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Chao FAQ by SuperSonic67

Version: 3.6 | Updated: 09/24/05

    _________   _____  ________  ____  ___
   /   _____/  /  _  \ \______ \ \   \/  /
   \_____  \  /  /_\  \ |     | \ \     /
   /        \/         \| |___|  \/     \
  /         /     |     \         \      \
 /_______  /\_____|___  /_______  /__/\   \
         \/           \/        \/     \   \
        _______ .__                     \   \
        \  ___ \|  |__ ______    ____    \   \
        /  |  \/|  |  \\__   \  / __ \    \   \
        \  |____|   Y  \/ __\ \( <__> )    \   \
         \____  /___|  (____  / \____/      \   \
              \/     \/     \/               \   \
                                              \   \
Sonic Adventure DX Chao FAQ                    \   \
By Rob James (SuperSonic67)                     \__/

Latest update: Version 3.6
V3.6 Completed on: 24/09/2005 Submitted on: 24/09/2005


Use CTRL+F and type the number of the section 
you wish to find.


1.0     Introduction to the FAQ
 1.1          Important notices
2.0     Frequently Asked Questions
 2.1          Tips, Hints, and Extras
3.0     Introduction to Chao
4.0     Raising your Chao
 4.1          Hatching a Chao
 4.2          Caring for your Chao (feeding, petting etc)
  4.2(1)          Understanding your Chao's Actions
  4.2(2)          Rare and Unusual Chao Activities
  4.2(3)          Animal-specific Chao Activities
  4.2(4)          Making Chao Friends/Enemies
  4.2(5)          Your Chao's Statistics
  SUB             Hidden Statistics
   SUB.1            Intelligence
   SUB.2            Luck
 4.3          Alignment (Hero/Neutral/Dark)
 4.4          Evolution
  4.4(1)          First Evolution
  4.4(2)          Second Evolution
 4.5          Mating
 4.6          Death and Reincarnation
 4.7          Chao Personalities
  4.7(1)          Hidden Personality Attributes
 4.8          Types of Chao
5.0      The Chao Black Market
 5.1          Black Market Item List
6.0      The Chao Transporter
 6.1          Drop Off
  6.1(1)         Chao Copy
  SUB            Tiny Chao Garden
   SUB.1           Tiny Chao Garden Shop
   SUB.2           Item Uses
   SUB.3           Mini-games
 6.2          Pick Up
 6.3          Name
 6.4          Good-bye
 6.5          Quit
 6.6          Porting to your GameBoy Advance
7.0      Chao Racing
 7.1          Beginner Race
  7.1(1)         Pearl Course
  7.1(2)         Amethyst Course
  7.1(3)         Sapphire Course
  7.1(4)         Ruby Course
  7.1(5)         Emerald Course
7.2           Jewel Race
  7.2(1)         Pearl Course
  7.2(2)         Amethyst Course
  7.2(3)         Sapphire Course
  7.2(4)         Ruby Course
  7.2(5)         Emerald Course
 7.3          Party Race
8.0      Special and Rare Chao
 8.1          NiGHTs Chao
 8.2          Character Chao (Sonic, Shadow, Official Tails, Amy,
              Knuckles etc)
 8.3          Chaos Chao: Angel, Devil, and "Light" Chaos Chao
  SUB            Small Animal List (including locations)
 8.5          Jewel Chao
 8.6          See-Through Chao
 8.7          Two-Toned Chao
 8.8          Secret Eggs
9.0      Chao facial expressions
10.0     The Chao Lifecycle
11.0     Chao "Hats"
12.0     Important Information
  12.1        Version History
  12.2        Legal Information
  12.3        FAQ Credits and Special Thanks
  12.4        Contact Information


1.0     Introduction to the FAQ

Hello and welcome to my FAQ.

I hope that you find this FAQ informative and useful when raising 
your Chao, and I hope that you enjoy it, and take the time to read 
it, as I spent a huge amount of time preparing it, writing it, and 
doing the research needed to make it.
I hope it helps you to get a better understanding of Chao, and
above all, I hope you have fun raising your Chao, as they can be a
very satisfying pass-time. :)

     1.1     Important notices

1 - finalchao decided to quit helping me with the FAQ, and
the parts he wrote, since they belonged to him, have been
removed and re-written, as I don't have permission to use 
them. I have re-written the Tiny Chao Garden and all other
sections that finalchao wrote myself, so that I'm not 
stealing his work.

2 - If I haven't replied to any e-mails you've sent me recently, 
it's because I've been pretty busy. If you haven't recieved a
reply to any of your Chao-related e-mails, please resend them
and I'll do my best to respond. Also, if I haven't been on
MSN Messenger recently, it's because my yodathesoldier account
has decided it no longer works on MSN, so either use AIM, or
just send an e-mail to yodathesoldier@hotmail.com.

3 - I've ended up recieving a few viruses from random people from
time to time. I can't stress this enough - PLEASE don't put
my address in your address books. It usually means any viruses
you recieve, I end up recieving, and deleting them all can be
a hassle. Don't worry if I'm in any of your address books and
fear you may have unintenionally sent me a virus, none of them
actually have any affect because I simply don't open them.
Like I said, it's just a hassle having to delete a bunch of
virus e-mails from my inbox every few days.

4 - People, I cannot stress this enough.
For the love of god READ the FAQ BEFORE asking me questions.
Recently I've found myself having to simply copy/paste parts
of the FAQ into replies to answer questions.
I did all the hard work so you could simply hit CTRL+F and
find everything you need. If it's not in the FAQ, e-mail me,
that's why I included my e-mail in the FAQ. But if I recieve
T3H EVOLVING?!?!!!" or "My chao is DRAWING!! Why?! Is it 
RARE?!" I will NOT answer them. 
You can read, right? Please do so.

5 - It's C-H-A-O. Not Choa. And the plural is "Chao". Not "Chaos".
There were many Chao, and then SS67 got real angry at people
calling them Choa or Chaos, so he KILLED all of the Chao.

Also, I'm STILL receiving e-mail about Chao drawing.
Please stop. I know Chao can draw/paint.
Your Chao is not special because it can draw.
Also: If you don't put a subject on your e-mail, I'm not
going to open it. No subject = no open.

6 - I've switched AIM and MSN addresses due to people bugging me.
It was for Chao questions ONLY. I don't want to be your 
friend. I don't want to know how you're so sad because you
can't get a girlfriend or whatever.
This goes for my email address, too.
yodathesoldier@hotmail.com is for Chao questions ONLY.
I have a separate email address for personal stuff, and
no, I'm not telling you what it is, or what my AIM/MSN
names are.
And as always, put a subject like "Chao" or "SADX Chao FAQ"
on your emails. 
No subject = no open.
No open = no reply.


2.0     Frequently Asked Questions (Read first please!)

(Please read this before e-mailing me questions. I wouldn’t want to 
receive a question already answered in the FAQ)

Q: How do I pronounce “Chao”?
A: “Chow”

Q: Why can’t my Chao swim?
A: Your Chao doesn’t have enough “swim” points yet. It must have at
least 100 before it can swim. To get swimming points for your Chao,
give it animals that specifically increase swimming stats, like seals,
or otters for example. (see animal list for more information)

Q: My Chao doesn’t walk, it only crawls. How can I make it walk?
A: Similar to the above answer. It needs over 100 “run” points.

Q: Can I make my Chao have a certain facial expression?
A: The answer to this isn’t really known. I believe it has 
something to do with the hatching process, determined by how 
long you hold/shake the egg, or whether you throw it at a wall 
to hatch it etc.
Many people have researched this before, and found that in some cases
it can be affected by how close to the egg your character before it
hatches. There is a section on facial expressions later in this FAQ.

Q: Can I make my Chao more intelligent?
A: The Mushrooms you can buy at the Black Market are known to improve
Chao intelligence. Some animals are also believed to affect it.

Q: How do I name my Chao now that the kindergarten is gone?
A: Grab the Chao, jump on the Chao Transporter, and select ‘Name’.

Q: How can I make my Chao wear a hat?
A: Giving a Chao certain animals give it the ability to wear one of the
many “hats” purchased from the Black Market. I’m pretty sure that
peacocks give Chao that ability, as well as a few other animals. I will
find out what animals have this attribute and make a note of them
in a later update.
(I recently received an e-mail stating that the three blue animals give
chao the ability to wear hats. The animals are mole, koala, and skunk.
Thanks to DOGUTCH@xxx.xxx [e-mail obscured for privacy reasons] for
this information.

Q: How can I remove my Chao's hat?
A: The only way to take off a Chao's hat yourself is to beat or throw
the Chao. The only other way is to wait for the Chao to remove it on 
its own, which often takes a very long time.

Q: How can I make a Chaos/NiGHTs/Sonic/Shadow etc Chao?
A: See the special and Rare Chao section (section 8) of this FAQ.

