emailed me and advised that when he finished the
         game, he had a negative score, but after re-loading and playing the
         ending section over and over again and choosing to spare Anne, he
         ended up seeing the negative endings and then the positive endings!
         How that works I have no idea, but at least one person saw it happen.
         I haven't personally tested this, but it's worth noting.

 Now, to help flesh-out the email David sent me, I got another from a reader
known as Seta, which I'll post here. It may explain how David saw what he saw:

 I have a minor correction, though. Actually it's possible to get 5 of 6
endings in one single playthrough. (And therefore less than 3 playthroughs are
requied to get all endings.) You have to either very precise or lucky (like
me) for that, though. I gave always positive answers but killed most enemies,
resulting in a total score close to neutral before the fight with Anne. So by
either killing only few Juggernauts or killing a lot, I could change my score
to either positive or negative within the final fight. This way I got the
following endings by just repeating the final fight slightly differently.

 My kill count was 68 before the Anne fight. Defeating 6 or less Juggernauts
gave me the positive score endings, while defeating about 8 gave me the
negative score endings. (This was however hard, as after 8 Juggernauts it's
tricky to still kill Anne before dying.) So maybe 75 is the border here!?
(assuming you attempt to help both Anne and Sater) However, the following
factors might influence it too and I can't look up their exact numbers:

- spared enemies: about 10 times
- ran away from enemies: a LOT (for example whenever it was raining)

Oh, and as additional information, this was on normal mode. I don't think it
makes a difference though.


   Here I will put down my statistics for my first playthrough, the
  playthrough that I used to write down almost ALL of this walkthrough with.
  It pretty much shows you how much time it took me to write all of this and
  how many enemies I killed to get that NEGATIVE score that I had at the end
  to see endings B and D.
(-NOTE-) For my second playthrough I didn't kill ANY enemies and got the
         POSITIVE endings easily. Just an FYI.

  Health 100%
  Progress 100%
  Side quests 13
  Total time spent in game  27:28:47
                Real world  16:09:35
                Otherworld  02:12:26
                Journal     07:52:41
                Inventory   00:54:59
                Books       00:19:03
 Total distance covered      60.9km
                Walking      32.7km
                Running      27.4km
                Falling       61.3m
                Sliding      675.8m
 Puzzles solved     18
 Items collected   393
   Mysteries        54
   Objects          71
   Gadgets          14
   Maps             15
   First aid kits   72
   Weapons         140
   Ammo             27
   Items used      107
 Time spent using gadgets  10:39:01
               Lighter     00:00:58
               Flashlight  01:42:51
               UV light    08:55:10
 Weapons destroyed                19
 Enemies killed                  123
 Enemies killed by firearms       31
 Enemies killed by melee attacks  92

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                       Side Quest Information                         >==O
 This section is here just to add some much-needed information for the game's
many side quests. Below I'll go over EACH side quest and how to accomplish
them exactly (much of the "how to" info is in the guide already, but this
section will provide a centralized location). Let's do this!

 Side Quest: "Digging up the Past"
 How to do: To do this quest, you'll need to be on your second playthrough as
            it is impossible to do on your first. It primarily consists of
            finding SEVEN hidden treasures and digging them up. The treasures
            are buried by those BARRELS with CANDLES by them (which, if this
            is your second playthrough, I'm sure you've noticed!). Below is a
            list of the seven locations the buried treasures are at. Note that
            you need a shovel to dig up EACH of these buried treasures. With a
            little searching, you should be able to find a shovel nearby
            easily, but it never hurts to bring one along when doing this
            It SHOULD be NOTED here that DOING THIS QUEST will get you the
            JOKE ENDING. 
 - Radio: Found in the back of a house in the first part of Silent Hill, north
          of east Straub street.
 - Alien Toy: In the back yard of a house before you enter the Hillside

 - Hyper Blaster: After leaving the Hillside Apartments, head north through
                  the alley. It's in a small playground here.
 - UFO: Found inside of Logan's Park. Past the fountain, take the right path.
 - Circle Emblem: Located north of the Gramophone House, north of the alley
                  that gets you back on Brite Street from the movie theater,
                  in a fenced-in park.
 - Robbie: Instead of going into the Monastery, go right down some stairs,
           past a fountain and down some more stairs. Head to the left to
           find the barrel.
 - Aglaophotis: Found in a fenced-in yard to the right of the Mirror, Mirror
                house in the port district.
 Side Quest: "All Points Bulletin"
 How to do: This is the side quest where you take care of the patrol cars
            roaming the streets of Silent Hill. It is covered in the
            "Exploring Hillside" section of the guide.
            It's really easy to do! All you need to do is be CAUGHT by the
            patrol cars (go run in the streets and find them), which will
            unfortunately make three enemies spawn, then run to the police
            station (enter from the north). Here you will find the dispatch
            radio. Use these codes on the dispatcher to stop the cards and
            complete the sidequest:

 Side Quest: "Stolen Goods"
 How to do: This is the side quest where you return the stolen goods that
            the thief took in the Hillside Apartments. It is covered VERY
            thoroughly in the "Hillside Apartments" section of the guide,
            so as much as I like repeating information, go check out that
            section of the guide to finish this side quest easily.
 Side Quest: "The Art Collector"
 How to do: This quest will take you some time. It involves collecting SIX
            paintings over the course of the game, as the very first step.
            So, since possession of the paintings is so important, let's go
            over WHERE they are. Note that they are all named. I also found
            each of the paintings in the same place on both NORMAL and HARD,
            so I believe they'll always be in these places:
DESPAIR Painting: Located inside the Police Station. Break down the door by
                  the dispatcher and find it in the small room beyond.
SUNRISE Painting: Located inside a booth in the HILLSIDE SUBWAY entrance.
                  Pretty darn easy to find.
WONDER Painting: Located inside the bottom apartment in the Hillside Apartment
                 complex. On the wall near a rocking chair.
CERTAINTY Painting: Located in a LOCKUP. Head north of the Pearl Creek subway
                    and the road will end. To the right is a note with the
                    passcode '827' circled on it. Nearby is a storage area
                    behind a metal door with a hole in it (by an alleyway on
                    the right-hand side of the road). Input the code and
                    search the lockup for the painting.

HOPE Painting: Located in the HARDWARE STORE in Chastain Heights, the same
               store you can get the replacement bulb for the movie theater
               in (it's the store south of the Monastery). Go in and grab the
               storage room key from the cash register and enter the storage
               room with it. Move the box inside out of the way and grab the
               painting out of the vent.

FREEDOM Painting: Located inside Napier's van. Open the back doors of his van
                  to find the painting. His van is in Pleasant Creek, east of
                  the bridge.
 Now once you have all SIX of the paintings, you can complete the side quest.
It is covered extensively during the "Exploring Pleasant River" section of
this guide, so head there to finish up the quest.

 Side Quest: "The Bank"
 How to do: This side quest is pretty easy to do, but as far as I know you
            MUST kill enemies to complete it (making it a non-ideal quest
            to do for a non-kill playthrough). This quest is covered in-depth
            during the "Exploring Pearl Creek Part 1" section of this guide,
            so hop to it!
 Side Quest: "Homeless"
 How to do: This side quest is one of the most rewarding, as it opens up the
            subway tunnels underneath the city and allows you to travel
            without threat of harm. You must first find the homeless guy,
            Homer, in the Pearl Creek subway. He'll ask you to fetch him a
            total of three things, which I have listed below. Return all
            three items and you'll complete this side quest.
 - Candy Bar: Once you leave the Hillside Apartment and see the scene with the
              mailman, follow him through an alley and to a small playground.
              Exit to the street and stay on the south side of the road and
              head right. The vending machine will be on the south side of
              that rode.
(-NOTE-) On EASY puzzle mode, the vending machine is found near the southeast
         corner of the Brite St. and Laymond Ave. intersection. Very close by!
(-NOTE-) On HARD puzzle mode, the vending machine is in the alley that the
         mailman walked through after you left the apartments (the alley north
         of the apartments).
 - Old Coat: You'll have to complete the Centennial Building to gain access to
             Chastian Heights. Once you're there, locate the subway. Now, the
             CLOTHING STORE is just to the northwest of the subway. It has a
             sign out front, you can't miss it! Find the door and enter the
             store. To the back of the store you will find the OLD COAT, which
             is what the homeless guy needs (NOTE: In HARD PUZZLE MODE, the
             "Old Coat is in the storage room of the shop, past the door on
             the left and in the corner to the left. In EASY PUZZLE MODE it
             is in the front of the store, hanging on the wall to the left.)
 - Fishing Pole: You can find the fishing pole near the exit of the Pleasant
                 River subway (on the south side of Rice street, down in the
                 drainage tunnel).
(-NOTE-) On HARD PUZZLE difficulty, the "Fishing Rod" is out by the docks.
         From under the bridge on Rice St., go right down the road sticking
         to the left-hand side. Go past the house with the couples urn in it
         and north up the alley past that. Now head right THROUGH the hole in
         the chain-link fence and search this little dock portion for the
         fishing rod.
(-NOTE-) On EASY PUZZLE difficulty, the "Fishing Rod" is out by the docks, but
         once you take the alley to head to the docks it is RIGHT IN FRONT OF
         YOU, resting by a barrel.
 Side Quest: "Cinema Verite"
 How to do: This side quest is pretty fun! In involves completing the side
            quest in the Movie Theater. This side quest is covered in-depth
            in the "Exploring Chastain Heights" section, including where to
            find the replacement bulb, passcodes, and film reels you'll need.
            Go check that section out!
 Side Quest: "The Gramophone"
 How to do: Ok, THIS is my favorite side quest in the whole game. This side
            quest involves exploring a random house in Chastain Heights. It
            is, as you may guess, covered from beginning to end (its pretty
            short) in the "Exploring Chastain Heights" section, so head there
            to complete it if you need help.
 Side Quest: "Shadow Play"
 How to do: This is another side quest that is going to take all game to
            complete. Thankfully, I cover it in-depth during section 14 of
            this guide: "Side Quest Wrap-Up". It covers where each trinket
            is and what to do with them. Go check it out.
 Side Quest: "Dead Man's Hand"
 How to do: This is a fairly short side quest. I cover it completely in
            the "Exploring Pleasant River" section of this guide, complete
            with an ASCII map drawing to save you a LOT of time (and I HATE
            doing ASCII so... yeah). This side quest is freaky as hell too,
            so you horror fans should LOVE IT.
 Side Quest: "Ribbons"
 How to do: This is another side quest that is going to take all game to
            complete. Thankfully, I cover it in-depth during section 14 of
            this guide: "Side Quest Wrap-Up". It covers what you need to do,
            including a way to speed-up the quest considerably.
 Side Quest: "Ashes To Ashes"
 How to do: This side quest is fairly short, but is pretty sweet nonetheless.
            Since it's so short, I put in in the "Side Quest Wrap-Up" section
            with some other quests. Head there to read about it and complete
            it with ease.
 Side Quest: "Mirror, Mirror"
 How to do: This side quest is also short. You'll have it done within five
            minutes, easy. The reward is also spectacular, so you should
            definitely do this one. It is found and covered in the beginning
            section of "Exploring Port District".
 Side Quest: "Bird Cage"
 How to do: This side quest is another one that will take you awhile. It's not
            hard, but does require finding FIVE different bird cages scattered
            around down. To help you out, check out where they are below:
 - Birdcage 1/5: Just to the north of the police station in Hillside, in front
                 of a house.
 - Birdcage 2/5: Northeast side of Brite and Lansdale (south of The Bank).
 - Birdcage 3/5: Far northern part of Brite St (North of the Shadow Play
 - Birdcage 4/5: Near the barrier on the very eastern end of Rice St.
 - Birdcage 5/5: In the port district, at the very northern part of the map,
                 past where DJ Ricks boat is tied up at.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                       Devil's Pit Tour Guide                         >==O

