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Time Trial FAQ by Pelord

Updated: 03/20/05

By Pelord (pelord@hotmail.com)


A. About the FAQ
B. Updates
C. Time Trial
   1. Sonic
   2. Tails
   3. Knuckles
   4. Amy
   5. E-102
D. Other

About the FAQ

This is a FAQ made to help out with the Emblem A Time Trials in 
Sonic Adventure.  Not only that, but I will also try to tell how 
to get the fastest times possible.  Since I don't know EVERY 
shortcut there is, I welcome anyone to send more.  If you want
to try out unconfirmed shortcuts, you can try looking on my
site for them, but I would rather not put them here, since I 
haven't got any of them to work.  Everything here however,
should work fine.

The most recent Version of this FAQ can be found at


March 21, 2005 - FINAL VERSION.  No more updates will be made to 
this extremely old FAQ.  It's obsolete now, anyway.  All I really
did to this FAQ for the final update is change some links.  Though,
I decided to finally reveal the big IceCap shortcut I've been
keeping off this FAQ for so long.  So go look at it...!

February 19, 2000 - Added lots of stuff... such as some tricks for
Knuckles and E-102 Gamma.  I changed a few of the URL's I had 
listed here as well.

November 21, 1999 - Added some small shortcuts for Sonic's Twinkle 
Park, Red Mountain, and Lost World, and also for Tails in Sky Deck.
Expect some larger shortcuts to be revealled in about a month.  Be
sure to check out my Sonic Site for info about my help chat!

November 4, 1999 - A small hint or two for Windy Valley with Sonic.

October 30, 1999 - This only applies to the version posted on the
GameFaqs site...  I forgot the change to the Tails Speed Highway
Section!  Well it's here now...  sorry about that.

October 29, 1999 - Added a bit to the Tails Speed Highway section.

October 28, 1999 - Added a BIG Shortcut for Speed Highway.  I also 
added something to the "Other" section concerning the copying of
this FAQ...

October 18, 1999 - Fixed any errors.  I also added some more stuff 
to just about everything else.

October 16, 1999 - Changed a bit of the Windy Valley and Sky Deck 
hints for Sonic.

October 12, 1999 - The FAQ is created.

Time Trial

1. Sonic

Hints for all levels: 
Constantly spindashing on the ground will help out a lot.  Spinning 
is much faster then running in most cases.  Also, it's helpful to 
know that the faster Sonic is moving forward, the farther he can
jump.  You can set up a spin dash, and get the boost you need to 
jump farther.

Here are some hints for the Individual levels:

Emerald Coast- There are lots of ways to save time in the first 
level.  At the start, spin dash toward the bridge, and just before
hitting Kiki the monkey, jump as high and as far as you can.  You
can make it on top of the bridge.  Jump past the loop, and spin
dash through the level until after the whale section.  Spin dash
up the left side of the mountain, and jump onto the bridge.  Then
spin dash across the gaps and into the next section.  Here, stay
on the left wall and enter the small cave.  You will bounce off 
some springs and get an extra life.  Now when you reach the loop,
go around it or jump through it.  Now, spin up the ramp, and fly 
over to the right, where there is a spring.  Bounce off some more
springs until you land, then spin dash through the final part 
of the stage.

Windy Valley- This is one of the easiest of Sonic's A Emblems.  
Near the start, you can find some small fans floating in the 
air.  You can use your homing jump on them to get through.  
After bouncing off some springs, go through the wind gate, and
try to land on the ledge above the trampoline.  Now head toward 
the extra life, but jump off the bridge and go into the tornado.  
Make it through here quickly.  Hit the spring, and hold right 
so you go right to the numbered jump pads.  After the trampoline 
and the several springs, try to land as close as you can to the 
final spring of the section.  In the final section, as soon as 
you start, drop to the track below (if possible you can fall down 
even farther to the next track).  Now keep spinning.  After the 
rocket, there is a loop- don't spin too fast or you could fall off!  
After a bit, you reach a long bumper spring, where you should hit 
it with a Homing Dash Jump, which gives you enough height to jump 
into the wind gust.  You will bounce off some more springs and get 
high in the air.  Instead of landing on the platform below, hold 
down-left to land on the track under where you usually land.  
You might notice a few other places you can do the same thing just 
before the end.