Q: Can I make my Chao fly?
A: Yes, you can. Give it plenty of flying animals 
(Parrots, Swallows, Peacocks) and it will eventually be able 
to flap its wings and fly.
Take your Chao to a high place and let it walk off.
It may fall all the way, bounce high, and then fly after bouncing,
but some Chao fall for a short distance and fly before hitting
the ground. The large rocket shaped object in the Egg Carrier
garden is a great place for getting Chao to fly.
It may seem that you can't get up there with your Chao but you can.
Place your Chao at the bottom of the rocket, whistle, and when it 
starts to chase you, run/jump/fly up the rocket and wait at the 
top for your Chao, then simply let it walk off to encourage it
to fly.

Q: When porting to SA2:B, my Chao lost it's animal parts.
Why? Can I get them back?
A: The reason your Chao lost its animal parts is because SA2:B
doesn't recognise the animal parts from SADX, and vice versa.
Yes, you can get your Chao's parts back, by porting it back through
the GBA to SADX again.

Q: My Chao is drawing pictures. Is it normal?

Q: My Chao got a strange shape around him and when he came out he
was different. What does it mean?!
A: CTRL+F "Evolution" - Read it.

Q: How do I remove animal parts from my Chao?
A: In SADX, I don't think you can. Take them to SA2:B and get them
some skeleton dogs. That's the only way I'm aware of.
(E-mail me if you know any other ways)

Q: My Chao trips often. How can I stop this?
A: Your Chao's Luck level must be fairly low. Raise it by giving it
Mushrooms and Gold-coloured animals.

Q: Does time pass in the Chao garden when you are not there?
A: No, it doesn't. When you aren't there, your Chao remain in stasis,
so don't worry that your Chao will die or get hungry when you're not
there to feed it.
Also, when you're in one garden, time doesn't pass in the others, 

More coming soon!

If you have any more questions you would like to ask me, please send me
an e-mail to yodathesoldier@hotmail.com and you should have your reply
within a few days of your e-mail being received. :)
With your permission, I would like to add your questions to this section
of the FAQ.

     2.1     Tips, Hints and Extras

Coming soon!

If you have some helpful hints or tricks you use in any aspect of Chao 
raising, please e-mail me with them, and I will add them to the FAQ 
in a later update. :)


3.0     Introduction to Chao

Welcome to the colourful world of Chao! Come on in, make yourself 
at home, and be careful not to sit on any eggs!

The Chao Gardens

The Chao Gardens are a Chao’s natural habitat. The Chao live 
in these gardens in peace and harmony, far away from evil and 
things with big, sharp, pointy teeth.

When you enter your first Chao Garden, take a look around.
You will find some eggs, a giant Game Boy Advance (The Chao
Transporter), a pool or area of water for the Chao to swim in,
some trees bearing fruit which can be shaken down for Chao to eat,
and some general nice scenery.

Chao Themselves

After getting to know the garden, amble over to the eggs. You can
either wait a few minutes for them to hatch naturally, or you can 
speed things up by picking up the egg and rocking it for a minute 
or two, then putting it back down, or simply by throwing it at the 
wall, making it break. Either way, you now have a bundle of joy 
known as a Chao!
Chao need a lot of care and attention. They need to be fed regularly,
be petted, picked up and carried, and generally well looked-after.
You must pay attention to how your Chao is acting at all times.
If your Chao is sat down, rubbing its eyes, it is upset. Chao usually
only cry like this when they have been over-fed, making them bloated.
It is common for Chao to do this when people are giving them fruit
after fruit to try to force a fast evolution.
If the Chao is sat down, rocking back and forth and staring at the
ceiling, it is bored. To give it something to do, get some animals from
the Adventure Mode, and enter the garden. Giving your Chao some of
these animals enables it to sing, or dance. When Chao do this, other
Chao in the garden often sit and watch, or join in. (Doing this can
help make Chao become friends, but that is a more complicated side of
Chao that I will talk about later in the FAQ.)


4.0     Raising your Chao

This section of the FAQ will give you a basic guide to raising a Chao,
from birth till death. Remember that death isn’t always the end for a
Chao - If you’ve raised it well, it will be reborn and will start its
life over again.

     4.1     Hatching a Chao

Hatching a Chao is probably one of the most simple and easy parts of
raising a Chao, as you don’t even need to do anything, as eggs hatch on
their own.
You can do something if you want, though, by picking up the egg, and
either rocking it or throwing it. Both ways speed up the process, but I
suggest you only throw an egg if you’re in a “I want a Chao NOW”
situation, as Chao hatched in this way are suspected to be less
intelligent than Chao hatched in other ways.

If you don’t want a Chao to hatch and you don’t want the egg, take it
to the black market and sell it. Simple.
If you don’t want a Chao to hatch, but want to keep the egg for a later
date, you could leave the egg in the water, where it won’t hatch.

     4.2     Caring for your Chao

Caring for your Chao is simple, or complicated, depending on how you
want your Chao to grow up and evolve.
If you just want ‘any old Chao’, then it’s simple, but if you want a
special Chao, like a NiGHTs, or Chaos Chao, it’s a more complicated and
strict process. I go into detail about special forms of Chao later in
the FAQ.


Raising ‘any old Chao’ is simple, due to the fact that you can give it
any animal, or fruit you want, at any time.
Simply buy something from the black market, or just shake fruit off the
trees when it’s hungry, pick up the fruit and walk to the Chao. It will
automatically take the fruit from you and eat.
You can tell if a Chao is hungry by watching it. If it’s hungry, it
will often stop what its doing, look down, and clutch its stomach
whilst looking very sad.
When a Chao does this, feed it soon, or it will end up starving and
will have to shake the tree itself in order to get some fruit (this
rarely happens. It takes a long time for Chao to become this desperate
for food).
You can also tell if a Chao is hungry by watching it while it’s eating.
If it is going at the fruit like a pneumatic drill, it’s very hungry.
When Chao eat like this, they can sometimes choke, but don’t worry,
this doesn’t injure them in any way.
If it’s just eating and making ‘mmm’ noises, it’s hungry, but not
starving. When Chao aren’t hungry, they will start to eat the food, and
then they will simply throw it over their shoulder.


Petting is also important in raising a Chao. Petting a Chao is the
fastest and easiest way of getting a Chao to like a certain character,
for example, petting the same Chao with Sonic repeatedly will make it
like Sonic. Chao can like many characters at once, though. Petting a
Chao with one person doesn’t mean it will start to dislike another.

When a Chao likes a character, when they whistle, the Chao will stop
what it’s doing, and run over to them.

          4.2(1)     Understanding your Chao's Actions

Understanding what a Chao is feeling, and what a Chao wants by
watching what it's doing is a very important and essential part
to being a good Chao raiser.
In this section, I'll write a list of Chao expressions, sounds,
and actions, tell you what they mean, and give you ways in which to
react to each of them. If your Chao is doing something you don't
understand, or haven't seen before, read this section to find out
what it's doing, and why.

Positive Actions:

The positive actions your Chao can perform are usually pretty
obvious. It's easy to tell when your Chao is happy because it
will clap, laugh, cheer, smile etc.

(After whistling) Your Chao runs towards you with a heart above 
its head - Your Chao loves you, and responded to your whistle.

Playing with other Chao - Your Chao are either indifferent to one
another, or are friends.

Holding hands with another Chao - Your Chao are good friends.

This section is far from complete, so if you see a Chao doing
something unusual, let me know.

Negative Actions:

Yawning - This shows that your Chao is tired. You may have been
waking your Chao up and causing it to not get enough sleep.
However, yawning can be perfectly natural. If your Chao has
merely been doing a lot and hasn't fallen asleep yet, it will
perhaps yawn once or twice before finally settling down.
(Thanks to Pikminherder for reminding me of this action.)

Crying - This shows your Chao has been beaten, or mistreated 
by you. Beating often happens by accident. To make a Chao stop
crying, pet it and hold it lots. It could also be incredibly
hungry, or jealous of another Chao being treated better.
(the latter rarely happens)

Sitting, with swirly eyes, swaying on the spot - You beat your
Chao severley, it's been given temporary brain damage, you evil,
evil person, you!

Sitting down, rubbing tears from its eyes - Your Chao has been 
over-fed, or starved. 
It is having hunger pains, or it is simply bloated.
If you've fed it a lot recently, give it a break and leave
it to its own devices for a while. If you haven't fed it
in a while, grab some fruit and feed the poor thing!

Sitting, clutching its stomach - Your Chao has been over-fed or
starved. See above.

Sitting down, rocking back and forward - Your Chao is bored.
Try giving it something to do.

Shaking a tree - Your Chao is so hungry, it's trying to get its
own food. You haven't fed your Chao in a LONG time if this is
happening. (I believe that perhaps a greedy sort of Chao might
attempt this if merely a bit hungry, but I've not seen any
evidence to support the theory.)

Fighting with each other - Your Chao dislike each other.

Beating up other Chao/Stealing food - This Chao doesn't like
the other Chao, or is jealous of it.

Attacking you - It LOATHES you. You've probably been beating
it about and starving it. (Don't worry - This can't actually
hurt your character.)

"Neutral" Actions: (actions that could be taken as positive or 
negative actions)

Eating food quickly - Your Chao is either hungry, or it is a 
"Big Eater" Chao (a personality trait). Big Eater Chao simply
eat food quickly.
This can cause them to choke, but this isn't cause for alarm.

