Review by Scarfiend

Reviewed: 01/11/11

How did Criterion Games manage to ruin Need For Speed?

Need For Speed has always been a title that we could look up to and enjoy the fast pace and intense action. However, this game doesn't live up to the expectations that the Need For Speed name requires.

Sound: 3/10
This was a major let down. In previous games like Carbon and Most Wanted (which I will refer to a lot) you could customize a play list. The songs that were portrayed in the game were perfect for the feel of the game. When you heard the music you felt the hype and it made the playing experience so much better. The music in this game is terrible. It has no energy to it and you're basically forced to listen to whatever crap you manage to get you listen to. Now, you're better off just downloading some music on-line and listening to it while you play your game muted. For that reason I give this section a 3/10.

Graphics: 8/10
This is about the only part of the game I can't possibly harp on. The graphics are great. The rain and other whether effects and the wind as your car spikes 225 is remarkable. The cars themselves look pretty nice as well. For this reason I give graphics an 8/10.

Storyline: 2/10
The reason this deserves a 2/10 is quite evident if you have played. There is no storyline. Basically you just mindlessly drive around either winning races or busting racers for no reason other than to reach level 20. There's no story to the game whatsoever. Most Wanted and Carbon had awesome storylines that fit in the game and now the newer game doesn't even make an attempt to put things together. Are they even trying anymore?

Game play: 3/10
Uhg. That is all I can say for this part. The game play makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a tire iron. Reffering to another review I saw for this game I would have to agree that it seems that the civilians are out to get you. For christ sakes you're a damn cop. You would think that people would pull over or at least move out of the way. Instead they drive into you. I'm not exaggerating this either. I've had cars change lanes in an instant just so they can ram me at 200mph. That doesn't even begin to describe the issues. How about the whole crashing scenes. It's bad enough that you crashed but the game has to give you an elaborate scene that sucks up 5 seconds while your competition or suspect is gaining an entire mile distance on you. How about the fact you can't even customize your car anymore. In the past games you could trick out your ride to be a mean hot rod and tune it to the perfect speed demon. All completely removed. Not only this but the Interceptor missions. As fun as it is to chase down one guy and finally catch up to his only for his to rip the e-break and turn around but when you hit your e-break you go from 250-0 in half a second flat. Now enjoy rebuilding speed because even that entire bar of nitrous you've been saving isn't going to make you break 150. While you're trying to rebuild speed the guy you're supposed to catch uses a jammer right before a 4-way intersection and you can't even get a glimpse of which way he went. Once you do get your radar back 10 seconds later, only then do you realize that he got away and is long gone. It is for this reason that this section deserves a 3/10 and even that is generous.

If you have the $60 to buy this game, do yourself a huge favor and just go out and buy Most Wanted or Carbon. It will deffidently be more worth your while. Unless your buddy is giving this game away for free I would suggest turning away from it. I give credit to Criterion Games for butchering the good Need For Speed name. Hopefully the next game can be saved.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (US, 11/16/10)

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