Casinopolis- There are a few things you could do here.  You can 
go for the large pinball game bonuses (Mostly Luck), or you can
go into the garbage on purpose and get rings that way.  Or a 
combination of both.  If you take the garbage route, try to find
the path with the most rings.

Icecap- When you start, just spindash up the mountain, and jump
into the cave leading to part two.  At the beginning of the second 
part, jump into the far left side of the drawbridge, and you will 
jump right through it!  In the snowboarding section, jump on the 
yellow jump ramps for a boost of speed.  There are some speed 
boosters, but sometimes they send you out of control.  The jumps 
are the best way to go faster quickly.

Twinkle Park- At the start, destroy the enemy cars quickly and take
one of them.  Now on the track, hit the speed boosts and avoid the 
enemies (duh).  When you get on the roller coaster, wait until just
about the point where you jump off, and hold right so when you jump
off the coaster, you won't fall into the small hole at the end.  Now
leave this room the way you came in, and land on the platform just 
outside.  Now, use a homing jump on the long spring, and land on the 
walkway above. From here it's just a few jumps away from the spring 
that launches you to the rooftop.  As soon as you can get on the roof 
of the final castle, look just behind you and jump around the gate 
there.  Now spin up the roof and you are at the end.

Speed Highway- Forget about the "Semi-Shortcut" you all know about  
and try this:  at the beginning of the stage, spin forward and just
before you go down the incline, jump off to the right and land on 
the track down there.  Now jump onto the roof of the building on 
the right, and spin all the way to the top (there is an extra life
there).  Now look right, set up a spin dash, and make a LARGE jump 
over to the place where the helicopter usually drops you off...  
the hard part is clearing the fence here.  Another good thing is
that you can easily get the speed shoes here.  Spin toward the rocket, 
and run until you are shot high into the air by a speed booster.  You 
can either land on the platform and jump across the blade spinners, or 
you can quickly spin through the lower route.  Ride the rocket to the 
next section, and spin down the building.  In the final section, you can 
either stay on the ground and follow the traffic, or you can do this:
hit the speed booster at the beginning and jump on top of the building.
Now run straight ahead and jump to the extra life.  Then jump into the
side of the building with the billboard and walk along the billboard
frame, and then jump into the passage in the wall which leads you to 
the end.

Red Mountain- When you hit the first rocket, hold right to land on 
a spring.  Now spin by the checkpoint and activate the second rocket.
Ride the second rocket, and head right again for some more springs.  
Now go across the bridge and past the steam vents.  The last burst
of steam sometimes boosts you forward!  After the rope-swing thing, 
there will be a place where you can home in on some blade spinners 
and find some numbered warp pads.  These take you to the bladed 
spinners just before the yellow see-saw platforms.  After the see saw 
platforms, you will cross another bridge.  Instead of following the 
green path around the mountain, start going right as usual, then jump 
off the far right of the mountain.  You will land on the platform below
and will be able to enter the second section.  In the volcano section, 
spin through it as quickly as possible.  Near the end is a path where 
you can use the light speed dash as a small shortcut.  Then it's a 
deadly spin through the final stratch of the level.

Sky Deck-  Stay on the normal route until the second checkpoint.  Go 
around the column, and instead of running up the ramp, try jumping to
the ledge below and hit the spring.  Then jump over to the invicibility
and run through the blade spinners.  Next, climb the ladder and get on 
the overhand bars.  Jump as far as you can onto the bars so that when  
they break, you grab on to it so that you can jump right to the rest 
of the unbroken part of the bars.  Jump to the high ledge.  Now spin 
past columns 1-4, and destroy the gun with the rocket.  In the second 
part, go left.  Now go through the plane hangar quickly, and then take 
out the large cannon with the rocket.  In the final section, just go 
through normally until you reach the section where the ship tilts.  
Spin dash to the final savepoint before the ship tilts too far.  Then 
head to the end.