Choking - This doesn't hurt your Chao, it just stops them eating 
for a couple of seconds. Don't worry about it.

Laughing and doing an odd, jumping dance - Your Chao wants 
attention. If you're not near your Chao, it may run and skip
towards you with a heart above its head, as if you just whistled,
and then begin jumping and dancing to get your attention.
This usually means your Chao is spoiled, and thinks it can get
your attention whenever it wants. It's up to you if you ignore or 
pay attention to it. (After some research into Chao becoming
friends/enemies, it seems that if you do pet your Chao after it 
does this, any other Chao in view may get jealous. This can lead 
to Chao disliking each other and becoming enemies. If you want
Chao to dislike each other, then go ahead and pet the little brat.
If not, teach it some manners! Either ignore it, or give it a 
clip around the ear. Your choice.)

Sitting, eyes closed, smiling or frowning, hand to its mouth - 
Your Chao would appear to be thinking. The smiling face would seem
to display that it is happy or contented, and the frowning face
would appear to be the opposite. Sometimes Chao may simply have
a blank look on their face when thinking, or just use their
normal facial expression. If this is the case, who knows what
your Chao is thinking about?

Sitting and smiling - If your Chao doesn't naturally have a 
smiling face, and smiling is an odd occurance, your Chao is happy.
Sitting shows that it is bored, though. The Chao sometimes closes
its eyes when it does this.

Sitting, rocking back and forth, smiling - See above. The rocking
while sitting is also a sign of boredom, though.
(Thanks to Josh Wintz for pointing out these last three Neutral 

Drawing a picture of a character, or Chao, or other things - 
Your Chao is simply drawing. Nothing particularly special.
Chao that draw Evil characters are perhaps leaning toward the dark
side, or are simply raised more often by that character than others.
Same goes with Chao who draw good characters.

More coming soon! (Probably)
If you have seen your Chao doing something you don't 
understand, and isn't explained here, please e-mail me, with 
a description of what it's doing (pictures if possible), and 
I'll tell you what it means, and how to help your Chao. 
You can also ask me on the SADX Board of GameFAQs. I'm there 
almost every day, (SuperSonic67) but e-mailing is preferable.

          4.2(2)          Rare and Unusual Chao Activities

Recently I recieved an e-mail from someone about Chao doing
something I haven't experienced before.
In SA2:B, a pair of Chao played "pass the skull" while
swimming. Literally batting the skull between them.
If you've seen your Chao doing something strange that hasn't
been mentioned in this FAQ, please e-mail me. My address is
in the contact information section.

          4.2(3)          Animal-specific Chao Activities

The animals you give your Chao don't only change their
physical appearence and stats. Your Chao will now perform 
different actions, determined by the animals they have 
Below is a table displaying these actions, researched and

|Animal           |Action         |
|Deer             |Draws          |
|Rabbit           |Hops In Place  |
|Kangaroo         |Dances         |
|Elephant         |Sit-Ups        |
|Gorilla          |Hits its chest |
|Lion             |Break Dances   |
|Swallow          |Back flips     |
|Parrot           |Sings          |
|Peacock          |Poses          |
|Penguin          |Slides On Belly|
|Otter            |Backstroke     |(Needs 100 'Swim' points)
|Seal             |Rolls sideways |
|Skunk            |Farts          |
|Mole             |Summersaults   |
|Koala            |Blows kisses   |

If there are any alternative actions, or if there are 
any mistakes in the table, my e-mail address is in the FAQ.
Let me know if you spot anything.

          4.2(4)          Making Chao Friends/Enemies

Imagine that all the Chao you own have a sort of friendliness
meter for all the other Chao in the garden. Making Chao
interact with one-another makes these 'friendliness meters'
go up. When Chao don't interact, the bar stays neutral,
and when Chao have negative interactions, the bar goes down.

To make two or more Chao become friends, simply treat
them equally, and help them to interact. For example, if one
Chao starts to sing or dance etc, grab one or more Chao and
put them near to it. Hopefully, they will listen, or even
join in dancing/singing with the other Chao.
These are positive interactions, and doing them often can
result in Chao becoming friends. When Chao are friends,
they do things like holding hands, eating and sleeping
at the same time, cheering each other up (they pat each 
other's backs sometimes) shaking trees for fruit for each 
other etc. (The last part only happens when one of the 
'friends' is being starved by the owner, and the other friend 
tries to help it by taking it fruit.)

To make two or more Chao become enemies, make sure that one
is mistreated, and one is treated extra-well. What I mean
by this is, starve the one, and feed the other often, and
pet it, and hold it etc, all in the other Chao's line of 
site. This will make it jealous, and it will often throw 
tantrums. Mistreating your Chao in this way can even make 
it try to attack the character it hates. It will run up and 
start punching the character, jump-kicking, and spin punching
etc. Chao that hate their owner often blow rasberries, also.
Anyway, back to the matter in hand - Chao becoming enemies.
Once your Chao hate each other's guts, they will sometimes
hit each other, steal each others fruit, push each other
over and blow rasberries at each other.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both of these processes take a LONG time,
so please keep at it and just be patient.
Due to the amount of time it takes, it might be best
to use immortal Chao, so they won't die and have all your
hard work ruined (I am unsure whether Chao are still 
friends/enemies with other Chao after they die and 
reincarnate, as I have only ever used Chaos Chao for 
this experiment).

Note - FuzzyHydralisk tells me that after reincarnation
Chao remain friends, once every Chao involved has 
reincarnated. I assume that the same applies if Chao are

As per-normal, any questions, e-mail me!

          4.2(5)     Your Chao's Statistics

Each Chao has it's own unique statistics, or "stats".
Each sepperate stat represents how good your Chao is at certain
For example, a Chao with it's highest stat being flying is Chao that's
best at flying. A Chao with equally high stats in two fields, for 
example running and power, is a "running/power Chao", just like a Chao 
with high a high flying stat is a "flying Chao."

The stats are shown in levels, 0 being the lowest, and 99 being
the highest. Your Chao grows in levels when you feed it fruit, 
or give it animals.
For example, a normal piece of fruit from the Chao garden trees
raises the Chao's stamina stat, and a flying animal such as a parrot 
raises it's flying stat.

The stats are represented in a sort of table, or chart, that you 
can see when you pick up your Chao, or feed it.

I have made an ASCII version of the table to show you in
greater detail:
(please note: The stats and levels shown here are just random
numbers used to show you what the Chao's stat table looks like,
and what it all means)

|        NAME-OF-CHAO         |   This can be up to seven characters
|-----------------------------|   long.
|Swim                      103|   The number on the right indicates
|Lv.13    [][][][][][][][][][]|   how many "stat points"* a Chao has.
|                             |
|Fly                      1389|   The 'Lv' is the stat level of that
|Lv.34    [][][][][][][][][][]|   particular stat. The maximum level
|                             |   any Chao can reach is 99.
|Run                       803|
|Lv.27    [][][][][][][][][][]|   There are ten bars to fill. Once
|                             |   they are all filled, your Chao
|Power                      87|   raises by one level.
|Lv.9     [][][][][][][][][][]|
|                             |   When a Chao goes up a level,
|Stamina                   175|   you'll hear a chime and see "+#"
|Lv.14    [][][][][][][][][][]|   the # representing the number of
-------------------------------   stat points raised.

(Please note that the stats shown in the table above are not an
accurate representation of what points a Chao will have at that
level.  I just picked random numbers to use in the table.)

*Stat points determine how good your Chao is at something, and the
level just shows how many times the Chao has leveled up in that
stat section. 
The Chao will "Level up" when the bar to the right of the 'lv' 
reading reaches its limit, and starts over on the next level.
Chao get better and better the higher their stat points are.
EG. A Chao walks when it reaches 100, then takes 'Big Steps' when
it reaches 800 points, then later it actually runs.

(I've received an e-mail stating that a chao only requires 50 run 
points to be able to walk. But I have not actually seen any
evidence of this being true. I've experimented and all my chao
seem to begin walking only after 100 run points. Perhaps there
is something different in the way the chao are being raised
or what food/animals are used)

(Note - This was confirmed by a couple of people, so I tested it
and payed a little more attention, rather than stuffing them with
food until they reached 100 run points. Although Chao do walk further,
more often, and faster the higher their run points. At certain levels,
their step size increases. You'll notice this if you give your Chao
a bunch of running fruit/animals for racing.)


          SUB     Hidden Statistics

Apart from the five base stats of Swim, Fly, Run, Power and Stamina, 
your Chao has two background statistics that don't appear on your Chao's
stat table. These stats are Intelligence, and Luck.
The two play a part in how your Chao interact with items in the garden,
such as toys like the Jack-in-the-box, and how often they trip up, and
could even relate to how they act toward other Chao, how often they 
perfrom certain actions and so on.

The simplest way to raise the Luck and Intelligence of a Chao is to use

Both Intelligence and Luck play a part in Chao races. In Sonic Adventure 2: 
Battle, for example, there are tests throughout the races that test all of 
your Chao's abilities. Flying, Power, Running abilities etc, but there are 
also tests of Intelligence and Luck.