 Ok, I'm weird. No doubt about it. For shits and grins I typed up all the
information boards that you can find in the Devil's Pit area. I have no idea
who out there would want to read them, but here they are. Have at it!

(-NOTE-) Information boards are listed in the order you find them.

   ~ Devil's Pit ~
 Devil's Pit
 Historical Park
 Founded 1945
 Elevation Above Sea Level:
 Here: 3,350 Feet
 Terrace Below: 3,300 Feet
 Pit Floor Beneath: 1,507 Feet

   ~ Birth of a Landmark ~

 Some of the Earth's oldest rocks lie at the bottom of Devil's Pit. Thousands
of feet thick, the rocks are made out of sediments. About 200 million years
after they formed, colossal geologic forces lifted them up into a range of
mountains that may have been up to five miles high.

 Eventually, the mountains eroded into a plain by millions of years of rain,
wind, and frost. About one billion years go, that plain rose into a second
mountain range. Then, these new mountains were worn away again.

 Later, the entire region sank beneath an inland sea where fossils of
primitive shellfish on the seabed eventually hardened to form shale.
Afterwards, the region was elevated again into a high plateau and the earlier
seabed now became the surface with the ancient rocks at the bottom.

   ~ Bat's Lament Falls ~
 The waterfall before you, the tallest in Devil's Pit, is called Bat's Lament
Falls. It was named by natives of the area after a rare species of bat
indigenous to the area, known as the Weeping Bat. Weeping Bats spend the
entirety of their lives in Diyu's Tusk Cave located toward the bottom of the

 The Weeping Bats were named by the natives, who observed that the bats
secrete a special fluid from their eyes that deters unwanted parasites from
infesting their ocular cavities. The natives believed the bats were weeping,
saddened by being imprisoned in such a deep, dark chamber.

 The Weeping Bats have been known to be unpredictably aggressive and very
protective of their offspring, often attacking larger creatures that also
reside in Devil's Pit. However, no attack against a human has ever been

   ~ Elevator Machinery ~
 When the Gillespie Coal & Iron company established the Devil's Pit Mine in
1816, electric power was not invented yet. As the mining operation expanded
and dug deeper into the earth, hauling ore, equipment, and men to the surface
via man and animal power became impractical. A new system was needed.

 The miners began to use the power of the underground river and Devil's Falls
to power simple machinery like waterwheels for hoisting ore to the surface on
pulley systems. As the operation grew more complex and ambitous, so too did
the machinery. By the mid 19th century, Devil's Pit utilized one of the most
sophisticated and earliest applications of hydroelectric power.

 The elevator was one of the first of its kind, using an ingenious system of
gears and waterwheels to take men and equipment to the upper caverns.

   ~ Water Chute ~
 This collection of waterwheels, cogs, gears, and troughs was used to transfer
the natural power of the underground river to various mechanical systems. This
was the engineer's control hub, which allowed him to redirect the water's flow
via a series of wooden troughs, which in turn powered various mechanical
devices such as the main elevator, a flood control pump, and even an early
electrical generator.

 This device was restored to its original working conditions by the Silent
Hill Preservation Society.

   ~ Train Tour of the Mines ~
 In the early years of Devil's Pit, mine carts were used as a transportation
tool for moving materials in and out of the Pit during the mining process. The
mine carts rode on steel tracks and were initially pushed and pulled by either
animals or humans, later replaced by engines.

 Due to the precipitous angles, inclines, and declines of the Devil's Pit
tunnels, it was unavoidable that the tracks would have sharp, hazardous, and
often even deadly turns.

 Humans working in the mines were warned to avoid riding aboard the cars
whenever possible, as the death rate for such a journey was estimated at 40%.
Quite simply, this meant 4 out of every 10 miners who hitched a ride aboard a
mine cart met an unfortunate end!

   ~ Devil's Falls ~
 The breathtaking waterfall before you is the Devil's Falls. As the second
highest continually flowing single-drop waterfall in North America, it plunges
1,419 feet to the subterranean river below.

 During the spring runoff, the Devil's Falls flow at a rate of 300 cubic feet
per second. That's 2,400 gallons every second!

 The Devil's Falls feed an underground river system that flows through over 20
miles of limestone cavern until they empty into nearby Toluca Lake. The
Gilepsie Coal & Iron Company put the power of Devil's Falls and the
underground river to good use, using the flowing water to power various mining

   ~ Entry to Cave of Tears ~
 The dark cavern before you was originally called Diyu's Tusk Cavern.
 The cave contains the largest stalagmite in all of North Eastern America
and was first discovered by Chinese immigrant miners in 1863.

 The Chinese miners believed the giant stalagmite to be a large tusk
protruding from Diyu, which literally translates to "earth prison" in English
and is considered the realm of the dead in Chinese mythology - hence the name
Diyu's Tusk.

 The cave is also the lifelong home to the Weeping Bat, a rare species of bat
indigenous to the area. As a result, the cavern is also often referred to by
locals as the Cave of Tears. 

   ~ The Devil's Train ~
 Jokingly called the Devil's Train by the miners that once worked in Devil's
Pit, this mine train has since been converted into a ride for visitors.
Equipped with a fascinating audio commentary, the Devil's Train provides the
passengers with an in-depth educational tour of Devil's Pit, including an
interactive re-enactment of much of the Pit's rich history.

 Please be advised that the tour includes the use of strobe lighting, so
passengers sensitive to such effects should take extra care. Also, please keep
your hands inside the cart at all times, as the Devil's Train passes through
areas of the Pit with very low ceiling and narrow passageways.

 Finally, we ask that you please refrain from using any flash photography that
might disturb the native fauna.

 Thank you for listening. Enjoy your ride on... The Devil's Train!

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                       Centennial Library Books                       >==O
 I don't suppose you remember playing through the Centennial building and
seeing the books that were obviously examined? Well, these books turned out
to have NO impact to the level whatsoever, but were pretty damn interesting,
so for the sake of nostalgia I have written them all up below. I find that
many of them perhaps reflect into the psychological undertones of the game...


(-NOTE-) These books are in the order I found them in.

