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Reviewed: 10/18/11

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Story: not important

it's a racing game, there is no story. You should prefer it that way seeing what kind of F n' F knockoff crap EA comes up with for the Need for Speed series.

Graphics: 9.5/10

Thanks to a new lighting system, the cars and tracks look better than ever. If you have a big flat screen monitor, see some of the actual racing pictures in 720p then compare it with F3. The cars in autovista mode look amazing. Unlock everything and fully explore the cars a few times and you'll be done with that most likely. If you're like me and play with the cockpit view 99% of the time, you'll notice the difference here as well. Everything just looks better. Amazing what they did in just a couple of years with an underpowered system. The tracks are way better looking this time around, if you actually take you actually just cruise around slowly by yourself you'll notice this. Trees and grass look much better than they did before, as do pretty much all the background objects. I could go on about other things that are improved but you get the point, the game looks a lot better than F3.

There are some flaws, the game is running on obsolete hardware after all. Some of the "off the track" objects are still low res. You have to try hard to notice some of them, especially if you're actually concentrating on driving at 150+ mph like you're supposed to be doing. Go into camera mode and zoom in and you'll notice them. If you like to watch the replay cameras, you'll cringe at the top gear track just after the hammerhead turn, the track looks like a texture that is trying to load but never does.

They did add some new vinyls this year so you can make even more complex things out of them. If you're even a novice painter, you should check these out because some of them are useful indeed.

sound: 8.5/10

Music is still pretty weak, I never listen to it. I just turn it off during races and listen to the car engine. Speaking of which, those are improved big time over the last game for the most part. They missed the mark on some of them still but Ferraris no longer sound like a Honda with an aftermarket exhaust. Old school American v8 muscle cars sound like they should (FINALLY!). And, yes, racing exhaust does change the sound of the engine this time around. If you don't get the engine sounds right, it really takes a big chunk of the immersion experience..........thankfully this game did for the most part.

gameplay: 9.5/10

I'm sure you've heard by now that that they have a new physics engine for this game. Pirelli tires revamped the tire physics engine for this game and you will notice a difference. Turn off all the assists and try and drive like you did in Forza 3 and see how long before you spin out in a powerful RWD car. The cars no longer seem glued to the ground. If spinning out sounds scary, don't worry you can turn the handling back to "normal". Personally, I like the new handling. You get used to it after a few days............a week at most. It also changes which cars were "good" in F3. Some cars that were beastly in that game don't handle so great this time around. Likewise, the opposite is true.........some cares that were "meh" in F3 are pretty good this time around. This means you'll have to drive pretty much all of them again and see which ones are better and which ones are useless.

Cars still cost about what they cost in real life but it's easier to get money this time around it seems. For one, car upgrades are free once you use a certain car brand for a bit. It doesn't take very long either. Seriously, all performance upgrades are free. This kind of seems broken but then again, cars cost what they cost in real life so something had to give somewhere. Things that are not considered performance upgrades are: body kits, engine swaps, driveline conversions, aspiration conversions, rims, and rim sizes.

The PI system has been reworked too. Basically every car got bumped up a level from the last game. Old school muscle cars were E class in the old game, now they're mostly D class, the more powerful ones make it into C. Sports cars from the 1990's to 2000's, they land in B or A class. S class remains pretty much the same. Pretty much all the newest hyper exotic cars (the Veyron, the SSC, the Mosler) are all R3 cars. I think we've all had enough of M.Rossi in his Veyron terrorizing you in the old game though. They fixed AWD. Before it was an exploit to lower your PI while making your front engined, rear wheel drive car handle a lot better, now it raises your PI. Makes sense since your car launches better and you can push your car harder in corners as opposed to RWD cars without fear of losing grip.

Sadly (for some), drag racing and endurance races are no longer part of the single player events required to beat the game. Drag racing was more fun online or against a friend in the room anyway. As for as endurance races, you can make them yourself.

Auction house and the storefront work the same way they did last year, with the exception that you can search for unicorn cars this time around. Just be prepared not to ever be able to afford one.

random questions:

Does the "aspiration glitch" still work? A) yes, I tried it out last night on my 1st gen MR2 that came with a supercharger as stock. I did the trick and it dropped it from E class to F class.

Does the Veyron still handle like a brick? A) Yes, but it's a tad better this time because you can oversteer it with the gas pedal when you want. It's still not a leaderboard car though.

Does the SSC still suck? A) yes, it's still a steaming pile of crap for anything but top speed runs and the engine sounds worse
Does the ACR viper still rock in R3 class? A) totally

Is M.Rossi still, well, M.Rossi? A) yep, have to have one AI driver that everyone hates don't ya?

Is there a credit glitch yet? A) not that I've found.

overall score (not an average) 9/10
Graphics are great unless you look really, REALLY hard for reasons then you find flaws (like zooming in all the way on background objects in photo mode, of course something 300 feet away from the track isn't going to look great, it wasn't meant to be seen when racing), engines sound great, tracks are great, physics are great. If you liked F3 you should like this game.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Forza Motorsport 4 (US, 10/11/11)

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