Lost World-  The camera can be a pain here.  Spin through the first 
part quickly, but if you go too fast, the camera will get screwed up.  
A well timed spin dash will allow you to fly over the pit of spikes 
just before the snake room.  In the snake room, skip the first water 
switch, and keep moving past the spikes to the first door switch.  
Then hit the second water switch, and quickly jump onto the snake.  
Then ride it to the second door switch, and then hit the final water 
switch.  From here, you can jump over to the final door switch with 
the help of a spin dash.  Then ride the snake to the exit.  In the 
mirror section, it isn't necessary to light all the mirrors.  It's 
possible to jump across the first two platforms that the first two 
mirrors are sitting on, but you have to move quickly. Take the left 
fork in the path, but be careful with the moving blocks.  After the 
waterfall and the rolling rock section, enter the final room, and 
head right, hit the switch twice and run up the wall.  Jump on top of 
the spiked platform, and then hit the switch and spin dash to the end.

Final Egg- Most of this level is just going through what you are put
against as quickly as possible.  There aren't really any shortcuts, 
all you need to do is make it through each obsticile as fast as you
can.  Note patterns in moving platforms and such.  When you make the 
big drop (with the speed shoes at the bottom), try to land on the 
platform where you can jump directly to the fans instead.  For the
most part, the key is just being quick.


2. Tails

Hints for all levels:
Tails is obviously much faster while flying, especially with the 
Jet Anklet upgrade (found in Station Square).  Not only is Tails 
faster in flight, but flying through the levels can allow you to 
reach places you normally couldn't go, and you can take big
shortcuts by simply flying in the right direction.

Here are hints for the Individual levels:

Windy Valley- Simply put, the best you can do is fly through this
level.  At the start, fly below the platform, and follow the road.
Go slightly left so you can follow the next part of the level.  
If possible, fly straight ahead, without going too far down, and
you will start to see that brown wall that you usually run down 
in the distance.  Drop down when you reach the wall, and follow 
the path and fly to the end.  Also remember that you don't have to 
go for all the speed boost rings.  

Casinopolis- Flying will help you in the beginning and the end, but 
for most of the level, it's just running, and some luck.  The fans
are unpredictable, and they won't always give you a quick, reliable
boost upwards.

Icecap- This is the same as Sonic's snowboarding section.  The
same rules apply.

Sky Deck- There are tons of places to fly for a shortcut.  Near the 
start, hit the checkpoint and fly up and left to find the fast 
spinning columns.  From here, fly to the "tunnel" and hit the next
savepoint.  Now fly to the right, and then fly to the rocket, and 
get the invincibility.  Now, fly to the overhand bars, then fly 
slightly left, to the farthest bridge.  From there, fly straight 
ahead, and fly to the capsule.

Speed Highway- At the start, fly off the right side of the road.  
Fly toward the building mentioned in Sonic's walkthrough, and then 
from there fly over toward the place where Sonic would normally 
catch the helicopter.  Fly through the speed boost ring and hit the
savepoint.  Instead of falling down the building without the roof,
fly around it and you will find the next speed boost ring.  At the 
end of this road, are some spikey spinners.  Fly over to the building 
just ahead, and go behind it.  Go forward until you see the next 
speed boost ring.  Go through it, and then go through the next one.
Now, instead of going through all the speed rings, look to the left
and you should find a platform with a rocket on it.  The rocket puts
you on a high up platform where you will be able to fly right to the


3. Knuckles

Hints for all levels:
Since the location of the three emerald pieces changes every time, 
you should first go through the level looking for the emeralds 
first.  Once you know where all of the pieces are, restart and then
go pick them up.  You can also try finding one emerald piece,
restarting, and then collecting it, and then do the same for the
next two.

The Following are some Key places the Emeralds will Appear:

Speed Highway- In a Badnik, Inside a Gas Tank, inside the window 
straight ahead from where you start, on the building to the right 
from where you start, on a ledge above the "clock", on a ledge 
above the blue highway on the building, on the sidewalk near where
Sonic starts this section, inside a window near where Sonic starts 
this section, inside a window of one of the buildings that the 
traffic goes through.

Casinopolis- In a Badnik, inside the Sonic statue (Punch it's left 
foot), in the shower room, in the "crane" room (where Sonic ends
the stage), behind the "Information" sign, sitting on a pirate 
ship, inside the stone lion's mouth, inside the "Gear Room" (That 
place above the crane room where you hit the switch to enter), on
top of a small pillar with the Casino map on it, inside the water 

Red Mountain- In a Badnik, Buried underground inside a circle of 
rings, at the bottom of the yellow see-saw platforms, in the lava 
pit high in the level, next to the rocket near the large hammer, 
on the side of a mountain (usually sitting on a green platform),
in the center of some overhead bars connecting two mountains.