I'm not going to be going into much detail on these stats, as there's
already a separate FAQ by Steve W about them. If you do want to learn
more about Intelligence and Luck, read his FAQ.

               SUB.1     Intelligence

Test of Intelligence: There's a point in certain races where your Chao 
comes across a small platform, which a screen above it and several items on
the ground. Fruit, Sonic dolls and such. The screen shows which item is 
required, and the Chao must pick up that item and carry it to the end of
the platform. If your Chao has sufficient Intelligence, it will pick up the
correct item and carry it to the end of the platform. If a Chao fails this
test, a time penalty is issued and the Chao cannot continue for a good few
seconds, which can seriously set you back in the race.

Intelligence caps at 100 points.

               SUB.2     Luck

Test of Luck: Near the beginning of a number of races, your Chao will come
across a Jack-in-the-box. Your Chao's Luck level determines whether or not
the Jack comes out of the box and scares your Chao. With a high enough Luck
statistic, your Chao will move on and not get scared. If its Luck is too low,
your Chao will be scared into falling over, wasting several seconds, setting
your Chao back significantly in the race.

Luck also effects how often your Chao trips over. (In races, and in the Chao 
garden) The more Luck it has, the less it will trip.

Luck caps at 100 points.

This is all I'll be describing about Luck and Intelligence. For more detail
and better explanations, check out Steve W's 'Chao Hidden Abilities' FAQ.
His guide also explains different ways of raising each stat, and what affects
each method creates.

Intelligence and Luck scores are affected by your Chao's personality. See
section 4.7(1) for more details.


     4.3     Alignment (Hero/Neutral/Dark)

Before you make a Chao evolve, you should decide whether you want it to
become a Hero, a Dark, or a Neutral Chao. For a Chao to become a Hero
Chao, you must raise it using Hero fruits, and for it to become a Dark
Chao, use dark fruits.
To see if a Chao is becoming a Hero or Dark Chao, watch as you feed it
repeatedly. Its colours will change slightly, and the shape of it’s
head may change also. Hero Chao get two little 'antennae' on their
heads, and a Dark Chao's 'point' becomes crooked.
When a Chao evolves and becomes a Hero, the floating ball above its head 
will have turned into a halo, and if a Chao becomes Dark, its ball will 
have become a spiky ball.

After Evolution, the Chao will now be bigger than it was before, and
any animal parts it had will be larger, and more exaggerated. If a Chao
has become a Hero, its eye colours will have inverted, the outside
turning black, and the inside turning white. A Dark Chao’s eyes will
turn blue.

(thank you to the people who pointed out the errors in this section. 
They have now been corrected, and I'm sorry for any inconveniances this 
may have caused. ^_^)

     4.4     Evolution
             4.4(1)     First Evolution

When a Chao’s stamina level reaches 100-200 points, it usually will
evolve. Some Chao take longer to evolve than others, and sometimes it
can be a long wait for a Chao to reach its second stage of life (or
third, if you count being an egg as a stage of its life).

When a Chao is going to evolve, it will sit down, and a cocoon will
form around it. When the cocoon disappears, you will see your new
evolved Chao.

              4.4(2)     Second Evolution

I still need to do some research on Second Evolution, but these are the
principles and ideas of the process:

At some time after your Chao’s first mating season (the first time the
Chao sat down with flowers around it), it will be able to evolve again.
It doesn’t evolve in the same way, though, and doesn’t have a cocoon.
Chao are able to change in colour or shape drastically during second
evolution, but sometimes the change is barely noticeable.
After a Chao’s first mating season, give it an animal of a particular
type, for example, you want a flying Chao, give it a flying type animal,
like a parrot or peacock. This will influence the curve of its Second
Evolution, and the Chao will gradually change to become a flying Chao.
You may not notice the change, or it may be so obvious you can’t miss
it. I will add more to this section after I have studied it a little

     4.5     Mating

There comes a time in a young Chao’s life, when he must...
Well, anyway. After evolution, an adult Chao is able to mate.
You can tell when a Chao reaches it’s mating season when it sits down
and a ring of flowers grows around it.
During this time, another adult Chao may approach it. The two Chao will
then stand up, and rub noses to some strange music. Don’t worry - the
horrible sickly romance doesn’t last long, and the Chao pull apart, an
egg mysteriously pops out of the air. Congratulations! Your Chao just
had a child.
People have been experimenting mating many different types of Chao, in
order to see the results of the breeding, occasionally resulting in
See through Chao, opaque Chao, and even rare two-tone Chao, which are
covered later in the FAQ.
Feel free to experiment yourself with breeding, and if you get any
good-looking, or rare Chao, contact me (you should know my address by
now) and give me a description (and picture, if possible) of the Chao
you created, with a description of the two Chao you used to make it

     4.6     Death and Reincarnation

After about 5 or so Chao years (a Chao year is around 3-5 hours real
time), your Chao will die. 
A cocoon similar to the one in which it evolved will form around your 
Chao, but this isn’t always the end, so don’t grieve just yet!
If your Chao has been treated well throughout its life, the cocoon
will be pink in colour, and when the cocoon disappears, an egg will be
left. It hatches, and…It’s your Chao! It’s Okay! Rejoice! Hallelujah
…But if you’ve been a baaaad Chao raiser… The cocoon will be grey, and
there won’t be any eggs left behind. *sniff*
That was his favourite tree… and that’s where he learned to swim… I
just can’t believe he’s gone! *sob*


That was a glimpse of the future! The future if you raise Chao badly!
So play nice! *waves stick at you menacingly*

     4.7     Chao Personalities

Chao all have their own individlual personalities.
Unfortunatley, you can't check your Chao's personality on SADX, due to 
the absence of the Chao Doctor. (Perhaps he was fired.. He did make it 
seem like he wanted the Chao to be ill.)

Personalities that your Chao can have include:

No personality (No advantages or disadvantages)

Big Eater (Chao eat fast)

Cry Baby (Chao cries at the slightest mistreatment)

Spoilt (Chao throws tantrums to get attention)

Carefree (They act pretty normal)

Curious (They act pretty normal)

Short Tempered (Tantrums more frequent, can become bullies more easily
than other Chao, begin to dislike other Chao faster than others.)

Energetic (These Chao play more, and are more active. For example,
they paint more, they sing and dance more and so on.)

Naive (Mate more frequently, and with more types of Chao.)

Many thanks to SuperFoopy for emailing me with the information
concerning Naive Chao.

I will finish this list soon. I haven't done much research on Chao 
personalities yet, but it's on my to-do list. It shouldn't be too 
long before I've got a more-full list of traits.

          4.7(1)          Hidden Personality Attributes

Not only do personalities provide physical effects for your Chao,
but a hidden attribute which affects the Luck and Intelligence stats.

No personality (No known hidden attributes)

Big Eater (No known hidden attributes)

Cry Baby (Low Luck and Intelligence)

Spoilt (No known hidden attributes)

Carefree (No known hidden attributes)

Curious (Increased Intelligence, decreased Luck)

Short Tempered (Increased Luck, decreased Intelligence)

Energetic (No known hidden attributes)

Naive (Increased Intelligence and Luck)

I'm not going to go into any more detail on this section of the FAQ,
as the 'Chao Hidden Abilities' FAQ by Steve W covers it in far more
detail. If you want to learn more about Chao personalities, please read
his FAQ.

     4.8     Types of Chao

You may have noticed that some Chao grow up to look different.
For example, flying Chao have two long protrusions on the back of 
their heads.

All different types of Chao have their own unique colouration, and
even shape, due to the way they have been raised, what animals and fruit 
have been used etc.

There will be much more coming in a later update on this section.
MUCH more. I will list the different types of Chao, and their 
appearences, and give brief instructions on how to make them for 


5.0     The Chao Black Market

This place is your local Chao shop, where you can buy rare coloured
eggs, fruit that just doesn’t grow on trees, and many a hat for your
Chao…But it don’t come cheap!

