how do I unlock secret home map on Xbox 360 moonlight bay sims 3?

  1. I used to be able to unlock already built homes with this game. I always had the llama cheat activated. But I can’t remember how I was able to get the option to move into new homes that aren’t on the original map. For example one of the homes was 3 mini log cabins instead of the large family home with a pool on the original lot. Can anyone help me?

    User Info: Saswannah

    Saswannah - 5 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. It's not so much a secret map, but more house options. To access these on the 360, with or without cheats, once you bought a house, re-enter the map mode, click on your bought house, and choose replace house. Most locations in moonlight bay have alternative houses. You can even build and save your own there. Incidently, the location of those cabins is in the large property in the North East, usually the Vasquez' household.

    User Info: Engent

    Engent - 4 months ago 1   0

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