 'Classical Civilizations'
 ... ceremony known as "taking the auspices." Central to this practice was
 the Augur, a priest who would examine the movement and behavior of birds,
 then extrapolate from it the will of the gods. For a time, war, politics,
 and commerce were driven by these specialized priests.
 Another type of specialized priest of divination in ancient Rome was the
 haruspex. Unlike the Augur, who believed they could tell the future through
 the observation of elements of the living, natural world, Haruspices made
 their predictions by sacrificing animals, especially birds and sheep. These
 animals were typically purified with blessed waters prior to slaughter, then
 the livers and entrails were carefully removed and examined for signs of
 future events. It was just such a haruspex, Titus Vestricius Spurinna, that
 warned Julius Caesar about the danger on...
 'Literary Masters - Eastern Europe'
 ...more interesting reading of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis have emerged
 in contemporary criticism. For example, scholar Paul Scheible writes, "While
 it's possible Gregor's transformation was a matter of bad luck, more likely
 is that his insect malady was self-inflicted as a way to escape from
 society." Scheible's argument focuses most acutely on the latter half of the
 work, during the time when Gregor adopts the fears and behaviors of an
 insect. "One need only look at Gregor's room, a fortress built of discarded
 objects, to see a prison of his own making. But don't mistake it as storage
 for unwanted objects. Gregor in fact wanted to be unwanted, so he created a
 world barricaded behind unwanted things. The work chronicles his desire-
 driven descent, from human being to exoskeletal prisoner, that let slowly,
 but inevitably, toward death." (Scheible, Paul. "The Metamorphosis: Man's
 Final Act of Free Will")
 Another important work from Kafka that still remains pertinent today,
 especially whenever the merits of capital punishment are discussed, is his
 1919 short story "In der Strafkolonie" (In the Penal Colony). This deeply
 disturbing story tells of the last use of a horrific execution device that
 slowly kills the victim over a period of twelve hours, during which his
 crimes are literally carved into his flesh.
 The prison in which this ingeniously gruesome device is utilized has decided
 to retire the machine, but the executioner that operates it seems to have an
 abnormal love for the elegant violence it inflicts, describing the spiritual
 ecstasy which grips some victims during the last hours of their lives.
 In a truly Kafkaesque twist, the executioner decides to swap places with the
 condemned prisoner during the machine's final use, hoping to achieve the same
 transcedence-through-violence that he has inflicted on so many before. But
 because the machine has fallen into...
 'Sociology v.5 - Evolution of the Penal System'
 The concept of using prison as a punishment for convicted criminals is a
 relatively new one. Prior to 19th Century Britain, prisons were used
 primarily to detain suspects awaiting their trial, or prisoners marked for
 death until the sentence could be carried out. Those not sentenced to death
 were commonly sent into workhouses, slavery, or penal colonies. The modern
 day theory behind using prisons as punishment is one of "rehabilitation",
 though the validity of this approach is questionable. In America especially,
 high re-arrest rates imply there is no rehabilitation or "good behavior";
 that once convicted, a criminal's life is forever linked to wrongdoing.
 Though philosophies have evolved, many practices have not. In Britain during
 the Regency and Victorian periods, prison ships, sometimes called prison
 hulks, were used extensively as a means for transporting prisoners to penal
 colonies, typically bound for places like Australia and Tasmania. However,
 the British penal system quickly recognized the effectiveness of water as a
 means of imprisonment and began using prison hulks solely as a means of
 incarceration, rather than transport. These stationary vessels would be
 packed to capacity with prisoners and anchored just within sight of the
 tantalizing coast, but just far enough away that the endless deep on which
 they floated promised to swallow any man foolish enough to attempt a swim to
 shore. The conditions within...
 'Entomology VOL. 3'
 Apis Mellifera (Honey Bee)
 The bee is an interesting insect, and one that has quite a bit in common with
 us humans. Bees build and live in societies, hold down jobs, and communicate
 in a symbolic language. These commonalities extend even further; bees build
 prisons. These tiny penitentiaries are offset from the rest of the hive, and
 are used primarily to detain hive beetles; pests that threaten the safety of
 the bees' home. Before long, the sentence is delivered and the death penalty
 rendered via lethal injection. It seems in hive law, beetles are guilty
 unless proven innocent.
 Solitary honey bees are typically docile and rarely attack unless provoked
 to the extreme. When the bee does choose to attack, this single act of
 retribution is almost always fatal for the bee itself. The barbed stinger
 of the honey bee pulls the lancet deep into the skin of the victim, injecting
 1 mg of apitoxin. When the bee attempts to flee the scene of the crime, it
 finds that a large part of its abdomen, guts, nerve and muscle tissue are
 torn from its body and left behind. Eviscerted, the bee dies shortly after,
 paying the ultimate price for revenge.
 'Secret History of the Colonies'
 Settlers came to the Americas seeking religious freedom, a promise which
 certainly appealed to Gnostic practitioners of varying faiths; ranging from
 Pagan to Judeo-Christian, and even ancient Babylonian traditions. After
 hearing tales of 'the place of silent spirits,' many made pilgrimages to what
 is now called Toluca Lake. One such pilgrim was Professor Horace Holloway,
 who wrote in his diary:
 "Stepping foot on that ground, even a fool could sense its sacred nature.
 Surely this place is the one for which we have sought."
 These groups studied and gradually integrated the religious practices of the
 Native tribes, often interpreting deities and rites in terms of their
 personal traditions. In this way, figures such as Metatron, Samael, and
 Molech were brought to the New World, as well as varying divination
 practices (Ornithomancy, Scrying, Gyromance, et al.).
 While it may at first seem peculiar that pious and God-fearing colonists
 would so readily adopt "heathen" or "pagan" rites into their burgeoning
 society, the incorporation of pagan traditions into Judeo-Christian orthodoxy
 is nothing new.
 During Christianity's spread across Europe, several pagan traditions were
 repurposed and absorbed by the church when recent converts were not so
 willing to abandon long-practiced rites and festivals based on seasonal
 and lunar cycles.
 Sadly, these same colonists that happily celebrated the Norse pagan holiday
 of Yule (in the guise of Christmas) or the Celtic Samhain (All Hallows Eve)
 were the same colonists that were quick to root out "witchcraft" and "devil
 worship" within their community, as evidenced by the brutal witch trials
 'Psychology VOL. VII - Common Mental Disorders'
 ...now associated with PTSD. Symptoms include anxiety, depression, loss of
 emotional drive, nightmares, inability to sleep, and social withdrawal. Such
 symptoms have been noted to follow natural disasters, combat, and even large-
 scale job layoffs. Though there is no single treatment for the condition,
 chemical options have proven helpful, and therapy can slow the condition or
 even prevent it, if begun soon after the catalyst event.
 Conduct Disorder is a common category of psychological disorder categorized
 by a compulsive impulse to violate the rights of others, cause destruction
 and mayhem to property, inflict physical harm or threats against others, and
 a general rebellion against social norms and established authority figures.
 In the most extreme forms, conduct disorder can include physical or verbal
 aggression and intimidation towards people and animals.
 'Art Theory, Chapter 12'
 Negative Space is an invaluable drawing technique that allows the brain to
 disconnect from the common shapes and patterns it's been trained to see,
 instead focusing on the space around a subject. By focusing on recreating
 this negative space, rather than the subject, the artist is able to create a
 much more accurate image. This phenomenon proves that the objects, people,
 and things we take for granted don't actually exist as wee see them. In fact,
 they are merely shadows flickering through the empty canvas of the human
 Another example of negative space is found in the famous Rubin-Vase, an
 optical illusion created by Danish psychologist Edgar Runbin. This simple
 black and white diagram of a white vase on a black field can be viewed as a
 vase, or as two human faces meeting nose to nose. Considered the best
 illustrative example of figure-ground organization, the diagram challenges
 the viewer's perception, transforming the image from the vase (inanimate) to
 the faces (animate) and back again before the viewer's eyes. As in the world
 around us, sometimes the most interesting things are hiding in the shadows.
 'Psychology VOL. V - Common Mental Disorders'
 Conduct disorder is also related to psychopathy and sociopathy, marked by
 a near total lack of empathy for other living things and a warped morality
 defined by their own needs and desires.
 [Book has a copy of "Nice Mr. Neighbor" in it, blocking the other page. The
  "Mr. Neighbor" appears to be a comic book, and shows an older man inviting
  a young boy to come into his van...]
              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                      Murphy's Journal Mysteries                      >==O
 This section has all of the games "Mysteries", which is just the name the
developers gave to all the scraps of paper and notes you can find as you
play. Sometimes they are even photos, and many of these items provide insight
into the story itself. I won't say WHERE you can find all these items, as that
is what the guide is for.

 I am going to write down all the notes here verbatim in the order that they
are in in the journal, so if you haven't beaten the game you should AVOID this
section as IT CONTAINS SPOILERS for the story. Why write down all this info?
Well, I always remembered looking at early Silent Hill guides and reading info
like these mysteries and using them to remember/re-live the game. This section
is for people like me.

(-NOTE-) Some mysteries are clues for puzzles, and are not included here.
         I also don't include photos. Let me know if anything is out of place
         or should be added!