The rings you collect in the Action Stages is the currency used in the
Black Market, so find a level you know you can get plenty of rings in,
and do it over and over in order to save up your rings for the rarer,
more expensive purchases. You can also sell items here, like the half
egg-shells that remain from old eggs, hats you bought and don’t want
any more, any fruit, but you can’t sell your Chao, so don’t even think
about it!
The more emblems you get, the more items are unlocked for purchase in
the black market. I haven't discovered all the extra items yet, but
finalchao is comprising a list of all items purchasable from the
Chao Black Market. This is the incomplete version:

    	5.1	Black Market Item List

Type  | Item            | Cost| Description
Egg   | White Egg       |  400| Slightly rare egg.
Egg   | Blue Egg        |  500| Slightly rare egg.
Egg   | Gray Egg        | 1000| Slightly rare egg.
Egg   | Green Egg       |  800| Slightly rare egg.
Egg   | Orange Egg      |  600| Slightly rare egg.
Egg   | Red Egg         |  500| Slightly rare egg.
Egg   | Aqua Egg        |  600| Slightly rare egg.
Egg   | Shiny Blue Egg  | 5000| Moderately rare egg.
Egg   | Shiny Green Egg | 8000| Moderately rare egg.
Egg   | Shiny Gray Egg  |10000| Moderately rare egg.
Egg   | Shiny Orange Egg| 6000| Moderately rare egg.
Egg   | Shiny White Egg | 4000| Moderately rare egg.
Egg   | Shiny Red Egg   | 5000| Moderately rare egg.
Fruit | Hero Fruit      |  120| Hero trait fruit.
Fruit | Dark Fruit      |  120| Dark trait fruit.
Fruit | Chao Fruit      |  200| Skill fruit.
Fruit | Heart Fruit     |  300| Egg-fertility fruit.
Fruit | Round Fruit     |   80| Delicious round fruit.
Fruit | Triangular Fruit|   80| Delicious triangular fruit.
Fruit | Cubicle Fruit   |   80| Delicious cubicle fruit.
Fruit | Mushroom        |  300| Very nutritious mushroom.
Hat   | Apple           | 2000| Huge apple!
Hat   | Bucket          | 6000| Worn out bucket.
Hat   | Cardboard Box   | 2000| Cardboard box.
Hat   | Empty Can       | 4000| Empty fruit can.
Hat   | Flower Pot      | 6000| Big flower pot.
Hat   | Paper Bag       | 4000| Grocery store paper bag.
Hat   | Pan             | 2000| Worn out pan.
Hat   | Stump           | 4000| Big tree stump.
Hat   | Wool Beanie     | 8000| Warm stripes.
Hat   | Watermelon      | 6000| Large watermelon

More will be added to this list at a later date.
(If you can provide a larger list of items, then please
feel free to e-mail me any items I have not yet included)


6.0     The Chao Transporter

The Chao Transporter is the giant Game Boy Advance in each of the
You can pick up a Chao, and jump onto the large red button, to do a
number of Game Boy Advance related things with your Chao.

     6.1     Drop Off

This option enables you to take a Chao from any of your SADX gardens
and send it to the GBA Tiny Chao Garden, a smaller, 2D version of
a Chao garden. (see Tiny Chao Garden section for more details)

          6.1(1)     Chao Copy

If you don't have a Sonic Advance game pack in your GBA and want 
send your Chao to the Tiny Chao garden, it won't be as straight-forward 
a process as just dropping it off onto Sonic Advance.
Because there isn't a game pack in your GBA, the GameCube will provide
your GBA with a temporary Tiny Chao Garden which will disapear when you
turn off the GBA. Because it is only temporary, you can't save it.
As a precaution to prevent you accidentally losing your Chao because of 
not being able to save, the Chao sent to the Tiny Chao Garden will only
be a copy of the one you sent, and you will keep the original on your 


          SUB     Tiny Chao Garden

The Tiny Chao Garden is basically a miniature version
of the Chao Gardens on SADX. It has a pond, mini-games
and even it's own shop. The Tiny Chao Garden is only
found on your GameBoy Advance, and to get to it, simply
connect your GBA to your GameCube (it doesn't need to
have Sonic Advance, or Sonic Advance 2 in it, but
using an SA game pack is better, as you can save).
Now grab a Chao, and jump on the Chao Transporter.
Select "Drop Off" and you can send your Chao to the 
Tiny Chao Garden. If you don't have an SA game pack
in your GBA, it won't send your Chao to the Tiny
Chao garden, but will make a copy of it, and send
that instead, as a precaution, due to the fact that
without an SA game pack, you can't save the Tiny Chao 
Garden (as explained in the Chao Copy section of the 

               SUB.1     Tiny Chao Garden Shop

To open the Tiny Chao Garden Shop, press the L button.
This is a list of all the items purchaseable:

Item            |Price   |
Orange          |30      |
Blue Squash     |60      |
Strawberry      |55      |
Sour Apple      |50      |
3-Sided Plum    |30      |
Pear            |55      |
Bitter Square   |70      |
Normal Egg      |0       |
Silver Egg      |500     |
Gold  Egg       |1,000   |
Ruby Egg        |5,000   |
Sapphire Egg    |7,000   |
Amethyst Egg    |8,000   |
Emerald Egg     |10,000  |
Garnet Egg      |12,000  |
Aquamarine Egg  |14,000  |
Peridot Egg     |16,000  |
Topaz Egg       |18,000  |
Onyx Egg        |20,000  |
Bugle           |1,000   |
Duck            |2 000   |
TV              |8,000   |

Note: You may have to keep leaving and returning to the Tiny
Chao Garden if you are hoping to find a certain egg, as they
appear at random, and the less rare eggs appear much more often,
and are less expensive.
As you can see, the Onyx Egg is the most expensive, and rarely
appears in the Tiny Chao Garden. The Tiny Chao Garden eggs are
known as Jewel Eggs, which have special breeding properties
which are described later in the FAQ.

Earning rings

Earning rings in the Tiny Chao Garden can be a slow process
without Sonic Advance, or Sonic Advance 2, as the only
way to get rings is by use of the mini-games, as you can
only send rings to SADX or SA2:B, and not the other way around.

               SUB.2     Item Uses

Fruits raise and lower your Chao's stats, and keep it balanced.
Using the right fruits, you can raise specific types of Chao
quickly and easily.
The only set-back is the rings. If you have a lot, it's fine, 
but if you're using the Chao Copy method, the only way to get 
rings is slowly, through the mini-games.

Here is a chart to show the effects of each fruit, so you know
which ones to use to make a certain type of Chao.

Fruit        |Mood|Belly|Swim|Fly|Run|Pow|Stam|
Orange       |  +1|   +2|  +3| -2|  0| +3|  +1|
Blue Squash  |   0|   +1|  +2| +5|  0| -1|  +3|
Strawberry   |  +2|   +2|  +4| -3| +4| -3|  +2|
Sour Apple   |  -1|   +1|   0|  0| +3| +4|  +2|
3-Sided Plum |  +1|   +2|  -2| +3| +3| -1|  +1|
Pear         |  +2|   +2|  -3| +4| -3| +4|  +2|
Square Fruit |  -3|    0|  +3| +1| +3| +2|  -5|

Eggs - These hatch into Chao. Either wait for them to hatch
naturally, or you can pet them a few times.
Please note that you can only have one Chao at a time in the
Tiny Chao Garden, so if you already have a Chao and you
buy a new egg, you can't hatch the new egg unless you
remove the current Chao by sending it to SADX/SA2:B,
or letting it leave by mistreating it.

Bugle - Chao will play a few notes if you give this to them.
They get better after playing it three times.

Duck - The duck will float in the small pond. Sometimes, your
Chao rides it, but this is very rare.

TV - Your Chao will watch this when it gets bored. This raises
it's mood level.

Note: You cannot transport the Bugle, Duck, or television to
SADX or SA2:B, but you can transport any of the eggs or fruit.

               SUB.3     Mini-games

To access the mini-games, click on the two miniature GBA's in the
corner of your Chao Garden. They each have their own game for you
to play.


Pairs involves matching two of the same card to get rings. 
The outer set of cards gives you 1 ring per card, middle square 3 
rings, and the center square 5 rings. While your Chao is shuffling,
you can press the A button and make it trip. Make sure to do this 
while it's pushing a card, as this way, when it trips, it will flip
a card over, allowing you to see what's on it.
Remember its position, and it can help you towards some extra 
points. Get as many pairs as you can before time runs out to
earn as many rings as possible.

Rock Paper Scissors

This is a revamped version of the classic
Rock Paper Scissors game, played using cards.
You have three sets of cards at the bottom of the screen, and
you have to launch them at the cards spinning around above.
You must launch Rock cards (represented by a clenched fist)
at scissor cards (represented by a hand holding up two fingers,
in a "V" shape), launch Paper cards (represented by a flat, open
hand) at Rock cards, and scissor cards at paper.
The idea is, Rock blunt Scissors, Scissors cut Paper, and Paper
wraps Rock.
The cards at the bottom will reveal a diferent card after you launch
one. This is why you have three sets of cards at the bottom, to
keep options open for you so you have more of a chance of having a 
card that will be effective. The more you hit, the more rings you
earn. Get as many rings as possible before time runs out.


     6.2     Pick Up

This option is how you retrieve your Chao from the Tiny Chao Garden,
returning it to the garden on your GameCube.
This option also allows you to transfer the rings you earned in the
Tiny Chao Garden in the mini-games, or, if you're using Sonic Advance,
the rings you collected in the levels also, to your GameCube, meaning
even more rings for the Black Market. You can also pick up fruit from
the Tiny Chao Garden, which have the same effects on Chao as they do
in the Tiny Chao Garden (raising some stats while lowering others).

     6.3     Name

This option lets you name your Chao. Simple! (It only works if you
take a Chao into the transporter with you, obviously)

     6.4     Good-bye

This is the end for any Chao you own.
If you want to get rid of a Chao forever, then select this option.
It gives you plenty of opportunity to back out if you decide not
to get rid of your Chao, so don't worry about doing it accidentally.

     6.5     Quit

This option's job is obvious.

