Review by AssassinsRreal

Reviewed: 11/18/10

Need for speed hot pursuit

This game did not meet my expectations. The graphics looked great and the variety of cars was nice, but other than that, this game failed. There is no storyline to this game, the soundtracks are bad and annoying with maybe 1 or 2 you'll want to hear again, the driving is good but very loose. Your main goal is to earn bounty weather your a cop or racer. Your two race types include regular races or busting them and in short Time trials. Thats about it. If your looking for a good story or something with a change its not here. The game becomes very repetitive very quickly. For this Im going to give it a 6/10. The graphics and different cars are what saved this from being a complete disaster. If you do choose to own this, I'd say make sure you have friends online to play with, otherwise, it'll get very lonely

Campagin: Well if your consider racking up Bounty a storyline. Your are in luck. Nothing special exist here except unlocking cars and moving up in your bounty

Graphics: Probably the savior of this game. The cars look great and the backdrop looks very realistic especially in free drive. Nothing wrong with this part of the game.

Gameplay: Its rough. Your given access to some of the fastest cars in the world along with being able to test drive them, but you have no control once you hit high speeds. Your corner turning relies strictly on balancing the brake and gas to make it successful. This becomes your worst enemy in the time trials, as time is added to your already struggling fight to beat the top time. You have three awards. Distinction, Merit and Pass. Distinction is very hard to come by, as the slightest mistakes will end it. Plus if your an achievement person, earning distinction in every race gets you the epic 100 point achievement that many strive for. Tho achieving this goal seems far out of reach

Audio: What can I say, It;s Need for Speed. It has 2-4 good tracks and then the rest are something your friend whos addicted to music can possibly tell you about. A few songs go good with the game while others, well, make you lose focus on your driving as you try to find something appealing.

Achievements: I figured I'd add my own personal touch to this review. If you are an achievement person like me, you will be looking them over as the game starts. As you look them over, you see some nice 5 and 10 point achievements, that make playing the game 20 minutes worth it. Then you will run across the 25 points and realize if you want them, then buckle in and suck it up because your in for a long ride. Then you have the beloved 100 pointer. This makes gamers push there own limits in everygame until now. The 100 point in this game as mentioned above requires beating every race in the fastest time and busting every racer in the game which earns you the Distinction award for that race. Nothing big right?, wrong. Tho busting the racers isnt the hardest thing in the world, its the everyones favorite time trials that will hold you back. Taking a Veyron down at road @ 265 in a time trial seems like a dream. It is a dream that becomes a nightmare. As you proceed through the game, you unlock more time trials with faster cars. Your objective is to beat the top time. Easy enough, but they arent going to give it away that easy. As you compete against the clock you'll notice that tapping the fence or another car adds time to your already strenuous top time. Thus making it that much harder for minimal mistakes.

Overall: This isnt the worst game I've ever played but Its not a Most Wanted either. Choosing to play a racer or a cop is long but forgotten. If your looking for something thats easy to pick up and can kill some time, this is for you. If your a gamer that needs those achievement, wants a storyline or likes to compete online with friends. You might want to stick with Call of Duty or Assassins Creed. Dont let the love on the front of the case fool you. This is just another wrong step in the direction of need for speed. Tho variety of cars and graphics are always good, a non existing campagin will make this game short lived

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Limited Edition) (US, 11/16/10)

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