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Changes Guide by Numbuh 128bit

Version: 1.99 | Updated: 02/19/09

    ______     _______      ______        __   _________    ______________
  /  ____/    / _____ \    |   _  \      |  | |         |  /             /
 /  /        / /     \ \   |  | \  \     |  | |__     __| /    _________/
 \  \____   | /       \ |  |  |  \  \    |  |    |   |    |   |
  \_____ \  | |       | |  |  |   \  \   |  |    |   |    |   |
       \  \ | \       / |  |  |    \  \  |  |  __|   |__  |   |_________
 ______/  /  \ \_____/ /   |  |     \  \_|  | |         | \             \
/________/    \_______/    |__|      \______| |_________|  \_____________\

              ___   __  _   _  ___   _  _   ___  _  _  __   ___
             ||_|| ||_\ \\ // /===| | \| | |_ _| |||| | _| /===|
             || || ||_/  \-/  \===| |_|\_|  |_|  \__/ ||\\ \===|

 _____________________                             _______            _______
|                     \                            \      \          /      /
|                      \                            \      \        /      /
|        _______        \                            \      \      /      /
|       |       |       |                             \      \    /      /
|       |       |       |                              \      \  /      /
|       |       |       |                               \      \/      /
|       |       |       |                               /      __      \
|       |       |       |                              /      /  \      \
|       |_______|       |                             /      /    \      \
|                       /                            /      /      \      \
|                      /                            /      /        \      \
|_____________________/                            /______/          \______\
Changes and Comparison FAQ
version 1.99
Copyright © 2003-2009 by Numbuh 128bit
E-mail Address: bill1280@att.net

                          -Table of Contents-
/ Sec. 1: Version History                                                   \
|                                                                           |
| Sec. 2: Intro                                                             |
|                                                                           |
| Sec. 3: Story                                                             |
|                                                                           |
|  Sec. 4.1: Graphical Changes                                              |
|       4.2: Audio Changes                                                  |
|       4.3: Gameplay Changes                                               |
|       4.4: Misc. Changes                                                  |
|                                                                           |
| Sec. 5 FAQs                                                               |
|                                                                           |
| Sec. 6 Closing                                                            |

-Sec. 1 Version History

-version 0.90; 6:47 PM 10/2/03: -finished the FAQ, possibly incomplete

-version 0.95; 5:56 PM 10/9/03: -added extra info on the story
                                -corrected typos
                                -got rid of all those invisible spaces

-version 1.00; 7:35 PM 10/14/03:-one more change in the graphics
                                -more typos corrected
                                -noticed differences in the Limited Edition
                                -more changes in the story

-version 1.20; 8:53 PM 10/18/03:-noticed first changes in the manual
                                -other changes noticed
                                -even MORE typos corrected

-version 1.50; 7:47 PM 10/21/03:-designed a new label for the FAQ

-version 1.80; 9:53 PM 10/31/03:-a little up-to-dateness added
Happy Holloween!                -a HECKUVA lot of changes discovered:
                                 Graphical: 14; Audio: 13; Gameplay: 3;
                                 Misc. :1; FAQs: 1
                                -granted Neoseeker permission to use this FAQ

-version 1.85; 9:39 PM 11/21/03:-2 new changes added
                                -typos fixed AGAIN

-version 1.90; 8:03 PM 12/7/03: -more up-to-dateness added
                                -new method of contact
                                -1 typo fixed

-version 1.92; 5:40 PM 12/26/03:-2 more change
                                -got my computer back for Christmas

-version 1.95; 10:05 PM 1/18/04:-Extra Chao and Chaos info added

-version 1.97; 12:51 AM 8/16/07:-Minor typos corrected
                                -More accurate data
                                -removed profanity =P
                                -1 new adition (manual)

-version 1.99; 9:46 PM 2/18/09: -another year, another addition(graphics)
                                -fixed more minor typos

