Review by Outlaw265

Reviewed: 12/06/10

Not bad, but it falls short of expectations

Need For Speed. The series had so many good games, Carbon, Most Wanted and Shift just to name a few. But sadly, the newer games of this classic racing series haven't lived up to their predecessors. And why? Because Criterion Games, in conjunction with EA, are responsible for the making of this game. I don’t have anything against the company, but it is as though they have taken one of their previous games, Burnout 3, and slapped on the name Need For Speed and changed the cars for real ones.

In this new game, it is possible to race as either a cop or a racer. Unfortunately though, there is a very limited variety of events. This is great if your happy to spend hours doing either a race or a time trial as a racer or hot pursuits and dispatch calls as a cop, but to be honest, after a while it gets REALLY repetitive and boring. But what disappointed me about this game was the fact the free roam option has been taken out along with the car customisation. I think that an NFS game without this has made it into another arcade racing game.

Differing from other NFS games though is the introduction of the abilities, or weapons. These include a spike strip to temporarily puncture your target’s tyres, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) to disable an opponent’s car for a short time, roadblocks and turbo boosters.

The steering on the cars can be a bit difficult at high speeds but after a bit of practice with the controls it becomes easier to use. The car control generally isn’t too bad and there is a few little clever things added to make the driving more fun, such as the boost which can be recharged and the ability to drift, seemingly effortlessly, around sharp corners.
I give the gameplay a 6/10.

Storyline? What storyline? Well, if you call racing and smashing up cars to collect bounty then that’s the storyline. All the game is about is getting to level 20 as both a cop and a racer and to get gold in all the events. This is certainly nothing to compare to the storylines of Carbon and Most Wanted. For the distinct lack of storyline, I will give this a dismal 2/10.

The graphics in Hot Pursuit really are top notch stuff. The cars, all made by real companies such as Porsche and Ford, are stunning to look at and they are great to look at as you tear down a road at top speed. And even when you accidently crash head on with an unsuspecting motorist driving the other way, the crash looks spectacular.

The graphics in regards to the tracks aren’t too shabby either. They are finished with a good high quality and are more than adequately playable, however, I do get the feeling not as much time was spent on them as the cars. I give the graphics a 9/10.

The sound effects here are about average. To be honest there isn’t much to be said about them. The engines sound like the engines should be and the voices are fine. It is a very ordinary game in that respect.

The music though it atrocious. There are probably about three decent songs on there and most of them are by bands I have never heard of. Also, when you are hurtling round bends at 90mph it can be difficult to skip through the songs until you find one you like. I recommend that you create your own playlist to listen to. I give the sound a 5/10.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is a very average game. It has some good pros, especially graphics, but it has serious sound and storyline flaws. I wouldn’t really bother spending money to by this game, however, it is worth it to rent or borrow of a friend for a few days. Hopefully though, the Need For Speed series won’t disappoint with the next game they decide to bring out. Overall, this game deserves an average score of 6/10.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (EU, 11/19/10)

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