What do the stats mean and do?

  1. Follow my layout (copy and paste) and please fill in the blanks:

    ATK: Attack - Ups attack power
    DEF: Defense - Ups defense
    STR: Strength - ???
    CON: ??? - ???
    INT: Intellect - ???
    MND: Mind - ???
    LCK: Luck - Ups the chance of better weapons and glyphs being dropped and obtained

    User Info: ResidentSal

    ResidentSal - 9 years ago

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  1. Attack increases base damage for your weapon attack (X and Y).
    Strength boost damage for non-weapon attacks, like the slide kick and air kicks (plus martial arts, et cetera).
    Defense reduces damage you take from physical attacks (including contact with enemies).
    Constitution reduces knockback from attacks (while standing; it's always pretty severe in the air and pretty minor/nonexistent when crouching), and reduces status ailment weakness slightly. It does NOT increase hitpoints.
    Intelligence affects the damage of magic/subweapons.
    Mind affects your magic resistance, and nothing else. Think: if it boosted MP regen, then why would Sage/Chaos rings state so clearly that they did as much; and why would the latter be so coveted? It also doesn't increase max MP, there's so many rumors about the stat. Magic attacks seem to be anything that's a projectile or such, but that's a bit unclear.
    Luck increases the drop rate of items by 0.1% per point... but it's uncertain if that means rare items or all items, so its benefit is both negligible (0.1% is pathetic) and uncertain. Honestly, it's more trouble than its worth to do anything other than ignore this stat; irony aside, it's such a gamble. It definitely increases the chance of items being dropped from enemies, and of something other than gold coming out of chests, but that's about all that anyone can agree about.

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  1. I did a small study. Increasing INT by 5 has a pretty large effect on spell damage, about 20 or so. Also, I seemed to absorb spells as Charlotte much easier when I increased my mind to around 25 - 30

    User Info: shoggothfodder

    shoggothfodder - 9 years ago 2   0
  2. Strength supposedly boost your attack with physical weapons
    Constitution affects the amount of time it takes to recover from status ailments like poison or petrify
    Intelligence affects the amount of damage your magic does
    Mind affects your magic resistance

    User Info: John745

    John745 - 9 years ago 1   0
  3. I thought I noticed a slight mp recharge improvement on mind as well, but i didn't have a stopwatch or anything like that so i was reluctant to post it. It's very small if it's there at all...

    User Info: shoggothfodder

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  4. ATK: Attack - Ups attack power, but not as much as str or int.
    DEF: Defense - Ups defense from any physical source, aka things that cannot be absorbed as glyphs or spells for shanoa/charlotte.
    STR: Strength - Raises attack power with all physcial weapons, or default attack, including charlotte's book, but does not raise things such as soul strength.
    CON: Lowers the time that negative status effects last on you, very, very slightly lowers knockback, though not as much as hercules ring, duh. Also, every 2 stats of CON you get count as/raise defence by 1 stat.
    INT: Intellect - Increases spell damage, includes long range or magical souls, such as gergoth and dracula.
    Used for charlotte build, soul soma build, and shanoa builds
    MND: Mind - Increases magic defence (things that can be absorbed by charlotte/shanoa), and seems to increase spell absorb rate by a fair amount.
    LCK: Luck - Ups the chance of better weapons and glyphs, as well as souls being dropped and obtained by .1%, but only UNCOMMON items or rare monster drops, it seems to lower rare and common gold chest drops, beacuse uncommons will have a higher rate.

    User Info: yoshifuzz

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  5. To my knowledge, MND also increases MP recharge rate. I could be wrong, though.

    User Info: IZH-35m

    IZH-35m - 9 years ago 0   1

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