Lost World- In a Badnik, buried under sand, on top of the small
"pavillion", high up on the wall guarded by a flame stone, high
up on the wall guarded by a flaming arrow shooter, on the wall
between two spiked platforms, mid-height inside some crates, 
mid-height in the center of the large openings with the flame
spinners in them.

Sky Deck- In a Badnik, inside a large gun turret, floating high 
above the center of the level, floating VERY high above the center
of the level (as high as you can possibly go), inside a garage door, 
at the far end of the "bridge" (the bridge where Sonic runs through
to reach the capsule), buried underneath the garbage in the center.

4. Amy
Hints for all levels:
Getting fast times using Amy is mostly a matter of moving through 
the stage as quickly as possible.  If you need to run at top speed 
in a hurry, jump, do a mid-air attack, and when you land you will 
be running at top speed.  Also, try to use the hammer jump whenever 
possible to get over an obsticle.

Here are hints for the individual levels:

Twinkle Park- It's best to just ignore Zero through the stage.  Near 
the start, where you hit the switches, look for speed shoes.  Inside 
the castle, just be sure you can work with the camera angles, or you 
can waste time getting stuck against a wall.

Hot Shelter- Ignore most of the enemies.  Open the doors quickly.
Try not to waste time with the turning gears section.  In several 
places, there is the choice of using a turn-key platform, or using 
another way.  After the rotating bridge, don't climb the steps, 
instead head straight for the moving platform, and better still, 
try to go straight for the spring that launches you to the video 
room (I haven't tried that yet, though).  In the second  "Colored 
Blocks" section, you can knock Zero off the ledge if you want.
This is another level where you need to work with camera angles.

Final Egg- Just move as fast as you can, avoiding whatever gets in your 
way.  You could possibly restart a few times when you reach the "Which
Way Doors" near the end so you don't waste time looking for the right
door.  Remember, the correct one has the savepoint behind it.


5. E-102
Hints for all levels:
E-102's time trials are slightly different, in where the higher the 
time the better.  This is done by locking on to as many enemies at 
one time.  The more enemies you lock on to, the more extra time you 
get.  Try to hold down the attack button as long as possible.  There 
is also an interesting trick you can try with checkpoints... when you
pass a checkpoint, your current time is saved.  If you restart the 
stage, all the enemies will reappear and you can get them again.

Here are hints for the individual levels:

Final Egg- Looking around is quite helpful as you can find some Tails
and Knuckles dolls in some out of reach places... try looking for a 
spring in the final room with the Sonic Doll.

Windy Valley- The best advice is that the Boa-Boa Badnik (the fire snake
thing) can be worth up to 10 enemies!

Emerald Coast- Not much you can do here, that I know of...

Red Mountain- Look for some out of reach enemies high above you.  I'm 
not that great with this stage, so I can't really help that much...

Hot Shelter- Yet another level where there isn't much special to do in
order to increase your time.


Just a few extra things you should know...

1. I don't care how this FAQ is distributed, as long as you


3. If you send me any Sonic times, and they are REALLY good,
PLEASE tell me how you did it, because it will help to
contribute to this FAQ.

---Thanks To---

GameFaqs: for posting this FAQ on their site!

Timothy.G.Fitches@student.shu.ac.uk: for telling me how to 
get a faster time on Windy Valley with Sonic.

mikeskix@netzero.net: for telling me the BIG Speed Highway

"Brian B": for telling me the small trick with the long bumpers.  

"Mitsurugi": for telling me about that E-102 Gamma Trick with the

And of course many others, who told me stuff about the Tornado 
section in Windy Valley and some other stuff.

---No Thanks To---

"The guy" who copied my Emerald Coast walkthrough and just said,
"I got it from GameFaqs" without giving me the credit for it.
If he gave me credit for it I wouldn't of cared!  I know the
person is reading this, so if you take anything off here, give
me the credit for it.


The only other thing I can say is to visit my site!
(See the URL above)

Oh, yeah, and have fun with the game...

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