1. Jacob Kinch Sound Designer
  2. Matt Lanter Voice: Anakin Skywalker
  3. Matt Wood Voice: B1droid/B1trando/B2droid/Red 13/General Greivous
  4. Dee Bradley Baker Voice: Beed/Boba Fett/Trandoshan Commando/TrandoshanInf/VultureDroid/Felucian Farmer 1
  5. Troy Baker Voice: Civilian
  6. Pat Fraley Voice: Civilian
  7. Neil Kaplan Voice: Civilian
  8. Corey Burton Voice: Count Dooku/Darth Ror/Red 7/RedMaID
  9. James Arnold Taylor Voice: Darth Kern/Obi-Wan Kenobi/Gold 6
  10. Sam Witwer Voice: Emperor Palpatine
  11. Chris Edgerly Voice: Felucian Farmer #2
  12. Greg Proops Voice: Fode
  13. Grey Delisle Voice: Generic Female
  14. Wally Wingert Voice: Generic Male #1
  15. Dave Boat Voice: Generic Male #2/Imperial Trooper
  16. Nika Futterman Voice: Gold 2/ShuMaI
  17. Mikey Kelly Voice: Gold 3/NPCMaIPadawan/pad3/padMaI
  18. Kari Wahlgreen Voice: Gold 4/Intercom/PC Female Pilot/pad1
  19. Matt Laborteaux Voice: Gold 5/pad2
  20. Jim Cummings Voice: Hondo/Clegg Holdfast/Imperial Trooper
  21. Will Beckman Voice: Jabba the Hutt
  22. Obba Babatunde Voice: Lando Calrissian
  23. Alex Peters Voice: Little Felucian Farm Girl
  24. TC Carson Voice: Mace Windu
  25. Lex Lang Voice: MagnaGuard/Red 3/ResMaIB/Generic male/Storm Trooper
  26. Nolan North Voice: Mak Pra/Red 6/Venator Captain
  27. Darth Vader Voice: Matt Sloan
  28. Jennifer Hale Voice: Mavra Zane
  29. Laura Bailey Voice: NPCFemPadawan/pad4/padFem
  30. Mano Felciano Voice: PC Male Pilot
  31. Fred Tatasciore Voice: Red 4/Dud Bolt/SunGuard 2/TrandoshanCon/TrandoshanFlu/TrandoshanMeI
  32. Chris Cox Voice: Red 5/ResMaIA/SunGuard 1/Civilian
  33. Lewis MacLeod Voice: Sebulba/Imperial Guard
  34. Jean Gilpin Voice: TC-38
  35. Andy Secombe Voice: Watto
  36. Tom Kane Voice: Yoda/C-3PO/Naturalist/Imperial Commander


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, DemolitionMan95, Hardkoroff, jrkinch, misschu, oliist, Sports, Super_Steve38, and t260saga.

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