-version 1.99; 2:38 PM 5/29/2009-changed my e-mail address

-Sec. 2 Intro

        When Sonic Adventure first came out for the Dreamcast, many people
couldn't seem to adjust to the new surroundings. Fortunately, I was not one of
them. My younger step-brother got a DC for Christmas 2000 along with Sonic
Adventure. When I first played it in 2000, It was like a grpahical master-
peice. And now with Sonic Adventure arriving on the GCN, I can finally play
this game all I want without constantly having to ask.
        I've really got to hand it to SEGA and Sonic Team for making one of my
favorite games of all time! Sonic Adventure DX is a perfect, upgraded version
of one of the best games I've ever played! Everything from the original and
more! Unfortunately, I'm no longer a Sonic fan to the anti-Christian Shadow
the Hedgehog game, so I'm out of date after Sonic Riders. ESRB should warn
people about this stuff. I'm not gonna get off-topic, so onto the main info.
        And no, I haven't abandoned this FAQ, even if I HAVE take yearly
breaks. I just didn't have the time. Please note that when you see an
asterisk(*), it indicates that the entry might not be completely acurate seeing
as how I don't own the DC version and usually cannot go play it to check. While
I don't have the DC version, I have recorded the game on 7 different vidoetapes
and view them to check.
        And yes, I'm aware that this game is also on Windows. I don't own that
version, so I can't localize this FAQ for it.

-Sec. 3: Story

0. FYI- Incase you didn't know, Sonic Adventure takes place on Earth (as does
Sonic Adventure 2) instead of Mobius.

        Here I will list each character and their story.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog- Sonic is returning home after a long day at work. He
finds this mysterious life form called "Chaos" who was freed by Dr. Eggman.
Sonic finds out that Chaos gets stronger with each given Chaos Emerald. What
will happen if Chaos gets all 7 Emeralds? You don't want to know. That's why
it's Sonic's job to keep Chaos from getting all 7 of them.

2. Miles "Tails" Prower- Tails is testing out a new plane he made with a Chaos
Emerald to power it up. But the plane goes out of control as Tails crash-lands
at the beach where he's rescued by Sonic. As the story passes must also prevent
Chaos from getting all of the Chaos Emeralds. He also has to make the most im-
portant decision of his life: to overcome his fear of not being with Sonic.

3. Knuckles the Echidna- While thinking off-gaurd, Dr. Eggman has freed Chaos
from the Master Emerald. Upon doing so, it is shattered into pieces. Without
the ME to power Angel Island (formerely known as the "Floating Island"), it
falls into the ocean. Knux makes it his job to recover the rest of the Emerald
pieces. He also has to face his past several times.

4. Amy the Hedgehog- Amy is bored with her constant life of shopping and longs
for Sonic. While flashing back to their adventures on Little Planet (Sonic CD),
Amy runs into this Flicky who is trying to escape from Eggman's flying fort-
ress, the Egg Carrier. This robot named "Zero" is one of the E-100 series and
has been instructed to capture the "Birdie" from Amy, even if it means captur-
ing Amy herself. She also has another E-100 series badnik to deal with: Gamma!
Amy decides to help Birdie find his parents.

5. E-102 Codename: Gamma- Gamma is the second of the E-100 series badniks. He
was created by Eggman to serve Eggman. After being granted access to the Egg
Carrier, he is instructed to capture a certain "long-tailed frog." As he meets
Amy, he slowly undergoes through a "change of heart." He eventually figures out
that Eggman is the enemy as E-102 has to save the rest of his brothers from
Eggman's clutches.

6. Big the Cat- A rather disliked character, Big is a laid-back and easygoing
guy who loves to fish. Because of his 617 lb weight, he is a very strong and
very slow person. He is never without his favorite rod, lure, and best friend
Froggy. One night Chaos' missing tail is seeking the owner, Chaos himself. It
accidentally finds Froggy and attatches itself to him. Froggy then starts to
display some weird symptoms such as swallowing a whole Chaos Emerald! It's up
to Big to rescue his pollywog pal back before he's lured back into Chaos via
Chaos' tail.

7. Dr. Eggman- The evil mad genius also known as "Dr. Ivo Robotnik" has
returned to wreak havoc upon all. This time, he has built himself a massive
flying frotress called the "Egg Carrier". He has also released Chaos from the
Master Emerald for his own evil needs. With each Emerald he gives to Chaos,
Chaos becomes stronger. When Chaos is at full power, he and Eggman plan to de-
stroy Staion Square and rebuild upon it the ultamite city, Robotnikland, where
Eggy plans to rule it all.

8. Tikal- Tikal is a mysterious Echidna girl who can warp people back through
time. She is possibly the most important character in the game as everyone's
story is connected through her. Her father, Pachacamac, lost all empathy in him
when his mother died and it was replaced it with greed. He set his sights on
the Master Emerald, and this disturbed Chaos greatly.