 'Early Residents'
 Early Residents of Devil's Pit
 Did you know Native Americans used to call Silent Hill home? Anthropologists
 know this because of the various artifacts found here, specifically in the
 cave systems surrounding Devil's Pit! A number of these relics indicate
 ceremonies being held for the deity Kwekwasawe, suggesting his importance to
 the people here. In fact, one of the names given to this area was
 "Kwekwasawe Kanesda" - "Nest of the Raven."
 'Spy Log'
 Room 5B -
 - Returned to room at 7:51 PM. Showered.
 - 8:10 PM (shampooed hair 2X). In bed.
 - 8:42 PM w/pink nighty and no panties! Lights off at 9:23 PM after reading
   (fashion magazine) and drinking a glass of wine (cheap zinfandel).
 Room 102 -
 - Ordered room service at 5:32 PM (house special fried chicken dinner
   w/milk). Ate half while watching news program, then put tray outside door
   @ 7:10 PM. Clipped toenails until 7:32 PM (left clippings on floor).
   Watched TV rest of night until bedtime (10:35 PM). Wore oversized men's
   button up (sheer!)
 Room 6A -
 - Shaved legs(!!) at 8:20 PM in bathtub. In bed by 9:30 PM (sleeps nude).
   Snores loudly.
 Room 103 -
 Long phone call to a boyfriend(?) ended at 5:22 PM (argued the entire time).
 Cried herself to sleep.
 'Train Accident'
 Train accident at Devil's Pit causes death of 8 children.
 By Wally Thompson, Staff Writer
 In what Silent Hill law enforcement officials are calling an unprecedented
 tragedy, 8 children were killed last night when the tour train in which they
 were riding derailed in the Devil's Pit mines.
 Witnesses claimed that JP Sater, the train's operator, was visibly
 intoxicated at the time of the accident, and that negligence on his part may
 have led to the derailment.
 "The train guy was drunk," said Phillip Mention, a tourist from Chicago. "He
 was belligerent to everyone, even the kids. There was no way he should have
 been operating anything."
 "We've just begun investigating this terrible accident and it's far too soon
 to speculate on anything," Detective Edward Rogers told reporters this
 morning. "Rest assured, we will utilize all available police resources and
 personnel to uncover the cause."
 The Silent Hill Tourism Authority has shut down all Devil's Pit operations
 indefinitely, and has released the following statement: "We are saddened by
 the horrific accident involving the tourist train at our facilities, and we
 pledge to fully cooperate with law enforcement officials in all aspects of
 their investigation."
 'Missing Child'
 Missing Child Charlie Pendleton.
 Local missing child last seen at Robbins Elementary School.
 If you have any information about Charlie Pendleton, please contact the
 Boston Police Department immediately;
 (617) 555-4775
 Please Help
 'Police Report'
 Police Department
 Boston Police Department
 Case Number: MA 0/814/1/969
 Incident: Vehicle Theft
 Reporting Officer: Sergeant Matthew Baker
 Date of Report: Feb. 26[CROSSED OUT]
 At about 2240 hours on 2/25 suspect [CROSSED OUT] was observed by a number of
 witnesses (see Appendix A) at 4050 Bromfield Road forcibly entering a parked
 police cruiser (Appendix B). Suspect was then able to start the vehicle and
 depart the scene in a reckless manner, approaching surface street speeds far
 in excess of the posted limits.
 At approximately 2245 hours, patrol officers in the area, as well as Air
 Assets from the Sheriff's Department, answered the stolen vehicle call from
 dispatch and began pursuit of the suspect. At 2310 hours, Suspect exited onto
 Interstate 94 (southbound) on the Route 5 off-ramp. The suspect continued
 southbound on Interstate 94 at excessive speeds, and pursuing officers
 maintained a safe distance to reduce collateral risk to nearby civilians.
 At approximately 0820 hour on 2/26 the suspect crossed the state line into
 Ashfield and exited onto surface streets. At that time, local officers
 cordoned off the area to civilian traffic and dispatched road spikes. The
 spikes disabled the stolen vehicle, bringing it to a complete stop at
 approximately 0835 hours.
 Prepared by: M Baker
 'Crime Report'
 Police Department Silent Hill
 From the Desk of Chief Ronald Doyle
 Annual Felony Crime Survey
 Property Crime
 Incident            # Incidents       Previous Year
 Burglary                 74               54
 Larceny/Theft           386              239
 Auto Theft               28               30
 Arson                     3                2
 Violent Crime
 Incident            # Incidents       Previous Year
 Homicide                  6                2
 Forcible Rape             4                3
 Aggravated Assault       53               30
 Robbery                   6                ?
 'Dear Shithead'
 Dear Shithead
 I'm on to you, you junkie asshole. Next time something goes missing from my
 apartment, you can expect the cops to come knocking on your door. And if it's
 not them, it'll be me, and my knock is 12 gauges if you catch my drift. So if
 you don't want an ass full of buckshot, I suggest you stay the fuck away from
 my apartment. Last warning.
 'Riot News'
 Today in the news
 Riot at Ryall State Prison results in four fatalities
 A full-scale riot at Ryall State Prison was finally brought under control
 late last night after prison guards stormed the facility utilizing large
 quantities of tear gas, riot batons, and shotguns. As of this writing, four
 fatalities have been reported, all prisoners, whose names are being withheld.
 "After a tense stand-off and a rather brutal physical confrontation, we were
 able to reestablish full control of the prison," said Warden Glen Milton.
 "Rest assured, we will get to the bottom of this and find out just what and,
 most importantly, who was the cause of this unfortunate disruption to normal
 prison operations."
 A number of guards were reported injured in the incident as well, one
 seriously. Their names are also being withheld pending the investigation.
 'Dear Mr. Barker,'
 Fenders Fine Art & Appraisals
 September 14th
 Dear Mr. Barker,
 Thank you for returning my inquiry regarding the Lilians Shelley painting.
 It's wonderful to find another like-minded collector, especially one that's
 so familiar with the early work of this local artist. I was, however,
 extremely disappointed to hear that you have chosen to reject my offer to
 acquire this piece for my gallery. You have to understand that we are
 assembling what The Art Review has called "the most important and extensive
 collection" of Shelley's early oils ever displayed, and refusing to sell or
 lend the painting to the gallery is not only a disservice to Silent Hill, but
 an insult to the greater are community. Your refusal to support this
 celebration of Shelley's work will only lead to misfortune. I beg you to
 carefully reconsider my offer.
 Melissa Matlan
 'Dear Mr. Rice,'
 Fenders Fine Art & Appraisals
 October 3rd
 Dear Mr. Rice,
 The Delalls painting in your collection needs to be in a public gallery, not
 the private home of an eccentric recluse who selfishly hordes such treasures
 for his sole enjoyment. I have tried repeatedly to get you to accept my
 generous offers to purchase the painting, but once again you rebuff me,
 leaving me no choice but to take drastic measures.
 It would be extremely unfortunate if certain details regarding your son's
 suicide were made public. Give me the painting, and I'll assure you that
 these allegations will never see the light of day. Refuse me, and face the
 Melissa Matlan
 'Art Notes'
  Fenders Fine Art & Appraisals
  How large is the map? 3x3 grid? Maybe I don't need the entire map to find
  the treasure...
  Who has the missing paintings? (Cross-check with Art Collector Quarterly.
  Who's buying New England 19th century oils?)
  Mr. Rice (won't return calls)
  Mr. Barker (refuses to sell)
  What do the symbols mean???
  Native American. Maybe Algonquian? Call Pat at SH History Soc., maybe he
  Ravens - Death - burial site?
 'Parole Status'
 Memorandum Ryall State Prison
 From: Parole Committee
 To: Glen Milton
 Subject: Prisoner Pendleton, Murphy (273A); Parole Status
 This letter is to inform you that parole has been approved for Prisoner
 Murphy Pendleton (273A), effective June 26. Mr. Pendleton has met all
 qualifications for early release and by all accounts is a model prisoner.
 We feel he is prepared to make the successful transition from a prisoner to
 citizen. Further, due to the non-violent nature of his conviction, it is our
 opinion he posses no physical threat/danger to the general public.
 Please feel free to contact our office should you have any questions and/or
 Judith Zaragoza
 Parole Committee Chairperson
 'Internal Investigation'
 Internal Memorandum Ryall State Prison
 From: Captain Bryan Handley
 To: Warden Glen Milton
 Subject Update - Internal Investigation
 Per our recent conversation, my department has initiated an aggressive
 internal investigation into the prison guard staff. In order to keep you
 apprised of significant developments, please note that we are paying
 particular attention to the activities, past and present, of Corrections
 Officer George Sewell. We have received an eyewitness testimony from
 Corrections Officer Frank Coleridge that suggests C.O. Sewell has been
 engaged in a number of illegal activities in the course of his duties.
 Other than C.O. Coleridge's testimony, however, our evidence regarding
 Sewell's alleged violations remains circumstantial at this point and our
 investigation continues. I will keep you promptly apprised of any new
 Captain Bryan Handley
 Chief of Guards
 'Patrick Napier'
 Internal Memorandum Ryall State Prison