     6.6     Porting to your GameBoy Advance

As mentioned in section 6.1, you can 'port' your Chao to a GBA, and port
it back with items and rings.
There are anomalies, however, when sending a Chao from SADX, through the GBA, 
to SA2:B, and vice versa.

As you may have noticed, there are animals in SADX that aren't in SA2:B.
A Chao with parts that aren't in the other game can still be sent through
the GBA to the other game, but the parts won't be recognised, and will 
disapear. The Chao will simply be left blank, but with the same stats etc.

Sending a Chao raised on SA2:B using drives to SADX is fine 
also, as drives don't leave any parts on a Chao.

I'm still experimenting with different Chao and different animal parts
and porting them, trying to find any anomalies, or differences, but so far
haven't found any.

If you find any anomalies, or have any questions concerning porting, don't
hesitate to e-mail me.


7.0     Chao Racing

This is a particularly fun part of Chao raising, and it's also a
reason to spend time making your Chao's stats higher, so you can WIN!
Unfortunately, no-one's able to see you gloat.
Improve all of your Chao's stats (Flying, Swimming, Running, Power
and Stamina) as they all play a major part in the races.
Power, or strength, is needed in races where Chao push things, or
climb, flying is needed where Chao must leap off of high places,
going as far as possible in flight is essential as it saves you time
and is faster than swimming or running, stamina is a must in running
races because it keeps your Chao running, and the running stat itself
improves the speed of your Chao.
You enter the Chao Races by going through the large brown door in the
Station Square Chao Garden.
(Note: You can see two animated Tiny Chao Garden Chao, on pedestals 
either side of the screen. Nothing spectacular, but interesting, all 
the same.)

     7.1     Beginner Race

The beginner section consists of 4 different races, each giving an
advantage to a Chao with a particular stat higher than others.
You will want a Chao that is good all-round, with at least level
30 on everything to have a good chance of winning.

              7.1(1)     Pearl Course

This course will benefit power Chao.

              7.1(2)     Amethyst Course

This course will benefit flying Chao.

              7.1(3)     Sapphire Course

This course will benefit a Chao with high power and swimming stats.

              7.1(4)     Ruby Course

This course will benefit swimming Chao

              7.1(5)     Emerald Course

This course will benefit a Chao that is good all-round.
Note: This course is unlocked by winning the four
previous courses)

     7.2     Jewel Race

The Jewel section consists of 4 different races, each giving an
advantage to a Chao with a particular stat higher than others.
The only difference between this and the beginner section is
the opponents. They are much, much tougher to beat this time
around, so watch out! You should raise your Chao to at least
level 50 on everything to stand a good chance of winning.
The Jewel courses are unlocked by winning each of the beginner
courses (including the Emerald course)

              7.2(1)     Pearl Course

This course will benefit power Chao.

              7.2(2)     Amethyst Course

This course will benefit flying Chao.

              7.2(3)     Sapphire Course

This course will benefit a Chao with high power and swimming stats.

              7.2(4)     Ruby Course

This course will benefit swimming Chao

              7.2(5)     Emerald Course

This course will benefit a Chao that is good all-round.

     7.3     Party Race

This is a multiplayer Chao race.
If you have friends with SADX and their own Chao, put their memory card
in slot two and you can pit your Chao against theirs.
You can also race up to four of your own Chao against each other, 
as long as you have 4 controllers.

There will be more added to this section of the FAQ in a future update.


8.0     Special and Rare Chao

Keep in mind that the unofficial Character Chao only bear resemblances
to the characters upon which they are based. Only the official Character
Chao are supposed to look like the Characters themselves.

     8.1     NiGHTs Chao

This is probably the most popular type of special Chao.
The amount of topics on the SA2B and SADX board asking how to make one
is phenomenal, and it gets annoying when people don't bother to read
an FAQ to find out, so read this, and your questions will be answered!
Get a normal colour Chao (any other colour won't be very NiGHTsey, 
Except maybe a purple Chao).
Raise it to be a Neutral/Flying/Flying Chao.
This means, it isn't Hero or Dark, and when it first evolved, its
highest stat was Flying, and during its second evolution it went
towards flying also.
When it evolves for the first time, you'll notice it has
nice big green wings and long jester-like protrusions from its head.
It should be pink/purple, with rings around the protrusions.
During the second evolution it will begin to look more like the
character from NiGHTs, a Sega Saturn game, becoming a darker purple,
with larger jester protrusions.

     8.2     Sonic/Shadow Chao

(please remember that these Chao are NOT official. These Chao just
resemble the characters. The official Chao look different and you must
have gone to a special event to get them.)

Sonic Chao

Using a normal coloured Chao, raise it to be Neutral/Running/Running.
After it evolves for the first time, it should be green, and will have
spines coming from its head.
Over time, it will become blue in its second evolution, eventually
looking as much like Sonic as a Chao can.

Note: Using a gold or shiny yellow egg, you can make a Chao look
like Super Sonic by raising it in the same way.

Shadow Chao

Again using a normal egg, raise a Dark/Running/Running Chao.
After the first evolution it should have green-striped
spines, similar to the Sonic Chao. Over second evolution, the
spines should slowly get darker, turn yellow, and gradually
change to red, making it look as close a resemblance to Shadow as

Note: You may want to raise these Chao On SA2:B, using the Chaos Drives,
as the Drives don't leave any parts or marks on your Chao. There aren't
any drives in SADX, so making these Chao on SADX will mean they are 
covered in animal parts. The same goes for the NiGHTs Chao.
So raise them on SA2:B, and port them to your GBA, then from the GBA to

Official Tails Chao (Phantasy Star Online Tails Chao)

You won't know what the hell I'm on about if you don't have Phantasy
Star Online, so don't bother reading if you don't.
To get this Chao, you must have a copy of Phantasy Star Online.
Do the hunters guild mission "The Fake In Yellow" and when you
complete it and return to the Pioneer, go back and return to the 
There should be a number of Rag Pappies in the area, and a waterfall
And small stream.
Talk to the Rag Pappies a few times, then walk towards the waterfall 
And wait for quite a while (sometimes it happens sooner, sometimes 
it takes longer (It took me a few minutes waiting).
Soon, a Chao should appear in front of the waterfall. It dances, 
it sings, strange music plays, and now a GBA on a stick has appeared 
at the pioneer.
Go back to the pioneer, and stand on the GBA (You must have a GBA and a
GBA/GC link cable). Have your Game Boy connected and turned on, and 
stand on the GBA in the pioneer. You will have the option of 
downloading the Tails Chao to a Tiny Chao Garden on your GBA 
(you don't need Sonic Advance for the Tiny Chao Garden). The Chao 
will appear on the GBA, so link it up to SA2B or SADX and transport 
this strange orange Chao. Once you see it in 3D, you'll see how very 
much it looks like Tails.
This Chao cannot evolve, and cannot mate.

Amy Chao

Gerudo Warrior: By using a pink egg and raising it Neutral/Run/Run, You 
can get a Chao that resembles Amy. By transferring it to SA2B, you can 
give her the skunk poof thing on her forehead to represent her bangs. 
This is NOT an Official Amy chao, but about the closest unofficial one 
you can get.

Knuckles Chao

Anise Lew: You get a red egg and then make it a neutral. After that 
you have to make it a running chao and the spikes on his head represent 
his hair. Then you mak it a flying or power chao, your choice.
SS67: I haven't had time to test this myself, but I'll confirm it after
I try it myself.

     8.3     Chaos Chao: Angel, Devil, and "Light" Chaos Chao

Making a Chaos Chao can be a very long, tedious process, and 
requires a lot of patience, but keep at it. The end result makes 
your time and effort very worth-while. Also, these Chao are immortal.
That's right! They never die!
So all your hard work will remain forever!

Light Chaos Chao:

This Chao looks like Chaos 0 (if using a normal Chao in the first place.
Otherwise there will be a colour difference).
To begin with, you need to have a Chao that has died and 
reincarnated twice, and is therefore on its third life. As soon as 
it reaches its third life, and is in its child form, you need to 
feed it just one of each of the animals you can find throughout the 
game (a list is provided later in the FAQ). Then simply let it evolve.
To get this Chao, make sure it is NEUTRAL before making it evolve.
To make sure of this, simply raise it using no Hero or Dark fruit.

Angel Chao

Will be pinkish in colour (if using a normal Chao in the first place.
Otherwise there will be a colour difference).
Made in the same way as the Light Chaos Chao, only making sure it is a 
Hero Chao before evolution. Simply feed it Hero fruit.
When it evolves you should hear some music that's different to the usual
evolution music.

Devil Chao

Looks like a devil! Black in colour, with flames on parts of it. Best
looking of all three Chaos Chao, in my opinion.
Made in the same way as the previous two, making sure it is a Dark 
Chao before it evolves (feed it Dark fruit). Simple! Don't worry about 
leaving your GameCube on over night if waiting for a Chao to reach its 
third life. Just make sure the vents on the sides are clear so it can 
get plenty of ventilation.

A list of Small Animals that can be found in the game is below.