9.  Chaos- (note: Thanks to Dale Giramma for more info in Chaos and the Chao)
Chaos was a mythical beast who existed long ago and was the gaurdian of the
Chao. The chao are somehow a  part of chaos' power and his personality. When
the Chao died in Sonic's first flashback, Chaos' power and personality had
been altered into rage and evil. Chaos was bound to protect the Chao, so when
the Chao were killed by the ancient race, he was forced to kill them. But Tikal 
had no part in the destruction of the Chao, so Chaos couldn't kill her. And
when Tikal first approached the Chao, she posed no threat, so Chaos couldn't
hurt her. And when Chaos was released, he seemed to be greatful and sided with
Eggman as his way of thanks. As time went onn, Chaos went out of control and
Destroyed all of Station Square.

10. Chao- The O-so lovable creatures you can raise. Chao actually made their
debut in NiGHTS: Into Dreams on the Saturn and not Sonic Adventure. According
to Dale Giramma, the Chao are somehow a  part of Chaos' power and his personal-
ity. The plural of this word is still "Chao". See Chaos for more info.

-Sec. 4.1: Graphical Changes

1. The character models are obviously much better than they were in the DC ver-
sion. Everyone now appears more shiny and detailed than they did before includ-
ing the Chao.
2. The Adventure Feilds(especially Station Square) appear much more detailed as
well. Some of their colors have been changed.
3. The characters can now do a whistling animation.
*4. Amy will now try to balance herself when falling off of a platform. Even
though she try to balance, she'll still fall.
*5. Some of the billboards were changed as well.
6. In the scene where Eggman calls Gamma after collecting the Jet Booster, Ga-
mma dosen't slowly float down anymore, but instead drops instantly.
7. Under certaion conditions in Mission Mode, you will see several signs: One
of Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao, one of Sonic X, one of Sonic Pinball
Party, and one of Sonic Advance 2.
8. Cream will also appear once during everyone's adventure. Sonic, Tails,
Knuckles: After beating Casinopolis. Amy: After entering the center of the ci-
ty. E-102 Y: After arriving in the city's center. Big: After beating Twinkle
9. The framerate has been increased to it's originally-intended 60fps. I'm a
30-fps guy instead.
10. The scenes now animate at 30 fps. Getting power-ups now looks like FMVs.
11. The opening FMV has been edited. Tails is darker and is has a slightly new
animation while flying. The part where Gamma shoots his gun is slightly halted
in framerate. This requires you to pay close attention to notice. Although it
appears to be a system disadvantage, it is NOT. If you have Sonic Mega Collect-
ion, compare these to videos to see what I mean.
12. Big's eyes no longer glow in the dark like on the DC. Cats's eyes can re-
flect light for those who didn't know.
13. The underwater effects are now blurry and wavy instead of clear.
14. Sonic's shoes are round-top instead of pointy like in the early demo.
Thanks to jamlink for noticing this.
15. Sonic and Tails no longer turn their heads toward the animals they free
from the capsules at the end of their Action Stages.
16. There is a lot less pop-up/fade-in/fog due to the GCN's graphical capabil-
17. The visual glitches such as split-second scenes that pop up before/after
scenarios have been fixed.
18. The gray "Closed Captioning" boxes no longer linger for someone to talk.
If nothing is said, they disapear instantly.
19. The characters no longer move their whole face when they talk. >=[ Sure it
looked lame, but was funny.
20. The "Now Saving" words don't light up as the game saves anymore. They are
21. The ice walls in Ice Cap: Act 2 no longer exist.
22. The water Chaos 4 swims in now shows you the bottom of the floor.
23. Grass no longer covers the stairs to Tails's Workshop.
24. Sonic's hair no longer flies with the wind in either Sky Chase.
25. When Sonic beats Sky Chase: Act 1, text now appears at the bottom of the
screen when he says "Tails?...Tails?"
26. Tails is now Yellow instead of Orange-Yellow.
27. Tails's tails no longer turn occasionally flat when he stands still.
28. There is a hidden Emblem in the Burger Shop. If you haven't gotten it, then
start Amy's adventure. When Amy and the Birdie run into the shop, the Emblem
will be visible in the window to the left if you're playing Dreamcast. The
Emblem can't be seen on the GameCube version.
*29. The ramp leading to Casinopolis's stash is now stairs. Thanks to B'man for
noticing this non-obvious change.
30. E-105 Zeta's body is no longer made of Dreamcasts. I've been meaning to
put this in since August '08. Better late than never =P