 From: Warden Glen Milton
 To: Captain Bryan Handley
 Subject: Prisoner Patrick Napier (deceased)
 Concerning the recent unsolved murder of the subject-named prisoner in our
 facilities, a full and complete review of all isolation and segregation
 procedures will be undertaken by you and your staff, with findings turned
 into my office no later than close of business, 21st November. Included in
 your report will be full investigation results regarding Napier's murder,
 including those responsible for overseeing the victim's activities during the
 time of the incident - specifically how another prisoner was allowed access
 to the segregation area. Please note, your guard staff is not exempted from
 suspicion and should be treated thusly.
 This investigation should be considered your highest priority. I am
 determined that we will restore Ryall's reputation as a top-notch prison
 facility. Consider this your first and last warning.
 Warden Glen Milton
 'Rett Cairn'
 Rett Cairn, Psy.D.
 Liscensed Clinical Psychologist
 (617) 555-3323
 Helping individuals and couples cope with the loss of a child.
 'Psychological Report'
 From: Dr. Wayne Sara
 To: Warden Glen Milton
 Subject name: [CROSSED OUT]
 Subject: Psychological Evaluation - Probationary Hearing Prelim
 [CROSSED OUT] is a male, 43 years old. He is serving a [CROSSED OUT]-year
 sentence for multiple felony accounts, including third-degree murder and
 sexual assault of a child below the age of 14. He appears to be in
 satisfactory physical health. The prisoner is currently being considered for
 After multiple sessions with the prisoner, I have concluded he does not
 suffer from any psychotic or physical disorders. Rather, he has shown
 continually to have an inordinate interest in young children and manifests
 significant predatory traits. As a result, I feel he poses an imminent danger
 to the community should he be released from custody, and is therefore a poor
 candidate for probation.
 Dr. Wayne Sara
 Chief Psychiatrist
 Ryall State Prison
 'Employee Review'
 Annual Employee Review
 Name George Sewell
 Position: Corrections Officer
 Years of Service: 20
 Areas of Concern:
 There have been numerous reports from prisoners and fellow corrections
 officers that Officer Sewell maintains suspicious contact and/or
 relationships with certain prisoners under his care. There have also been
 allegations of abuse of power by Officer Sewell, including physical threats.
 Officer Sewell adamantly denies these claims.
 Until further investigation is conducted into the various charges against
 Officer Sewell, promotion and/or merit wage increase cannot be approved at
 this time.
 Positive Contributions to Team:
 Officer Sewell had perfect work attendance throughout the entire review
 period and consistently reports to his duties in a punctual fashion.
 'Local Boy Abducted'
 Local boy believed abducted while walking home from school.
 By Harold Ulysses
 Brahms - A 6-year-old boy is believed to have been abducted by an unknown
 kidnapper while walking home from his school yesterday afternoon. [CROSSED
 OUT], who attends Robbins Elementary School, was last seen departing the
 school's campus at approximately 2:30 PM. He was walking alone and no
 witnesses have been identified at this time.
 "Right now, we have very little to go on," said Detective Elliot Benson, who
 is heading up the investigation for the Brahms Police Department. "As with
 any suspected kidnapping, the first 48 hours are crucial, so we are asking
 anyone who may have information about the disappearance to please call our
 anonymous hotline."
 Police have been actively interviewing school employees, students, as well as
 residents who live and work near Robbins Elementary. As of the writing of the
 article, the parents of the missing child remained unavailable for comment.
 "As you can imagine, the parents want nothing more than the safe return of
 their child, and all their energies are focused in that direction," Detective
 Benson told reporters.
 A statewide AMBER Alert has been activated for [CROSSED OUT]. If you have any
 information regarding his disappearance, please contact the Crime Breakers
 Tip Line.
 'Film Splicer'
 Picturedrome Projection Services LLC.
 Film Splicer WC40
 Film Splicing Guidelines
 1. Only authorized theater employees may access the film splicing equipment.
 2. The Film Splicing Equipment can be used to join two or more segments of
    film  to create a single edited piece, seamlessly joining Reel A to Reel
 3. Many of the film reels stored within the Silent Hill film archive are
    decades old and irreplaceable. Always wear protective gloves before
    handling film.
 4. Before loading the Film Splicer, ensure that the film you're using has
    been cleaned in a methyl chloroform solution.
 5. The repair adhesive will not bind to wet film. Ensure that all film
    segments are thoroughly dry before attempting to splice two film segments
 6. Ensure that you provide at least 24-27 inches of leader tape for the
    start of each new reel before splicing additional film segments to it.
 7. The Film Splicing equipment is solely for the use of repairing damaged
    films or joining two shorter sequential reels into a single reel. Any
    other alterations or edits must first be cleared with the copyright
 'Court Ruling'
 Jury finds Patrick Napier guilty of first-degree
 It took a jury only four hours of deliberation to return a guilty verdict
 against Patrick Napier at the Brahms Courthouse this afternoon. Napier, 42,
 a convicted child molester and registered sex offender, had been accused of
 abducting, sexually assaulting, and murdering Daniel Stephens, an 8-year-old
 local boy whose parents had reported him missing in January of last year.
 "This is a hollow victory at best," District Attorney Teodore Adams told
 reporters outside the courthouse after the verdict had been handed down.
 "Yes, we got a sick and dangerous predator off the streets and behind bars
 for good. On the other hand, none of this can return a promising young boy to
 the arms of his grieving parents."
 Napier's guilty verdict comes with a mandatory life-without-parole sentence.
 He was immediately remanded to Ryall State Prison by sheriff's deputies
 following the verdict, where he will be placed in protective custody and
 begin serving his sentence in complete isolation from other prisoners.
 'Poem Fragment 1'
 Poem Fragment 1
 Poor little Steven Skelter,
 Even the chaplain won't forgive you.
 "Forever lies!" your pleading cries,
 But Suzy knows you felt her.
 'Poem Fragment 2'
 Poem Fragment 2 
 Nowhere left for you to run,
 Every fault laid bare in the open
 Along with your skin, splayed out from within,
 Once the monster has his fun.
 'Poem Fragment 3'
 Poem Fragment 3
 Take heed, it's not too late.
 Mistakes needn't haunt you forever.
 Though you have regret, you can't just forget
 You alone decide your fate.
 'Letter Home'
 Dear Mommy and daddy,
 Please can I come home? It is bad at this place and I don't like it. The
 pepul are meen to me. They hert me and the medasin makes me feel sick all
 the time. Please come get me.
 Notice to All Staff
 In the future, all correspondence for patient [CROSSED OUT] [CROSSED OUT],
 whether ingoing or outgoing, is to be filtered through my office for my
 personal review. No exceptions.
 Thank you.
 Roberta Bloch
 Director of Operations
 'Hansel & Gretel'
 "Hansel & Gretel"
 Act I.
 The stage is set. THE LIGHTS DIM and a haunting MELODY BEGINS TO PLAY. We
 are transported to the classic tale by the Brothers Grimm. LIGHTS ON CENTER
 STAGE, the curtain opens!
 The way home has vanished!
 We see the children are in a DARK FOREST, with unknown dangers luring around
 every turn. The children enter.
 Oh Hansel, the crows have eaten our bread.
 Worry not, I will watch over you.
 They come to a STRANGE HOUSE. They mean to stay away, but it begins to RAIN.
 As thunder booms and THE STORM WORSENS, they creep closer to find the house
 is made out of goodies!
 'Preliminary Psychological Evaluation'
 St. Maria's Institute
 Patient's Name: [CROSSED OUT]
 Subject: Preliminary Psychological Evaluation
 A new patient arrived today, named [CROSSED OUT] [CROSSED OUT] and aged
 [CROSSED OUT]. [CROSSED OUT] comes to us with a number of interesting
 psychological characteristics.
 1. He displays marked impairment in the use of a number of nonverbal
 behaviors, most notably eye contact, facial expression, and body posture.
 2. [CROSSED OUT] [CROSSED OUT] shows no interest in participating in simple
 social play, preferring instead solitary activities.
 3. Though [CROSSED OUT] maintains adequate speech ability, he shows marked
 impairment in his ability to initiate and/or sustain a conversation with
 4. Furthermore, [CROSSED OUT] engages in the repetitive use of idiosyncratic
 language, as well as repetitive mannerisms.
 5. [CROSSED OUT] also has a persistent preoccupation with parts of objects.
 Further evaluation is required.
 Respectfully submitted,
 Dr. Chloe Zane
 Attending Psychiatrist
 'Psychological Evaluation'
 St. Maria's Institute
 Patient's Name: [CROSSED OUT]
 Subject: Psychological Evaluation
 Patient [CROSSED OUT] has shown no deviation from his extreme social
 degenerative traits, despite numerous applications of electro-shock therapy.
 Sessions in the isolation tank were also unsuccessful.
 I feel more aggressive methods should be pursued and I would like to set up
 a meeting in the near future to discuss them.
 Dr. Chloe Zane
 Attending Psychiatrist
 'Tragic Letter'
 St. Maria's Institute
 Patient's Name:
 Dear Mr. and Mrs. [CROSSED OUT]