          SUB     Small Animal List

This is a list of animals that can be found in the game, and their
Animal   |Stat Raised   |Location       |Checklist|
Deer     |Running       |Speed Highway  |Got:     |
Rabbit   |Running       |Speed Highway  |Got:     |
Kangaroo |Running       |Speed Highway  |Got:     |
Elephant |Power         |Red Mountain   |Got:     |
Gorilla  |Power         |Red Mountain   |Got:     |
Lion     |Power         |Red Mountain   |Got:     |
Swallow  |Flying        |Sky Deck       |Got:     |
Parrot   |Flying        |Sky Deck       |Got:     |
Peacock  |Flying        |Sky Deck       |Got:     |
Penguin  |Swimming      |Emerald Coast  |Got:     |
Sea Otter|Swimming      |Emerald Coast  |Got:     |
Seal     |Swimming      |Emerald Coast  |Got:     |
Skunk    |Normal        |Sky Deck       |Got:     |
Mole     |Normal        |Red Mountain   |Got:     |
Koala    |Normal        |Speed Highway  |Got:     |

     8.5     Jewel Chao (Tiny Chao Garden eggs)

The eggs you can purchase in the Tiny Chao Garden are called Jewel Eggs.
The Chao hatched from them are similar in appearance to the Shiny Chao 
from SA2:B. There isn't anything particularly special about them apart 
from their breeding properties.

When you breed a Jewel Chao and a Shiny Chao, the result is an opaque, 
or clear Chao (See section 8.6 "See-Through Chao"). Mixing certain 
Jewel and Shiny Chao can even result in having an entirely invisible 
Chao, apart from its eyes, mouth and wings.

(Note from SuperSonic67: On SA2:B, the only way to get Gold and 
Silver eggs was by purchasing them from the GBA and transferring 
them to SA2:B.
These Gold and Silver eggs are also classed as Jewel Eggs, as they are
all from the Tiny Chao Garden. The Gold and Silver eggs from SADX have
different properties when it comes to breeding, as I will explain
in the See-through Chao section)

     8.6     See-Through Chao

See-Through or 'Clear' Chao are made by breeding certain types of Chao.
The way to make them is by breeding a jewel Chao (these include
the Gold and Silver eggs bought from the Tiny Chao Garden) from
the Game Boy Tiny Chao Garden, with a Shiny Chao bought from the Black
Market on SA2:B/SADX.
Different combinations produce different tints of see-though Chao,
and one combination creates a Chao that is entirely invisible, save
the eyes, mouth and wings. Experiment to find out which eggs mix to
make what, and if you find any anomalies, or interesting things, e-mail
me with a description, and a picture if possible, of your Chao, and a
description of how you made the Chao. See Contact Information
section for my e-mail address.
If it is rare or particularly interesting, I will mention you
in the FAQ in a later update, with the description of your Chao
and the way to make it.

Note: Concerning the different types of Gold and Silver eggs;
The Gold/Silver/Onyx eggs found in the Tiny Chao Garden may look the 
Same as the ones you can find in SADX in the adventure fields, but 
they have different properties.
The eggs in the Tiny Chao Garden are counted as Jewel Eggs, and 
therefore have the same properties when it comes to breeding
See-Through Chao.
Mixing a Gold (Tiny Chao Garden) Chao with a Shiny Chao from SADX
will produce a see through Chao, as the Gold egg from the Tiny Chao
Garden is the same as a jewel egg. Also, if you mixed the two types
of Gold Chao, you would produce a see-through Chao, as it is the same
as mixing a Jewel/Shiny egg.
Sorry if that was confusing, but it's quite tricky to explain.
I will soon be posting a list of some of the different types of
transparent Chao you can make here, with details on how
to make them. I will also include information on the invisble Chao.

     8.7     Two-Toned Chao

It's all in the name! A two-toned Chao is a Chao with two colours,
or two shades.
For example, a red and lime green two toned Chao is a Chao that's
red and lime green. The only way to make them is through breeding. 
Just try it for yourself.
Breed different colour Chao and try doing different things with
the baby. Like petting it with different characters, or changing
it from hero to dark, as sometimes the two-tones don't show up until
you do some different things with the Chao.

     8.8     Secret Eggs

As you may have noticed already, there are special eggs hidden around
the Adventure mode levels.
You can find a Gold, Silver, and a Black, sometimes called "Onyx" egg.
Here is a description of each egg and its location:

Gold Egg:
Appearance: Shiny, and gold. Produces a shiny gold Chao.
Location: In the jewelry shop in Station Square (same area as the
Burger Bar) To get this egg, you must first go to the place where
you fought Chaos for the first time, outside the City Hall. Once
in the area in front of the Hall, (the small 'arena' where you fought
Chaos), look to the left of the entrance, you will see an egg shaped
Pick it up, and take it to the jewelry shop with the golden egg on
display in the window.
Once inside, pick up the gold egg. Shock horror! The security gate
closes and you can't leave with your nice new egg!
Put the egg-shaped rock on the pedestal, and the door will open
again, allowing you to make your escape with the gold egg.
Take the gold egg to the hotel in station square, and go in the
Elevator to the Station Square Chao garden. The egg is now
permanently yours!

Silver Egg:
Appearance: Shiny, and silver. Produces shiny, silver Chao.
Location: Behind the waterfall at the Mystic Ruins.
To liberate this egg, simply walk to the right hand side of the
large pond into which the waterfall is flowing, and jump on the
odd looking platform sticking out of the wall, just above floor
level. It will slide backwards into the wall, and force the platform
holding the egg outwards, releasing the egg into the pond. Wait for
it to come to rest on the bank and pluck it out of the water.
(Note: This can't be done using E-102. He goes into hover mode too
soon and isn't able to pick up the egg)
Now take the egg to the foot of the first set of steps leading to Tails
workshop, and look left. You will see an entrance to a cave. Go inside,
and jump into the rail cart. This takes you to the Mystic Ruins
Chao Garden.
You now have the Silver Egg!

Onyx Egg:
Appearance: Dark grey/black in appearance. Produces a shiny black
Location: A cell in the prison section of the Egg Carrier.
Activate the switch using any character to open the cell, and pick
it up. There aren't even any robot guards! Was it that easy?
Yes it was.
Leave the room with the egg and go to the room that requires a
password, "E-G-G-M-A-N", to enter. Step on the glowing panel and
you and the egg will be transported to the Egg Carrier Chao Garden.
The Onyx Egg is now yours to hatch!
Congratulations on finding all three secret eggs!


9.0     Chao Facial Expressions

As I have mentioned before, there’s more than one way to hatch a Chao,
And each way often produces different facial expressions, and eyes
(this hasn’t been proven, but through testing, I have found it does
seem make a difference how the egg is hatched on the look of the Chao).
Experiment yourself to find out what combinations you can make, if
you’d like.
If you leave the egg to hatch naturally, the expression of the Chao
seems to depend on how close to the egg Sonic, or whichever character
you are using, is to the egg. If they are near to it, the Chao
usually has a happy, smiling face, and if they are far away from the
egg, the Chao often hatches with a “^” shaped mouth, or a straight face
“-” or even a “vvvv” wobbly face (often seen when Chao are crying).

If you decide to pick up the egg and rock it, the Chao’s expression
depends on how long you hold and rock the egg for.
The rarer, more sought after facial expressions, such as the large
pointy teeth, can be achieved by rocking the egg for a longer period
of time, I managed to hatch several ‘pointy toothed’ Chao by rocking
eggs for around two minutes.
Sad or even angry faces can be achieved by rocking the egg for a short
Period of time, one or two seconds often yields “^” Chao, and a time
of around five to ten seconds can sometimes produce a straight faced
(“_”) Chao or a “V” Chao.

My experiments involving throwing eggs at walls (which are very fun
experiments indeed) haven’t given very good results.
Admittedly, the Chao hatched in this way do sometimes seem to have
More puzzled looks on their faces than is normal in Chao, but I haven’t
found any evidence of getting certain expressions in this way.
You can get some interesting combinations by rocking your egg
for a while, then throwing it at the wall.

If you have found any rare, or strange faces for Chao, different
from anything described in this section of the guide, please e-mail me
(yodathesoldier@hotmail.com) with a description or even a picture of
your Chao (if possible) and a detailed description of the way in
which it was hatched, and I will add your contributions to the FAQ.


10.0     The Chao Lifecycle

A Chao's life consists of three stages. An egg, a baby Chao, and
an adult Chao.
A Chao lives for roughly five Chao years. Some Chao have been
known to live for only four, and some for six, depending on the
way they were treated throughout their lives.
If they were beaten often, and rarely fed, their lives tend to be
shorter, and if they were fed often, and constantly petted and held,
a Chao will usually live a little longer (but these Chao will almost
definitely reincarnate).
Also, giving a Chao lot of Strong Fruit from the Black Market will
increase their life span.