-Sec. 4.2: Audio Changes

1. Nothing has changed in the music, though some of it has been removed from
the sound test. Two new tracks have been added though. They can be heard at
the start and finish of each mission in Mission Mode.
2. Some of the sound effects have been edited/removed. The red rings that
NiGHTS takes you through in Casinopolis' NiGHTS pinball game no longer make a
sound as you travel through them. My guess was to save space on the disc. You
will find out why that space was necesary later.
3. After the fight with the Egg Hornet, when Dr. Eggman's Egg-O-Matic reaches
out for the emerald, the claw makes a whirring sound.
4. The sound Tails makes when he does a tail whip in rhythm is no longer dis-
5. When Sonic stores energy for the Light Speed Dash, the way he say "Read-
yyyyy...GO!" is a bit different.
6. When Knuckles fails to get any items from underground, he says "Dang!" now.
7. When Amy does a hammerwhack, she dosen't go "Ha!" anymore. She now says
"Yah!" Also, everything else she says while being controlled sounds a little
more high-pitched.
8. All of the sounds have been encanced with Dolby Pro Logic II. GamePro was
right, it does sound great!...and loud.
9. When you clear a stage with somebody, that will be the character whose theme
will be set. If you've played SA2B, you know what "theme" means.
10. The whistling sound Sonic makes after falling from Sky Chase Act 1 is a
little lower-pitched than before.
11. All of the vocal glitches, such as Eggman's grunting before the fight with
the Egg Viper have been fixed.
12. Gamma's five second countdown blare now sounds different.
*13. Whenever you exit Twinkle Park: Act 2 with anyone, the sound of Kiki's ex-
ploding bomb occurs. This could be either a glitch, or an attemp to destroy all
of the level's Kiki's.
14. The Hintball is not as loud as before.
15. The tornado in Windy Valley is not as dark as before.
*16. The sound of an item box being broken is higher-pitched.
*17. Knuckles eyes are purple now.
18. Gamma's rev-up sound of Rolling Mode is now a whistle.
*19. The sound of collecting rings is in mono instead of stereo.
All sounds slightly are lower-pitched than before.
20. The music no longer halts to reset itself when you die, enter different
areas of Adventure Feilds, etc.
21. Knuckles "HUH!" instead of "HAH!" during his tripple-punch. Additionally,
whenever he glides, the windy sound is higher-pitched than before.
22. When Sonic & Knux collide with each other at the end of their scuffle, the
"POW" sound is now absent.
23. Water no longer sounds when Sonic is waiting for Tails to ready the Tor-
nado 1.
24. Gamma's laser sounds different and he also says commands ("push","obtain
item", etc.) alot louder. He says "push" differently.
25. Knuckles ALSO sounds louder when saying stuff after collecting Emerald
26. Tails now says "yah" with force when flying!
27. The Hintball vanishes in stereo when the sound is put on Dolby.
28. After beating Twinkle Park and Icecap, Big says "Aw, NOW what am I gonna

-Sec. 4.3: Gameplay Changes

1. One of the biggest changes to the game is the collection of all 12 Sonic
games released for GameGear, including Sonic Drift 1 and Tails' Skypatrol.
Those 2 were available only to Japanese gamers until now, though I've sound
Sonic Drift 1 as a used American game store in 2006.
2. Another big change is the new and ultra-fun Mission Mode! This really adds
to the "Adventure" part of Sonic ADVENTURE DX. In mission mode, you get to do
60 different missions total. All different for each character. Try it and see.
Just be sure to copy your file, as each mission can only be played once. If
you want a FAQ for Mission Mode, try Shinryu's.
3. A new option for Rumble Feature has been added. Speaking of options, I've
noticed that if you switch the text to Japanese, you'll, be able to play that
country's versions of each game. Some of which have certain features.
4. The D-Pad is no longer used to look around. This is now done with the C-
5. 3 new and extremeley helpful options have peen added to the Pause Menu.
Map lets you see a map of the Adventure Feild you're currently on, Mission
helps you with Mission Mode, and most importantly of all, Camera. Many people
have complained about constant camera problems, so SEGA decided to add a Free
Camera option that helps you use the camera more easily.
6. The Chao Garden now uses the exact same engine as SA2B. The Chao Kinder-
garten is, however, absent. You can still go to the Black Market. If you want
to name your Chao, just use the GBA transporter to do so.
7. You can now skip scenes and FMVs by pressing Start/Pause.
8. You can get rings for every stage you clear. These rings are used in the
Black Market.
9. The Square Fruit is now called the "Cubicle Fruit". The Seeds are also miss-
ing. =(
*10. You can now play as Metal Sonic after getting all 130 emblems.
*11. You obviously can't go online anymore. Don't even try it on the Dreamcast
version. SEGA shut down the Dreamcast internet, mostlikely worldwide by now.
12. Thanks to Vector of Sonic HQ, I now know about the Limited Edition of this
game. It was the original version minus the online feature working.
13. Y is no longer used as the action button (puck up, grab, etc.). This is
now done with X.
14. The game loads alot faster than on DC.
15. Water no longer floods the Mystic Ruins Chao Garden, ultimately disabling
your character to drown.
16. The cluster of rings at the end of Speed Highway: Act 2 no longer exist so
the Magnetic Sheild is useless. Why still leave it in if there are no ring to
use it on?