 The purpose of this letter is to offer our sincerest condolences for the
 tragic loss of your son, on May 2, during his recent surgical procedure.
 Despite the best efforts by the attending surgical staff, extenuating medical
 complications impeded all efforts to revive him.
 We would also kindly remind you that this surgical procedure was legally
 authorized in the agreement you signed when your son was first admitted into
 our facility.
 Dr. Chloe Zane
 Attending Psychiatrist
 'Psychological Evaluation 2'
 St. Maria's Institute
 Patient's Name: [CROSSED OUT]
 Subject: Psychological Evaluation
 After numerous attempts, utilizing the latest in experimental treatment
 conventions, I feel that patient [CROSSED OUT] has shown no recuperative
 progress. In fact, I find that [CROSSED OUT] has indeed regressed and that
 any further treatment of this nature, regardless of intensity and/or
 frequency, will be of no help in curing his strange social disorder.
 My recommendation is that a full frontal lobotomy be conducted at the soonest
 Dr. Chloe Zane
 Attending Psychiatrist
 'Internal Memo'
 Please note that the western courtyard door is currently locked. That paper
 eating neurotic brat went one step too far and swallowed the key. How in the
 world does this sort of thing happen so often?
 Anyway, he's scheduled for a procedure later this week, and I plan to rectify
 the matter at that time. Until then, please bear with the inconvenience of
 walking all the God-damned way around just to visit our medical wing.
 Roberta Bloch
 Director of Operations
 'Funeral Announcement'
 Kelemen & Fox Funeral Services
 Since 1910
 You are cordially invited to attend the funeral for:
 Memorial Services will be conducted at 11:00am Tuesday morning, November 9,
 1999 at the Perkins Funeral Home, followed by Graveside Services at Monroe
 Cemetery at 1:00pm.
 'Ryall State Prison'
 Ryall State Prison To Be Investigated For Corruption Charges
 By William Thomas
 Officials at Ryall State Prison are reporting that they will be the subject
 of a voluntary investigation into charges from various prisoners that the
 guards who work at the prison are engaged in corrupt practices.
 "We are confident in the integrity of our guards," Warden Glen Milton told
 reporters at a recent press conference held at the prison. "We run a tight
 ship here and have nothing to hide. That's why we've taken the initiative to
 invite state investigators into our facilities - to clear these
 misunderstandings and, frankly, disprove the outright lies being told by
 some of the prisoners in our care."
 Charges against the Ryall guards include the distrubution and sale of illegal
 narcotics, theft, and physical abuse against both prisoners and fellow prison
 One state official, who requested to remain unnamed, said the investigation
 is slated to begin in two weeks' time.
 "We take these accusations very seriously," the official said. "If it turns
 out there is any validity to the charges, then appropriate disciplinary
 actions against Ryall Prison as well as those individuals responsible will be
 taken immediately."
 'Hugs and Kisses'
 Mommy has made a new path for you to follow home.
 Remember the rules...
 Yellow Ribbon = Turn Left
 Red Ribbon = Turn Right
 I know you sometimes get confused, so just be a big girl and look for mommy's
 ribbons and you'll be fine. Whatever you do, DON'T BREAK THE RULES! Mommy
 mill be waiting for you at home.
 Hugs and Kisses,
 'God Forgive Me'
 I've finally done it. I can't take it anymore. God knows I've tried to give
 her a happy, normal life, but I'm tired and worn out and I just can't do it
 another minute longer. People will judge me and call me a monster and wonder
 why, but until they've lived with a child like her, they can't know - CAN'T
 POSSIBLY KNOW - how hard it is, every single day, every moment. She will
 NEVER be normal. She will NEVER grow up and lead a happy life. I've been
 living a lie, and it's time to wake up from the nightmare.
 I've given all I can possibly give. It's time for me to start living my life
 for ME. Don't try to find me. You'll never see me again. My new life starts
 God forgive me.
 'Silent Hill Psychatric'
 Silent Hill Psychiatric Health Center
 Patient Name: Malone, D.A.
 Patient DOB: 03/04/76
 The patient is a young caucasian woman, age 20, of good physical health with
 no abnormalities in her medical or mental health history. She initially came
 to my office after a recommendation from her family doctor, complaining of
 insomnia, exhaustion, and depression. Subject recently lost a sibling (older
 sister) but refuses to divulge further details.
 After further interviews, I have diagnosed the patient as suffering from
 accute Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Patient describes recurring nightmares,
 anxiety, fits of anger, and panic attacks stemming fro the irrational belief
 that if she does not conduct mundane, repetitive rituals around her home,
 "the people in the mirror" will cause her physical harm.
 Sending recommendation to the patient's GP that she is suffering from OCD
 along with possible schizophrenia, advising further tests and possible
 antipsychotic medication.
 Dr. Ari Richmond
 Silent Hill Psychiatry & Family Counseling
 'Be Ready'
 7pm - Showers.
 Be ready.
 'Psychological Report'
 From: Dr. Wayne Sara
 To: Warden Glen Milton
 Subject name: [CROSSED OUT]
 Subject: Initial Psychological Evaluation/Profile
 [CROSSED OUT] is a male, [CROSSED OUT] years old. He is serving a [CROSSED
 OUT]-year sentence for [CROSSED OUT], [CROSSED OUT], and [CROSSED OUT]. He
 appears to be in excellent physical health. We briefly discussed his past,
 as well as the events that led to his incarceration. [CROSSED OUT] maintains
 a soft-spoken and somewhat introverted demeanor, yet appears to be cognizant
 of his crimes and able to serve his sentence without causing any trouble or
 displaying resistance. For these reasons, I recommend he be approved for
 placement in general population.
 Respectfully submitted by,
 Dr. Wayne Sara
 Chief Psychiatrist
 Ryall State Prison
 'Four More Months'
 Well, another day, another letter from this hellhole. It's been 8 months now
 since I got locked up and seems like things only get worse. I knew some rough
 guys on the outside, but none of them come close to the freaks in here. I'm
 talking stone cold fuckin killers, rapists, even sick ass child molesters.
 And the worst of all are the guards. I swear, there aint a straight fuckin
 one in the bunch. Just assholes with badges who get their rocks off knocking
 around the inmates. I always thought getting ass raped by some dude was
 gonna be what I had to worry about in here. No one said nothing about having
 to watch my back for dumb ass, crooked bulls all the time.
 I can't wait to get out from here and back to you. Just 4 more months.
 Love forever,
 'Crazy Plans'
 Bad fucking news. Someone round here's got it in their stupid head that I'm
 some kind of a rat snitch. Been taking heat all damn week from other inmates
 and the guards are coming down on me for every stinkin little thing. It ain't
 looking good, babe - I gotta get my sorry ass out of this place somehow. I
 need you to call my lawyer, let him know what's going on fast. Please. I'll
 see what I can do on this end - I got some ideas. Crazy ones, but better than
 Love forever,
 Forgiveness? You have the balls to ask me for FORGIVENESS? How can I possibly
 forgive you when you've destroyed everything I had left in this world? Every
 time I look at you, all I can see is his face. I only ever asked one thing of
 you, and that was to be a good father to our son. You failed me, Murphy. You
 failed me, and you failed Charlie, and now there's no way we'll ever have him
 Don't call me. Don't write. I never want to see you again.
 - Carol
 'For Immediate Release'
 Boston Police Department
 August 17
 BPD Seeking Public's assistance in locating individual suspected of child
 The Boston Police Department has issued a "Be on the Look Out" (BOLO) alert
 for [CROSSED OUT] in connection with the murder on an 8-year-old male. In the
 BOLO alert, the BPD expresses interest in locating and questioning the
 suspect and asks all law enforcement personnel and civilians to notify the
 BPD immediately if he is located. Suspect should be considered armed and
 'Prison of No Return'
 Crime & Law
 Overlook Penitentiary - The Prison of No Return.
 By Paul Grim
 In operation for more than 50 years, Overlook Penitentiary has garnered a
 reputation as a place where prisoners are sent to never be seen or heard from
 again. But that's not all; Overlook has also been rumored for decades to be
 haunted. Strange, disembodied voices, ghostlike apparritions, gruesome
 deaths, and unexplained disappearances; the inventory of peculiar happenings
 that have been reported over the years by both prison staff and inmates is
 disturbingly prolific, some might say. Others, however, claim this is nothing
 more than legends borne out of an environment that is conducive to terrifying
 "No question about it," Warden Steven Creviston told us, "This can be an
 extremely scary place. We've got society's worst of the worst locked up here,
 many of them clinically insane. It's just a matter of time until crazy
 stories flow out of our prison, regardless of how impossibly horrifying they
 may sound."
 Despite his doubts about the paranormal aspects of Overlook, Creviston does
 admit that some portions of the prison's notorious reputation are not wholly
 undeserved. Over the years, there have been numerous reports of strange
 deaths within Overlook's foreboding walls, and even more bizarre
 disappearances. And although a number of these incidents remain unsolved,
 Creviston maintains that the vast majority of the disappearances are easily
 'I'm Coming Baby'
 By the time you read this, I will be gone. I wasn't sent here with a life
 sentence, but this is what it's come to. The days here are eternal...
 relentless. Each new sunrise brings endless boredom and monotony - each new
 sunset, pain and fear. I have done my time and I no longer with to be here.
 But I've found a way out. Soon I will be dead, but I am finally free.
 I'm coming baby.
 'Work Release'
 Work Release Program Application
 Ryall State Prison
 Note: Participation in the Work Release Program requires compliance with
 Basic Eligibility Rules and the Rules for Participation at all times. For any
 violation of these rules, an offender otherwise eligible for work release may
 be denied entry into, or continued participation in, the program.
 [Generic form data]
 [Post-it note over generic form:]
 This might be good for you.
 What do you think?
 'Almost Done'
 Don't got much time to write today. Just want you to know everything's worked
 out. By the time you read this, I'll be on my way. I'm finally gonna be free
 of this shit hole and all these bastards. It's almost done, babe, and then me
 and you can be together again lie we always wanted. Almost.
 Love forever,
 - R
 'Innocent Man'
 Internal investigation underway, federal intervention expected.
 'Questionable Behavior'
 Ryall State Prison
 From: Frank Coleridge
 To: Captain Handley
 Sir, as you know, I have been a Corrections Officer at Ryall State Prison for
 nearly 20 years. During my tenure, I have been witness to questionable
 behavior by my fellow guards, but never to the degree that I have observed
 over the last six months.
 Most notably, the gross misconduct that I have witnessed by Corrections
 Officer George Sewell deserves immediate attention. C.O. Sewell has been
 engaged in a number of reprehensible activities, including drug trafficking,
 blackmail, coercion, and violence against prisoners. As a long-time veteran
 of the prison guard staff, I refuse to turn a blind-eye to his
 Please accept this letter as an official request to open an internal
 investigation of C.O. Sewell and any other guards who may be aiding him in
 these illegal acts. I am willing to formally submit my testimony in writing
 and/or in person to the investigative committee.
 Frank Coleridge
 Senior Corrections Officer       
              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                       Loading Screen Messages                        >==O
 Here are the messages you can see on the loading screen. These are often
helpful messages that can only help you out as you play through the game.
(-NOTE-) This section is incomplete, I'm sure. If you have other messages,
         go ahead and send them to me.