11.0     Chao "Hats"

As you may have noticed by now, you can purchase some pretty weird
objects from the Chao Black Market Objects such as flower pots,
cardboard boxes, tea cosies and the like. These objects aren't as
useless as they seem, though.
If your Chao have been given certain animals, they have the ability
to wear these items on their heads, as hats, or helmets.
They don't give the Chao any special abilities or powers, they are
just there for you to look at and go "Oooh. It has a hat!".
The idea may seem somewhat dumb, but it can be an interesting and fun
part of Chao raising.
(Note: The half egg shells left over after a Chao hatches can be used
as hats)

There are catches, however.
For one thing, only certain animals give Chao the ability to wear
hats, and for another, you can't remove the hats yourself.
Only the Chao has the option of removing the hat, so if you gave
a hat to your Chao and then decided it didn't look right, it's too bad.
The only way to remove the hats, unfortunately, is to hit or throw
your Chao.


12.0     Important Information

     12.1     Version History

Version 1.0 – V1 completed on 15th July 2003 and submitted to GameFAQs.

Version 1.1 - V1.1 completed on 15th July 2003.
              FAQ "untabbed" (sorry about the tabs. They made it look sucky)
              Section added: "6.6 - Porting to your GameBoy Advance"
              Update submitted on 16th July 2003

Version 1.2 - Section added: "4.2(1) - Your Chao's Statistics" (16th July)
              Re-wrote Tiny Chao Garden sub section (16th July)
              Section added: "4.2(1) - Understanding your Chao's Actions"
              (16th July) (Incomplete)
              Section added: "6.1(1) - Chao Copy" (16th July)
              Section added: "4.2(2) - Making Chao Friends/Enemies
              (17th July)
              Section added: "4.7 - Chao Personalities" (Incomplete)
              Section added: "4.8 - Types of Chao" (Incomplete)
              Update completed on 17/07/2003
              Update submitted on 17/07/2003

Version 1.3 - Alignment section corrected (sorry for any inconveniances)
              (18th July)
              All Character Chao now together in one section,
              rather than each having their own section. (18th July)

Version 1.4 - Corrections made to 'Petting' section. (19th July)

Version 1.5 - Chao Race section "embiggened" with Jewel Race section.
              Contents section edited.
              (20th July)

Version 1.6 - Amy Chao recipe/formula added. 
              Special thanks section edited.
              (24th July)

Version 1.7 - Some spelling errors were corrected, and a little more
              was added to the Chao personalities section.

Version 1.8 - A couple more spelling errors, and the Knuckles Chao
              recipe added! (Finally!)
              AIM added to contact information.

Version 1.9 - PSO information added. A few more spelling/grammar 
              errors corrected.

Version 2.0 - Section added: "Rare and Unusual Chao activities".
              (13th September)

Version 2.1 - Important notice added. See the top of the guide.

Version 2.2 - Important notice added. See the top of the guide.
              Also added two more Frequently Asked Questions.

Version 2.3 - Spelling errors corrected.

Version 2.4 - Information concerning the amount of run points 
              required for a chao to walk added.
              Information concerning the animals that give chao
              the ability to wear hats added to the FAQs section.
              (Thanks to DOGUTCH@xxx.xxx)
              Request to send an e-mail containing a list of any 
              items sold in the Chao Black Market that I have not 
              included in the list.

Version 2.5 - Spelling/grammatical errors corrected, information
              concerning Naive personality Chao added (Thanks to 
              SuperFoopy for the information).

Version 2.6 - Another important notice added.
              Question added to the FAQ section.
              Gramatical/Spelling errors corrected.
              Section added: 4.2(3): Animal-specific Chao Activities,
              including a table of known Animal-specific Chao 
              activities, comprised by Duckydude752.
              Changes made to the Credits section - added thanks to 
              Duckydude752 for his work on section 4.2(3).

Version 2.7 - Spelling errors corrected, Positive, Negative, and 
              Neutral Chao Actions added. (Thanks to Josh Wintz for
              reminding me the section needed work, and for supplying
              a few actions.)

Version 2.8 - Two small sections added. 
              SUB section - Hidden Statistics (Luck and Intelligence)
              4.7(1) - Hidden Personality Attributes

Version 2.9 - Question added to the FAQ section.

Version 3.0 - Extra items added to the Chao Black Market list.
              Thanks to Zappergamer for the extra information.

Version 3.1 - Spelling errors corrected.
              Extra items added to the Chao Black Market list.
              Thanks again go to Zappergamer.
              Extra activity added to the Chao Actions section.
              Thanks to Pikminherder for the information.
              Credits and Special Thanks section updated.

Version 3.2 - Extra items added to the Chao Black Market list.

Version 3.3 - Added note to section 4.2(4) Making Chao Friends/enemies
              Thanks to FuzzyHydralisk for the information.

Version 3.4 - Just a couple of spelling errors corrected. 
              Nothing important.

Version 3.5 - Details on creating an 'Egg Chao' added.
              Currently unconfirmed. (Section 8.8: Egg Chao)
              Contact information editted - AIM/MSN no longer
              in use.
              Thanks section editted.
              Important notices have a section of their own (1.1)
              Added a new important notice.
Version 3.6 - 'Egg Chao' section removed. I tried it, it's false,
              as I suspected. 'Secret Eggs' section now numbered 8.8
              Thanks section editted once again.

     12.2     Legal Information

Chao, Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy the
Hedgehog, E-102 "Gamma", Big the Cat, Super Sonic, Shadow The
Hedgehog, Dr Robotnik, and all and any other Sonic characters mentioned
in this FAQ are copyright © Sega, and Sonic Team.

This FAQ is the property of SuperSonic67, and is intended only
to be viewed on GameFAQs and my own personal website.
If this FAQ is seen anywhere other than those websites without my
permission, I will ask you nicely to remove it and will make
you apologise for being so foolish as to steal it in the first place,
before taking legal action on you.
If you do wish to host this FAQ on your site, or publish it anywhere
else, please ask permission, or you could end up in serious
trouble for breaking copyright laws. You have been warned.
And don't even think about changing the names, or re-wording the
paragraphs. That counts as plagiarism, and you will still be in
trouble for breaking copyright laws.

     12.3     FAQ Credits and Special Thanks

A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man, so I guess, thanking
people will embiggen EVERYONE! (Where's the logic in that theory?)

Anyhoo... On with the thanking!

Thanks must go to Tnman, for the original ASCII title, and for being 
a friend.

Thanks to Climpa, for being completely pwnlerific in general!
He has one of the best home-grown Chao sites around, that includes
instructions on raising Chao, and has pictures of many special Chao.
The URL is www.geocities.com/saveme_jebus
Note: Hasn't been updated in a LONG time, Climpa doesn't seem very
interested in Chao anymore.

Thanks to Duckydude752, for doing research into the Animal-specific
activities of Chao. He provided the table in section 4.2(3).
You saved me a lot of time, and reminded me about this section of
the guide. 

Thanks to Zappergamer for sending me some extra information for the
Chao Black Market item list.

Thanks to Pikminherder for information regarding Chao Actions.

Thanks to FuzzyHydralisk for the information on Chao relationships
after reincarnation.

Thanks are in order for ConfusedGuy! I don't know him, but his amazing
SA2:B Chao FAQ inspired me to make my own.
Thank you, ConfusedGuy!

Thanks need to go to Sega, and of course Sonic Team for making the
Sonic games, that I've been playing since Sonic's very beginnings
in 1991, when I was but a wee nipper, in Sonic The Hedgehog on the
Sega Mega Drive (Genesis).

Next, thanks to CJayC for this gift of a most superb website.

And thank you to Sonic himself, for being user friendly, not like
some of those other video game character jerks...
(Don't worry, I'm not insane. I know he isn't real)

And thank you to all my friends, simply for being teh c00l35t EVAR!
Friends to thank in particular include Kirby13, Vincent27,
tooietime2, PhoenixKirby, Leigh Rocks, and Barboid.
You guys more than pwn...you all JWN! Keep up the jwning!
(b' ')b

Extra special and important thanks go to the many people who have
contacted me regarding mistakes, and asking questions concerning
this FAQ and Chao.
Without you, the FAQ would be useless! Thank you!

Thanks to finalchao for suggesting to make an FAQ in the first place.
If it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't have made it.
I'm sorry you decided to quit!

     12.4     Contact Information

Noticed any mistakes? Noticed anything I missed out?
Tell me and I'll set it right as soon as I can!

To contact me with any questions you have about Chao, please feel
free to contact me on any of the following addresses. I'm always
happy to lend a hand or give you any advice if you need it.
e-mail: yodathesoldier@hotmail.com
Note: AIM and MSN names removed due to people being annoying fanboys.
Chao aren't my life. I haven't actually played any Sonic Adventure
games in a long time, and I only keep the FAQ updated because I
know a lot of people seem to find it useful.
The email address is there for anybody who needs to ask anything
about Chao that isn't explained in the FAQ, or to ask my permission
to host the FAQ on your website. Not to get to know me.
No offense, but I'm not interested in being your friend.
I have a different email for personal stuff. My hotmail address is
for FAQ-related things ONLY.

<<Unfortunately, the memory card containing my PSO data corrupted
when I got to around level 110 and I no longer play PSO.>>

Thank you for reading, I really hope that this FAQ you took the
time to read has helped you.
Have fun with your Chao! That's what they're there for!

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