-Sec. 4.4: Misc. Changes

1. Didja' know that Sonic Adventure was known to cause motion sickness? Well I
think that has been cleared up now as I no longer feel a headache when I play
Director's Cut for too long. I don't know what caused this, but it might have
been the framerate.
2. While playing as Knux, I went into the Casino Area. After reaching a specif-
ic location, my game just locked up on me. Anyone else notice this, or is it
just me?
3. Remember when I told you about the neccesary disc space? Well it seems that
GameGear games are buggy in the sound department. This can include skipping
when the game paused with the Z button as well as muffling. I'd advise all not
to hear the game on this mode If they don't want temporary ear damage. Having
played Gems Collection on the Cube, I've been informed that all of the DX
GG games have been set to mono sound no matter what stereo option you chose.
Despite the lack of disc space, these GameGear games are a true blast to play!
4. Manual changes:
a. The manual mentions only 2 badniks instead of the 5/6 of the DC manual.
b. The B button is accidentually used to describe Sonic's Spin Attack. This
move is done with A, not B.
c. The manual doesn't tell you to use Y to pick up your Chao like the DC man-
ual did.
d. Knuckles is now described as an "echidna" instead of a "spiny anteater".
That what echidnas really are anyway.
5. The original SA could be used on a PC to access hidden content. Since the
GCN uses mini-discs, this feature no longer exists. I honestly didn't know that
DC GD-ROMS could hold that much space on a disc. If the GCN mini-disc can hold
much more than that(up to 1.5 Gigabytes in fact), why can't this stuff exist on
the mini-disc? Well, it's been said that a GameCube's disc spins in the oppo-
site direction that a CD does.
6. As stated in Gameplay, the game loads alot faster than on DC.
7. The "Clean Pause" code has been taken out meaning you can't take anymore

-Sec. 5: Frequently Asked Quetions (FAQs)

        No FAQs at the time.

-Sec. 6: Closing

        Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut was a real hoot! It took me 5 days
to get all 130 emblems and 60 missions cleared. I couldn't have done it with-
out Shinryu's Misson FAQ. It didn't take me long to beat the whole game, but I
don't stop playing games after I beat them. I just keep on playing them, dis-
covering new glitches, quircks, etc. This proves useful to me in future up-
        This FAQ is Copyright © 2003-2009 by me, Numbuh 128bit. It is to appear
only on GameFAQs. You are not to copy this FAQ for any reason at all! You are,
however, free to save this FAQ to a disk and print it out. This FAQ may not be
100% accurate, so if you've got anything info or advice to send, do or see any-
one using this FAQ without my permission, let me know via e-mail.
       I just want to thank all who helped make this FAQ possible:

-Shinryu for making a Mission FAQ. Thanks Alot!

-Yuji Naka for creating the StH series(until ShTH).

-Yuji Uekawa, Sonic's artist.

-Vector of Sonic HQ for making the Sonic Adventure Limited Edition page availa-

-Takashi Iizuka, the namesake of Director's Cut.

-jamlink for paying close attention to the demo of the game.

-Service Games(SEGA) and Sonic Team for making this game possible.

-The Original L5 for inspiring me to make a Comparison/Changes FAQ.

-CJayC for being the genius behind GameFAQs as well as posting this FAQ.

-My step-bro for having the original SA on Dreamcast.

-Terrance Drayton for teaching me how to Cut and Paste.

-My school for having other computers while mine is down.

-Leo Chan of NeoSeeker for also posting this FAQ.

-The shop for fixing this computer.

-Dale Giramma for extra Chao and Chaos story info.

-Ian Bennet/B'man for last-minute info on Casinopolis' ramp change.

-God, Creator of all things

-end of document-

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