 - A fire-axe can hack through boarded-up doors.
 - A weaker weapon that's undamaged could be better than a stronger weapons
   that's about to break.

 - Creatures are much more deadly when they attack in groups.
 - Creatures on the ceiling can be hard to spot.
 - Find a way to access the subway tunnels so that you can get around the
   town much faster.
 - If a creature grabs Murphy, shake it off.
 - If you aren't sure what to do, listen to things Murphy is saying.
 - If you get stuck on a puzzle, try approaching it from a different angle.
 - If you run out of ammo, you can still use your gun as a melee weapon.
 - It knows when you're alone.
 - Large creatures always control smaller ones.
 - Murphy can go indoors to take shelter from the rain.
 - Murphy can't move on with his life until he overcomes the boogeyman.
 - Murphy's journal is a valuable source of information.
 - Punching creatures can buy you time to escape, but it's not an effective
   killing method.
 - Screams don't just disorient Murphy, they may also knock his weapon away.
   Try to stay close to the creature so it can't scream.
 - She's lying to you.
 - Stay calm when crossing a balance area.
 - Stop doing that.
 - Some creatures hate the light.
 - Sometimes blocking is the only way to avoid taking damage.
 - Sometimes its better to run away than to fight.
 - The boogeyman may be vulnerable at several moments.
 - The creatures are drawn out by heavy storms, which also make them more
   aggressive - seek shelter immediately.
 - The lighter can be used for more than just illumination.
 - The lighter is not a very good source of light, but it is better than

 - The UV light can reveal hidden clues and objects.
 - You can discover side quests hidden throughout the town.
 - You can't ignore it forever.
 - We are all slowly dying.

 - With the use of the right weapon, Murphy can reach high ladders.

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                            Collectibles                              >==O
 Here I'll list the TEN collectibles you can find in the game. Note that
SEVEN of these come from completing the "Useless Trinkets" side quest and
seeing the joke ending of the game, and you can only access that side quest
by beating the game once, so you're not going to see these until you put some
serious time into the game

 These collectibles can be seen from the EXTRAS menu off of the game's main
menu screen. Enjoy.

 o Robbie
   The bloody rabbit from Silent Hill 3.
   Complete "Useless Trinkets" to get Robby.
 o UFO
   A toy UFO from the Silent Hill UFO ending.
   Complete "Useless Trinkets" to get the UFO.
 o Circle Emblem
   The occult symbol of The Order.
   Complete "Useless Trinkets" to get the Circle Emblem.
 o Alien Toy
   An alien doll from the Silent Hill UFO ending.
   Complete "Useless Trinkets" to get the Alien Toy.
 o Aglaophotis
   The magical substance in Heather's necklace, Silent Hill 3.
   Complete "Useless Trinkets" to get the Aglaophotis.
 o Hyper Blaster
   A sci-fi ray gun from the Silent Hill alien abduction endings.
   Complete "Useless Trinkets" to get the Hyper Blaster.
 o Radio
  The radio from Silent Hill.
  Complete "Useless Trinkets" to get the Radio.
 o Child's Kite
   A child's kite with the initials "C.P." written in marker.
   Found in Logan's Park, on a bench to the right after entering from the
   east. Search the guide if you need help finding this.
 o Canvas Sack
   A wet, moldy canvas sack, which smells like it was found at the bottom of
   a lake. Search the guide if you need help finding this.
   Found in the Monastery, in the classroom on the second floor.
 o Toy Van
   A toy van that looks like Pat Napier's van.
   Found in the Monastery, in front of a TV in the second floor rest room.
   Search the guide if you need help finding this.
              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                         Trophy Information                           >==O
 In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game along with my best
description on how to obtain them. I'm sure that you Xbox 360 players out
there have the same exact "achievements", so this should help you out too.
(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

   .————————————————.                                       .——————————————.
 __|   Rain Maker   |_______________________________________|   Platinum   |__
    Description | Collected all trophies.
  How to Obtain | This will quite simply be the last trophy you get in the
                | game. Once you have all of the other trophies, this one will
                | unlock. The ultimate reward for the ultimate fan. (PS3 ONLY)

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|   Now You're Cooking...   |______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Survived the Diner Otherworld.
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|   Out of the Frying Pan   |______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Rode the Sky Tram to Devil's Pit.
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   Going off the Rails  |_________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Escaped from Devil's Pit.
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Found a Friend!   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Met DJ Ricks in the Radio Station.
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .—————————————————————————————————.                        .————————————.
 __|   Whatever Doesn't Kill You...  |________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Escaped the Radio Station Otherworld.
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Ashes, Ashes   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Collected 3 pates of the rhyme book.
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Broken Cycle   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeated The Bogeyman.
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   No Turning Back   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Reached Overlook Penitentiary.
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .——————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Ending A   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Achieved "Forgiveness" ending.
  How to Obtain | This is one of the game's ending trophies. There are five
                | ending trophies in the game to earn. See the guide's section
                | on possible endings for more info.

   .——————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Ending B   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Achieved "Truth & Justice" ending.
  How to Obtain | This is one of the game's ending trophies. There are five
                | ending trophies in the game to earn. See the guide's section
                | on possible endings for more info.

   .——————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Ending C   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Achieved "Full Circle" ending.
  How to Obtain | This is one of the game's ending trophies. There are five
                | ending trophies in the game to earn. See the guide's section
                | on possible endings for more info.

   .——————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Ending D   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Achieved "Execution" ending.
  How to Obtain | This is one of the game's ending trophies. There are five
                | ending trophies in the game to earn. See the guide's section
                | on possible endings for more info.

   .——————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Ending E   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Achieved "Surprise!" ending.
  How to Obtain | This is one of the game's ending trophies. There are five
                | ending trophies in the game to earn. See the guide's section
                | on possible endings for more info.

   .————————————————————————————.                               .——————————.
 __|   Silent Hill Tour Guide   |_______________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Completed all side quests.
  How to Obtain | You must complete every side quest in the game. The guide
                | covers them all, but its easy to miss one if you didn't
                | follow the guide. If you haven't gotten on the boat it's not
                | too late! View the side quest section for more info.
                | Note that this trophy requires you to do The Bank sidequest
                | which means you have to kill something, which goes against
                | the 'Good Behavior' trophy. You have to make a choice!
                | Also, you DO NOT need to do "Digging up the Past" to get
                | this trophy!

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Useless Trinkets   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "Digging up the Past" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete the "Digging up the Past" side quest, which is only
                | complete-able after you beat the game once. It is also the
                | side quest that you need to do to see the "Surprise!" joke
                | ending. View the side quest section for more info.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Calling All Cars   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "All Points Bulletin" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete the "All Points Bulletin" side quest in the game.
                | Fairly easy. See the side quest section for more info.

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   Neighborhood Watch   |_________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "Stolen Goods" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete the "Stolen Goods" side quest in the game. Very
                | easy. See the side quest section for more info.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Art Appreciation   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed "The Art Collector" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete "The Art Collector" side quest. This one takes some
                | time and collecting, but isn't that hard. For more help, see
                | the side quest section of the guide.

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Silent Alarm   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed "The Bank" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete "The Bank" side quest. Pretty easy and the rewards
                | are worth it. See the side quest section for more info.

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   Will Work For Food   |_________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "Homeless" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete the "Homeless" side quest. Y'know, help out Homer
                | with his three fetch tasks. Fairly easy as long as you
                | remember to do it. See the side quest section for more info.

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   Cutting Room Floor   |_________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "Cinema Verite" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete the "Cinema Verite" side quest. Fairly easy to do
                | if you try. See the side quest section for more info.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Turn Back Time   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed "The Gramophone" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete "The Gramophone" side quest. Easy to do AND will
                | spook the hell out of you. See the side quest section for
                | more info.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   What's Your Sign?   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "Shadow Play" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete the "Shadow Play" side quest. This one is one of
                | the longest side quests in the game, but still fairly easy.
                | See the side quest section for more info.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Telltale Heart   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "Dead Man's Hand" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete the "Dead Man's Hand" side quest. This quest is
                | easy to do but is fairly spooky. See the side quest section
                | for more info.

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Dust to Dust   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "Ashes to Ashes" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete the "Ashes to Ashes" side quest. VERY easy to do,
                | so you have no excuse. See the side quest section for more
                | info.

   .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
 __|  Long Walk, Short Pier   |_______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "Ribbons" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete the "Ribbons" side quest. You'll have to wait until
                | almost the end of the game to complete it, but not hard.
                | See the side quest section for more info.

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Spot the Difference   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "Mirror, Mirror" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete the "Mirror, Mirror" side quest. Pretty darn easy,
                | ESPECIALLY if you know what you're doing. See the side quest
                | section for more info.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Birdman   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "Bird Cage" side quest.
  How to Obtain | Complete the "Bird Cage" side quest. Another quest that will
                | make you wait until the end to complete it. Not hard as long
                | as you know where the birds are. See the side quest section
                | for more info.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Silence is Golden   |__________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Killed or incapacitated 10 Screamers.
  How to Obtain | You'll likely get this one easy on a killing-playthrough.
                | Simply kill every screamer you see and you'll get this
                | trophy fast. If you still need it, DO NOT get on the boat
                | and roam Silent Hill until you've killed 10 Screamers.

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Shadow Boxer   |_______________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Killed or incapacitated 10 Dolls.
  How to Obtain | Kill Dolls wherever you find them. They are quite common in
                | the Centennial Building and there's FIVE of them in a single
                | room in the Monastery, so be sure to get them all!

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Pinata Party   |_______________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Killed or incapacitated 10 Weeping Bats.
  How to Obtain | You can kill a good chunk of these enemies in the Devil's
                | Pit area, so start there and follow up in the Centennial
                | Building afterwards. They also show up in the Monastery and
                | even in Silent Hill at certain areas. Kill all that you find
                | and this trophy is yours.
                | NOTE: Ray had this to say about this trophy, which I'm going
                |       to share in case it helps anyone:
                | I was struggling with the pinata party trophy near the end.
                | It seems that killing the weeping bats would only register
                | when you subdued them first so that they are twitching on
                | the floor, and then perform the killing blow move by
                | charging square. I was finally able to get enough of these
                | using reload when necessary.

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Lockdown   |___________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Killed or incapacitated 10 Prisoner Minions.
  How to Obtain | These foes can easily be found while roaming the streets of
                | Silent Hill, so get out there and kill or incapacitate 10 of
                | them to make this trophy yours.

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|   The Bigger They Are...  |______________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Killed or incapacitated 10 Prisoner Juggernauts.
  How to Obtain | These guys are tough. They won't show up until the Overlook
                | Penitentiary, so be sure to kill them when you're there.
                | They also show up in the ending sequence in droves, so you
                | can easily finish this trophy there to get it.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Fight or Flight?   |___________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Escaped from 20 monsters.
  How to Obtain | NOT really hard to do... I mean, run away from monsters for
                | a chunk of the game and this trophy is yours. Kind-of a weak
                | trophy if you ask me.

   .——————————————————————————————————.                       .————————————.
 __|   Silent Hill Historic Society   |_______________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Completed Murphy's Journal with all Mysteries.
  How to Obtain | Yikes, now this can be a hard trophy. Lucky for you, this
                | guide lists ALL mysteries and where you can find them. Just
                | follow the walkthrough. Heck, I even wrote the mysteries
                | down in their own section so you can see what you missed, if
                | anything. You should get this trophy in the Overlook Pen.,
                | so if you missed something, it's likely going to take another
                | play-through to get it.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Stay of Execution   |__________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Incapacitated 20 monsters without killing them.
  How to Obtain | Another fairly easy one to get. Fight with a monster until
                | you knock it down, then run away instead of finishing it.

   .————————————————————————.                                   .——————————.
 __|   Capital Punishment   |___________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Completed the game on the hard game difficulty setting, any
                | ending.
  How to Obtain | Play and beat a HARD GAME to unlock this trophy. Monsters
                | will hit harder and you'll die quicker, but with my guide
                | pointing the way you can overcome it and beat the game.

   .———————————————————.                                        .——————————.
 __|   Puzzle Master   |________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Completed the game on the hard puzzle difficulty setting,
                | any ending.
  How to Obtain | Play and beat a HARD PUZZLE GAME to unlock this trophy.
                | Answers to the hard puzzle choices are also in the guide,
                | so you should be golden.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Gun Control   |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Killed 25 monsters with the Pistol or Shotgun.
  How to Obtain | Finish off monsters with the Pistol. Some tips: only the
                | KILLING BLOW needs to be a firearm (you can beat up the
                | monsters, then pull out your gun to finish them. Also, the
                | NAILGUN counts towards this total. You can also look in your
                | game stats in the pause menu to see how many monsters you've
                | killed with firearms.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Hypochondriac   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Used 20 First Aid Kits.
  How to Obtain | Not very hard to do through the course of the game. If you
                | follow the guide, you'll have a TON of first aid kits.
                | Simply use 20 to get this reward. Use all of the ones in
                | your inventory before getting on the boat as well!

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Good Behavior   |______________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Completed the game on any difficulty without killing any
                | monsters.
  How to Obtain | I'll admit, THIS goes against my natural instincts. This
                | trophy is also best done on a second play-through. Simply
                | run from or just incapacitate any monster you meet. Remember
                | you can see how many monsters you've killed through the
                | stats in the pause menu. Reload if you kill one!
              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                           Version History                             >==O

 Version 0.10 March 13-14th, 2012
  Just started the guide. Only about 40KB big or so, 3 sections done. The
 in-game stats say I'm 16% done. Spent WAY too much time trying to figure
 out the headers. Just got to Silent Hill proper, which is exciting. Re-named
 this version to 0.01 on March 16th.
 Version 0.50 March 14-16th, 2012
  Ok, I've made up my mind that this is a downright GOOD game. A very worthy
 inclusion to the Silent Hill series; this game freaks me the fuck out, which
 really doesn't help when you're trying to write a guide as you can imagine!
 Anyway, the game says I'm at about 50% done and this guide has 10, almost
 11 sections done! Around 125KB or so.
 Version 1.00 March 18th-21st, 2012
  Well, the main guide for NORMAL is complete. I'll go through and add Easy
 and Hard puzzles eventually. Can't say when. Also added an endings section
 as I only have half the endings (you have to beat the game three times to get
 them all) and a tips section. File size is around 209KB. This version will be
 released to Gamefaqs.com as well as Cheatmasters, as the guide is considered
 "Complete" now.
 Version 2.00 April 3rd-6th, 2012
  After I break I am back. The guide has HARD and EASY puzzles added in, as
 well as a TON of supplementary info such as all the mystery sections written
 down, the Centennial Library Books, and trophy info. I've also added in a
 side quest section to help out those looking for specific answers to side
 quests and the rest of the endings. The only thing really missing is a
 fleshed-out "Loading Screen" messages section, but that's hardly vital.
 This is definitely the definitive guide to Silent Hill Downpour, folks!
 Version 2.01 April 11th, 2012
  Added in some first aid kit notes and changed one of the safe combo
 instructions, all thanks to emails sent in by readers. Not much of an
 update, but more info is always good.
 Version 2.02 April 23rd, 2012
  Added in three reader emails with some extra tips and fixed a directional
 problem I had wrong. Many thanks to all the people who've emailed me thanking
 me for this guide. 
 Version 2.03 May 4th, 2012
  Added in a tip about doing (or trying to do) the paintings quest to early as
 well as some more loading messages from a reader. It's been awhile since I've
 done anything with this guide, but it now has a STAR on gamefaqs.com, meaning
 it is one of the site's top guides. Many thanks guys, I appreciate it a ton!
 Version 2.04 May 8th, 2012
  Nothing major, just added in a tip from a reader (a very interesting tip
 about the screamer near the generator not jumping him without the Mourning
 Version 2.05 May 24th, 2012
  Just adding in a couple of user emails. Nothing major, but every little bit
 helps. This guide finally has over 100,000 hits, which definitely isn't a lot
 but this is still one of the best guides I've ever done.
 Version 2.06 August 28th, 2012
  Two to three more tips. Nothing major. Been getting a lot of compliments and
 even a bunch of $1 donations as thanks for this guide, so let me tell you all
 that I really appreciate it!
 Version 2.07 November 21st, 2012
  Three more tips added in. Nothing major. Some pistol bullets, a note that
 may disappear and an enemy that may or may not show up. Fun.
 Version 2.08 February 2nd, 2013
  Happy 2013 everyone. I still love all the thanks I get as people continue
 to discover this game! I cleared up a few things in this update like the
 green locker codes and some trophy information and added in a handful of

              ___               _ _           ___
             / __|             | | |         |   \
             \__ \ I L E N T   |   | I L L   | |  | O W N P O U R
O==<                               Credits                                >==O
 o BleuDraegen for the jukebox easter egg.
 o Sabin99992000 for some spelling errors.
 o Zachar Laskewicz for some loading screen messages and the painting tip.
 o Gamefaqs.com forum members (too much info/help to list).
 o Mearhar1 for the help (sidequest info from xbox360achievements.org forums).
 o TheRatedR_Viper for help in the forums/collectible info.
 o Draken70 for the Monastery axe tip.
 o AlanDirtbag for a loading screen message.
 o David Rosello for the endings experience note.
 o Albert Wesker and Brader Aizat for first aid kit locations.
 o Deacon for the axe and bogey man fight tips.
 o FavianG for the directional help and shovel tip!
 o Camilla Sanden for the green locker codes.
 o Charles Johnson for the surprise screamer tip.
 o Ray for the first aid kit glitch and pinata party advice.
 o Seta for the endings experience.
 o Jessica for the direction change to the healing trinket.
 o Thomas Prevatt for the dolls tip.
 o Chris Carroll for the movie shotgun tip.
 o Zombieslayer84 for the well-spotted Robert Bloch reference.
 o Daniel Simmonds for pointing out the key in the screamers is randomized.
 o Adam H for correcting the first safe puzzle.
 o Matias Peruyera for the Axe / Monastary Tip.
 o Barbara Gibson for the bank note.
 o Dogbyte for the police dispatch tip and the film locations on hard puzzle
   mode. DEFINITELY saved me some time man, thanks!
 o Natalie Morris (aka dustbunnyassassin! How great of a name is THAT!?) for
   the Hard 'Employee Review' tip.
 o Trinket Help: Desert Wolf, Freezard, Albert Wesker, DogByte, Turtleproof.
 o Youtube user IFreeMZ for helping me virtually "replay" sections to get
   directional info I had missed. He has a walkthrough on Youtube, but it is
   much more of a playthrough than a guide.
 o Mark Quisumbing for helping me make the 'Silent Hill Tour Guide' trophy
   easier to understand in relation to other trophies.
 o Saikyo Mog for the Monastary Screamer tip.
 o Daniele Garavaglia for the bullet find and Hansel & Gretel note.
 o Khalid Al Nasser also sent in the bullet tip. Thanks!
 o Jeremy Wise from Cheatmasters.com for the support.
 o Johnathan Sawyer for the controller ASCII and formatting help.
 o Noz3ro for formatting help and helping me pick out the headers.
 o Vinheim for formatting ideas.
 o DomZ Ninja for the title ASCII art. Thanks yet again!
I WAS WEAK.                                          Document © Bkstunt_31 2012
THAT'S WHY                                  Silent Hill: Downpour © 2011 Konami
I NEEDED YOU.                                     E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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